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Chapter 32:  Ling Lan Makes Her Move!

Qilong's punch fell empty as the examiner flashed sideways of his attack.  This caused the punch to directly land on the ground, causing the dust cloud.

However, upon seeing that three inch deep and meter wide shallow crater, Ling Lan knew that the power Qilong used to attack was definitely not weaker than the power she used to lift 500 jin during the exam.

She didn't expect that Qilong was able to rely on his own ability to reach 500 jin of power.  This result was obviously more pure and natural than Ling Lan who used the cheat-like Yangshen Qijue to obtain.

Pleasant surprise flashed through the examiner's eyes.  Perhaps, he too didn't expect Qilong to have such a great force.  Of course to him, this power wasn't really that much, but Qilong was still a six year old child.  When Qilong grew up, there would be no doubt that this force would be even greater.

Missing his attack didn't stop Qilong's offensive momentum.  He once again jumped up from the ground, viciously charging towards the examiner.  

Unfortunately, even though Qilong had speed and strength, because his fighting skills were still immature, he was full of openings.  As a result, the examiner felt no pressure.  If Qilong had been an enemy on the battlefield, the examiner could easily one hit kill him.

The dust that had clouded the air finally dissipated and the crowd could finally see the examiner and Qilong's fight.  They saw that the examiner was only using one hand to parry all of Qilong's attacks.

Luo Lang whispered to Ling Lan:  "I'm going to help Qilong.  Pummeling him will rely on you."  Upon finishing his words, he didn't wait for Ling Lan to speak and rushed towards the examiner, utilizing his entire body's strength and aimed a fist at the examiner's face.

Luo Lang's attack forced the examiner to use his other hand.  His body, which had originally been mostly standing still, began to move.  The three people were extremely submerged in the fight.  

Although Luo Lang's voice was very light, the children around them still heard it.  Their originally wavering bodies stabilized at once.  Faces full of expectation turned towards Ling Lan, hoping that he can, like Luo Lang said, pummel the examiner.

Alright, the examiner's words had already stirred the hatred within these children to a peak, and the hatred wasn't low.  Thus the group collectively wanted to beat him in order to vent their anger.

Because of Qilong's attack, Han Jijun managed to restore his calm and realized that Ling Lan was the only one within the group that was standing firmly.  That position, although somewhat weird, was surprisingly pleasing and natural to the eye.  It made the viewer think that this was how it should be.  Although he didn't know what that posture was, but he knew that it certainly was a formidable fighting technique.

The children's expectation felt like a mountainous pressure upon Ling Lan.  She couldn't endure their enthusiastic eyes, and turned her head towards the area where the three people were fighting.  With an embarrassed face, she thought despondently:  Why did everyone think she could beat the examiner?  Could it be that they all knew she had a learning space?

Of course, Ling Lan knew that was impossible.  The reason why these children had put their hopes onto her was because, out of all of them, only she could move.  The one that could succeed in hitting the examiner had to be the best of them; if they fail…alright, they originally didn't have any expectations.  They were gambling on a blind cat coming across a dead mouse super luck.  

Over there, the moment the examiner exchanged blows with Luo Lang, he knew the kid's bottom line.  His strength wasn't anywhere close to Qilong's, but it still wasn't bad.  He probably had a hundred jin of power there.  However, his physical quality was a bit worse.  With Qilong's fighting, the more he fought, the more vicious he became.  As for Luo Lang, after a few attacks, his breath had already become unsteady.

Nevertheless, the examiner knew that a situation like Qilong was already extremely difficult to see.  The boy managed to break through his own limits and release his full potential.  In his many years, he hadn't seen this kind of breakthrough that only relied one's own ability and not drugs before.  It could only be said, Qilong was blessed.

Suddenly, a chill penetrated his bones.  The highly battle experienced him managed to instantly sense danger.  He didn't stop to think and forcefully jumped backwards, his body borrowing this momentum to jump back another two steps…

But, he was too late!  In front of him, a white and tender little fist appeared.  In the next second, it was about to land on his face.

The examiner, after all, was the examiner.  In the nick of time, his arms crossed into a ten character (十) and successfully stopped this cute looking fist that was full of killing intent.

A 'pa' noise was heard as the two people met.  The examiner only felt a huge force pushing forwards and his originally unstable body, because of this force, was forced back by another several steps.

And Ling Lan, employing the force caused by their collision, flipped backwards like a sparrow before landing firmly in the middle of Qilong and Luo Lang.  She continued to maintain the posture from the fighting technique, preparing for the next attack.

The examiner's originally joking eyes suddenly became serious.  Upon seeing Ling Lan, who was standing in the middle, his back became covered in cold sweat.  He didn't expect that such a powerful kid was hidden within this group of children.  Not only that, he knew how to hide his killing intent and until waited until the final moment to reveal his fangs.

If it weren't for the fact that he had undergone countless battlefields and accumulated large amounts of fighting experience – allowing himself to adjust himself quickly – the hit from a moment ago would definitely have landed.  It wouldn't likely be life threatening, but for sure he'd greatly lose face.

He cursed angrily in secret.  How could such an evildoer appear?  On the outside he appeared very soft and weak.  His delicate face hung a dumbfounded expression; no matter how one looked, he appeared like a cute and naive child without any lethality.  Certainly, he had always felt that this child was a little strange, but because of the sudden appearance of Qilong, his attention became completely focused on the other boy and ignored him.

He never would have thought, the child that he ignored would be the one to almost cause him to capsize in the gutter1.

Ling Lan's full effort performance was a pleasant surprise to the other children.  They didn't expect that Ling Lan's single punch managed to knock the examiner back by a few steps.  Could their hopes really be realized?

Han Xuya was the kind of passionate extroverted girl who wore her heart on her sleeve.  Upon seeing this, she immediately shouted:  "Ling Lan, beat him! Beat him!"  This full effort scene caused her fatigue to disappear instantly.

Luo Chao was an introverted and shy girl.  She exposed a surprised but shy smile, her eyes sparkling with a bit of admiration as she watched the thin figure that stood besides her brother.  Although he couldn't compare to her brother's or the other person's robustness, but in her eyes, he wasn't worse than her brother and the other kid.  In fact, he made people feel that he was even more reliable.

Ling Lan was unaware that she had unconsciously hooked a pure and young girl's heart full of love – wrongly attaching a lingering affection onto herself, she really sinned ah!

In the control room, the officer in charge of monitoring room 72, out of boredom, flipped the screen back to Ling Lan's room again.  What met his eyes were two vigilant sides in mutual confrontation.  The atmosphere definitely couldn't be considered good.  He froze on the spot in shock, his mind going:  What was going on?

The highly curious him fixed the monitor onto room 72 and opened a small window in the screen below, letting the other nine rooms rotate there for him to monitor.  

Ling Lan's eyes indicated Qilong and Luo Lang to attack first.  Ling Lan knew that if she took the initiative to attack, she wasn't enough to deal with the examiner.  

Although Ling Lan followed No. 9 and learned basic fighting and often sparred with No. 9, it was still, after all, mental training and had its differences from real life.  In that single attack, Ling Lan became aware of the fact that her real body couldn't keep up with her consciousness.  Otherwise, the examiner wouldn't have the chance to get away.

Translated by somnious, unedited

TL’s Note:  Happy early Thanksgiving!  I might not be able to get out that many chapters this week due to going out with friends, but I’ll try getting as many done as I can!

1阴沟里翻船 (yīngōu lǐ fānchuán):  idiom 'to capsize in the gutter' means to fail miserably in a very easy task, usually due to underestimating the other party.

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