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Chapter 1048: Riding flying armor, heavens!

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Song Shuhang asked, “It doesn’t sound that difficult. So, how do I conduct this ‘saber meditation’?”

At the same time, he kept his small black sword, and then sat cross-legged on the grassland with the treasured saber Broken Tyrant lying flat on his legs.

Su Clan’s Sixteen replied, “Saber meditation is a kind of meditation technique. You have to first operate a meditation technique, and then extend your mental energy to make contact with the treasured weapon. During saber meditation, you will have to treat your ‘treasured saber’ as an intelligent object and communicate with it to quickly deepen the connection between you and the saber.”

“Alright, let me give it a try.” Song Shuhang closed his eyes, and operated the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯.

The image of Song Shuhang’s ‘true self’ in his sea of consciousness was constantly changing due to his various experiences. Whether it be some cultivation technique that he practiced, some strange encounter he came across, or even some magical treasure that he acquired, all of it could affect the image of his ‘true self’ in his sea of consciousness.

After his ascension to the Fourth Stage, likely due to the influence of the ‘divinity show’ and the Profound Sage Speech, Song Shuhang’s true self had become very cool.

In his sea of consciousness, his true self sat cross-legged with its eyes closed. His ‘true self’ had long hair and a golden imperial hat above––it was truly joyful that he wasn’t bald.

The upper body of his ‘true self’ was bare, showing off well-built muscles. On the other hand, his lower body donned a daoist robe. If one were to look carefully, they would find that this ‘true self’ had taken off half of his daoist robe, and purposely tied it along his waist––this guy might have a habit of showing off his muscles.

Dignified aura radiated from the body of this ‘true self’—it was the dignity of an Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

On his knee, there was a scripture, the ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯. Alongside the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯, both scriptures very likely came from the Jingang Temple, so after Song Shuhang acquired and learned the ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, the scripture appeared in the image of his true self.

Song Shuhang silently operated the ❮True Self Meditation Scripture❯, and mobilized his mental energy to communicate with the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

After his mental energy made contact with the treasured saber, there was a small response.

The initial contact went well.

Song Shuhang struck the iron while it was still hot and continued to send mental energy to the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, wrapping it in a layer of his mental energy and fondling it.

After about 30 breaths…

Song Shuhang’s true self changed. On the knee of his true self, there was now saber light.

But unlike the lifelike ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, the saber light appeared very illusory. If Song Shuhang broke his connection with the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, this saber light would also likely disappear from his true self. After all, the treasured saber Broken Tyrant wasn’t Song Shuhang’s life-bound magical treasure, so it wouldn’t be able to solidify itself in Song Shuhang’s true self.

Song Shuhang thought, First step, success.

The first step of the saber meditation was a success.

After all, the treasured saber Broken Tyrant had been with Song Shuhang ever since he’d begun cultivating all the way until he ascended to the Fourth Stage. It could be said that both sides had long become familiar with the other.

The quick response of the treasured saber from Song Shuhang’s contact could also be considered quite normal.

The second step was to infuse both ‘innate true yuan’ and ‘saber intent’ into the treasured saber Broken Tyrant to consolidate the connection between Song Shuhang and the blade!

Song Shuhang’s issued a mental order, making his innate true yuan enter Broken Tyrant. Meanwhile, he also condensed a strand of saber intent, and had it enter Broken Tyrant alongside the innate true yuan.

The innate true yuan circulated faster, rushing all over the body of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant again and again.

After a moment, as Song Shuhang’s saber intent entered Broken Tyrant, a change immediately occurred in the treasured saber.


The treasured saber Broken Tyrant let out a humming sound.

Song Shuhang had great talent when it came to the ‘saber path’. In those martial arts novels, he would be one of those naturally talented sabersmen!

He had succeeded with the second step of saber meditation at his first try.

“Saber meditation, success!” Song Shuhang opened his eyes and looked at the treasured saber Broken Tyrant lying on his knees.

The saber meditation was a success. Next up was him trying to get the saber to fly!

Song Shuhang opened his eyes excitedly!

Then… he closed his eyes once again, his heart racing.

“This can’t be real,” he muttered.

In front of Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen was squatting down and resting her chin in her palm. She was looking at the treasured saber Broken Tyrant on Song Shuhang’s knees.

Although she knew that Song Shuhang’s saber intent was very strange, with it being an armor-type saber intent, she didn’t think that it would be this domineering.

At this moment, a set of exquisite armor had appeared on the body of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. The armor completely wrapped the treasured saber.

In such a form, where did it still resemble a ‘treasured saber’? It was clearly just a suit of armor.

Su Clan’s Sixteen managed to suppress her laughter. Then, with a serious face, she comforted Song Shuhang, “Shuhang, it really doesn’t matter. If you think about it, when you ride the flying saber with it resembling armor, it would appear like you’re riding a suit of armor. Riding flying armor would actually look quite cool.”

“Flying armor?” Song Shuhang looked towards the skies. “Heavens~”

Others would step on flying sabers or swords, with their hands behind their back and looking very cool, while he would step on his flying saber which resembled a suit of armor… this picture was too spicy to the eye.

“It would indeed look rather cool. I’ve seen some sci-fi movies where the protagonist would be traveling around the universe on robots. When necessary, those robots could transform and become a suit of armor for those protagonists. The transformation process was very cool,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said earnestly.

“But, don’t you find the armor I would step on to be too small?” Song Shuhang pointed at the armor on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

The armor wasn’t condensed according to Song Shuhang’s standards, and was instead formed for the treasured saber. Therefore, if Song Shuhang were to step on the armor which was a little longer than a meter, the image wouldn’t be great at all.

Su Clan’s Sixteen continued to comfort him. “Ahem, don’t think of its outer form; riding on flying armor would be very practical. Although it appears like armor, it’s actually a treasured saber. This way, when you send an attack towards an enemy, your enemy would only see a suit of armor smashing towards them. They definitely wouldn’t think that there’s a treasured saber inside the armor. This is called [pretend to advance along one path while secretly going along another].”

Song Shuhang imagined a picture of him waving a one-meter-long armor to attack his enemy…

He suddenly felt listless.

Seeing that Song Shuhang had become even more dejected, Su Clan’s Sixteen stood up and moved to squat right beside him.

Then, Sixteen reached out to pat him while comforting him. “Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. Honestly, you don’t have to worry about the matter of ‘riding flying armor’, as it only happens if you send a strand of your saber intent into the saber. However, when riding a flying saber, it isn’t necessary for you to infuse saber intent into the saber. At most, the resulting effect would be slightly worse. If you really don’t want to ride flying armor, then wait until you master the method to ride a flying saber so that it would be fine even if you were not to infuse saber intent into the blade.”

Song Shuhang raised his head, and asked, “What’s the difference between infusing saber intent and not infusing it?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen continued to pat Song Shuhang. “Without the addition of saber intent, speed, defense, offensive power, and overall power of the flying saber would decrease quite a bit. But, it wouldn’t affect you if you were to just use the flying saber to move around. After all, not every cultivator has grasped ‘saber intent’ or ‘sword intent’, but you don’t see them being unable to ride a flying sword, do you?”

“That is to say, if I were in a life or death battle, it would be best for me to infuse saber intent into the treasured saber.” Song Shuhang looked towards the sky.

It seemed that his style was doomed to be ruined.

Song Shuhang didn’t stay dejected for much longer. Time was limited, so how could he let himself stay dejected? With his thoughts settled, next up, he had to learn how to ‘ride a flying saber’.

Moreover, Su Clan’s Sixteen said that in ancient times, there were some cultivators who could grasp several different kinds of saber intents. Maybe he could also comprehend a new kind of saber intent in the future?

Anyway, if it looked like armor, then so be it. Now, he had to learn how to ‘ride or control a flying saber’, so as to not fail to live up to Sixteen’s expectations.

The second step of riding a flying saber was to let the treasured saber fly!

Su Clan’s Sixteen carefully explained the process and steps for controlling the saber, even demonstrating it several times for Song Shuhang. After he understood the principle behind it, Sixteen then let Song Shuhang try it out for himself.

Song Shuhang held the armor-like treasured saber, took a deep breath, and then circulated his innate true yuan and poured it into the saber.

At the same time, according to Sixteen’s explanation, he activated his Illusory Core, letting it cooperate with his innate true yuan in order to activate the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, which would then start floating in the air.

The Illusory Core in Song Shuhang’s original dantian was a variant. After Song Shuhang broke through, the fat whale inside it grew even fatter.

At this moment, when Song Shuhang’s will moved, the fat whale became active as well.

A cry echoed in Song Shuhang’s original dantian. The cry already greatly differed from that of a whale.

Compared to ordinary Fourth Stage cultivators’ Illusory Cores, Song Shuhang’s fat whale Illusory Core was much more active and easier to control.

After the fat whale let out that long cry, Song Shuhang got the feeling, and he gently relaxed the right hand holding the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

The armored Broken Tyrant fell downward, but it suddenly stopped in midair.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant started floating in the air just like this.

“Great,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said. “Next, try to get it to float higher, and let it switch from floating to flying!”

“Mm-hm.” Song Shuhang nodded as he slowly raised his hand.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant followed his right hand and slowly floated higher.

At this moment, the saber intent, which was automatically circulating on the saber’s body, sped up the process.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant, following Song Shuhang’s will, rose toward the sky.

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