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Chapter 1047: Saber meditation, let the saber fly!

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Therefore, even if the little tree was exuding a friendly aura, Song Shuhang still remained cautious.

After he stepped on the black lotuses to get beside the little tree, he took the branch-pen, and directed it towards the little tree’s body.

Hm… what should I write? Well, this was indeed Song Shuhang’s first time giving someone an autograph…

Should he just write his daoist name? But he had six daoist names, so which one should he write?

Maybe he should just write the same two words ‘Tyrannical Song’ that were on his Sage Seal? Or would that be too half-hearted?

Right, it would be better to also add some good wishes. After all, this little tree monster was the first ‘cultivator’ to ask for an autograph.

And so, Song Shuhang asked, “What is your name?”

The little tree monster said happily, “Miruru, my name is Miruru!”

This name doesn’t sound like an Eastern name… Is this little tree monster a monster of Western origin?

After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang raised the pen, and wrote a simple blessing on Miruru’s body: I wish Miruru may grow, flourish, and have a luxuriant future!

After all, this guy was a tree monster, so this kind of blessing should be pretty fitting, right?

After writing the string of words, Song Shuhang raised the pen as he prepared to write his daoist name on the tree monster’s body. But right at this moment, the Sage Seal in his body suddenly appeared in his hand.

Song Shuhang looked at the Sage Seal, and thought, Can this thing be used as a stamp?

Well, should I try it out?

After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang raised the Sage Seal and stamped the body of the tree monster, Miruru.


The ‘Sage Seal’ was pressed against Miruru’s body, on which a dazzling brand appeared. The brand radiated with a faint light that lingered for a long time.

Meanwhile, Miruru, who got stamped by the Sage Seal, suddenly flew away! Song Shuhang had only gently stamped its body with the Sage Seal, but Miruru seemed to have been knocked away by a huge force.

Its body was spinning as it flew quite a far distance, letting out a terrified cry, “Aaaaaah!”

Miruru’s main body was only a meter long, but its roots were over 60 meters long, so when it whirled and danced around, it had caused a violent whirlwind to form, sweeping around in all directions.

Soon, Miruru’s figure flew farther and farther away, with its happy cry echoing in the distance. “Thank you, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song! Thank you, it was truly a great pleasure to have been able to meet you!”

It knew that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had used the ‘Sage Seal’ to stamp its body, which was a great honor. So although it got sent flying by the Sage Seal, it was still very happy.

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched slightly.

After Miruru got sent flying, Song Shuhang ended up falling.

The power of the whirlwind caused by Miruru wasn’t weak.

Fortunately, Miruru had been sent away already; otherwise, it would have seen him in such a predicament. Its mental image of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song would definitely have been destroyed.

As soon as Su Clan’s Sixteen saw Song Shuhang fall, she quickly drove her saber light, and descended to catch Song Shuhang.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “Are you alright?”

“My legs just feel a little weak.” Song Shuhang laughed dryly as he said, “I didn’t think that the power of the Sage Seal would be that terrifying… It was only a light stamp, yet it sent a peak Fourth Stage tree monster flying. If I used all my power to stamp someone with the Sage Seal, how much power would it have?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “I don’t know, either. There is no record of such a thing ever happening. There is no record of any ‘Profound Sage’ ever using their Sage Seal to smash people.”

After all, people would usually only get a single chance to become a Sage. If their Sage Seal were to break, would there be anyone who would be able to repair it? Furthermore, when it came to magical treasures that could be used to smash people, Profound Sages would have a great variety of them, such as the sky shaking seals, cosmos rings, and golden bricks. As such, Profound Sages wouldn’t use their ‘Sage Seal’ to smash people.

“I’ll try it on someone next time,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. The ‘Sage Seal’ might become one of his big killing moves.

“Let’s leave this discussion for later, we have to speed up,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said sternly. “I originally had no problem bringing you to our destination, but as we’ve been held up by this tree monster for quite a while, I feel like I won’t be able to support my ‘saber light’ for much longer.”

“Huh?” Song Shuhang got a bad feeling.

“Shuhang, hold on tight.” Su Clan’s Sixteen stretched her hand to grab Song Shuhang’s right hand. Then, she used everything she had on the saber light, causing the treasured saber’s speed to skyrocket.

The speed of the flying saber increased crazily, getting faster and faster!

Song Shuhang took a breath as he looked towards his feet. There, the area of ‘saber light’ that Su Clan’s Sixteen had condensed was rapidly shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye.


This is why I said that short sabers and small flying swords are unreliable! I’ll definitely get myself a ‘door-sized saber’ for practicing riding a flying saber.

The area of the saber light was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, the area of saber light was so small that it was only the size of an ordinary laptop.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen could only stick to each other as they stood on the saber light.

Song Shuhang asked, “How much longer will it take?”

“We’re already here. We’re descending now! Grab onto me, the speed will be increasing as we descend,” Sixteen said as she gritted her teeth.

Before Song Shuhang was even able to reply, Sixteen’s flying saber had already tilted downwards, making the whole experience even more exciting than bungee jumping.

Shuhang’s eyes were filled with tears…

He felt as if he had gotten himself in an air crash.

At the same time, Song Shuhang reached out to embrace Su Clan’s Sixteen. At this moment, if he didn’t hold onto Sixteen, he could only wait to fall off the flying saber.

But when he was embracing Sixteen, his posture was rather awkward. First, there was a height difference between the two of them, causing Song Shuhang not to know where to hold her. Second, Song Shuhang’s left hand was still with Venerable White, so he could only use his right hand.

In the end, Song Shuhang could only bend his body as far as possible and move his right hand downward, using his one arm to wrap around Sixteen’s waist.

Su Clan’s Sixteen was descending faster and faster.

“Still not enough. Brace yourself, we have to go even faster,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said. They had to get to a safe height where she could stabilize the treasured saber before the layer of light underneath their feet ran out.

“Faster?” Song Shuhang took a deep breath as he clenched his teeth.

Well, if they went only a little faster, he would still be able to take it.

After a moment~

“Aaaaah!” Song Shuhang’s screamed disgracefully.

Originally, with his endurance, he could still grit his teeth and get through this kind of bungee jumping experience.

But at this time, as luck would have it, Senior White, who was in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, began to grind heavenly tribulation again. A feeling of numbness began to spread from his left arm once again, becoming the final straw for Song Shuhang.

Having to face both the electric shock and the fall from the sky, Song Shuhang ended up crying out disgracefully.

Argh, I’m really unlucky today.

Under Su Clan’s Sixteen’s precise control, she and Song Shuhang were able to land safely.

The destination was a grassland in the middle of the mountains. It was actually pretty far from Jiangnan University Town.

Song Shuhang’s legs were currently weak. The ‘thrill’ he got from both the falling and the electric shock was definitely not the ‘thrill’ he had been hoping for.

At this moment, Song Shuhang thought of another disheartening matter––he still had that silver dragon puppet! At that time, when Su Clan’s Sxiteen’s saber light began to collapse, he could have brought out his silver dragon puppet.

But it was already too late to be thinking about the silver dragon puppet now.

Su Clan’s Sixteen’s face was slightly red as she asked, “Are you alright?”

“Let me rest for a while. Just now, Senior White had gone to transcend another tribulation, so my left hand’s pretty numb,” Song Shuhang explained.

“Mm-hm.” Su Clan’s Sixteen nodded her head cutely. “Well, since you can’t move right now, let me just tell you about the methods to ‘ride a flying saber’ and ‘control a flying saber’.”

“Whether it’s about riding or controlling a flying saber, the first step for both would have you get your treasured saber or sword to actually fly. Shuhang, what weapon will you be using to practice riding a flying saber?”

If one wanted to ride a flying saber or use the saber controlling technique, they wouldn’t be able to use ordinary sabers. Such techniques required one to have specialized flying swords or treasured sabers, which had to be constructed with special materials and had special formations and runes placed on them. Even Venerable White’s disposable flying swords needed special runes and formations to be engraved upon them.

Song Shuhang took out two weapons from his magical bracelet.

One was the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, which had been handed down from generation to generation in the ‘Moon Saber Sect’. It was a one-meter long saber forged from heavy metals inside a thunder pond; it was an extremely solid and sharp blade that surpassed other treasured sabers of similar rank in hardness and could cut even the body of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage.

The other weapon was a small black sword. It was a regulation flying sword of the Limitless Demon Sect, and it was barely a flying sword of the Fourth Stage. Back then, Branch Leader Jing Mo of the Limitless Demon Sect had been chasing Song Shuhang with it as he tried to kill him. In the end, Song Shuhang brought him to Venerable White and got him killed. The flying sword was a war trophy from then.

The saber was a treasured saber, while the sword was a flying sword, making it such that he could practice riding a flying saber or sword with them.

Song Shuhang grabbed the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. “I’ll use this for practice.”

First, Su Clan’s Sixteen would teach him the method for riding a flying saber, and using a saber during practice was better.

Second, the quality of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant was far higher than that of the small black sword. Furthermore, it was the treasured weapon that Song Shuhang had always used, and so he had a better feeling when holding it.

Third, the size of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant was way bigger than that of the small black sword—this point was especially important. He felt that it would be much safer to step on Broken Tyrant than to step on the small black sword.

Song Shuhang then asked, “How do I go about the first step?”

“For beginners, if the item they’re using isn’t their life-bound magical treasure, they would first have to conduct ‘saber meditation’. ‘Saber meditation’ would allow them to communicate with their treasured saber, allowing them to form a connection with their treasured saber and infuse true qi into it. If they’ve already comprehended saber intent, then they should also infuse their saber intent into the treasured saber when infusing true qi, which would make the ‘saber meditation’ process much smoother.”

“Once done with saber meditation, the second step consists in having the Fourth Stage cultivator’s Illusory Core work with innate true yuan to activate the formations and runes inside the treasured saber, thereby allowing the saber to fly.”

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