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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 17, A Confrontation

Miluo Island. A dazzling jewel of the Starmist Sea.

An unofficial force which was actually capable of building up a Free Castle, capable of allowing trade. In addition, it had been in existence for countless years. This was indeed a queer thing. Because of low taxation rates as well as other attractive policies, countless merchants of the Infernal Realm all gathered here. Every day, the number of customers who came to the Free Castle were beyond number.

The Free Castle had a total of six layers. Four of them were publicly available for guests to enter, while Linley’s group was currently on the first floor’s main hall.

“Fighting is strictly forbidden in the Free Castle as well. It is very safe here. Everyone can go their own ways here and buy whatever they want by themselves. After finishing, we’ll gather together.” Linley glanced at the people around him and spoke. This group of people had already very naturally taken Linley as their leader.

Everyone agreed. After all, everyone’s amount of wealth was different and different things to buy. The group immediately split apart, with everyone heading in different directions.

“Linley, I’ll go browsing as well.” Olivier said to Linley, and then left by himself to go roam the Free Castle.

The only ones remaining were Linley, Delia, and Bebe.

“Boss, where to first?” Bebe was very excited. He had an enormous fortune on him, and so naturally he looked forward to spending it.

Linley looked around, then saw that at the sides of the main hall, there were sales counters with signs for various items. These sales counters had items which were all quite low-priced, most under a hundred inkstones. Linley remembered how when he had been at the Redbud Castle, there had been three stories, with each story representing a different level of price.

Most likely, this Free Castle was the same.

“I’ll head straight for the fourth level. Most likely, the fourth floor has the best items for the highest price.” It wasn’t that Linley was wasteful of his money; he understood that in the Infernal Realm, the best items cost more money.

Bebe was the first to walk forward, while Linley and Delia followed from behind as they constantly moved up the stairways.

“There’s certainly a large number of island guards here.” Linley noticed that throughout the Free Castle, those blood red armored Highgod warriors could be seen.

Delia laughed. “With so many island guards present, even if someone wanted to fight, they wouldn’t dare.”

Linley nodded.

Bebe carefully inspected those island guards. “How many people can possibly resist the combined attacks of a group of Highgods? Most people naturally wouldn’t dare to cause trouble!”

“Even if there is an expert capable of resisting the surrounding group of island guards, most likely more island guards would quickly head here. Miluo Island has existed for countless years. Their power is nothing to joke about.” As he spoke, Linley led his group into the fourth floor of the Free Castle.

The fourth floor’s main hall held an enormous exhibition area with a number of trade items on display within. Every single sign showed exceedingly astonishing prices. The lowest was marked in millions of inkstones, while the higher ones started at a hundred million inkstones. Most Deities wouldn’t dare to enter a place like this.

“Boss, this place has Deathgod Golems!” Bebe said excitedly.

“Deathgod Golems?” Linley immediately turned to look in the direction of Bebe’s pointing finger. Indeed, there was a large display area with several Deathgod Golems on display.

Delia laughed. “Linley, you finally found it.”

Linley immediately laughed as he walked over. He had wanted to buy some Deathgod Golems long ago. At a critical point in time, one could use it to completely entangle an opponent, and then flee. Only, Deathgod Golems weren’t something you could simply buy with money. Linley had made inquiries in the other cities he had passed through, but hadn’t found any Deathgod Golems for sale at all.

“Hey, how much do your Deathgod Golems sell for?” Bebe was the first to ask.

The shopkeeper was an icy looking youth with short black hair and violet eyes. He was currently seated in his shop with his eyes closed. Hearing Bebe’s words, he opened his eyes and said calmly, “The price is marked very clearly on the sign. Go read it for yourself.” And then he shut his eyes again.

Linley couldn’t help but laugh. Someone who ran a business but had an attitude like this really was rare.

“Is this person relying on the fact that Deathgod Golems are easy to sell?” Delia laughed.

Linley nodded, then glanced at the price list. Deathgod Golems were divided into three levels, based on the toughness of their bodies. High level Deathgod Golems had bodies that were as tough as Highgod artifacts, and were exceedingly hard to destroy.

Low level, mid level, high level. High level Deathgod Golems each cost 150 million inkstones!

This price was actually reasonable.

“How many high level Deathgod Golems do you have?” Linley asked.

Only now did the black haired youth open his eyes. Frowning, he glanced at Linley. “How many are you buying?”

“A hundred. Do you have that many?” Bebe said. Linley couldn’t help but look at Bebe. He had no intentions of buying so many. It must be understood that to control a Deathgod Golem to engage in battle, one had to focus one’s mind on it to control it.

Generally, each person could only control a single one.

But of course, if one didn’t have to control them too exquisitely, a single person could control quite a few.

Linley currently had four souls. He could simultaneously control four Deathgod Golems with perfect accuracy. But of course, if Linley’s original body was battling with the enemy, at most he could have his three extra souls accurately control three Deathgod Golems total. If the level of control didn’t have to be too high, then he would be able to control much more.

The cold man shook his head. “I can at most sell you ten high level Deathgod Golems.”

“If you can sell ten, I’ll take ten.” Linley laughed. Linley was already very satisfied with this figure. “Also, those mid level golems. Give me two hundred of those as well.” Linley was preparing to accurately control the high level golems. As for the mid level ones, in a time of emergency, they would be used as cannon fodder.

Mid level Deathgod Golems were worth fifteen million.

“Two hundred?” The cold youth shook his head. “I can at most provide a hundred.”

“That’s fine too.” Linley happily paid for and took those ten high level Deathgod Golems and hundred mid level Deathgod Golems. Buying these Deathgod Golems cost a total of 2.7 billion inkstones. To Linley, this was nothing at all.

The amount of money he himself had was nearly two hundred billion inkstones.

As for Bebe, he had gathered countless amethysts, which made up an astonishing fortune.

Actually, the total price should have been three billion inkstones, but Bebe had that 10% discount medallion which he had won in the Arena for ten victories!

After having sold those ten high level Deathgod Golems and hundred mid level Deathgod Golems, a rare smile was on the face of that cold, callous youth. With a wave of his hand, he collected all of the items of his store into his interspatial ring, then turned and left the fourth floor.

“He actually leave?” Bebe stared.

“He’s most likely sold off all of his product. Those remaining low level Deathgod Golems aren’t much.” Linley guessed.

Deathgod Golems were very hard to make.

If one had money, one would still find them hard to purchase. After all these years of wandering various cities, Linley had yet to find any Deathgod Golems. One could imagine how rare they were.

“Let’s go. Keep shopping for more treasures!” Bebe said in a high, excited voice.

Walking to the main hall of the fourth floor’s various exhibits, Linley sensed how wonderful having money was. He directly purchased many precious treasures. It must be understood…these treasures were things which people might perhaps only obtain after risking their lives.

But as for Linley, all he had to do was spent money.

“Where should we go next?” Bebe said. “We’re pretty much done here in the fourth floor.” On the fourth floor, only distant clothing stores were available. Bebe, at least, had no interest in clothing.

As he saw it, shopping for clothes was boring!

“Wait. We have the clothing stores. Let’s go take a look.” Linley said hurriedly. “Delia, what say you?” Linley had noticed long ago that Delia would occasionally glance towards them. Women were always quite intrigued by clothing.

Delia snorted, then walked over.

There were some women trying out the clothes of the shop, but when Linley saw the prices listed, he felt a hint of surprise in his heart. “These clothes are ridiculously expensive. All over a million inkstones?” Although he said this, Linley wouldn’t mind buying whatever Delia liked.

After browsing through the three clothing shops, Delia arrived at the fourth without having found anything she liked.

There were quite a few guests here. Business was quite good.

“Not bad.” As Linley entered, he felt as though every set of clothing gave him a very superb feeling, as though they were exquisite works of art. Only, the price of clothes here was astonishing as well. The other places had clothes going for around a million inkstones, but here, almost every single set of clothes was over ten million inkstones, with only a very few number being less.

“Linley, how about this one?” After multiple selections, Delia took a fancy to a primarily pink outfit.

Linley glanced at it, then his eyes gleamed. “Excellent.”

Delia was smiling as beautifully as a flower. Clearly, she too had taken a fancy to this set of clothes. Only, the price of this set of clothes was simply too astonishing…

Just this set alone actually cost more than eighty million inkstones!

This was the second most expensive one in the store. The most expensive one cost a hundred million inkstones.

The nearby shopkeeper immediately said warmly, “This set of clothes is made from materials that come from the Divine Plane of Light. It was made from the feathers of Boissi Swan-men [Bo’si’yi], and the owner of every single feather had reached the Highgod level. The materials for this set of clothes alone, combined with the shipping cost, is an astronomical figure. Its toughness is comparable to a Highgod artifact!”

“Oh?” Linley was rather surprised.

Beautiful yet sturdy. This price made sense.

“Buy it.” Linley nodded.

The owner, seeing Linley nod so freely and easily, felt a surge of joy. At the same time, he was also secretly shocked. People really couldn’t be judged by their appearances. Superficially, Linley looked as though he was only a God, but he didn’t mind at all about paying nearly a hundred million for a set of clothes.

“See this?” Bebe reached out and flipped out his ten victories medallion.

“Uh…” The shopkeeper couldn’t help but be astonished, and then he laughed. “Alright, alright, ten percent off! You only need to pay seventy six million inkstones.”

Linley laughed, then paid the money.

Delia put on this set of pink clothes, carefully looking at herself in the mirror, clearly very happy. Looking at Delia’s slightly blushing face, set off by the pinkness of her clothes, he felt that she was so devilishly charming.

Linley had to say that this set of clothes was quite worth it!

At this moment, outside the store, six people came in, the leader a callous looking youth with short red hair who stood 2.2 meters tall. He was currently staring at Delia, dressed in that outfit, and a smile was on his face.

“Young master, you’ve taken a fancy to it?” A silver-haired elder behind him said softly.

“Yes. Not bad.” The short red haired youth nodded slightly, then said loudly, “Shopkeeper, do you have any more of that set of clothes that woman is wearing?”

The shopkeeper, hearing this, turned to look at Delia, then quickly shook his head. “Sorry. The materials for this set of clothes are simply too rare. My shop only has this one set. Every single set of clothes in my shop is quite precious. Most of them are unique!”

“Just one?” The red-haired callous youth frowned, then glanced sideways at Delia.

The silver-haired elder behind him, quite intelligently, immediately walked forward towards Linley and Delia, saying directly to Delia, “Our young master has taken a fancy to the clothes you are wearing. Sell it to us.”

Linley, hearing this, was startled. He couldn’t help but turn to look at them.

“Give us the clothes. We’ll pay you for it. However much the price was, we’ll pay double.” The silver-haired elder said calmly. Hearing this, the shopkeeper clearly was rather regretful.

“Double?” Linley laughed, then glanced back at Delia. “Forget about double. Even if you wanted to pay us ten times as much, we wouldn’t sell it!”

The silver-haired elder’s face immediately turned ugly.

“Hey, that guy over there is your young master?” Bebe glanced at the red-haired, callous youth, then pursed his lips. “Young master, the clothes you are wearing are quite excellent. I’ve taken a fancy to them. You can go ahead and sell it to me. I’ll pay you double as well. Are you willing to sell?”

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