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Chapter 14: Acrophobia is a Big Problem.

TL's note: Uwuu this chapter was a little hard ;-; sorry if I made any big mistakes.

When the hover car entered a forest of buildings, the towering high-rises made Ling Lan's sensation of coming to a futuristic world even stronger.  Almost every floor had a parking station, and on her way here, Ling Lan saw numerous hover cars hanging from the skyscrapers.  It gave Ling Lan the illusion of seeing super large christmas trees.  They were everywhere and looked very eccentric.  Who told those floating cars to all have different colors – riots of colors – and cause Ling Lan to have that association.

Very quickly, Ling Lan arrived at the destination and Ling 07 came to a halt, hovering in the air.  It sent a landing request to the building and was soon answered with a parking spot: Zone B 77-9.

The hover car began to move around the large building.  After coming to specific zone, the hover car began to rise.  After climbing an unknown amount of levels, the car finally flew to an empty docking station.

Once Ling 07 docked, the door automatically opened again.  When Lan Luofeng exited the car, she leaned out inadvertently at an angle, allowing Ling Lan to see the floor under her mother's foot…and then, she met with tragedy.

The floor was completely transparent, allowing the viewer to see the scenery below.  Ling Lan felt completely dizzy.

Ya de, to think she was acrophobic ah!  The always lying on the sickbed since youth Ling Lan did not realize she had such a fatal weakness…

Tears came out of Ling Lan's eyes.  For the first time she felt that transmigrating to the future was a miserable thing.  This was because, all the way here, all of the buildings she saw were 100 floors or more high-rises.  Adding onto it, the mainstream transport vehicles were free to drive over 100 meters high in altitude.  It only meant that in later days, she simply could not escape a high-altitude life.

Ling Lan became conflicted, ah.  How could she live, ah.  Not paying attention to the approach of catastrophe, Lan Luofeng took her into the building and walked into a completely transparent elevator.

At that next moment, without incident, Ling Lan fainted.  Oh no, she fell asleep.  At least, that's what Ling Lan's mother, Lan Luofeng thought as she ignored the two bubbling tears at the corner of Ling Lan's eyes.

En, even if she saw, she would only think that they were a tired baby's sleepy tears.  Look, how fresh, how adorable, ah!

Ling Lan didn't know how long she fainted…keke, did not know how long she slept before being awakened by a harsh voice.  Opening her still somewhat swirly eyes, she saw a raging female t-rex spitting fire.

"Lan Luofeng, you still have qualifications to stand here?"  The woman speaking could be considered pretty.  However, that arrogant peacock look was really ugly, and as for temperament – there were no points.

Ling Lan decided at first glance to file her away in her hate file.  To dare ridicule her mother, she would never like them.

However, Ling Lan also felt a bit strange.  She had never seen anyone who looked bad – everyone looked similar.  Ling Lan thought it was probably because the technology of the future was highly advanced and appearance could be debugged while in the mother?

Uh, Ling Lan ah, what do you considered fetuses to be?  A program or machine?  Also, to debug it…

Later, Ling Lan would learn that, in fact, it was very simple.  Indeed, Ling Lan's speculations on it being technology-related was correct.  However, it wasn't innate, but done after the fact.  If it was found that one did not meet the norms, one could use facial repair agents to transform.  Although it is stated very nicely, in truth it was just another form of plastic surgery.  Although with advanced technology, it could simply be done with an injection and did not require a knife.

Of course, that doesn't rule out a few extremists; in order to achieve a state of extreme beauty to the point of angering people, medicine may not be enough and they may choose to directly undergo the knife.

Lan Luofeng did not speak and just gave her a cold glance.  Then, as if the woman did not exist, she carried her daughter into one of the empty VIP rooms.

Being ignored by Lan Luofeng only enraged the other person more.  She grabbed Lan Luofeng's shoulder and was about to speak when she heard Lan Luofeng's voice full of suppressed fury: "Let go!"

Before the woman had a chance to let go, steward Ling Qin, who was a few steps away, strode forward with a single movement, and flicked a finger.

That woman made an aiyo sound and involuntarily loosened her hand before taking a step back.  Ling Lan's eyes flashed, she did not expect the low-key and moderate tempered steward Ling Qin to be a fighting expert.  That small to almost invisible movement was spotted by the keened eye Ling Lan.

"Madame, you and the young master first enter the VIP room.  There's too many troublesome people here to disturb you."  Ling Qin's expressionless face kept the woman away from Lan Luofeng.  If it wasn't for the fact that he was some distance away from Lan Luofeng, the woman would never have had an opportunity to grab onto the madame.

Ling Qin's heart was very upset.  He thought he was too negligent and allowed someone the opportunity to get close to the madame and young master.  Had the other side been malicious…Thinking this, Ling Qin broke into cold sweat, utterly frightened.

In truth, Ling Qin was putting too much self-blame on himself.  With a master of his degree, if someone really had malicious intentions towards Lan Luofeng and Ling Lan, he would certainly sense it and go on defensive.  The reason why he was caught by surprise was because no one around Ling Qin had a murderous intent.  Not only that, this side of the VIP building was especially meant for women.  It was filled with noble women or women of wealthy families, which made Ling Qin subconsciously slow his pace.

"Of course, Mr. Qin!"  Lan Luofeng could not be bothered to fight with the woman and give other people a chance to watch drama.

Since Ling Xiao's sacrifice and the breakoff with the Ling clan, Lan Luofeng knew that she would be excluded from the circles of the noble and rich.  After so many years, the Ling clan may not have done any proper or standard things – but in the case of securing themselves aristocratic marriages, they spent an awful amount of effort*.  Although they were unable to secure connections with any direct descendents of big families and major clans, they at least were able to hook themselves onto the corners of some of their branch families and clans.

That woman who grabbed Lan Luofeng was one of the Ling clan's number one in-laws.  In the original consideration of marriage, she fancied Ling Suzheng and Ling Xiao's military might and hoped that the Ling clan could pass it to them and give them a hand…yet she did not expect that because of Ling Xiao's sacrifice, the Ling clan failed to take the military inheritance from Ling Lan.  Not only that, they were also kicked out of Doha, shattering her calculations.  And the cause of all of this was Lan Luofeng's design.  Thus because of the grievances in her heart, she rushed up like a mad dog upon seeing Lan Luofeng, wishing to ridicule and vent.  In this regard, Lan Luofeng was not surprised.

However, Lan Luofeng didn't care.  She originally had no victor's mentality.  If it weren't for the sake of letting her baby come out to see and experience the outside a bit, she didn't even want to go out.  Since she was only engrossed with stayed home, why would she even care about being mocked?

It can only be said, Lan Luofeng was an introverted woman.  When Ling Xiao was still alive, for his sake, she had been willing to deal with these women a little.  And now, she honestly had no interest.  The death of Ling Xiao had taken half her soul; the other half she kept in order to raise Ling Lan to adulthood and keep a hold on Ling Xiao's military inheritance, that's all.

Lan Luofeng ignored the surrounding chatter caused by the scene and walked into an empty VIP room.  At the same time, the VIP attendant that had been waiting outside followed in to provide considerate service.

Ling Lan sighed.  Damn classism still existed for countless years without elimination.  As she thought, absolute equality could only exist in theory.

Translated by somnious, unedited

* 不亦乐乎 (bù yì lè hū): awfully happy

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