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"Godd*mmit, a revolt?" The moment the guard-chief saw Ling Lan, and then turned to see those covered up 'sentries' taking off their caps, also revealing their overly young faces, he understood that the 'enemies' before him this time were actually their mission, the new cadets of the First Men's Military Academy.

He was filled with shame and anger, struggling harder in an attempt to regain freedom. However, those three team leaders did not dare to let up without Ling Lan's order, holding him very securely, giving him no chance at all to struggle free.

Seeing that his struggles were futile, the guard-chief threatened angrily, "Don't you all want to study at the First Men's Military Academy anymore? Without us, you all will never get to the First Men's Military Academy. Still not letting us go ...?"

Without question, all the guard-chief could think of right now was that these new cadets must be crazy to do such an insane thing.

At this time, Ling Lan, who had been calmly waiting for Little Four's search results, finally heard Little Four's gleeful laughter in her mindspace. "Haha, Boss, I have already found their destination. I've even gotten the detailed coordinates! Without them, I can still bring you, Boss, to the First Men's Military Academy to report for school."

That said, Little Four could not help but mumble, "They were unexpectedly cautious, hiding their true destination so deeply. I had to look really hard, which is why it took some time ..." Reading between the lines, he was telling Ling Lan that he had not been so slow on purpose — it looked like Little Four was still somewhat worried that his boss would blame him for slacking off.

"It's great that you found it!" Ling Lan comforted Little Four inside the mindspace. After that, she put all her attention back onto the central control room, because she noticed that, just now, several of the staff members had secretly tried to activate the alarm system on their communicators as well as the ship's internal enemy attack alert ...

A trace of a cold smirk emerged on Ling Lan's lips, because all their efforts were useless. From the very start, she had let Little Four utterly seal off their communicators as well as the central control room's alert system the moment he gained control. They had no way at all to contact the outside world now. This was another reason why it had taken Little Four a little longer to discover the ship's true destination; Ling Lan knew very well what was the most important.

Sure enough, reality made the other side panicked and flustered. They found that no matter how hard they pressed on their buttons, their communicators and the alert system in the central control room had lost their functions. Not only did they not have any tools to contact the outside, they had also lost the right to control the spaceship at the same time. This discovery made their expressions change drastically, what composure they had left vanishing in an instant.

The staff members familiar with programming all knew what the reason was. This meant the other side had a top-notch hacker, which was how they had managed to crack through their systems and communicators in such a short period of time. At the same time the hacker had taken control of their main control systems, they had lost their contact with the outside world.

Right now, they were like voiceless mutes, like sightless blind, like wingless birds, like criminals who had lost their freedom ...

"Do you all understand now? Even without you all, we can still make our way to the First Men's Military Academy to report for classes!" Since they had a top-level hacker, of course they would be able to find out the true destination. Ling Lan swept a frosty gaze across the control room. Everyone could sense the ice in that gaze, as well as the unlimited killing intent within it.

This concentrated killing intent made all the staff members present who still wanted to try and regain control freeze instantly. Fear rose in their hearts — did the other truly intend to kill them? Who on earth were these new cadets? How could they have such intense killing intent?

Not only the staff members were petrified by this gaze, even the new cadets felt a chill in their hearts even though they knew this gaze had nothing to do with them. The gun hands of some of the cadets could not help but tremble a bit, which just made the staff members at the other end of the nozzle even more frightened, afraid that the cadet in front of them may lose control and press the trigger by accident, causing them to become ghosts in such a muddled way ...

Seeing everyone at the scene petrified by her killing intent, Ling Lan was very satisfied. The many years of slaughter and torment in the learning space were extremely effective — even if she had no killing intent in her heart, she was now able to force herself to emit killing intent, confusing the opponent of her true intentions.

That's right, Ling Lan had no choice but to do this. In the instant she had walked in, and these staff members had realised that the ones holding them hostage were a bunch of military academy cadets, their initial fear had disappeared. They did not believe that these cadets had any intentions of killing them, and with that knowledge, they no longer had anything to fear, and so became emboldened.

This was also why so many people had thought to press the alerts on their communicators and try to sound the alarm, because they did not really think the cadets would truly pull their triggers and shoot them with those lethal beams ...

Ling Lan could not allow these thoughts to remain unchecked — once the other side began to fight back without any reservations, the situation might escalate beyond their control. At that time, she would have no choice but to kill a few men, but Ling Lan wanted to take perfect control of this ship without harming a single person. This was also why she had been so decisive in revealing her killing intent.

But this alone was not enough. After all, without the sight of blood, these people would have some reservations, but this would not make them completely lose the will to fight back. Ling Lan swept her gaze across the room once more, her sight finally landing on the guard-chief's body.

The guard-chief was already at the middle-stage of top-level Refinement. If it had not been for five or six of the team leaders who were already in Refinement stage fighting him together, along with Lin Zhong-qing who was already in the early-stage of top-level Refinement, they would only have been able to subdue the other through sheer numbers. Of course, if the other was in Qi-Jin stage, Ling Lan would have been forced to fight personally.

The guard-chief was also the strongest of all the people here — if she could use pure strength to completely subdue the other, it would definitely shatter the other side's confidence, making them no longer able to muster the will to fight back.

Ling Lan could have actually ordered the cadets to knock all these people unconscious, and then shut them up in a locked room just like with those sentries from before. She only made things so complicated, in large part, all for the sake of these cadets.

She could indeed let Little Four take full control of the spaceship and fly them to their final destination, but this way, the new cadets would miss out on a chance to learn how to control a spaceship. Mind you, this kind of hands-on learning experience on an actual spaceship was very rare — even cadets would only have a chance for practical training on a true spaceship in their 4th year, and even then, it would only be for those outstanding students.

If these new cadets could obtain this opportunity to get some hands-on practice, it would undoubtedly be extremely beneficial for them ... and these staff members would be the best mentoring teachers. This was also the biggest reason why Ling Lan had not chosen to make everyone unconscious.

Because these cadets had willingly followed her and put their trust in her — even if her plan had been so insane in their minds, they had still followed her without any complaints. Ling Lan was someone who repaid the kindness of others — since they had treated her this way, she wanted to repay them with something of a little value.

Ling Lan, who already had a decision in mind, slowly walked over to where the guard-chief was being forced to kneel. She slowly squatted down, looked at the guard-chief, and asked coldly, "Do you feel very aggrieved?"

"Of course, you all are too despicable. If you all hadn't attacked in a group, how could you all have taken me down?" The guard-chief undoubtedly had a lot of confidence in himself.

"Fine, I will give you one chance. If you can block one move of mine, I will release everyone here and personally report to your captain for punishment." Ling Lan abruptly stood up and waved at the three team leaders holding the guard-chief down.

The three team leaders smiled and let go. Pleasant surprise flashed through the guard-chief's eyes, and he hurriedly stood up, saying, "No need for just one move. I'll even take 100 moves." He still had his pride; he did not want to take advantage of Ling Lan.

However, his words made some of the cadets burst out into laughter, laughing at how the opponent was overly confident in his own strength. Although the other Central Scout Academy students had not seen Ling Lan fight for three years, Ling Lan had already been a top-level Qi-Jin master three years ago — against a top-level Refinement stage fighter, Ling Lan would definitely overpower the other in one second. They believed that even though Ling Lan's body was not fully recovered, taking down the opponent in one move should still be no problem.

The guard-chief noticed the laughter of some of the cadets and his heart dropped. Could this leader of theirs actually be a super expert? He looked again at Ling Lan's youthful face and cast away his doubts. Because, to defeat him in one move, the other would need to have Qi-Jin stage ability. The other being so young, was it possible for him to be at that level?

Although there was indeed a Qi-Jin stage student in the cafeteria, that student was after all still at the early stages. Against him, the guard-chief believed he would definitely be able to take up to 50 or 60 moves with no problem ...

Although the guard-chief did not think Ling Lan had the ability to defeat him in one move, the cadets' attitudes made him have no choice but to be cautious. He took a defensive stance, waiting seriously for Ling Lan's attack. Since the other was willing to have a fair fight, he too was willing.

Ling Lan had said very clearly — if he could block one move from him — which meant that the other would be attacking while he defended. He did not want to violate the agreement.

Ling Lan calmly glanced at the guard-chief and then unleashed her aura. An invisible pressure pressed down on the entire central control room.

"Qi-Jin stage!" Sensing this pressure, the guard-chief's expression changed. He pushed his defence from 7 layers to 12 layers — it could be said that he had pushed all his energy into his defence.

"Let's just do it this way!" Ling Lan casually reached out a finger, pushing it lightly in the other's direction. This unconcerned demeanour almost made the guard-chief spew blood, but before he could get angry, he sensed the endless pressure coming from Ling Lan's finger.

"Top-level Qi-Jin, no, this should be optimal Qi-Jin ... how can this be?" The guard-chief was frantic. He quickly crossed his wrists, fiercely defending along the trajectory of Ling Lan's reaching finger.

A loud "Bam!" — Everyone in the central control room was pushed back by an invisible wave of Qi-Jin; the scene was a complete mess.

The guard-chief was sent flying to once more slam into the ship's wall and crash heavily down. Blood flowed in an endless stream from his mouth, and his eyes flipped to white — it was hard to tell whether he was dead or alive.

Even more frightening was the fact that there was now a human-shaped dent in the unbelievably solid ship wall. This scene made all the staff members gape in shock and horror, chilled with fear. How strong exactly was the leader of these cadets? Could it be that he was already at the level of the captain?

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