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Chapter 1095: Our great world of cultivation is doomed!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Young Master Phoenix Slayer replied, “It does. As demons of the Netherworld ascend to the Eighth Stage, they similarly have to enter the Demonic Tribulation Realm. After the tribulation, they would also show their divinity to the entire Netherworld Realm. However, as for whether there’s an event similar to the ‘Profound Sage Speech’ in the Netherworld, that is something I do not know.”

Song Shuhang heard his words, pondered for a moment, and then asked, “Then, can the Netherworld demons that are in the main world see the scene of other Eighth Stage demons showing their divinity?”

If they could… Venerable White had a willow demon, a native inhabitant of Netherworld Realm. At that time, perhaps he could ask her if she had seen Senior Skylark showing her divinity in the Netherworld.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer shrugged. “I haven’t researched much about the demons of the Netherworld. You could go to the group and ask everyone about it, though.”

Song Shuhang felt his pocket, and then remembered that he had lent his phone to Senior White so that the latter could play with it.

“I really have to get myself two new phones at noon today.” Song Shuhang sighed. Disregarding the ‘mobile phone syndrome’, for modern people, it was really inconvenient not to have a mobile phone.

“Then I will ask in the group for you.” Su Clan’s Sixteen flicked her finger around on her phone.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “Seniors, has anybody done research on the demons of the Netherworld?”

The first to reply was, as expected, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, who was always online.

True Monarch Northern River: “If you want to know about the demons of the Netherworld, then I suggest that you ask the cultivators of the scholarly faction. @Eternal Fire is very tired and wants to retire, True Monarch Eternal Fire, are you online? Are you busy?”

“I’m here, I’m not busy. I’m currently flying in the air, so I’m idle and quite bored, and just reading the news,” True Monarch Eternal Fire replied. “Little Sixteen, what kind of information on the demons of the Netherworld do you need?”

“Shuhang is the who wants information on them. He wants to know whether Netherworld demons who are in the main world are able to see the divinity show of Eight Stage demons.” Su Clan’s Sixteen replied.

True Monarch Eternal Fire explained, “They can’t, we’ve already looked into that. The show of divinity of an Eighth Stage demon is limited to the Netherworld Realm, and can only be seen by the demons of the Netherworld who are in the Netherworld Realm. In terms of quality, the show of divinity of Eighth Stage demons is one level lower than our show of divinity in front of the masses.”

“Understood, thanks, Senior Eternal Fire 😊,” Su Clan’s Sixteen replied and sent a smiling emoji.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “Haha, you are welcome. You can just look for me when you need information on Netherworld demons. By the way, I just saw some scary news in the fellow ‘All Night Cultivation Group’. I will send it to you as well.”

Fairy Lychee said, “All Night Cultivation Group? This name sounds very familiar.”

“Fairy Lychee, it should be because there are people in that group who are part of your sect,” Eternal Fire is very tired and wants to retire said. “The news was truly terrifying. First off, I advise everyone who has a new disciple in their clan or sect going out into the world to be more attentive, and have that new disciple èay extra attention to their surroundings.”

Fairy Lychee: “What’s the news?”

Wandering Monk Profound Principle: “?”

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: “What happened?”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “What should the disciples be wary of?”

Suddenly, many sect elders came out and asked about the news.

“Give me a bit of time. I will take a picture and send it here. To be honest, when I saw the news, my heart and liver trembled. 😄” True Monarch Eternal Fire issued a smiling emoji.

Next, he sent two screenshots.

[All Night Cultivation Group]

[True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Wahaha, this daoist will be closing up for a few days to consolidate his realm.”

Daoist Green Jujube: “Congratulations to Fellow Daoist Horizon for successfully ascending to another level.”

Great Master Dreamteller: “The scene of Daoist Priest Horizon’s show of divinity was truly amazing.”

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Fellow Daoist Dreamteller, don’t mention the divinity show, and we are still good friends 👋🏼.”

Black Fox Autumn Leaves: “Congratulations to Daoist Priest Horizon. To be honest, after hearing that you ascended, many fellow daoists of the world of cultivation will be offering you their blessings.”

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Hahahaha, thank you, thank you, everyone. This daoist has something to say before closing up. After studying the ancient books in the sect, I’ve learned about a few functions of the Sage Seal. One of the functions is especially great, it’s the ‘stamp’ function. ”

True Monarch Green Jujube: “Pray tell, what’s so good about this function?”

Great Master Dreamteller: “Just wait for Daoist Priest Horizon to explain.”

Black Fox Autumn Leaves: “I suddenly have a bad feeling about this…”

Scholar Brewing Heaven: “I seem to have heard about this ‘stamp’ function. It seems to be related to energy, but I can’t remember the specifics. Let’s wait for the Daoist Horizon to explain.”

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Hahaha, the stamp function of the Sage Seal is mainly a ‘marking’ ability. It is usually a mark given by Eighth Stage Profound Sages to their disciples. After stamping their disciples, they can let other practitioners know the identity of the said disciple. But, more importantly, through the stamp function, an Eighth Stage Profound Sage can transfer energy through the space to protect their disciples.”

True Monarch Green Jujube: “😲 Transfer energy through space? That sounds amazing.”

Great Master Dreamteller: “So, here comes the question. Daoist Priest Horizon, when stamping… would one need the consent of their disciple?”

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “What?”

Black Fox Autumn Leaves: “What Fellow Daoist Dreamteller is trying to say is… With regards to the stamp function, would one be able to use it as long as they wanted to? Or would they need to get the consent of other party before using the ability?

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Of course, it can be used as long as one desires.”

True Monarch Green Jujube: “😲 My God.”

True Monarch White Sand: “My heart suddenly feels cold.”

Qiao Mountain’s Loose Cultivator: “I got a bad feeling about this. Why was such a terrifying ability acquired by none other than Daoist Priest Horizon? It is simply dreadful!”

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “What are you all trying to say?”

“No, it’s nothing. We are just envious of the function of Daoist Priest’s Sage Seal, it’s simply too amazing 👍🏼,” True Monarch Green Jujube hurriedly said, even adding a thumbs-up.

True Love Breaks At the Horizon: “Hehe. Do you really think that this daoist doesn’t understand? I simply didn’t want to expose you weak chickens… Who do you think I am? I’m the ‘Frenzied Strength Imparter’ Horizon! When I saw this function, I immediately associated it to ‘strength imparting’. With this function, if this daoist wants to find someone to impart strength to, simply pulling out the Sage Seal and using the stamp function would allow me to transfer my power anywhere and at any time. Time and space shall no longer be able to hinder this daoist’s strength imparting technique! Hahahahaha!”

True Monarch Green Jujube: “F*ck! How cruel are the heavens, to actually allow such a frightening person to awaken an ability that should not be awakened!”

Scholar Brewing Heavens: “It’s simply terrifying!”

Qiao Mountain’s Loose Cultivator: “Our great world of cultivation is doomed!”

True Monarch White Sand: “Our great world of cultivation is doomed +1!”

Black Fox Autumn Leaves: “Our great world of cultivation is doomed +2!”

Great Master Dreamteller: “Our great world of cultivation is doomed +3!”]

True Monarch Eternal Fire’s screenshot reached up to this point.

Eternal Fire is very tired and wants to retire: “What do you think, Fellow Daoists? It’s terrifying, isn’t it?”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “Meow~ Our great world of cultivation is doomed!”

True Monarch Northern River: “The most terrifying person has awakened the ability that should not be awakened. The heaven and earth are heartless!”

Wandering Monk Profound Principle: “!!!”

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: “Heavens, two disciples of my Ancient Lake Temple have just left the sect. Not good, I have to send them a message right away… No, no, I have to call and tell them about this. After leaving the sect, guard against fire, theft, and Horizon. ”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “It is easy to avoid things in the light, but difficult to avoid those in the dark. Previously, when the ‘Frenzied Strength Imparter’ Daoist Priest Horizon wanted to impart strength, he had to be out in the open. However, if he now wants to impart strength, he just needs to hide in the dark and ‘bam’, just stamp. Oh heavens, I don’t dare imagine what will happen next.”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “As Senior Eternal Fire said, my heart is also filled with fear! When my little wolves go out, I will definitely remind them to be very careful.”

All of a sudden, everyone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group felt that they were in danger.

Fairy Lychee: “🤔 Honestly, the next time that one meets Daoist Priest Horizon, they should prioritize killing him. He’s simply too dangerous.”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “…”

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “Is there no solution? If one is stamped by the ‘Sage Seal’, can’t the mark be erased?”

Yellow Mountain is very tired and wants to retire: “At this time, it seems to be necessary to summon the seniors. @Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, have you already closed up? Would it be convenient for you to appear?”

“I’m here,” Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue replied. “With my understanding of the ‘Sage Seal’ and the stamp function, there should be a way to erase it. For more detailed information, wait until I look into it, I will be able to give you a better explanation by then. In addition, Fellow Daoists, there is no need to panic. There is a difference between long-distance energy transmission and the face-to-face transmission of power. The quantity can’t be too high, and the energy will be consumed during the transmission. Fellow Daoist Horizon should be just joking.”

True Monarch Northern River: “I also felt that Horizon Taoist was merely joking. However… he is the Frenzied Strength Imparter, after all. With such an identity, even if it were only a small possibility, we can’t ignore it. ”

“Hahaha.” Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue smiled, and said, “If you are really that worried and have a disciple who wants to go experience the world, send them to Song Shuhang first and let him stamp them. The ‘Sage Seal’ stamping function cannot be repeated. After one has little friend Song Shuhang’s Sage Seal stamp, they would no longer need to worry about being stamped by Fellow Daoist Horizon.”

Wandering Monk Profound Principle: “👍🏼!”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “Good to know. If you are free tomorrow, little friend Shuhang, I will send the little wolves to you so that you can stamp them. To prevent accidents, it would be best to get myself stamped as well.”

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: “The disciples of my temple should also find the time to get stamped. Shuhang, are you going to stay in the Jiangnan area these days?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “If nothing unexpected happens, Shuhang said that he will be staying in Jiangnan University Town over the next few days!”

Shi’s big eyes were fixed on Song Shuhang as she said, “Senior Brother Song, stamp me first!”

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