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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 35, A Tremendous Threat!

“That he really is a God?” Bulo, hearing this from outside the hall, also felt that this was unbelievable.

The voices of the eight Patriarch’s continued to ring out from within the hall.

“I’m not joking. Think about it closely. Over the course of all these years, since when has anyone in the Four Divine Beasts clan been capable of using this technique of aura hiding for launching sneak attacks? It has never happened! It wasn’t that they didn’t want to do it; it was that they weren’t capable of it!”

That hoarse voice continued, “My Boleyn clan, the Ashcroft clan, and the Edric clan are all famous for our extremely high level of ability pertaining to the soul. To hide one’s aura to a level where even we can’t discover it…hmph, how many experts in the entire Infernal Realm can be capable of it?”

“If Linley was at such a level, there is no way Bulo could’ve returned to us alive!”

The hoarse voice continued, “Thus, there’s only a single explanation. Linley himself really is a God. Naturally, there’s no way anyone would discover a ‘Highgod’ aura coming from him.”

The other clan leaders weren’t fools either. They had all been stunned by the astonishing strength Linley had displayed, so none of them had dared to pursue this line of thought. But now that Patriarch Boleyn was pointing it out, as they carefully considered this line of reasoning, they felt they suddenly understood as well!

All of the clan leaders were stunned.

“Linley is most likely a God. However, how can his attacks be so powerful? I hear that his Gravitational Space ability is so strong that most Highgods are completely unable to resist it. Even Six Star Fiends will have their souls affected, resulting in them being easily slaughtered!”

“Right. In battle, Linley is not weaker than a Seven Star Fiend.”

An ancient voice rang out, “Then the only explanation is that this Linley’s level of comprehension with regards to the profound mysteries of the Laws is too powerful. I predict…that he has already mastered and fused five of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth! Otherwise, there’s no way a God could have this level of power.”

The amount of power Linley had displayed was, indeed, at this level.

But what they didn’t know was that Linley had actually only fused three types. However, through the assistance of the ‘black stone’ as well as the unique method of utilizing the Law possessed by the violet amethyst beast, allowing his gravitational pull to become more than a hundred times stronger…Linley’s power naturally was comparable to someone who had fused five types of profound mysteries.

“A God who has fused five profound mysteries?”

All of the clan leaders in the hall were completely stunned.

“I expect that the reason this Linley hasn’t become a Highgod is because he wants to fuse the mysteries, one step at a time. I imagine that he is currently slowly fusing the sixth profound mysteries. The day he becomes a Highgod will also be the very same day that he finishes completely fusing all six profound mysteries!” The hoarse voice rang out. “This Linley, I must admit…has tremendous willpower and tremendous ambition!”

The result of their discussion was…the eight Patriarchs were all stunned.

After all, generally speaking, when experts trained, fusing the profound mysteries of a Law was simply too hard. Thus, they all decided to become Highgods as soon as possible, then slowly fuse the profound mysteries.

A sharp voice rang out, “He is only a God, and yet already possesses such astonishing power. If he reaches the Highgod level, and reaches the level of perfection in the Laws….then he will be at the peak of his power! If one of the Patriarchs of the Four Divine Beasts clan is courageous enough to bestow a Sovereign artifact upon him, then this person, with his Sovereign artifact, could dominate us all!”

When a person reached perfect and became a Paragon of a Law, that person would have terrifying power!

When matched with a Sovereign artifact…that person could be said to be undefeatable by all aside from Sovereigns.

“This Linley…is actually this formidable.” Bulo, still listening from outside the hall, was terrified as well. “But it makes sense. If he, theoretically, is just a God, and yet is still capable of using such a terrifying Gravitational Space, he has to have fused at least five profound mysteries. He definitely is currently gaining insights on the sixth. Once he fuses them and becomes a Paragon…”

The number of Highgod Paragons was even lower than the number of Sovereigns.

Every single one of them was a glorious person of their generation, supreme amongst supreme experts!

“This Linley cannot be allowed to live!” A low, rumbling voice shouted angrily. “As we can now see, this Linley might break through at any moment and fuse six profound mysteries. By then…it would be perfectly normal for the Patriarchs of the Four Divine Beasts clan to be willing to give up one of their Sovereign artifacts to him. By then, we will be doomed!”

“If that really happens, even the Sovereigns wouldn’t be willing to help us!”

The eight Patriarchs were immediately filled with shock and rage.

Sovereigns were lofty beings. The Emissaries of the Sovereigns were nothing more than their ‘subjects’, and Sovereigns usually didn’t care too much about the affairs of their Emmisaries. As long as an Emissary was capable of carrying out the duties assigned, that was enough.

But there was one type of person who was different!

A Highgod Paragon. Even Sovereigns would be willing to lower themselves to solemnly ask a Paragon to be an Emissary.

The Patriarchs of the eight great clans all felt their hearts clench slightly. Good heavens. They had never imagined that the Four Divine Beasts clan, silently and soundlessly, would actually produce such an incredibly talented figure. If this was permitted to continue, the repercussions would be unthinkable!

“This Linley must be killed!” A furious shout came from within the hall.

“The war between us and the Four Divine Beasts clan cannot be permitted to continue like this. We must accelerate it!”

“There’s no need to pay any attention to that other Sovereign’s Emissary. Our greatest threat right now is Linley. We have to seize the opportunity to execute him. No matter what the cost, no matter what sacrifices we must make, we must execute him!”

Originally, the eight great clans hadn’t truly spent much time thinking about Linley. Now that they did, they realized that he was a tremendous threat to them, a threat so great as to cause them to panic. After all, even throughout all four of the Higher Planes, the birth of every single supreme Paragon was an event that would shake all the planes.

The Skyrite Mountains. Bloodbath Gorge.

Emanuel and Forhan were waiting at the Azure Dragon Palace. Right at this moment, a figure streaked past the skies, flying directly into the Bloodbath Gorge and landing in front of the Azure Dragon Palace. This man with long, unbound azure hair was the Patriarch of the Azure Dragon clan, ‘Gislason’.

“Eh?” The Grand Elder looked outside the window, puzzled. Emanuel and Forhan immediately turned to look as well.

Gislason strode in with a smile. “Little Sister.”

“Patriarch.” Emanuel and Forhan immediately saluted.

“You are here as well? Good. Then there’s no need to send someone to find you.” Gislason chortled as he walked to the throne, seating himself. He grinned towards the Grand Elder, “Little sister, do you know that in the battle Linley and Emanuel engaged in, two Seven Star Fiends of the other side died.”

Gislason chortled as he looked at Emanuel. “Emanuel, I heard that afterwards, yet another Seven Star Fiends attacked you and Linley. Tell me about the results.”

The news Gislason had received had come from their intelligence agents.

Because both sides had used Sovereign’s Might in that battle, the three Six Star Fiend survivors of the Azure Dragon clan had immediately scattered and fled. Bulo had pursued Emanuel and had also chased towards Linley…

Naturally, the Six Star Fiends had fled in the opposite direction.

And thus, only Linley, Emanuel, Bulo, and that Phusro knew what had happened between them afterwards.

“Patriarch.” Emanuel immediately knelt down, sobbing, “My divine water clone was destroyed. Our enemy was Bulo…I used a drop of Sovereign’s Might, but Linley didn’t use his, nor did he help me.”

“What’s this all about?” Gislason couldn’t help but frown.

“Patriarch, back then, Linley and I…” Emanuel immediately began to retell the story in detail anew. However, he naturally changed some of the details in the words, making it sound as though Linley wanted to harm him.

“What did you just say? A Sovereign artifact!” Gislason said, shocked.

“Emanuel, did you say a Sovereign artifact?” The Grand Elder was shocked as well.

“Ye…yes?” Emanuel was stunned.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” The Grand Elder said angrily.

Prior to this, when Emanuel had been telling this tale to the Grand Elder, he had only said that an expert had stopped Bulo. He didn’t mention the Sovereign artifact.

“Is…is that very important?” Emanuel didn’t understand.

“What was his name?” Gislason asked hurriedly.

Emanuel still clearly remembered the conversation between Linley and Phusro. He immediately said, “That person was named Phusro.”

“Phusro?” The Grand Elder was somewhat puzzled.

Gislason was momentarily stunned as well, but then he began to laugh. He immediately said, “Little sister, come, make a trip with me.”

“Yes, Elder Brother.” The Grand Elder immediately followed him. Patriarch Gislason and the Grand Elder immediately left the Azure Dragon palace, leaving Emanuel and Forhan behind in the palace, completely confused.

“Father, what’s this all about?” Emanuel said.

“Could it be that the Patriarch knows that person?” Forhan didn’t fully understand either.

The Skyrite Mountains. Within the gorge.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were currently together. Linley’s original body was still on the way back, and so this was naturally just a clone Linley. As for Delia and Bebe, they had already gone and come back from the city of Meer.

“Bebe, how did it feel, to go out on an excursion? From the looks of it, it seems as though you had quite a bit of fun.” Linley laughed.

“Of course I feel great after going out for a trip.” Bebe rubbed his nose and laughed. “However, the reason I look so happy isn’t because I went on a trip. Rather…Boss, I’ve already mastered the fifth profound mystery of the Laws of Darkness.”

Linley was startled.

“Boss, you and I were competing, y’know. How about you?” Bebe asked smugly.

“Uh…” Linley couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. “I fell behind. I’m still trapped at the bottleneck for the ‘Profound Mysteries of Strength’, and have yet to break through.”

“Hmph. Hmph.” Bebe laughed smugly.

“Look at the two of you.” Delia cover her mouth, starting to laugh as well. “You are even going to compete in this. You are like a pair of children.”

“Well, we have nothing better to do.” Bebe smirked in response.

Linley laughed, “Delia, Bebe, the two of you viewed Emanuel with disfavor, yes?” As Linley spoke, he set up his Godrealm, completely sealing off sound from the outside.”

“Right. I hate that guy.” Bebe said hurriedly. “Last time, he wanted to steal your Coiling Dragon ring.”

“And he wants to kill you.” Delia couldn’t help but turn grave. “Also, didn’t you say that for this mission, he forced you into accompanying him?”

Linley began to laugh. “You don’t need to worry any longer. Even if he wants to kill me, he doesn’t have the ability to do so. Delia, Bebe, it’d be hard for him to even kill the two of you.”

“What’s this?” Bebe and Delia were both shocked.

“This time, on our mission, the one he wanted me to go on…the result was that he died.” Linley laughed. “His most powerful divine water clone was finished. The body that he has left is very weak.”

“He’s really dead? Woohoo!” Bebe shouted out excitedly.

“You encountered a powerful foe? How about your clone? Are you alright?” Delia asked hurriedly. Delia was worried each time Linley went out on a mission. After all, the war between the Four Divine Beasts clan and the eight great clans meant that during every single mission, the squads were dancing between the edges of life and death.

“Of course I’m fine.” Linley laughed.

Linley suddenly frowned, then turned and looked towards the skies. He saw that in mid-air, there were four figures flying over at high speed. Linley released his Godrealm, and the four landed directly in front of Linley.

“Elder Linley.” The four bowed as they spoke.

“What is it?” Linley asked.

The leader said respectfully, “Elder Linley, we have come on the orders of the four clan leaders to summon you to the Grand Palace of the Four Divine Beasts.”

“The four clan leaders?” Linley was stunned.

He had been in the Infernal Realm for so long, but he had only met Patriarch Gislason of his own Azure Dragon clan. As for the other three clan leaders, he had never seen them before. Now, the four Patriarchs were summoning him? Why?

“Elder Linley, please hurry. The four clan leaders are all waiting for you at the Grand Palace.” The leader urged.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

Linley immediately turned towards Delia and Bebe, laughing as he nodded towards them. “I need to make a trip.” And then, he immediately flew into the air. Those four warriors followed directly behind Linley, as the five of them flew in a line towards Bloodbath Gorge.

Moments later.

Linley arrived at Bloodbath Gorge. He immediately saw the distant Azure Dragon Palace. “It’s actually the Grand Palace. I’ve never been to the Grand Palace before.” Bloodbath Gorge had five palaces in total. The Grand Palace of the Four Divine Beasts was the place where the clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan went to discuss major matters with each other.

But today…

The Grand Palace of the Four Divine Beasts had especially opened its doors for Linley.

The Grand Palace of the Four Divine Beasts was more than a hundred meters tall, and its four walls were filled with carvings of four different divine beasts. The entire Grand Palace was an extremely stately, solemn place. At the gate to the Grand Palace, there were warriors of Bloodbath Gorge standing guard.

“Elder Linley.” The guards saluted respectfully.

Linley laughed and nodded, then strode into the Grand Palace. “Rumble…” Behind Linley, the gates to the Grand Palace shut themselves.

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