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Chapter 1001: Who invented this thing? Drag him out and shoot him!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

At first, the young girl did not notice that she had dropped something. After taking a few steps, she suddenly got a feeling that something was off. She then reached out to check her pockets.

“Shiet, I dropped the remote.” The young girl turned her head to look behind her… Sure enough, she had dropped the remote a few meters back.

Coincidentally, a two-meter-tall student happened to be passing by, and when he saw the remote on the ground, he bent down and picked it up.

The large guy was called Nan Haomeng, and was the lead member of Jiangnan University Town’s freestyle grappling club. He was an adorable large man who would laugh really frankly, and also half an acquaintance of Song Shuhang.

During the last semester, he believed himself to be the strongest expert in Jiangnan University Town, and to help a younger brother, the lonesome Nan Haomeng went to find Song Shuhang for a fight… only to get KO’d in two moves. This was how he and Song Shuhang got to know each other.

“Schoolmate, you dropped something.” Nan Haomeng picked up the remote and called out to the young girl in front of him. In order to avoid frightening the young girl with his huge size, Nan Haomeng revealed his trademark silly smile.

The young girl blushed when she saw the remote in Nan Haomeng’s hands.

“Thank you.” She seemed to be nervous, dragging a big suitcase as she struggled to move towards Nan Haomeng.

Nan Haomeng looked at the young girl in front of him who seemed to be struggling to walk while dragging a big suitcase… The young girl’s hair seemed to be naturally curly, while her eyebrows were thin. Together with her shy look, it made her look like a red apple that tempted people to take a bite of her.

Nan Haomeng looked at the remote in his hand again, and his thoughts began to run wild. Wait… something suddenly occurred to him.

[This remote might be something that was made to shock girls.] This thought flashed through his mind.

Afterward, with a holy smile on his face, he reached out and pressed the button on the remote control right in front the shy young girl… This action was almost instinctive.

Seeing Nan Haomeng press the button, the young girl’s expression immediately collapsed… Shiet, couldn’t you see me act all cute? And yet you actually still went and pressed the damn button?

In the next moment… The big suitcase in the young girl’s hand stretched open, the way something very high-tech would do.

When the suitcase opened, a shiny alloy box appeared within. Inside this box was loaded something that looked like a small rocket. It was identical to those rockets seen on TV used to bring satellites up into the sky, just smaller in size. At this time, the lower part of the rocket started spewing flames, making it quickly ascend into the sky.

At first glance, it already made people feel like it was something very dangerous.

Nan Haomeng suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

Just as he was dumbfounded, the small rocket ascended and rushed to the sky amidst rumbling sounds.

A moment later, the rocket had already flown up nearly 300 meters off the ground. After reaching the designated altitude, it exploded violently.


Just like muffled thunder on a summer day, the explosions rang out and echoed deafeningly across the sky.

Nan Haomeng could only stare, completely shocked at what had just taken place before his eyes.

He had guessed correctly what would happen at the beginning, but did not guess correctly what would happen in the end.

The young girl was indeed shocked, but it wasn’t only the young girl, but also all the students and teachers of Jiangnan University Town.

The sound of the explosion was simply too startling.

Nan Haomeng’s back was drenched in cold sweat. Needless to say, the remote he had pressed just now was what controlled the small rocket in the suitcase and caused it to launch.

Damn, it was such a dangerous thing… Why on Earth was it so easy to launch it then? Shouldn’t there have been several layers of protection to bypass before the rocket could be fired? Why was it possible to launch such a dangerous thing by simply pressing a cute little button on a remote control?

Then, Nan Haomeng once again thought of something… Was he done for?

China was extremely strict when it came to control over firearms and weapons. Not to mention a rocket that could produce such an explosion, even if it were a fake gun, it would have been strictly contained.

When the small rocket went and exploded, it did so with such power that the resulting explosion couldn’t be classified in the range of ‘fireworks’.

So the question was… he who was holding the remote control that triggered the explosion would be arrested for terrorism?

Nan Haomeng’s heart turned cold.

Why the f*ck did I have to go and do such a thing?

“Such a pain. I don’t even know what kind of troublesome thing was packed inside that rocket this time.” The young girl stretched out her hands, placed them in front of her eyes, and looked at the explosion in the sky that the rocket had just caused.

…The young girl pulling the suitcase was also unaware of the effects of the small rocket.

A friend of her teacher had asked her to give the experimental product to her teacher, and said it was an ‘explosive’ thing.

So, she had no idea as to what terrifying effects the small rocket would create after it exploded.

In the sky.

After the small rocket exploded, thick fog spread from the center of the explosion.

The fog spread so rapidly that it had instantly covered the entire sky above Jiangnan University and everything in the radius of one kilometer from it.

It truly covered heaven and earth.

In the next moment, the fog in the sky descended toward the ground at a speed visible to the naked eye. What was happening was simply too unscientific.

The whole Jiangnan University Town was shrouded in mist. Due to the fog, ordinary people could only see up to five meters away from them, and only faint figures could be seen outside this range.

“Fog?” Nan Haomeng looked at the fog. This was what that small rocket released after it exploded? Could it be that it was just a giant smoke bomb? However… was it necessary to make such a large smoke bomb?

Then Nan Haomeng thought for another moment—if it was just fog that wasn’t going to cause any harm to the people, wouldn’t the charges against him be smaller even if he were convicted?

At this moment, the young girl grabbed some of her naturally curly hair, and said, “It isn’t fog… it looks like it’s smog.”

“What? Smog?” Nan Haomeng showed a confused face. That small rocket was a smog bomb?

The young girl nodded, squatted down, and found a guide book in the suitcase.

After reading it, the girl explained, “This is a very precious experimental product. The producer developed this bomb to let everyone experience the horror of smog, and as such remind them to protect the environment.”

“…” Nan Haomeng.

Schoolmate, can you not deceive me just because I’m not too smart?

Making a smog bomb to pollute the environment… in order to protect the environment?

WTF! Is there something wrong with the minds of the people who made it? Now that the earth’s environment has already been seriously polluted, how can they create artificial smog launcher?

It was just like that old joke which had a scientist who made cold-resistant mosquitoes, and used them to fill in for the lack of mosquitoes during winter in China. It really made one feel like dragging them out and shooting them a hundred times!

“Sigh.” After sighing, the young girl looked at the hazy area in front of her, and said, “Now isn’t the time to discuss the effects of the small rocket. What we should do is find out what to do with the smog.”

The sudden emergence of the smog made many people fall into panic.

“How do we deal with it?” Nan Haomeng stared blankly at the smog that covered the sky and the earth, his heart filled with despair. Unless the legendary immortals were to descend unto Earth, it would be impossible to remove such a great amount of smog with the current technology.

Now, could they only wait for the wind’s direction to change so that the smog would disperse?

In the meantime.

Little Cai looked at the smog that suddenly appeared in the sky. “What happened?”

“It’s probably related to the explosion just now. This great amount of smog appeared after the small rocket exploded,” Su Clan’s Seven said.

“This isn’t the doing of simple technology, is it?” the Sobbing Old Man said.

With the current technology, it would be difficult to make such a large amount of smog burst out from such a small rocket.

Venerable White nodded, and said, “Indeed, this smog contains spiritual energy, so it’s a combination of technology and cultivation techniques.”

Loli Shi covered her nose. “Is it the work of some fellow daoist hiding in the vicinity of Jiangnan University Town? But, with such a large effect, wouldn’t this attract the attention of the ‘Cultivator Alliance’?

The so-called ‘Cultivator Alliance’ was similar to the ‘Martial Arts Alliance’ in wuxia novels.

The Cultivator Alliance also had a leader, but the old man had been in secluded meditation for nearly 500 years. There were also the vice-leader and the various elders, but they were all closing up as well.

As long as no earth-shaking change happened in the world of cultivators, then the Cultivator Alliance would be very lax.

Nevertheless, the presence of the ‘Cultivator Alliance’ served to intimidate some nasty cultivator, preventing the world of cultivators from becoming too chaotic.

At that time, when the Illusory Sword School tried to take the sword technique of the ‘Chu Family’—they didn’t dare to steal it openly since they were afraid of the Cultivator Alliance, and were finally forced to battle on the Grievance Settling Platform.

Incidentally, the manager of the Grievance Settling Platform was also a member of the Cultivator Alliance.

And now, the creation of such a large amount of smog that would greatly affect the lives of normal people was definitely definitely attract the attention of members of the ‘Cultivator Alliance’.

Just as Loli Shi finished speaking, a figure quickly approached the crowd.

The figure looked to be walking very slowly, but with a single stride, he moved nearly 10 meters. It was the daoist distance shortening technique.

After three breaths, the figure had already appeared before Venerable White and the others.

“Good morning, Horizon greets all the fellow daoists.” The white-haired daoist priest greeted Venerable White, Seven, and the others.

“So it was you, Fellow Daoist Horizon, long time no see.” Su Clan’s Seven smiled.

At the same time, his figure quietly retreated a small step—the great name of the Frenzied Strength Imparter was resounding like thunder.

Even though Su Clan’s Seven might be stronger than Daoist Priest Horizon, legend had it that a single gaze of his could make a person pregnant— wait, it was “a single gaze could transfer an entire year of strength, and a handshake could transfer 10 years of strength”. Therefore, Seven felt that he should take precautions.

While retreating, Su Clan’s Seven pulled Loli Shi behind him.

The corners of Daoist Priest Horizon’s eye twitched.

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