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After Lin Zhong-qing left, the team leaders behind Lin Zhong-qing spread out, all of them getting closer to the various positions the guards were standing at. The guard at the door began to sense something off about the situation, and could not help but warn in a low growl, "Hey, you are not permitted to wander around here."

In response, one of the team leaders walked over to clasp the guard's wrist and said with a smile, "Brother, we're just curious. We've been defending the safety of this area all this time but never got the chance to take a good look. Now, while we're waiting, isn't it okay to let your brothers expand our horizons a little ...?"

The guard's stern expression eased a little at this, but there was still some irritation on his face as he said, "Even so, messing around is not allowed. If the chief finds out, you all will definitely not enjoy the consequences. Listen to me, brother, tell your men to get out immediately, otherwise I will report this to the chief!" The guard's tone was tinged with threat. He did not want himself to get into trouble with the chief over this matter.

"Let our leader handle the chief. Brother, come on, give me some face!" The team leader who was impersonating a sentry member abruptly put a stern look on his face, and his low-pitched voice was filled with threat as he leaned in close.

At this moment, the guard finally saw the face of the 'sentry' who had almost had his entire face covered. Although the other's face was grim with threat, the parts of the face that were exposed were conspicuously young, just like that of a fresh green youth of 15 to 16 years of age. He abruptly recalled their current mission — wasn't it to escort about 500 newly registered students of the First Men's Military Academy from planet Doha?

He swore in his heart, and tried with all his might to wrench his wrist from the other's grasp. At the same time, he tried to shout out to alert his companions that the sentries were fake — this was an enemy invasion!

But before he could sound the warning, the back of his head was struck a heavy blow, cutting off the cry he had been about to unleash. He instantly felt his mind grow murky and dim.

"F*ck, still conscious? The guards here are truly incomparable to those sentry men outside ..." He could vaguely hear a voice speaking by his ear. He then felt another blow to his head, and he fully descended into the darkness, no longer sensing anything.

It turned out that all the students dressed as sentries had charged in under Ling Lan's command. They were split into two batches. The first batch had charged straight for the staff members, while the other had leapt towards those guards grappling with the very first batch of students who had entered with Lin Zhong-qing. As this particular guard had been standing closest to the door, he was the first to be knocked down by the students.

"Nobody move!" The students charged in like wolves and tigers, beam guns in their hands trained on the staff members who were watching the screens. This sudden and unexpected development stupefied the staff members, who just sat there dumbly, not daring to move one bit.

This abrupt situation also disturbed the chief waiting inside for Lin Zhong-qing's report. Seeing this, he pointed angrily at Lin Zhong-qing and bellowed, "Who are you people? Who gave you all the guts to come barging in here?"

Lin Zhong-qing stepped up immediately and said loudly, "Captain's orders. From now onwards, we'll be taking over the control of this area."

"Bullsh*t, why didn't I hear of this?" The chief of the guards did not believe this at all. If the captain had truly given the order for a change in command, he would definitely have been notified.

"My captain only told me. Of course you wouldn't know." By this time, Lin Zhong-qing had already walked closer, narrowing the distance to leave only 3 metres between him and the chief. Hearing the guard-chief's question, Lin Zhong-qing could not help but chuckle.

"Who the hell are you? From which squad?" The guard-chief was livid now. He was the bosom advisor of the captain — the captain would never simply transfer command of the central control room to someone else without notifying him.

As if thinking of something, the guard-chief's face turned dark, "Could it be that you all are mutinying? No, that's not right ... why don't I recognize you? Who the hell are you?"

Lin Zhong-qing did not reply, only leaping forwards as quick as an arrow ...

Seeing this, the guard-chief knew that these fellows were not here with good intentions. Reacting quickly, he drew the beam gun at his waist, but just as he was about to lift it and shoot, it was already too late.

Lin Zhong-qing's attack had arrived. Entirely airborne, he kicked out savagely. The sound of his leg whistling through the air showed how forceful it was, even without getting hit by it, the guard-chief could tell that if the kick landed, he would definitely incur some heavy injury. In the worst case, he might even lose his life.

The guard-chief naturally would not play the fool with his life. He decisively gave up on shooting, choosing instead to cross his wrists to block Lin Zhong-qing's kick.

A muted "Bam!" could be heard as the two collided. Lin Zhong-qing was pushed back by a tremendous force. He somersaulted in the air to land securely on his feet, while the guard-chief stumbled back three paces before the remnant force of Lin Zhong-qing's powerful kick dissipated.

However, Lin Zhong-qing's attack did not stop there. The moment he found his footing, he leapt forwards once more, not giving that guard-chief any chance to open fire. In the meantime, the other students were also leaping at the respective guards they had targeted ...

The staff members may have been stunned for a moment, but they quickly gathered that they were under attack. They really wanted to fight back, but although the enemy seemed to have fewer people, each and every one of them was an exceptional young prodigy. Their combat skills were much better than theirs, as technicians. Several eager staff members had been subdued instantly by sharp-eyed and agile students the moment they even thought of moving, thoroughly scaring the more cautious staff members into submission.

Of course, somewhere out of the notice of the students, Ling Lan was secretly using her spiritual power to monitor the scene. Whenever she noticed some staff members who were covertly trying to activate the alarm system or trying to shoot without being discovered, she would send a spiritual attack at them. The force she used was not enough to knock them unconscious, only giving them a bout of dizziness and making them lose temporary control of their bodies.

By the time they got hold of themselves, their strange movements would have been discovered by the youths closest to them and they would be subdued ...

Thus, whether that strange sensation was something they felt before being struck down or after being struck down, the staff members themselves found it hard to determine. So, in the end, they could only believe that they must have just been subdued by the opponent.

Very soon, the situation was under the students' control. Other than the chief, the other nine guards had all been subdued. This left even more students free to control the scene, further discouraging the staff members from moving. They knew very well how capable their guards were, much stronger than they — if even the guards were no match for these opponents, then they would just be serving themselves out on a platter if they stepped forward.

Moreover, the enemies' identities were unknown. Therefore, all the staff members chose to wait and see — of course, if the other turned out to be enemies of the Federation, they would fight to the death to take them down.

Meanwhile, the guard-chief and Lin Zhong-qing were engaged in a tough fight, neither able to obtain the upper hand. Everyone's attention became focused on the two of them ...

"Boss, I've already successfully taken control of the systems inside!" Ling Lan, who had been waiting outside alone, finally heard Little Four's answer. Little Four had finally completed the task she had set for him, taking command of the various systems of the central control room in a short amount of time.

"Good job, Little Four!" Ling Lan was unstinting with her praise. As a bonus, she even stroked his hair and rubbed his head. The petted Little Four smiled radiantly, face filled with satisfaction.

"Bam!" Lin Zhong-qing and the guard-chief were sprung apart once more after a collision. Landing on his feet, Lin Zhong-qing shouted, "All together!"

Hearing Lin Zhong-qing's cry, several team leaders who had already been rubbing their palms in anticipation leapt forwards without any reservations ... they had long wanted to join the fight, but before Lin Zhong-qing gave explicit permission, they would not simply interrupt. This was a type of respect towards one's companions as well. Of course, now that Lin Zhong-qing had given his approval, they would not hold back.

"You're too despicable!" Seeing Lin Zhong-qing withdraw, only for four to five combat experts like Lin Zhong-qing to take his place, the guard-chief could not help but howl, thoroughly enraged.

At this moment, Lin Zhong-qing stood unruffled in the outer circle of the fight, a smile on his face, but the words he spoke were filled with mockery, "Are you stupid? You are our enemy. Who would speak of morality with an enemy? It's not like we're idiots ..." This contemptuous tone made the already enraged guard-chief feel the flames of his rage grow even hotter.

Unable to calm down, the guard-chief quickly exposed an opening, taking on a powerful direct hit from one of the team leaders. His right shoulder was struck heavily by the other's fist, making him instantly lose strength in his right hand.

Lin Zhong-qing, who had been waiting on the outside for a chance, naturally would not let this rare opportunity go by. His eyes lit up, and with a spring of his right foot, he threw his entire body into the air once more, leaping at the guard-chief.

Lin Zhong-qing's attacks came quickly and somewhat suddenly. When the team leader blocking the guard-chief's line of sight suddenly slid to one side cooperatively to let Lin Zhong-qing's attack through, the guard-chief was not at all prepared, not to mention find time to change moves to suit.

Lin Zhong-qing's kick landed squarely on the other's chest, sending the guard-chief flying backwards to crash heavily onto the wall of the central control room, leaving a faint imprint behind before bouncing off it to fall to the ground.

This kick of Lin Zhong-qing's was extremely powerful; the guard-chief had only had time to gather Qi in his chest as a final defence. But how could this little bit of defence stand up the power behind that kick? The chief was still injured by it. When he fell to the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted out to colour the floor.

Seeing this, three of the team leaders who had been part of the group fighting the guard-chief leapt forwards without any mercy. Two of them grabbed hold of one of the guard-chief's arms each, while the third person put his knee directly on the back of the guard-chief, pushing him to kneel on the ground, completely subduing the other.

Only then did Lin Zhong-qing reveal a proper smile. He had finally completed the task Boss Lan had set for him. He turned his head back to shout proudly, "Leader!"

Following Lin Zhong-qing's cry, a handsome figure walked slowly into the central control room. Dressed fully in black, with gleaming military boots, he walked in with sure steps. His cold but dashing appearance, chilling aura, along with this spirited and majestic attire made everyone's eyes light up, their minds involuntarily exclaiming, "How domineering!"

However, very quickly, the crowd's gazes were drawn to that conspicuously young face. At this moment, everyone instantly realised who these attackers were.

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