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Chapter 33:  Fierce Little Wolf Cubs!

Qilong and Luo Lang, upon receiving the hint in Ling Lan's eyes, glanced at each other before immediately taking action.  Qilong's speed was a little faster than Luo Lang's and he was the first to arrive in front of the examiner, his fist angrily punching towards him.

The punch had a great force sunk into it, it caused the air around it to explode.  Upon hearing this, the color of the examiner's face began to change as he rose his hand to block.  He felt that the area he used to block the attack begin to sting.  To think this little guy's strength and speed had actually managed to increase to a new degree…The examiner realized that Qilong belonged to the kind of people who were easily hyped.  Upon seeing the effort filled performance of the other small partners, he had become more excited.

The examiner didn't have a chance to adjust tactics and repel Qilong when at the other side, Luo Lang's attack was already in sight — a leg whip.  

Luo Lang was clear that his strength wasn't that great.  The force in his fists were simply no threat to the examiner.  So this time he changed his attack and used his right leg to fiercely sweep at the man.

Luo Lang's decision was, without a doubt, correct.  Upon seeing this fierce kick, the examiner had to admit, he miscalculated.  He originally considered Luo Lang as the weakest and least threatening; however, he, too, managed to act his role, causing the examiner to consume some of his focus to block him.

The examiner felt helpless.  How come these children weren't like six year olds at all – isn't being rash quite a good thing?  Why were they so smart and knew how to change attacks?

He had no choice but to use his other hand, forming a grappling posture with the intent of capturing Luo Lang's fierce kick.  He tried to forcefully repel Luo Lang away…


The examiner felt crisis emanating from below and quickly released the hand that had seized Luo Lang's ankle before rapidly backing up.  

Saying it was slow but reality was fast.  Ling Lan's attack came from below — Hidden swing kick1!  He didn't know when, but Ling Lan had already arrived beneath him.  He only saw her body half squatting, her hands pressed against the ground as her right foot swung upwards.

That direction…was definitely the place where men were most afraid of being injured at.

Thankfully the examiner became aware in time and managed to escape Ling Lan's terrifying kick.

He, how cruel ah!

Upon landing, the examiner's heart felt cold, his lower body beginning to twitch.  He saw Ling Lan standing up straight with a blank expression as she swept her gaze at his lower body, her gaze seemed to be a little sorry.  This made the examiner unconsciously back up another three steps in order to create some distance between him and the three kids before feeling a little more secure.

The examiner couldn't help being afraid.  Just looking at the strength of that kick, if it really landed, he would never have any offspring2.  The examiner felt a bit of regret, why did he have to be so curious?  He had become excited upon seeing prey3 and wanted to tease these children, but he didn't expect that he'd end up kicking an iron board.  

How are these just a bunch of cute dolls ah; they were simply fierce little wolf cubs wearing sheepskin ah.  The examiner's face was full of tears.

However — he liked it! (TL: goddamn he's an M, a big fat M)

The examiner looked at the three children with different expressions in front of him.  Be they crazy (Qilong), or angry (Luo Lang), or calm (Ling Lan), no matter what, they couldn't hide their unyielding and fierce nature.  The smile on his mouth became even more intense.  No soldier, upon seeing the future’s good seedlings, wouldn't be delighted.  

"Haha, this time 072 examiner's in pretty big trouble."  The monitoring officer, upon watching to this point, couldn't help but laugh softly.  How could he not notice the embarrassment that the examiner just went through?

The lieutenant who had passed by for an inspection accidentally heard this and took a closer look.  Upon seeing that it was the officer who had just reported on room 072, his initial anger died down.  After all, it was because of him that he received the news on Major General Ling Xiao's son.  He whispered in warning:  "Quiet, what are you being noisy for?"

The monitoring officer looked up to see the lieutenant and stood up with a smiling face.  After saluting, he whispered his report:  "Sir, please take a look.  There's something wrong here."  He pointed at the screen, indicating to the lieutenant to come closer and look.

The lieutenant looked at him suspiciously before slightly bending over.  Within the screen, he saw three little kids attack at almost the same time.  One attacked above, one engaged below, while the third stuck a needle in the gap4.  Although the actions of the three children were a bit immature, but they had tacit understanding.  This caused the examiner to temporarily have no solutions to deal with them.

"Strange.  What is the 072 examiner doing?  He just has to knock them down and it'll be fine."  The lieutenant couldn't understand.  In his mental preconception, it should be easy for the examiner to deal with two or three little kids.  

"Sir, please take a closer look to this child's movements."  Because the monitoring officer had watched for a longer period, he managed to see the problem.  

The lieutenant knew that the monitoring officer wouldn't talk nonsense, so he watched intently.  

And within room 072, the more Ling Lan fought, the more smooth her movements became.  The originally somewhat disconnected consciousness and body began to unify.  Her hand and foot movements had been delayed for a moment, causing her to miss the opportunity to pummel the examiner.  However, after fighting for a bit, she felt her body becoming more nimble and merge with her consciousness.  

Of course, when Ling Lan began to feel better, the examiner became more uncomfortable.  Initially, he still had some leeway; however, gradually he found it hard to hold back.  If he didn't fully concentrate on dealing with Ling Lan and the other's attacks, Ling Lan would likely be able to land a hit on him.

After fighting to this point, the examiner understood what these children were aiming for.  They wanted to take advantage of when he couldn't properly defend and use either fists or feet to leave a mark on his body.  They really were a group of little kids who loved to hate…the examiner thought helplessly.  He didn't expect that just a single joke would cause them to not give up until they'd completed their objective.

The examiner had no choice but to whittle down their energy.  Was it even possible for him to be ruthless and injure them?  Even if the military didn't punish him, he was honestly reluctant, ah.  The three children in front of him were such good seedlings ah.

The examiner wasn't in a hurry, his patience was very good.  Veterans who managed to return alive from the battlefield had absolutely no shortage of patience.  Otherwise they wouldn't be able to survive.  These children had already consumed their energy to begin with and he was sure it wouldn't be long before they'd collapse from the lack of physical strength.  At that time, they'd no longer be able to pull out any more tricks.  

Sure enough, just as the examiner expected – Ling Lan and the other two really couldn't support any longer.  Luo Lang was the first to exhaust his physical strength and was seized and thrown out by the examiner.  He fell into the middle of the other children, no longer able to stand up.  Of course, the examiner used qiaojin5 – Luo Lang's body wasn't injured, he was just exhausted to the point of collapse.

Thus in the confrontation with the examiner, only two people remained – Qilong and Ling Lan.  Without Luo Lang's cover, Ling Lan's sneak attacks lost it's usefulness.  Seeing this, Ling Lan let go of this course of action and began taking out and using the basic fighting techniques she learned from the learning space.  

Ling Lan didn't forget what No. 1 said; the things that she learned had to be used in actual situations.  Of course, the best would be actual combat.  Although fighting with the examiner didn't have the same effect as a real battle, it was still an opportunity to practice.  Ling Lan didn't want to miss it.  

Coupled with fighting for so long, Ling Lan understood that the examiner wouldn't hurt them.  This was also why she began boldly attacking.  Since the examiner could only be on the defensive, if she didn't grab this opportunity to practice her techniques, then when should she?

On her side, Ling Lan became more vicious while on the other side, Qilong also began to act up fiercely.  Qilong was an eccentric child.  He didn't like to think and had a carefree personality, but it didn't change the fact that he had a very strong instinct.  His instinct allowed for him to choose the most suitable approach.  When Ling Lan became fierce, Qilong instinctively felt that such an action was correct and began to follow suit.  

The two of them attacked like crazy, causing the examiner to unexpectedly be at a disadvantage.  In the eyes of outsiders, he looked as if he could only parry without any counterattack ability.  

The onlooking children chaotically cheered on Qilong and Ling Lan.  Only Han Jijun and Luo Lang, who finally managed to struggle into a sitting position, appeared serious.  They didn't think that this attack by Qilong and Ling Lan had any use against the examiner.  

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL's note:  Ai!  The way the author writes fights always gets my blood pumping!  They only get better, honestly – especially when it gets to mecha fights.

Tomorrow I might not be able to post any more updates due to personal reasons, so please see these three earlier chapters as my apologies for not updating.

1 撩阴脚 (liāo yīn jiǎo):  It's a kick intended to crush the opponent's crotch with the foot.  Thank you all knowing Baidu…

2 断子绝孙 (duànzǐjuésūn):  ‘Break seed, cut off son'…lmao…it's what it means…

3 见猎心喜(Jiàn liè xīn xǐ):  (lit.) seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom); the translation is 'upon seeing prey, happy'.

4 见缝插针 (Jiànfèngchāzhēn):  lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom).  Technically the figurative meaning is ‘to make use of every second and every inch', but in Ling Lan's case…she's literally the needle that's sticking the crotch*cough* uh gap…

5 巧劲 (qiǎojìn):  It's apparently a taichi thing that means the clever use of energy (trained energy).

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