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Book 9, His Fame Shakes the World – Chapter 12, Front Courtyard as Busy as a Marketplace

Linley, Wharton, Blumer, and Olivier almost simultaneously turned to stare at Emperor Johann in surprise.

On March 15th, the Emperor would announce who would marry the Seventh Princess?

In the past, Emperor Johann had kept delaying, without seeming to be the slightest bit impatient. Neither Wharton nor Blumer had imagined that Emperor Johann would suddenly say such a thing.

“Nina…” Wharton turned to look at Nina.

Nina shook her head, also confused. “I don’t know anything. My Imperial father didn’t tell me anything about this.” She, too, looked frantically at Emperor Johann, but as the Seventh Princess was a member of imperial clan, her marriage was not something she could design on her own. It was completely up to Emperor Johann to decide.

“Princess.” At this moment, a palace attendant came over. “His Imperial Majesty is about to leave. It is time to return to the palace.’

Nina nodded.

Emperor Johann had forbidden her to leave the palace. The only reason she was able to meet Wharton this time was because of this duel in the Colosseum. After bidding farewell to Wharton, Nina followed the imperial clan back and left.

Linley and Wharton’s forces also withdrew from the Colosseum.

“Olivier.” As Linley left via one of the passageways, he glanced at Olivier, and saw that Olivier was also glancing at him.

These two ultimate geniuses exchanged stares, then turned their heads and left the Colosseum.

Ever since the 80,000 onlookers had witnessed the events in the Colosseum on this day, February 4th, the news about the duel which had taken place at the Colosseum took the imperial capital by storm, filling the entire imperial capital with excitement.

Many people from other cities and other provinces, upon leaving, brought back the news of this duel to their own hometowns as well.

Linley had easily defeated Kenyon, and then fought to a stalemate with Olivier. Olivier had then challenged Haydson. These three events quickly became well-known, and the rumors of these events spread out at astonishing speed.

Linley’s reputation quickly became well-known in the imperial capital, and beyond as well, spreading in every direction.

The imperial capital. Boulder Street. Outside Count Wharton’s manor, one carriage after another came, all filled with people coming to visit Linley.

Within the inner courtyard of the manor.

Linley, Yale, and Reynolds were seated together, chatting and laughing. Although there were many nobles and famous people clustered together at the front courtyard, Linley couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to them.

Actually, those nobles expected and understood this in heart. Would someone of Linley’s status go personally welcome them?

At Linley’s level, ordinary, worldly trappings of power no longer meant anything to him. Even the Emperor would be extremely courteous when dealing with Saint-level experts and wouldn’t dare to put on airs.

Without question….

Now that the Baruch clan had produced someone like Linley, even if Linley were to never become a noble within the Empire and even though Wharton was just a Count, the Baruch clan had naturally become an extremely surpassing clan within the imperial capital.

“Third bro, you’ve been hiding your power and your talents, but now that you’ve exploded forth onto the scene, you’ve really shocked quite a few people.” Yale laughed loudly.

Reynolds nodded repeatedly as well. “Right, right. I imagine the Radiant Church has a terrible headache right now.”

Yale and Reynolds knew about Linley’s affairs with the Radiant Church. Given the Radiant Church’s power, for them to kill Linley at his current level was virtually impossible.

This was especially true given that Linley was currently in the imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire. The Radiant Church wouldn’t dare send any Saint-level experts over, for fear that the War God would misunderstand. This was the War God’s territory, after all.

“Dealing with the Radiant Church?” Linley laughed calmly. “I’ve already killed the principal target of my quest for revenge. As for dealing with the rest of the Radiant Church, I’m not in a particular rush. Right now, I’m no longer afraid of the people of the Radiant Church. But dealing with the Radiant Church…I don’t have enough power yet.”

The Radiant Church had quite a few peak-stage Saint-level experts.

The currently reigning Holy Emperor, Heidens. The spiritual leader of the Ascetics, Lord Fallen Leaf. The Praetor of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Osenno. Special Executor, Stehle. And the leader of the Zealots…

Five experts, with Stehle most likely being the weakest of them.

As for the other four, none of them could be underestimated. Even against Stehle, Linley wouldn’t be able to win that easily. The reason why Linley had been able to easily defeat Kenyon was only because Kenyon was nothing more than a mid-stage Saint-level expert.

“When my human form reaches the Saint-level and my skills as magus reach the Saint-level…” Linley’s eyes flashed with a fierce light.

“When your human form reaches the Saint-level?” Yale and Reynolds exchanged glances. They couldn’t help but feel worried for the future Radiant Church.

If Linley were to reach the Saint-level in his human form, then as soon as he transformed, just relying on physical strength, battle-qi, defense, and speed, he would already be at a terrifying level of power. Supreme Warriors were hailed as the most powerful of Saint-levels. They were nothing to laugh at.

Such a powerful foundation combined with Linley’s ‘Profound Truths of the Wind’ and ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’….

They believed that once Linley reached the Saint-level in his human form, then his two ‘Profound Truths’ would also advance in level. And then, once he reached the Saint-level as a magus…

He would be invincible in close combat, and at long-range, the spells of a Saint-level magus were unbeatable.

If his opponents were to use human wave tactics, a single annihilating magical spell would be able to destroy them.

“Too terrifying.” Yale and Reynolds were frightened just thinking about it. The current Linley was already a peak-stage Saint-level expert. If in the future, his power increased tenfold in every aspect…who could possibly stop him?

“Enough about this topic for now.” Linley laughed calmly.

Yale laughed and nodded. “Third bro, do you know? My old man keeps on telling me to handle this affair or handle that affair, but after hearing that you had arrived here, he’s stopped pressing me. In fact, he supported me spending more time with you. I must say…my Conglomerate really did make a killing off this deal. We got you as one of our Elders so cheaply.”

Previously, at the provincial capital of Basil, Yale had given Linley an elder’s medal.

“Even if you didn’t give me that medal, if the Dawson Conglomerate had any difficulties, given our relationship, Boss Yale, of course I would help out.” Linley laughed.

Yale felt a sense of warmth and gratitude in his heart.

“Beautifully said! Come, cheers!” Yale immediately raised his cup in a toast, and Linley and Reynolds joined him, laughing.

People’s hearts were hard to discern, especially after growing up. It would be hard for Yale, Linley, and Reynolds to easily trust people now, but towards those good friends they made in their carefree, worry-free childhood years, they felt nothing but the utmost trust.

It is a rare thing for someone to be able to have a true bosom friend.

Linley and the others all felt very fortunate to have such good bros.

“Third Bro.” Reynolds pursed his lips. “You really showed off your godlike power this time at the Colosseum. Even our Dunstan clan has sent people to come meet you.”

“They sent someone?” Linley was startled. “Who?”

“One of my paternal uncles.” Reynolds said disdainfully. “But he didn’t have a chance to even see you.”

Linley nodded. Linley had refused to meet with any of the people who had come to pay a visit with him. Even the people of the imperial clan had been summarily ignored.

“If your clan truly wants to meet with me, just give me a heads up, and I’ll go meet with them.” He would of course give face to one of his bros.

“No need.” Reynolds shook his head. “I really don’t see eye to eye with the people in my clan. Anyhow, the point is, Third Bro, you’ve really become famous. This makes my life easier as well. Many people in the clan are now much nicer to me as well. They all know that I’m your bro.” Chortling, Reynolds looked at Linley. “Third Bro, in the future, if anything good comes your way, you have to take care of me, your bro, you know!”

“You little punk.” Seeing the impish expression on Reynold’s face, Linley couldn’t help but laugh while berating him. “You’ve been in the army for seven or eight years now, but you still act this way!”

The four close friends of dormitory 1987. Yale was the playboy type, while Reynolds was the type who feared neither heaven nor earth and would dare to do anything.

“Third Bro, Boss Yale, I’m only this one way in front of you guys. In front of those common soldiers, I always have a hard-ass look on my face.” Reynolds intentionally put on a stern, solemn expression.

It had to be said that once Reynolds hardened his face, he did indeed have the look of a soldier in his eyes and demeanor.

After chatting and joking with his close friends, Linley’s face grew solemn. “Boss Yale, Fourth Bro. There’s something I need you two to help me plan out.”

“What is it?” Reynolds and Yale looked at Linley.

Given Linley’s current status, what did he have to worry about?

“This has to do with my little brother. That day, Emperor Johann publicly announced that on March 15th, he would openly announce at the Martial Palace who the Seventh Princess will marry.” Linley’s face was very solemn.

Reynolds and Yale both nodded.

“My little brother, Wharton, and the Seventh Princess share a deep love for each other. Without the Seventh Princess, I fear that my little brother will be in pain for a long, long time. I don’t want to see something like that to happen once again, and to my own little brother.” Linley’s voice was very low.

Reynolds and Yale exchanged glances.

They still remembered how Linley had actually coughed out blood that year when he and Alice had broken up, and then carved out the sculpture ‘Awakening From the Dream’ over ten days and ten nights, not drinking or eating anything.

Although Linley didn’t say anything, they both understood that this had deeply hurt Linley.

“Third Bro, go ahead. Tell us what you want us to do.” Yale said directly, and Reynolds nodded by his side as well.

Linley nodded. “Right now, I have two options planned. If Emperor Johann plans to choose my little brother, then that will be a joyous event. But…if he chooses Blumer…”

Linley’s face turned cold.

“At that time, I won’t give a damn about the fact that he’s the Emperor, or how powerful Blumer’s older brother is. I will help my little brother and go bring the Seventh Princess out of the palace and allow the two of them to elope together. If anyone tries to stop me, I will kill them!” A killing intent could be seen in Linley’s eyes.

Reynolds and Yale couldn’t help but feel their hearts shiver.

Others might not understand, but they understood clearly. The five Barker brothers which Linley had brought with him were actually Undying Warriors, and three of them had Saint-level power. And then there was the Blackcloud Panther and Bebe.

Six Saint-level experts!

Once Linley decided to go all out, especially with Bebe who was no weaker than Linley, the entire imperial capital would no doubt begin to tremble from the repercussions of six trouble-making Saint-level experts.

“I hope his Imperial Majesty chooses Wharton.” Reynolds and Yale were both praying in their hearts.

“Third Bro.” Yale looked solemnly at Linley. “Don’t be impatient. Even if you have to bring the Seventh Princess out by force, there’s no need to push things to such a state.”

“I know.” Linley laughed calmly. “I’m only saying, IF someone tries to stop me, then I’ll kill them. My little brother and I naturally don’t have as firm an understanding of the affairs of the imperial capital as your clans, which is why I hope the two of you can help me think about this issue.”

The Dunstan clan and the Dawson clan both had very deep roots of power, and knew many things about the events occurring in the imperial capital.

“Third Bro, set your mind at ease. My Dawson Conglomerate’s forces are quite numerous. We even have a number of palace attendants and maids who will obey the words of the Conglomerate.” Yale said confidently.

Money was a wondrous thing. The power of money could be extremely large.

“When I go back, I will speak with my old man. Don’t worry. My old man will definitely help and support you.” Yale laughed.

Linley was certain about this as well.

If the Chairman of the Dawson Conglomerate were to leak this information to the Emperor, he probably wouldn’t see much of a benefit. After all, the Dawson Conglomerate didn’t lack for money. But as for experts…the Emperor couldn’t simply order a Saint-level expert to serve the Dawson Conglomerate, right?

“You should take primary responsibility for this affair of Third Bro’s. My clan’s authority primarily resides in the military, after all.” Reynolds knew his own limits.

Linley nodded.

“Then I’ll be counting on you, Boss Yale.” Linley said seriously.

Yale nodded confidently.

After the deaths of his parents, Linley had only a single relative left: Wharton. No matter what, he wouldn’t let his little brother be hurt. If Emperor Johann were to select Wharton, then that would be wonderful. But if he didn’t…Linley wasn’t adverse to revealing the true depths of power available to him and forcibly bring Nina out.

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