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Chapter 15: I'm sorry, I lost control!

In the VIP room, Ling Lan experienced an eye-opening experience.  She did not expect that in this future world, shopping no longer required one to climb up and down the mall to look.  One just needed to easily sit a VIP room and watch the large screen.  Once one selected something to browse, a three-dimensional dynamic projection appeared to allow the viewer observe in detail.  If a customer was particularly interested in something, they could click on it and receive in-depth information.

Lan Luofeng was very focused and basically browsed for things for Ling Lan.  Soon, piece by piece, products were sent to the VIP room, waiting for Lan Luofeng's final selection.

"Baby music bed: the shape of the product is oval and can switch freely between two forms on command: semi-transparent cover or fully transparent cover.  When a baby sleeps on the bed, it utilizes the infant's brain wave activity to automatically select music for sleep.  In addition, the bed has its own network connection and can automatically download updates for the latest Federation music, eliminating trouble for parents."

Has it's own network connection?  Can automatically download updates?  The bored Ling Lan was starting to become drowsy when these words poured into her ears, waking her up immediately.  She had been, for a while, bothered to death by Xiao Si.  Every day he would roll about unreasonably, asking her to let him go online.  In his words, he said: "The one who controls information, is the one who wins…"

Of course, this was only Xiao Si's words.  After all, Xiao Si and Ling Lan on the surface did not have any opponents nor enemies.  The reason why Xiao Si was anxious was because he had to understand this world's information in order to better serve the host.  Otherwise a single moment of carelessness could cause a huge problem.

For example, the previous gene stimulation medicine situation.  Because Xiao Si did not understand the absorption capacity of this world's babies, he went a little overboard and almost brought Ling Lan a lot of trouble.  If it weren't for someone's intervention to seal the matter, Ling Lan would likely have been taken in by the military and transformed into a war machine.

Of course with Ling Lan's adult consciousness, she would be impossible to brainwash and could choose to remain dormant and hidden.  But she would certainly have to bid farewell to her freedom, unless she one day becomes strong enough to break away from the Federation's bindings…

Every time Xiao Si and Ling Lan recalled this event, they would break out in cold sweat.  Even now, they dared not to let their guard down.  The reason why it took two months to complete the first position was mainly because Ling Lan wasn't using her 100% ability to train.  She was afraid of the possibility of spies monitoring her.  If she did anything else that was overly exceptional, it might raise suspicions.

And now today, she learned of this good thing.  Not only that, it wouldn't be easy to reveal; after all, it was a crib.  With a baby in the bed sleeping, would one actually suspect that the baby was sneaking onto the internet?

Hehe, sir, you must be crazy.  Please properly cure yourself.

Everyone would likely look at you with eyes that say 'idiot, fool, crazy' before pitifully throwing these words at you and leaving.

Ling Lan was excited.  This was absolutely tailor-made for her, and only she could let this crib utilize its full potential, no longer letting it be a pearl covered in dust.

Ling Lan immediately climbed up, firmly pointing at the baby music bed, her mouth ah ah crying.  Towards her mother, she expressed that she wanted this bed.

For once, Lan Luofeng and Ling Lan's brainwaves were on the same band and her mother asked her in surprise: "Ling Lan, you want this bed?  Does Ling Lan like music?  Alright, since Ling Lan likes, then mommy will buy."

Without a doubt, Lan Luofeng was obviously a twenty-four filial exemplar* mother; whatever her child wants, she was willing to satisfy.  Thankfully, inside Ling Lan's shell was a fully mature consciousness.  Otherwise, with Lan Luofeng's unreserved spoiling, not becoming a wastrel was impossible.

After getting what she wanted, Ling Lan's mood was happy.  She prepared to go to Xiao Si and show off a bit.

"Xiao Si, Xiao Si…"  Xiao Si seemed to have taken a blow from something.  Although Ling Lan shouted several times, he did not hear and was sadly squatting on the ground, drawing a circle.

Ling Lan felt dizzy and immediately headbutted him: "You little, what are you doing?"

She didn't expect for Xiao Si to remain dead silent.  Normally Xiao Si would jump up and loudly accuse Ling Lan of committing domestic violence against him…

Ling Lan was speechless and felt somewhat helpless.  She harshly grabbed Xiao Si's cheeks and ruthlessly pulled, hoping that he'd recover from whatever shock he suffered.

This time it seemed to have some effect.  Xiao Si feebly pulled at Ling Lan's hands, sluggishly asking: "Is there a problem?"

Ling Lan asked with concern: "What happened?"

Xiao Si sighed heavily: "I've been molested by this world."

Hearing the words, Ling Lan angrily gave him a kick.  The kick landed squarely on his small butt, directly sending him flying: "Ya de, you dare play around with me!"

This kick also kicked out the loss in Xiao Si's heart.  He angrily ran towards Ling Lan, clinging onto her big thigh: "You already agreed not to be violent but you're still violent.  I want to apeal, apeal!"

"Hey I want to ask you, why did you lie to me with such a near death appearance, making me worry?"  Ling Lan didn't know why it was impossible to control the anger in her heart.  She clearly knew that Xiao Si was probably joking, but she couldn't understand why she couldn't tolerate something she normally would laugh at.

Ling Lan didn't realize that this was due to the constantly suppressed negative emotions exploding.  Previously, Ling Lan certainly could comfort herself with the idea that the medicine event had settled down and everything was safe and calm.  In truth, Ling Lan had no way to truly calm down.  She was afraid that her secret would be found out by the military and that she'd be reduced to experimental material that could neither survive nor die.  These negative emotions were hidden deep in the depths of Ling Lan's heart.  If she didn't have a chance to vent them, one day they would likely become Ling Lan's troubles.

It could be said that Ling Lan was very lucky.  Ling Lan had the opportunity to go out shopping, her mood becoming very pleasant in a way that was different from her usual calm and tolerance.  Her past life of suffering and torture certainly forged her a very powerful and unyielding spirit; however, this was also where the problem lay.  Tolerating beyond a certain measure was like having a knife over one's head – going too far was also a kind of harm towards one's body and mind.

Of course, relying on just this fluctuating happy mood alone, there was no way for Ling Lan to explode.  Upon seeing a baby crib with network connection she became ecstatic.  Her excited mood caused her to immediately run into the consciousness space to share the good news with Xiao Si.  However, Xiao Si's nihilistic state caused Ling Lan's mood to plummet from ecstasy to the very bottom.  This sudden fall to the bottom caused a powerful emotional collision that disrupted and created flaws in Ling Lan's normally perfect patience…

Thus, the deeply hidden negative emotions finally had an opportunity to break out…appearing in Ling Lan's terrible kick as well as her following burst of rage.

Two people fought in the consciousness space before finally both toppling over onto the ground.

Ling Lan laid on the ground, breathing violently as she couldn't believe that she actually took a small kid seriously.  Nevertheless, she felt very relaxed, as if her whole person was purified.

Ling Lan laughed: "Sorry Xiao Si, I lost control of myself."

Translated by somnious, unedited

*二十四孝 (èrshísìxiào): Twenty-four filial exemplar.  Basically this is just slang that says that the person will listen/follow whatever the other person wants (in this situation it's attached to mother, which means Lan Luofeng is basically spoiling Ling Lan).

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