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Chapter 1042: Song Shuhang is very busy

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Song Shuhang asked, “What? Senior White, what do you need me to lend you?”

Just now, did he hear Venerable White asking him to lend him a hand?

It was very rare for Venerable White to borrow something from him… before, it was always him borrowing something from Senior White.

But the problem was… he wasn’t a puppet, and he couldn’t just remove his arm, so how was he going to lend it?

Was he supposed to cut it off?

Although he’d learned the self-recovery secret technique engraved on that wall in Immortal Cheng Lin’s cave—which actually was quite cool as when a person cultivated it to a high level, the technique would allow them to regenerate severed limbs—he had merely learned the basics. However, he could only regenerate two parts of his body parts for now… his hair and his nails. The first ability even overlapped with his ‘hair growing technique’.

“Lend me a hand! Leave behind one of your arms. Right, I’ll give you a magical treasure to stuff your arm into,” Venerable White’s rough picture said hurriedly.

After saying this much, he issued a mental order, and a transparent crystal box flew out of that spatial treasure on Song Shuhang’s wrist.

“Senior White, how do I lend you my arm?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I don’t have time to explain… Anyway, just do what I say first. Place one of your arms into this box, and that’s it! Don’t worry, your arm will be fine. When my plan succeeds, you will get a great share of the spoils as well!” Venerable White said hurriedly.

Song Shuhang did as told. He first placed Senior White’s equipment into his magical bracelet, then he hurriedly opened the transparent box, and after some thinking, he placed his left arm into the box.

He was right-handed, so he couldn’t lend Senior White his right arm. Otherwise, even eating would be uncomfortable.

When his left arm entered the transparent box, he felt a refreshing feeling cover his left forearm; it was as if aromatic water had been sprinkled on it.

Then, his left forearm lightly fell off into the transparent box.

Yup, it simply fell off. But unlike puppets, Song Shuhang’s left arm was made of flesh and blood.

Moreover, Song Shuhang felt that he still had control over his left arm. When he willed them to move, the fingers of his left arm, which was in the transparent box, moved.

This transparent box was actually so amazing?

Then what would happen if I placed my head inside? Would I end up becoming a ‘headless knight’? Would I be alive and kicking even with my head removed from my body? These thoughts appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind… and he was itching to try.

“There isn’t much time. Quickly throw that crystal box to me, and don’t think of placing your head into the box, as it will kill you. Head and arms are different—if the head is removed, it can’t be reconnected,” Venerable White said while his body was gradually returning to its original state.

Senior White, you also have mind reading techniques?

Song Shuhang threw the crystal box over to Venerable White. Right after throwing the box, he found that his body had become pale, and he was sucked into a vortex right after.

In the next moment, he had already left the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’ and returned to the Jiangnan area. H he was back in that small courtyard in Medicine Master’s building.

Beside him, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and Daoist Priest Horizon had also returned.

When the three of them appeared, their ‘Sage Seal’ also came out, shining for a moment, and then returned to their respective dantians.

In the next moment, the three felt that the ‘Sage Seals’ in their bodies seemed to have established a connection with heaven and earth. The ‘Sage Seal’ acted like a pipe, continuously drawing in pure spiritual qi from heaven and earth, and pouring it into the three people’s bodies.

This kind of automatic manaccumulating feature was a small benefit for Eighth Stage Profound Sages, which allowed them to save a great number of spirit stones.

In Medicine Master’s small courtyard, Fairy Dongfang Six, Demon Monarch Nirvana, and True Monarch White Crane were still in their original positions, waiting for Song Shuhang and the others to return.

At this moment, True Monarch White Crane and the others looked at Song Shuhang’s group with a complicated gaze.

“Eh? What about Eternity?” Demon Monarch Nirvana found that it was only Song Shuhang and the other two who had returned, but his big customer, Eternity, was nowhere to be found.

“Fellow Daoist Eternity used his ‘Profound Sage Speech’ to confess to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, thereby losing the power of virtue that was supposed to come from it. He was thus forced to face the Inner Demon Tribulation. Currently, he’s still in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. If he doesn’t find a way to transcend the Inner Demon Tribulation, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to get out of there,” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said.

“Heavens~” Demon Monarch Nirvana let out a sigh. Everyone knew that Eternity had confessed to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, but nobody could’ve thought that the price to pay for the confession would be so high.

Hopefully, Eternity would be able to safely transcend the Inner Demon Tribulation. After all, he was the one who’d brought Eternity here, which led to Eternity getting pulled into the 5+1 heavenly tribulation. At the same time, Demon Monarch was able to acquire some useful information. After transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage, one still couldn’t relax. The Profound Sage Speech wasn’t a joke; if one messed up, they would have to welcome the terrifying Inner Demon Tribulation.

When Song Shuhang heard this, something immediately resurfaced in his mind––he had originally wanted to play the recording of Dharma King Creation’s song when he was about to leave the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’ as it might end up giving a hand to Eternity. However, just before leaving, he ended up lending his left arm to Venerable White, and so he forgot to help Eternity.

“Little friend Shuhang, your left arm?” Fairy Dongfang Six asked. In the frame of the ‘Profound Sage Speech’, weren’t Song Shuhang’s arms perfectly fine? Why did one of his arms suddenly disappear?

“My left arm was borrowed by Senior White. Senior White said that he had a big plan, and he needed me to lend him an arm,” Song Shuhang replied.

As for what Senior White’s plan was, an idea came to his mind––it should be something like ‘ah, this nuclear bomb seems really good, lemme try to get one’.

Speaking of the power of the nuclear bomb, it was truly too big. If Senior White was really able to get such a thing, then he would definitely advise him to study it in space. It definitely couldn’t be allowed to explode on Earth—if it did, it would be a global disaster.

“Borrowed by Senior White? It seems like that ‘nuclear bomb’ didn’t really pose a threat to Senior White, right?” Fairy Dongfang Six said.

“Yea, before we left, Senior White was in a really good condition,” Song Shuhang replied––how could he so interested in seeking death if he wasn’t doing well?

Fairy Dongfang Six nodded, and said, “If he’s fine, then that’s good.”

At the same time, True Monarch White Crane, who was at the back, let out a long sigh of relief.

“Then, little friend Shuhang, let us ask the question that everybody wants to ask. After Senior White removed his daoist robe, what was he wearing underneath?” Fairy Dongfang Six said curiously.

This question wasn’t something that only the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were interested in, but also something that the rest of the practitioners in the universe was very much curious about.

“Underneath? Senior White was still wearing a full set of clothes underneath, what’s there to be curious about? Senior White’s daoist robe isn’t different from our daoist robes—if one were to take theirs off, they would still be wearing clothes inside. Were you not able to see it?” Song Shuhang was confused.

He knew that Venerable White entered the frame of Daoist Priest Horizon’s ‘Profound Sage Speech’, and so all the practitioners in the universe should have been able to see him. However, the actual live broadcast hadn’t been seen by Song Shuhang.

“That’s it? Tsk~ And here I thought that under Senior White’s daoist robes was actually some small underwear.” Fairy Dongfang Six was clearly quite disappointed with Song Shuhang’s reply.

Furthermore, since Senior White’s daoist robe still hid a full set of clothing beneath it, then what was the point of having Song Shuhang’s body blocking the shots of the live broadcast? The tribulation lightning likewise changed into holy light to block the screen; what was all that trouble for?

Sometimes, censoring pictures would just mess with people’s thoughts.

Although she was disappointed with the answer, Fairy Dongfang Six nevertheless still shared what Song Shuhang had said with the rest of the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group right away.

“Damn, why is it that only you could see Senior White after he had taken off his daoist robe? The frames of the live broadcast were all either blocked by you or the tribulation lightning!” True Monarch White Crane cried out. If it wasn’t still so weak, it would have long rushed forward and hammered Song Shuhang’s chest with its small fists.

Song Shuhang was baffled.

“Little friend Shuhang, are you free?” Demon Monarch Nirvana asked.

Song Shuhang thought about it, then replied, “I should be.”

Currently, he was already at the Fourth Stage Realm, and he was both busy and free.

He was busy because he had to learn how to ride a flying saber. After advancing to the Fourth Stage, the most exciting thing was that one could ride a flying sword or flying saber and rush into the blue sky, fulfilling the dream of every man. Perhaps he would still add a guardrail to his saber.

Secondly, he had to begin forging his life-bound magical treasure. The embryonic form of the life-bound magical treasure had to be completed before the Fifth Stage. It was something that would be of great help during the heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage.

Currently, Song Shuhang already had some forging materials on hand. Senior Brother Three Realms had gifted him [blade thread], there was also the [blood bone], which came from a blood demon, as well as the ten pieces of valuable [tribulation mutated black metal]. When combined, the ten pieces of black metal would be able to summon the ruler of the Netherworld, so they couldn’t be taken lightly. Previously, Song Shuhang had used them to f*ck over the stone giant in the ‘forbidden area’. Currently, that stone giant was still having a drink with the ruler of the Netherworld…

In addition to that, he still had to help the ‘Great Northern Emperor’ finish gathering the materials for the [Ice Soul Pill], preferably within the next ten days.

Besides that, he had already successfully transcended his tribulation, so when Ye Si transcended her tribulation, he would have to go and help her. Even if he couldn’t actually help Ye Si, the virtuous lamia would definitely be able to.

F*ck, I’m actually quite busy, after all.

“If you’ve got some time, how about using some of it to study the modern heavenly tribulation with me?” Demon Monarch Nirvana said expectantly.

…Demon Monarch looked at Song Shuhang. Actually, he didn’t simply want to study the heavenly tribulation… because he knew that Song Shuhang had some of those powerful ‘guided missiles’, which would definitely be pretty nice to blow up.

As long as he stayed with Song Shuhang and waited for Venerable White to return, he should get a chance to study those ‘guided missiles’ with them. That would be great.

“No problem,” Song Shuhang replied. He also wanted to understand more about the heavenly tribulation. In addition, if he was going to learn how to ride a flying saber later on, it would be better and safer for him to be looked after by an expert.

After saying that, Song Shuhang’s left arm suddenly started itching.

He then subconsciously looked toward his left arm… but there was nothing there.

Right, I lent my left arm to Senior White.

Song Shuhang focused on feeling his arm, and then he felt that Senior White was writing something on the palm of his left hand.

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