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Chapter 12: Tests are Everywhere.

TL’s Note: Ai…Ling Lan’s still a 7 month old baby, so don’t expect the male lead to show up any time soon.

Ling Lan quietly gulped, pretending to calmly ask: "Are you the one who's supposed to teach me body technique?"  Ling Lan was very interested in this.  In the past world, she spent her entire life lying in bed.  Now that she was healthy, she wanted to learn a bit and not waste this good body.

With an expressionless face, that person spoke: "No, I only came to introduce the types of body techniques you can choose."

Upon hearing this, Ling Lan let go of the breath she was holding, but also felt a bit disappointed.  Although the other person gave the feeling of a suppressing mountain to the point of giving her breathing difficulties, this also meant the person was very strong.  If he could be her teacher, she would definitely benefit quickly.

The man did not care about Ling Lan's disrupted heart, introducing himself:  "You can call me Number One."

No. 1?  This is a number, right?  Could it be that in the learning space, all mentors have no names, only code?  Was it because it wasn't necessary?  Or was there a reason?

No. 1 continued: "Here, I will first introduce to you the content and choices pertaining to the advanced body technique systems.  There are a total of three series: attack system, balance system, and defense system."

Ling Lan listened very carefully.  The importance of this could be related to her future life, she could not neglect it.

"Attack system, as the name suggests, are basic body techniques utilizing force.  Balance system, utilizes both offensive and defensive basic body techniques.  Defense system, focuses on defense.  Each contractor can choose the one they want to practice amongst them." No. 1 seemed somewhat satisfied with Ling Lan's serious attitude.  He added: "These three basic body techniques cannot be be practiced at the same time, otherwise it will bring great harm to the body."

Ling Lan was startled; just then, she did indeed had this greedy idea.  She did not think that her small mindedness was seen through by No. 1 and he actually spoke to warn her.  Gratefully, she spoke: "Thank you, mentor No. 1!"

Although No. 1 had certainly said that he wasn't the one who would be teaching her physical techniques, Ling Lan felt that he was strong enough to be anyone's mentor.  Calling him 'mentor' was her sincere feelings.

No. 1 seemed a little caught off guard by Ling Lan's choice to call him 'mentor', but it was quickly concealed.  His voice was still the same cold: "What kind of body technique will you choose now?"

Ling Lan seriously considered for a moment.  Amongst these three systems, Ling Lan was very inclined towards the balance system of both offensive and defensive body techniques.  It indicated that the system had no obvious weaknesses, while the other two had obvious advantages and disadvantages.  Ling Lan did not want to become a master, she just wanted to keep fit.  However, just as she was about to answer, a lightbulb went on in her mind.  She changed the words in her mouth and asked: "Mentor No. 1, I would like to hear your advice.  What body techniques am I suited to learn?"

No. 1's gaze were like sharp knives flying over.  Ling Lan's face exposed an indifferent smile, as if unable to feel No. 1's anger.

The two of them were locked in a staring contest, the force around No. 1 getting stronger and stronger.  On the surface, Ling Lan was calm; however, her bones had started to tremble.  She desperately cheered herself on, encouraging herself to continue for just a little longer.

Finally, Ling Lan managed to endure until No. 1 withdrew his gaze that could kill people.  She saw an extremely faint smile pass quickly across No. 1's face and felt her heart calm down.  Ling Lan knew she chose the right road.

No. 1 really gave her his advice:  "I suggest you choose defense system!"

In truth, the reason for No. 1's appearance wasn't simply just to explain the different body technique systems to the contractor.  He was actually an examiner.  From the very first sentence after his appearance, he had been misleading the contractor and giving them a false impression.  That is, to make the contractor to think that the body technique systems had to be chosen by the contractor themselves.

Of course, after the contractor finished choosing on their own, No. 1 would give them his choice on which basic techniques they should learn.  However, this presented another problem – that is, is the contractor's choice in body techniques really suitable for themselves?

The creation of the Learning System was originally meant to cultivate absolutely excellent talents.  Although this based on huge fortune style situation would create a few geniuses, it didn't match the original intent of the Learning System.

Then the only way to explain this was; this was another test.  It was meant to test the contractor's insight and thinking ability.  In truth, smarter people should realize that if it was just to introduce basic body techniques, was there really a need for such a strong teacher to appear?  This was obviously not logical.

Of course, Ling Lan wasn't that smart and didn't notice these small problems.  In truth, she had already been tricked.  However, there was one thing she was very clear on – that was, No. 1 was very strong.  And Ling Lan believed that no one would be more clear in the understanding of the merits of these three body techniques.  Since there was a powerful mentor nearby, wouldn't not asking for his thoughts be a waste of opportunity?

Thus at the last minute, Ling Lan chose to ask No. 1.  This allowed her, with enough wrongs to make a right, pass another test.  It could only be said, Ling Lan had really good luck.

Since No. 1 gave her his suggestion, Ling Lan certainly wasn't self-absorbed enough to believe her choice would be better.  She decisively decided to listen to No. 1's recommendation and chose defense system.

Once Ling Lan said that she chose to learn the defense system body techniques, she felt the scene in front of her changed once again.  This time, in front of her was no longer No. 1 from before, but a handsome female soldier.  She smiled and spoke: "Hello, for the next period of time, I will be responsible for teaching you.  You may call me No. 9!"

This self-proclaimed No. 9 female soldier's body looked a bit thin and did not carry the strong aura and rich blood-stench of No. 1.  She appeared to be reserved.  In fact, the phrase "quiet as a child, moving like a rabbit"* suited her very much.

Ling Lan believed that if this female soldier raised a hand, she could easily knock down a strong man in a single move.  She respectfully spoke: "Mentor No. 9, please advise me a lot."

No. 9 didn't speak much and instead immediately started to teach a few body stretching movements, instructing Ling Lan to copy her.

Ling Lan found that, although these actions seemed simple, they were in fact not.  They stretched every part of the human body to the extreme.  These movements were meant to increase the flexibility of the body and appeared to be similar to the popular yoga from countless years ago.  It gave Ling Lan an illusion returning to her past life.

There were a total of nine actions within the set.  After No. 9 had done three consecutive times, she discovered that Ling Lan remembered everything.  She did not give Ling Lan a chance to ask questions before, with a fingertip, sent Ling Lan's consciousness back to the learning system's hall.

The hit confused and disoriented Ling Lan.  She squatted down and hugged her head, not moving, as she waited for the dizzy feeling to disappear.  She then discovered that the Xiao Si who had been waiting for her had started panicking.  He anxiously circled around her, worrying.

"I'm fine, Xiao Si, but I'm a bit tired.  I have to leave and take a good rest."  Ling Lan gave an effort to squeeze out a small smile, comforting the anxious Xiao Si.  She felt that her spiritual power consumption was very great and it tired her to the point of sleepiness.

Thus, she immediately bid Xiao Si farewell and returned back to her body, this time really fell asleep.

The asleep Ling Lan did not know, the anxious Xiao Si quietly used his power to help Ling Lan's body use Yang Sheng cultivation, over and over again until the body began to automatically run the cultivation technique.  After that, he withdrew his power.

Done with this, Xiao Si's image in the study space dimmed greatly…

Translated by somnious, unedited

*静若处子动若脱兔 (jìng ruò chǔzǐ dòng ruò tuōtù): Apparently it means an unmarried virgin girl or something…

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