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Chapter 1043: There will be a day when I finally behead him

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Then, there was an embarrassing thing that Song Shuhang forgot about––he was still wearing that ‘Swordsman Wooden Ox’s glove of passion’ on his left hand. The glove was slightly damaged during the heavenly tribulation, but it still covered Song Shuhang’s entire palm.

As such, when Venerable White wrote on his left palm, Song Shuhang was unable to understand what he was writing, and could only feel that his palm was slightly itchy.

Song Shuhang: “…”

While wearing a glove, writing on my palm isn’t really a good method of communication!

However, it wouldn’t be good to remove the glove, either. Once the glove was taken off, his ‘secret appraisal technique’ would go out of control and appraise the heaven, the earth, and even the air. By then, Song Shuhang would have long been done for.

Didn’t Senior White have other methods of communication? Something more direct?

While thinking, Song Shuhang found that there was no longer an itch on his palm.

Venerable White must have found out that he was writing on a glove, which meant that Song Shuhang couldn’t understand his thoughts. So he just stopped using this method.

In addition, since Senior White knew that Song Shuhang had that special ‘secret appraisal technique’, he didn’t try to take off Song Shuhang’s ‘Swordsman Wooden Ox’s glove of passion’, either.

Senior White, if you can’t communicate with me by writing on my palm, you can just write on my arm. I should be able to understand what you’re writing that way, Song Shuhang thought.

However, it seemed as though Senior White had given up on the idea of sending him his thoughts. Song Shuhang closely paid attention to his body for a long time, but nothing came out of doing so.

Could it be that Senior White temporarily gave up? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this moment, a feeling of numbness emerged on his left hand—it should have come from an electric shock. Did Senior White begin transcending another wave of the tribulation?

The electric shock Shuhang felt wasn’t strong. It should have just been some remnants from the wave of the heavenly tribulation that Senior White faced. Currently, Shuhang’s left arm was in a similar situation to Lady Onion, who was in the size-reducing purse and had been continuously shocked unconscious when he was transcending the tribulation.

Speaking of Lady Onion, she was still in a coma… This heavenly tribulation seemed not to have benefited her in any way. For the next heavenly tribulation, he would definitely make sure to transfer Lady Onion to his ‘Inner World’ first so that she didn’t have to suffer along with him.

Fairy Dongfang Six saw Song Shuhang suddenly turn silent and then shake violently, so she asked worriedly, “Hey, Song Shuhang, are you alright?”

True Monarch White Crane said, “With my many years of experience, I’m certain that Song Shuhang needs to pee very badly, but is holding it in. Just look at his entire body shaking.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

True Monarch White Crane, when you hold your pee back, do you always shake as if you’d received an electric shock?

“I’m fine,” Song Shuhang said. “It’s just that my left arm is still in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, and it seems like it got hit by some of the lightning when Venerable White transcended another wave of his tribulation, causing me to feel a bit stunned.”

True Monarch Whtie Crane heard his words, and suddenly turned silent. Then, it went to squat silently in the corner, spreading its wings to wrap them around itself. It seemed that it had received a big blow.

For Song Shuhang and the others, this heavenly tribulation, which was filled with twists and turns, had finally come to a close.

It was already almost early morning. Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and Daoist Priest Horizon, who had just successfully transcended the tribulation, said their goodbyes and then left. After breaking through, the two of them had to close up for a while to stabilize their realms.

Additionally, both of them owed Song Shuhang a huge favor since after that terrifying 5+1 heavenly tribulation. When they established a connection with their ‘Sage Seals’ the first time, they learned that the three of them had fallen unconscious, leaving Song Shuhang to deal with the 5+1 heavenly tribulation all by himself.

It was thanks to Song Shuhang that they were still alive and had advanced to the next realm, gaining the opportunity to show their divinity in front of the masses and hold the Profound Sage Speech on top of that.

It was a huge favor, and with Palace Master’s and Horizon’s character, as long as they had an opportunity, they would definitely repay Song Shuhang for all he’d done.

Fairy Dongfang Six still had some doubts regarding the heavenly tribulation in her mind, and wanted to ask Song Shuhang about them. But after seeing that Song Shuhang had just transcended the heavenly tribulation, with his body still being in a mess, she could only temporarily leave as well. Anyway, she was staying in the Jiangnan area for a while, so she would have many chances to ask Song Shuhang about her concerns.

Then, Demon Monarch Nirvana also bade them goodbye and left. He was going to rent a building nearby as he similarly wanted to stay in the Jiangnan area in the near future.

True Monarch White Crane, with its thick face, planned on just staying in Medicine Master’s building. How could it easily give up the chance to live in the same place as Venerable White?

Seeing that there was still some time before early morning, Song Shuhang retired to his room to meditate, recuperate, and familiarize himself with his new realm.

The Fourth Stage’s ‘innate true yuan’ was a great jump from the Third Stage’s ‘liquefied true yuan’ when it came to quality. After reaching this level, the meridians and dantian of a cultivator had finally completely opened up. Thereupon, the job of Fourth Stage cultivators was to transform the ‘Illusory Core’ in their original dantian into a ‘Golden Core’.

This was another very important step that cultivators had to take.

A Golden Core would decide the Great Way. The number of dragon patterns that one’s Golden Core had was directly related to how far a cultivator would be able to get in the future.

Song Shuhang looked at the fat whale in his dantian that had now become even fatter. At this time, it had horns, claws, and scales… and not even Song Shuhang knew what kind of beast it would end up turning into in the future. He hoped that this little guy could end up becoming a handsome dragon… but with how the fat whale looked, he was just being delusional.

After practicing the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

Next, he found that there was a delicate figure sitting beside his bed. Her eyes were glowing in the dark while staring at his left arm.

It was Su Clan’s Sixteen. She had quietly arrived by his side, and Song Shuhang hadn’t sensed anything while cultivating.

One had to remember that Song Shuhang’s sixth sense was extremely sharp now, and he would return to his senses with the slightest movement of grass or sound of the wind.

“Sixteen, how come you are here?” Song Shuhang asked curiously.

Today, Sixteen looked particularly imposing, especially with those eyes that had a pressure of their own.

“I came looking for you right after you transcended the tribulation. However, you were practicing; it was Senior White Crane who opened the door for me. Then, it brought me into the room.” Su Clan’s Sixteen yawned and rubbed her eyes. Now, her pupils were no longer shining, and they had returned to how they originally were.

True Monarch White Crane opened the door? No wonder Shuhang didn’t sense anything when Sixteen entered his room.

“Well, I truly didn’t expect you to advance so quickly. It’s only been so long, and you have already caught up to my realm,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said with slightly drooping eyes and a smile in the corner of her mouth.

“Hehehehe, my luck is just good. Without even noticing, I somehow ended up reaching this realm,” Song Shuhang said with an innocent smile.

“If you keep saying that, there will definitely be quite a number of cultivators that would go mad.” Su Clan’s Sixteen blinked, and said, “When I came here, I heard True Monarch White Crane say that the tribulation you transcended was one which had five people with the addition of a puppet? How are the others?”

“Senior Lives Talisman and Daoist Priest Horizon are safe and sound, and there’s still a senior called ‘Eternity’, trapped in the Inner Demon Tribulation in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. As for the nameless ghost cultivator who was with us at that time, he got turned into ashes during the second wave of the heavenly tribulation. The same goes for that puppet.”

“What was the origin of that puppet?” Su Clan’s Sixteen asked.

She heard from True Monarch White Crane that a puppet had suddenly broken into the courtyard and attracted the heavenly tribulation, which led Song Shuhang and the others to face the 5+1 heavenly tribulation.

“It’s a guy that really makes my liver hurt.” Song Shuhang’s head hurt just from recalling that guy with tons of clones. He then stretched out his hands to rub his temple. Unfortunately, after he stretched out his hands, only his right hand was successful in pressing onto his temple.

His left hand should still be in that transparent box of Senior White.

Su Clan’s Sixteen climbed behind Song Shuhang and reached out to rub his temples.

“That guy… we became enemies during the battle on the Grievance Setting Platform back at the Chu Family. That guy was controlling a puppetized disciple of the Thousand Hands Sect and planned to acquire the Chu Family’s sword technique, which hid the method of entering the ‘forbidden area’. However, his plan was disrupted by the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and me. The method to enter the forbidden area also ended up falling into my hands.” Song Shuhang smiled smugly, then continued, “Later, that guy opposed me again, hiding among the ranks of the sea urchin warriors and placing a curse on me. Nevertheless, after some time, I transferred that curse to another guy who made my liver hurt, Young Master Hai.”

Young Master Hai? When she heard this name, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s eyes shone once again. Young Master Hai and she weren’t on good terms. She’d encountered killing due to Young Master Hai’s designs quite a number of times. However, it was also because of Young Master Hai that she got to meet Song Shuhang.

“There will be a day when I finally behead him.” Su Clan’s Sixteen’s melodious voice echoed.

“If there’s a chance, we can kill him together,” Song Shuhang said. Currently, Young Master Hai was still in the process of charging towards the Fifth Stage Realm, while Su Clan’s Sixteen and he were already in the Fourth Stage Realm.

“Good,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said excitedly. Due to her excitement, she unconsciously added some strength to her hands.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, Sixteen, be gentler!” Song Shuhang called out. The strength that Sixteen exerted just now was enough to make his head explode!

Su Clan’s Sixteen quietly lessened pressure. “Then, do you know the real identity of that puppet?”

“I’m not completely sure, and that’s why my liver hurts. This guy has too many clones.” Song Shuhang’s heart was stifled.

When he was in the ‘forbidden area’, that guy had lost a ton of puppets, with Venerable White completely obliterating one by destroying both its body and soul. Nevertheless, that guy continued to make new puppets, with the said puppets continuing to bother them.

He had so many clones that they seemed to have no end. In all this, they still couldn’t find its real body, causing their hearts to be stifled.

After Su Clan’s Sixteen had thought for a bit, she suggested, “Shuhang, can’t you look for someone to perform a divination on him? Perhaps you can get some information on him this way.”

“Wasn’t Senior Copper Trigram captured for breeding purposes?” Song Shuhang asked subconsciously.

“I’m not talking about Senior Copper Trigram, his divinations are simply too shady.” Sixteen laughed. Then, she looked outside of the house—the sky had already begun to brighten up.

“Shuhang, you’re already at the Fourth Stage. Do you want to start practicing how to ride a flying sword?” Sixteen asked.

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