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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 36, Decision

Linley looked about carefully, but there wasn’t a single person present in this main hall of the first floor of the Grand Palace of the Four Divine Beasts.

“Linley, come to the second floor.” A voice rang out in Linley’s ears.

“Patriarch.” Linley recognized this voice as being Gislason’s, and he immediately entered a side room to the main hall, which had a staircase that led upwards into the second floor. Climbing up the staircase, Linley arrived at the second floor of the Grand Palace.

The second floor was clearly much smaller than the main hall on the first floor.

There was an enormous round table placed in the center of the hall, and there were a total of six figures seated around the table. Linley recognized only two of the six figures; one was the Patriarch, while the other was the Grand Elder.

“Judging from their clothes and their aura, the other woman seated around the table should be the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan.” Linley inspected them one by one.

Azure Dragon clan. Vermillion Bird clan. White Tiger clan. Black Tortoise clan. All four clans, without question, had their own unique, bizarre auras and appearances. He could recognize them at a single glance. At the round table, the Azure Dragon clan had two representatives, the Black Tortoise clan had two representatives, and the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird clans also had one each.

“Linley, sit.” Suddenly, the beautiful woman from the Vermillion Bird clan laughed calmly.

The others all revealed smiles towards Linley as well, and Gislason laughed, “Linley, no need to stand on ceremony. When meeting with you here, we can be a bit more casual. Go ahead and sit.”

“Yes.” Linley couldn’t help but feel a warm feeling in his heart.

Linley knew that these people were the highest level figures of the Four Divine Beasts clan, the sons and daughters of those four Sovereigns.

“Linley, the reason we asked you to come was to ask you regarding that Phusro.” Gislason said.

“Phusro?” Linley was startled.

So the clan had found out about the relationship between himself and Phusro so quickly!

One of the men present wore a white robe, and on the white robe, there were some unusual patterns that made it look as though it was made from the fur of a tiger. This man had a grim, callous face, but he currently had a hint of a smile as well. “Phusro has a Sovereign artifact, but we’ve never heard of him…”

Linley laughed to himself.

Up until a few centuries ago, Phusro had been just a pitiable little kitten in Elquin’s arms. Who would have known him?

“Linley, this Phusro is a Sovereign’s Emissary. There should be no mistaking this, right?” A large man said in a low, rumbling voice. This man’s body was even taller than the members of the Barbary clan. Linley knew that this person had to be one of the two leaders of the Black Tortoise clan.

“He is indeed a Sovereign’s Emissary. He should have only become one a few centuries ago.” Linley replied.

Around the circular table, the leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan all stared at each other, excitement in their eyes.

“Which Sovereign?” Gislason asked hurriedly.

“I’m not certain. However, it is a Sovereign of Fire.” Linley said.

The Grand Elder, by Gislason’s side, also asked hurriedly, “Linley, do you know why this Phusro saved you? Was it because the two of you have a relationship with each other, or because he was acting on the orders of the Sovereign?”

“Actually…I’m puzzled about this as well.” Linley said.


The six looked at Linley, listening attentively.

Although Linley didn’t understand what the six were interested in with regards to this conversation, there were some things which didn’t need to be kept secret and which he could reveal. “In truth, this Phusro and I have only met a single time. Although we can be considered friends, our relationship isn’t that deep.”

“I can understand why he saved me when he happened to be there, but he actually threatened Bulo and threatened Bulo’s clan, saying that they were not permitted to act against me.” Linley laughed.

The six people around the table all frowned.

“He has a pre-existing friendship with you?” Gislason was somewhat frustrated. “It seems he wasn’t acting on the orders of a Sovereign to protect Linley. There isn’t much of a connection between the Sovereign and Linley.”

“Hard to say.” The Patriarch of the White Tiger clan rebutted. “Phusro threatened them. Perhaps…”

“Enough. Don’t have any extravagant hopes.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan let out a long sigh. “If the Sovereign had the intention of protecting Linley, he would have sent someone directly to the eight great clans and convey his Decree. With a Sovereign’s Decree…the eight great clans definitely wouldn’t dare to touch Linley. There’s no need for him to go to as much trouble as this Phusro has. Clearly, Phusro’s rescue of Linley didn’t have much to do with the Sovereign.”

“Alas…” Gislason couldn’t help but lower his head and sigh.

The looks on the faces of the others turned unhappy as well.

Linley, seeing this, couldn’t help but feel astonished. However, listening to their words, Linley began to understand. “So they were actually hoping that I had some sort of a relationship with a Sovereign.” When Linley thought of the situation of his clan, he fully understood.

Ever since those four ancestors of theirs had died, the Four Divine Beasts clan had lacked a Sovereign to rely on. Thus, even those eight great clans dared to abuse them.

They knew that a Sovereign’s Emissary had rescued Linley, and so they had hoped…that this Sovereign’s Emissary had come on the Sovereign’s orders to rescue Linley.

If that were the case, then it would also be possible that in the future, the Sovereign might, for Linley’s sake, help out the Four Divine Beasts clan.

“Their hopes were just extinguished.” Linley said to himself.

“Forget it. Everyone, don’t be discouraged. At least we have a Sovereign’s Emissary as our ally now.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed calmly. “In addition, it isn’t completely impossible that the Sovereign’s Emissary came on the orders of his Sovereign.”

Linley looked at those six people around the round table, and he couldn’t help but feel a surge of grief in his heart.

How could the Four Divine Beasts clan have fallen to such dire straits?

These clan leaders were all pining for a Sovereign to stand behind them! However, the four ancestors were all dead now. As for the other Sovereigns, why would they be so bored as to go help the Four Divine Beasts clan for no reason?

“Linley, I’d like to ask you something. Are you a God, or are you a Highgod?” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed as she looked at Linley. “To be honest, I can’t detect any hint of a Highgod aura coming from you.”

Linley couldn’t help but look at his Patriarch.

Quite a few people had already asked this question.

“Linley is a God.” Gislason said hurriedly. “This is a secret. It’s enough that we know this secret. Do not spread it out.” The people present were all the highest level members of the Four Divine Beasts clan, so it didn’t matter if they knew.

“Still just a God? Haha, how is it that you, a God, are able to kill Seven Star Fiends?”

The atmosphere of the room grew lively again as everyone began to discuss Linley.

Linley, faced with the questions from these clan leaders, was only able to give some general answers.

“Gravitational Space?” The Patriarch of the White Tiger clan said in amazement, his sword-shaped eyebrows rising. “With a simple Gravitational Space, you are actually able to make it so that most Highgods are unable to fly?” A Gravitational Space was normally a very ordinary technique.

Linley had only developed his own version, thanks to the intentional guidance provided by the juvenile amethyst beast.

“Gravitational Space?”

Suddenly, the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan let out a cry of shock, then stared at Linley, asking hurriedly, “Linley, are you capable of changing the direction of gravity within your Gravitational Space?” The astonishment of the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan caused the other people present to be mystified.

“Quick, tell me.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird urged.

Linley felt completely puzzled. This was a very simple thing. Why had the Matriarch lost her cool like this?

“Right.” Linley nodded and admitted it.


The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan began to laugh, laugh with exceeding happiness. She looked at Linley. “Linley, you should have learned your Gravitational Space technique from the Amethyst Mountains, right?”

Linley was shocked.

How did she know?

Seeing the look of shock on Linley’s face, the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan began to laugh smugly again.

“Elder Sister, hurry up and tell us what is making you so happy.” The Patriarch of the White Tiger clan urged, and the others looked towards her as well.

The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird was all smiles as she responded. “Everyone, there is no way that this unique Gravitational Space which Linley knows can be developed simply through training. When my mother was alive, she had once mentioned a Sovereign of Destruction to me!”

“Sovereign of Destruction?” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Linley stared at her as well.

“Right.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan nodded. “This Sovereign of Destruction had the innate ability to control and change the direction of gravity, and also exert control over a person’s soul. This Sovereign is extremely powerful…and my mother said that this Sovereign of Destruction was the Sovereign of the Redbud Continent!”

Everyone was stunned.

Linley stared, slack-jawed.

“Aside from this Sovereign of Destruction, there shouldn’t be anyone else capable of utilizing Linley’s type of Gravitational Space.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan said confidently. “Oh, right. I also heard that this Sovereign of Destruction has a son. Aside from her and her son, no one else knows it.”

Linley was completely stupefied.

“Sovereign? Son?”

Many things flashed through Linley’s mind, and many things he didn’t understand were suddenly made clear. “That juvenile amethyst beast…could he be the son of the Sovereign?”

Immediately, the clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan stared towards Linley.

They were like people who were drowning that had seen a stalk of straw they could clutch onto for survival!

They were incomparably arrogant, and felt themselves to be the favored ones of the heavens. However, after their four Sovereigns had fallen, they discovered…that the Four Divine Beasts clan had instantly fallen into dire straits, and could be wiped out at any moment.

They were hoping that a Sovereign would be willing to step forward and help them! But none ever had!

“Linley!” Gislason’s face was covered with smiles. “You know the Redbud Sovereign?”

“No…I don’t know her.” Linley shook his head.

“How could you not?” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan began to laugh. “You learned your Gravitational Space technique from the Amethyst Mountains, right?”

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“That’s right. The Amethyst Mountains is the place where the Redbud Sovereign was born. That’s her home!” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan sighed in amazement. “The power of that Sovereign is exceedingly strong. If she is willing to stand out and say but a single word, those eight great clans will immediately be so terrified that they would flee.”

Linley still felt completely stunned. So the Amethyst Mountains was the resting place of a Sovereign.

“My Gravitational Space was taught to me by a juvenile amethyst beast named ‘Reisgem’.” Linley said hurriedly.


The clan leaders all shook their head, indicating they hadn’t heard the name before.

“I haven’t heard of him either.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed. “But from the sound of it, he’s most likely that son of the Sovereign.”

“This Reisgem is a Commander of Purgatory. You don’t recognize him?” Linley was puzzled.

“A Purgatory Commander?” The six people around the table were all startled.

“A person who becomes a Purgatory Commander does so to participate in the Planar Wars.” Gislason said. “Our Four Divine Beasts clan doesn’t get involved in the Planar Wars, so we don’t pay too much attention to it. In addition, Purgatory Commanders often change. No one knows who is currently a Commander.”

Linley nodded.

“Linley, you can go back for now.” Gislason laughed.

“Right. You can go back. From today onwards, you don’t need to get involved in the matters of Bloodbath Gorge. Go back and train hard, and then, after you reach the Highgod level, we’ll see.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed as well.

Although Linley was still rather puzzled, he still bowed. “Yes.” And then, he left by himself.”

After Linley left.

“Haha…” Gislason began to laugh.

“Haha…” Immediately, everyone else began to laugh as well, their faces covered in smiles.

The Patriarch of the White Tiger clan sighed emotionally, “It’s been so many years. Our Four Divine Beasts clan finally sees a ray of hope!”

“Right! We finally have a ray of hope!” Gislason sighed as well.

Given the glorious former days of the Four Divine Beasts clan, how could they be willing to forever hide within the Skyrite Mountains? Although the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture had entered into an agreement with the eight great clans, causing them to be forbidden from attacking within the Skyrite Mountains…all this meant was that the roots and foundation of their clan was protected.

As for returning to their former glory…

They had to have the support of either an invincible Highgod Paragon, or that of a Sovereign.

“The Redbud Sovereign.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed. “Over the past ten thousand years, we haven’t seen any signs of hope at all. But today, we finally do…given that the Redbud Sovereign was willing to pass his ultimate technique to Linley, the relationship between her and Linley has to be a deep one.”

“Elder Brother.” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan laughed as she looked at Gislason. “You have to protect this Linley and take care of him. We need to rely on him to connect with the Redbud Sovereign.”

“Don’t worry.”

Gislason began to laugh as well. “I guarantee that nothing will happen to Linley.”

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