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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 13, Caylan’s Arrival

The night descended. In Channe, the imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire, the most military powerful Empire in the Yulan continent, life went on as usual. Aside from a few crowded nightlife streets, the city was calm and peaceful.

East Channe. Boulder Street. After receiving countless carriages over the past few days, Count Wharton’s manor gradually regained its usual calm as well.

Within Count Wharton’s halls.

Linley, Housekeeper Hiri, Hillman, Barker and his brothers, Zassler, and the other core members of the team were in a meeting. They were discussing how to handle the Seventh Princess affair.

“If his Imperial Majesty really were to select Blumer, then I will act in accordance with your plans, big bro.” Wharton didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

Hillman nodded solemnly as well. “The soldiers of the Empire are famous for their courage and fearlessness, while the Seventh Princess is located deep within the palace. If you are discovered while sneaking within…even if you manage to slaughter your way out, no doubt there will be countless deaths.”

After arriving at the O’Brien Empire, Hillman had been stunned by the spirit and aura of the Empire.


The entire Empire venerated the War God, and the only deity they worshipped was the War God. This nation deeply respected powerful experts. One could easily sense that just by looking at the near-crazed reactions of those onlookers in the Colosseum.

Cowards who fled from battle would be viewed with disdain by the Empire.

The O’Brien Empire was located in the northern part of the Yulan continent. The entire Empire was often fairly cold all year around, which had also helped the citizens of the Empire in developing their endurance.

“Uncle Hillman, if we are to go bring out the Seventh Princess, we definitely won’t just send a single person. Although the soldiers of the Empire are very powerful, as far as I can tell, they shouldn’t be able to pose a threat to us. The only potential complication is that there are Saint-level experts living in the palace.”

The Emperor didn’t have the ability to demand a Saint-level expert be his personal bodyguard, but the War God would of course station Saint-level experts within the palace to help defend it. The value of the items in the imperial treasury and various hidden treasure rooms were more important than the Emperor himself. Naturally, they would have to be protected.

If someone dared to barge into the imperial palace to take a princess, those resident Saint-level experts might just interfere and stop them. Linley was confident in his ability to deal with Saint-level experts by himself, but if he was bringing an ordinary person like Nina with him, it would be tricky.

Linley looked at Bebe, who was resting on his legs. “Bebe. When the time comes, it will be up to you.”

Bebe immediately leapt to his feet, hopping onto the table.

“Hrm? Up to me?” Bebe rolled his beady little black eyes as he looked at Wharton. “Little Wharton, don’t worry. I, Bebe, will definitely bring your woman back to you totally unharmed.”

“Bebe will go?” Wharton was stunned.

“Little Wharton, don’t you trust me, Bebe?” Bebe raised his little head proudly, widening his eyes and staring angrily at Wharton.

Wharton hurriedly shook his head. “It isn’t that I don’t trust you. It’s…the imperial palace will definitely have Saint-level experts residing there. If they fight against each other, will Bebe really able to bring a weak person like Nina safely?”

“Wharton, given Bebe’s level of power, bringing the Seventh Princess out of the imperial palace shouldn’t be a problem.” Linley had quite a bit of confidence in Bebe’s abilities. “Bebe’s speed is the fastest I’ve ever seen.”

“The fastest? Big bro, are you saying he’s even faster than you and Olivier?” Wharton said in surprise.

“Bebe’s speed is the fastest speed I have ever seen in a magical beast.” The Blackcloud Panther, Haeru, suddenly spoke up from his position lying on the ground. Blackcloud Panthers were famed for their speed. When they were at the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Bebe was actually only an early-stage ninth rank. But even then, Bebe was already almost on par with the Blackcloud Panther.

After five or six years had passed, Bebe’s speed had surpassed the Blackcloud Panther’s by a large margin, reaching a new, terrifying level.

And now? After having reached the Saint-level, Bebe’s speed had soared once again!

“Of course he is faster than Olivier.” Linley laughed as he rubbed Bebe’s little head. “Wharton, let me tell you, Bebe’s speed and defense are the greatest I have ever seen. In the past, when I was at the Ernst Institute, Bebe was still in his growing phase and had the power of a magical beast of the seventh or eighth rank. But even after being struck by the dying blow of a peak-stage ninth ranked Armored Razorback Wyrm, he still only suffered a severe wound.”

This was the first time Wharton had heard of this. It was the first time Zassler and the others had heard this story as well.

“How is that possible?”

They were all stunned. An Armored Razorback Wyrm was one of the most terrifying dragon-type magical beasts.

“When I encountered Haeru in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Haeru wasn’t able to injure Bebe at all with his attacks. At that time, Bebe was only an early-stage ninth rank. You must know that Haeru’s attacks were able to cause harm to me at that time, even though I had the defensive powers of a late-stage ninth-rank expert after transforming.”

Bebe raised his head even higher upon hearing Linley’s praise, staring around himself haughtily like a victorious general.

“I can tell you this. Bebe’s speed is definitely higher than Olivier’s. What’s more, even if Olivier was able to land a blow of his ‘Sword of the Aurora’ on Bebe, he still probably wouldn’t be able to break past Bebe’s defense.”

Linley laughed.

Bebe’s fur’s defensive power was simply too terrifying.

“The ‘Sword of the Aurora’ most likely wouldn’t be able to break his defense?” Wharton, Hillman and the others fell silent. That unremarkable little Shadowmouse Linley had acquired when he was young had grown to be so powerful.

Bebe shook his head. “Har har har. The defense of me, Bebe, is naturally powerful. That goes without saying. However…I’m not confident in my ability to deal with a blow from the Boss’s ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’.”

Linley’s ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ all but ignored defense. The only thing defense would do would be to slightly weaken the strength of the vibrations as it passed through.

“Given Bebe’s speed, bringing out the Seventh Princess then fleeing at high speed from the imperial palace shouldn’t be a problem. Most likely, the Saint-level experts in the palace simply wouldn’t have time to catch up.”

“Heh heh. Boss, just entrust this issue to me.” Bebe was extremely excited. He looked as though he wanted to go break the Seventh Princess out right now.

“Don’t be impatient. Emperor Johann hasn’t made his announcement yet with regards to who he will choose, after all.” Right now, Linley was prepared for either eventuality. He wouldn’t be caught offguard.

Both Wharton and Blumer spent these next few days worrying. Many of the nobles of the imperial capital were also secretly guessing which one of them would end up marrying the seventh princess.

In the imperial palace.

The Emperor was currently in a seated meeting with a blue-haired middle-aged man. In front of them was a strategic wargame board in front of them. These games were quite popular in the military, and Emperor Johann often liked to play this game as well.

“Your Imperial Majesty. You’ve raised a fine daughter. She’s actually attracted so many suitors, including my own younger son.” The blue-haired middle-aged man laughed.

This blue-haired middle-aged man was the mighty Imperial Left Premier, Judd Darryl. Judd and Johann were on extremely good terms, and in private they were as close to each other as brothers.

“Judd, stop teasing me.” In front of Judd, Johann only addressed himself as ‘me’, not using the royal ‘we’. Just from this alone, one could tell how close the relationship was between these two men. But of course, he only did so when nobody else was present.

“You don’t know this, but this has been a huge headache for me. Blumer and Wharton aren’t too much of an issue. Either would be a fine choice. But their older brothers…” Emperor Johann sighed. “Olivier and Linley both are absolutely terrifying.”

Judd nodded. “Indeed. I saw that astonishing battle in the air above the Colosseum as well. Olivier and Linley both revealed that they had peak-stage Saint-level power from the very beginning. I didn’t expect that the power they initially revealed was just the tip of the iceberg. They actually both had their own ultimate attacks, and Olivier even dared to challenge the Monolithic Sword Saint, Haydson.”

Johann nodded. “Olivier and the Monolithic Sword Saint competed before. Last time, Olivier lost. But despite having already competed and thus knowing exactly how powerful the Monolithic Sword Saint is, he still dares to challenge him yet again? That means he definitely has something that is making him confident.”

“I have a feeling that both Olivier and Linley will be people on the level of the Monolithic Sword Saint in the future.” Johann sighed. “The most damnable thing is, both of these men are extremely protective of their younger brothers. Judd. You tell me. How can I not have a headache?”

Judd began to laugh.

“Then, your Imperial Majesty, have you made your decision yet?” Judd looked at Johann.

Johann nodded. “I’ve made my decision.”

“Who?” Judd was very curious.

Johann said resignedly, “I admit that Linley is indeed the most brilliant person I have seen in my entire life. He is astonishing in every single aspect. But compared to him, Olivier isn’t much inferior. If it weren’t for other factors, I would probably choose Wharton.”

“Then your Imperial Majesty, you mean to say…you have chosen Blumer?” Judd could tell what Emperor Johann meant.

“Right.” Johann nodded.

“There’s nothing for it. Blumer is, after all, the personal disciple of the War God. You should know how influential the War God is in the Empire. In addition…over four of his fellow apprentices have come to speak with me. All of them did so for Blumer’s sake.” Emperor Johann said helplessly.

“Four of them?”

Judd was shocked as well. “I’ve heard that the personal disciples of the War God rarely get involved in matters. I didn’t expect that as soon as he became a personal disciple, four other personal disciples would come out and speak on his behalf.”

“Judd, you should know that although in principle, I have the most authority in the Empire, in reality…the War God is still the highest power in the land.”

Emperor Johann, in the end, had decided to side with the War God’s College.

The Imperial Left Premier’s manor.

An astonishingly handsome young man with long, flowing blue hair was taking a casual stroll on the stone roads within his own family’s estates. Whenever he saw anyone, even servants, he would smile and nod towards them.

Caylan Darryl, a genius magus.

“In the end, his Imperial Majesty decided to choose Blumer?” Caylan shook his head and sighed. His father, Judd, deeply doted on Caylan. He had even told Caylan about this affair.

“Why? Why can’t his Imperial Majesty consider his daughter’s feelings?” In his heart, Caylan was actually very unhappy with some of the coldly pragmatic ways in which the noble clans and the imperial clan handled affairs.

In his mind, people should treat other people well. If two people were to be together, it should be because both loved each other. Emperor Johann should have considered things from Nina’s standpoint.

“That girl Nina.”

Thinking back to how he and Nina had played around together when they were young, Caylan came to a decision. He immediately headed out of the Left Premier’s manor. The only thing he said to the housekeeper when he ran into him was, “I’m going out for a walk.” Caylan headed straight for Count Wharton’s manor on Boulder Street.

Caylan had come to a decision.

He had to inform Wharton of this affair.

At nightfall, Wharton was still training in his manor’s training area. Next to him, Linley was meditating quietly. Just at this moment, a servant ran over. “Milord, Lord Caylan of the Left Premier’s household has arrived.”


Wharton came to a halt. In his heart, Wharton actually felt very grateful to this former romantic rival of his. After all, Caylan had voluntarily given up his pursuit. If he hadn’t, this affair would be even more complicated.

“Caylan’s come? Wharton, I’ll accompany you.” Linley was actually quite curious about this young man who had voluntarily abandoned his pursuit as well.

Linley and Wharton headed directly to the guest hall. When they saw Caylan, the first impression Linley had was that this was a person who was very amiable and easy to get along with.

“Wharton.” Seeing Wharton, Caylan smiled, then looked at Linley. “And this should be your older brother, Master Linley. I’ve heard of Master Linley’s reputation a long time ago.”

Linley smiled at him as well.

“Caylan, please sit.” Wharton was very friendly towards him.

Caylan shook his head. “No need. I’ve come today to tell you something. As soon as I have, I’ll be leaving.” Caylan’s face grew solemn.

“Tell me what?” Wharton said, puzzled.

Caylan said resignedly, “Wharton, based on the information I’ve received, on March 15th, his Imperial Majesty is most likely going to choose Blumer, not you. But of course…since it isn’t March 15th yet, nothing is for sure. However, this information I have is most likely 90% accurate.”

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