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Chapter 1002: Please ask him to bail me out

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Daoist Priest Horizon was feeling tired.

However, he was here for business.

“Cough, Fellow Daoist Seven… If I may ask, do you know where the fellow daoist who created all this smog is?” Daoist Priest Horizon asked.

Loli Shi peeked from behind Su Clan’s Seven, and answered, “Is Daoist Priest a law-enforcer from the ‘Cultivator Alliance’? We weren’t the ones who released this smog.”

Su Clan’s Seven pushed Loli Shi behind him again. “Fellow Daoist Horizon, if you want to find the fellow daoist who created the smog, then you just need to look around the location where the small rocket was launched a while ago.”

Su Clan’s Seven then pointed toward the location of Nan Haomeng and that young girl.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Seven.” Daoist Priest Horizon cupped his fists, and took a step, whizzing toward a distant place.

After taking a few steps, Daoist Priest Horizon turned back to Su Clan’s Seven, and said, “Also, Fellow Daoist Seven, you don’t have to be this cautious around this daoist priest. This daoist priest doesn’t have the ability to transfer power through space.”

“Hahahaha.” Su Clan’s Seven dryly laughed.

The corners of Daoist Priest Horizon’s mouth twitched once again, and he left with a bitter smile on his face.

Shortly after he left, Su Clan’s Seven said to Loli Shi and Little Cai, “Did you see that sage-like Daoist Priest Horizon just now? The next time you meet him, try to stay away from him as much as possible.”

“?” Loli Shi was confused.

The monster bird Little Cai thought for a bit, and felt that she seemed to have heard the daoist name ‘Daoist Priest Horizon’ before.

“He is Frenzied Strength Imparter, Daoist Priest Horizon. According to the rumors, he can transfer an entire year’s worth of strength with just a single gaze, and if you make physical contact with him, he can instantly transfer to you 10 years’ worth of strength, perhaps even more. However, the majority of the people that received this strength transfer didn’t end up well,” Su Clan’s Seven said.

Loli Shi’s eyes became wide open—was there really such a terrifying existence in the world of cultivators?

Venerable White said, “To impart strength with just a glance sounds? That sounds too exaggerated. It should just be a rumor.”

“I feel that it would be safer to believe it rather than not. I don’t care if other people believe it, I only know that I will continue to believe in it,” Su Clan’s Seven said.

Venerable White smiled and nodded.

“Well, since everything has been settle. It’s time for me to bid everyone goodbye,” Su Clan’s Seven said.

“Seven, are you also going to close up to advance in realm?” Venerable White said.

“Indeed. I’ve already prepared well for my tribulation. Now that Sixteen has already succeeded in hers, I’ve managed to take a big weight off my chest. Next, in at most half a year or two months at the shortest, I will already have become a True Monarch,” Su Clan’s Seven said confidently.

“Then, I wish you a successful break through.” Venerable White said.

“Thank you, Senior White.” Su Clan’s Seven laughed, and said, “Then, Fellow Daoists, we will meet again another time.”

After saying that, Su Clan’s Seven made use of the cover of the ‘mist’ to bring out his life-bound treasured saber and ride away.

When Seven left, Venerable White waved at Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman on the nearby third floor. Then, he brought Shi and Little Cai along as he left the place where the cars were parked.

In the meantime.

Nan Haomeng was still in a daze. He felt that he had become rather crazy—he was unexpectedly really trying to think up a solution for clearing this smog-filled sky.

…Would he really be able to find a solution for this kind of situation?

And beside him, the young girl with naturally curly hair silently picked up her big suitcase and closed it.

“What are we going to do next?” Nan Haomeng asked.

“There is no ‘we’. It’s ‘you’ who must look for a solution,” the young girl said earnestly. “Because it was you who pushed the button, not me.”

“…” Nan Haomeng.

But aren’t you the one who was carrying around the smog bomb?

Just as he was about to speak, a figure suddenly came over, and appeared right beside Nan Haomeng and the young girl.

“I’ve found you.” A white-haired daoist priest had appeared.

The daoist priest first sized up Nan Haomeng, and then looked at the young girl.

The young girl also looked at the white-haired daoist priest.

“I’m Daoist Priest Horizon.” The white-haired daoist priest greeted them.

When the young girl heard the daoist name, her little face paled, and she retreated a step.

“Daoist Priest?” Nan Haomeng questioningly looked at the sage-like daoist priest.

Hold on. Earlier, he thought that only one of those legendary immortals could save the situation and deal with this smog. Now, had an immortal really descended to earth to deal with the smog?

“Little friend, please follow this daoist priest,” Daoist Priest Horizon said to the young girl.

The young girl shook her head, and said, “No, I have something important that I must do.”

“Before figuring out a way to deal with this smog, go for a stroll with this daoist priest. Then, after the smog has been dealt with, this daoist priest can settle the matter related to the fees with little friend.” Daoist Priest Horizon maintained a smile.

“This wasn’t my fault,” the young girl said earnestly. “I’m not the one who pushed the button!”

“Sorry, I’m the one who pushed the button.” Nan Haomeng bitterly smiled, and said, “But, I don’t have much money on me.”

Daoist Priest Horizon looked at Nan Haomeng, and stroked him with his hand. Nan Haomeng dazedly stumbled into a flower garden at the side, his face filled with confusion.

“Little friend, let’s go,” Daoist Priest Horizon said gravely.

While fear was still apparent all over the young girl’s face, Daoist Priest Horizon grabbed her.

“Daoist Priest, can’t you directly send me the bill?” the young girl said sadly.

Daoist Priest Horizon shook his head, and he held onto the young girl as he traveled to a distant place.

“Wait, Daoist Priest! Let me tell the big guy something.” The young girl sighed, knowing that she was doomed today.

Daoist Priest Horizon stopped.

The young girl reached out and took out a note from her pocket, throwing it at Nan Haomeng.

“Big guy, help me call that person on the note and tell him the words [Tribulation Formation]. Then, tell him to figure out a way to bail me out!” the young girl said.

The large guy Nan Haomeng dazedly nodded his head and took the note.

Then, he could only watch as the daoist priest and the young girl went into the distance.

A moment later…

Nan Haomeng regained some clarity. He was holding the note, and was looking at the phone number written on it. After giving it some thought, he dialed the number on the note.

At this time, Song Shuhang was sitting in the classroom for English class, playing with his phone and looking at the video sent by Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

It was the video of that [Black Iron Godly Armor].

On the surface, it was a black iron statue scaled to the size of a real person, and it looked pretty ugly.

Except from when one was wearing it—the said process indeed gave him a technological feeling—Song Shuhang was completely unable to relate this armor to the futuristic product Senior Northern River was talking about.

However… Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

This seemingly ugly-looking ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ might really suit him!

After all, he had the ‘Saber Intent Armor’!

Honestly, ordinary ‘armor-shaped’ magical clothes didn’t really suit him. Their functions would end up conflicting with the ‘Saber Intent Armor’.

However, this ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’ had the shape of a human. Putting on the Black Iron Godly Armor would be just like adding a layer of black iron defense on the surface of Song Shuhang’s body.

Afterward, on top of the ‘Black Iron Godly Armor’, he could still have the Saber Intent Armor!

Song Shuhang pictured in his mind how he would look after putting on the Black Iron Godly Armor and the Saber Intent Armor. Perhaps he would surprisingly look cool?

Therefore, Song Shuhang’s heart stirred.

“Senior Northern River, what’s the exact level of defensive power of this Black Iron Godly Armor?” Song Shuhang asked in the group.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “It can’t be… Shuhang, you’ve actually taken a liking to that statue-like armor?”

“Mm, I recently acquired an interesting skill, and I think that it will work well with the Black Iron Armor. When Senior Phoenix Slayer is free, I can show it to you,” Song Shuhang said.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator quickly replied, “The Black Iron Godly Armor’s defensive power is absolutely outstanding. As I said before, it’s a robe that can be worn until the initial phase of the Fifth Stage Realm. When all of its defensive formations are activated, even if cultivators at the peak of the Fourth Stage Realm used offensive sword techniques, it would be difficult to break through the defense. More importantly, it’s a robe that nearly covers the entire body, with very few weak points… those weak points being, of course, one’s eyes and nostrils if they were to be aimed for!”

“Great!” Song Shuhang said. “Then, Senior Northern River, we have a deal!”

“Happy to do business with you. 😄” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator sent a smiling emoji.

Fairy Lychee: “I can’t help but look forward to how little friend Shuhang will look after wearing the Black Iron Godly Armor.”

“Same here,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

“Don’t worry, Seniors will definitely be surprised when the time comes,” Song Shuhang said confidently.

After closing the deal, Song Shuhang then opened an article that Venerable Spirit Butterfly had uploaded in the group, ❮Thoughts on how to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage❯.

But just as he started reading, a phone call came.

It was an unknown number.

Song Shuhang answered the call, and said, “Hello, who is this?”

“I’m Nan Haomeng. Mister, hello,” Nan Haomeng said. Shiet, why does this voice seem this familiar? Wait, could it be Song Shuhang’s voice?

He was the ‘powerhouse’ that had defeated him with two strikes. Therefore, Nan Haomeng obviously wouldn’t forget Song Shuhang’s voice.

“Song Shuhang? Is it you?” Nan Haomeng said in surprise.

“…” Song Shuhang.

What was wrong with Nan Haomeng today? For him to call Shuhang on his own initiative, yet not know whom he had called…

“Why are you looking for me?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Yes, there’s something I have to tell you— oh, actually, no. To be exact, there was a female schoolmate who told me to look for you. However, she was taken away by a white-haired daoist priest. But before she was carried off, she left me your phone number, telling me to ask you to bail her out,” Nan Haomeng answered.

Song Shuhang was confused by what he had just heard.

“Right, that female schoolmate said that you will know who she is as long as I tell you the words [Tabulation Foundation]. These should be the words… However, I only remember that they sounded like this. I’m not sure if I got them right,” Nan Haomeng said.

Something that sounded similar to ‘tabulation foundation’?

Song Shuhang thought, Wait, could it be ‘tribulation formation’?

The other day, Venerable White said that Demon Monarch Nirvana would come over for a visit in a few days to prepare a set of tailor-made tribulation-transcending formations for him.

Could that young girl be ‘Demon Monarch Nirvana’?

No, that couldn’t be. Demon Monarch Nirvana’s voice during the call clearly sounded like a guy’s…

“Anyway, why do I have to bail her out? What did she do?” Song Shuhang asked.

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