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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 18, The Blood-Colored Miluo Insignia

The red-haired youth, hearing these words, couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, his gaze growing cold.

The silver-haired elder snorted with cold anger as well. “You’d best know what’s good for you. It’s just a set of clothes, right? Be careful. Don’t lose your lives for the sake of clothes!” But Bebe paid no attention to the silver-haired elder’s threats.

“You threaten me?” Bebe rolled his eyes as he spoke angrily.

But Linley realized something more.

Linley carefully inspected this red-haired youth, then at the silver-haired elder. He secretly mused, “Most of the people who come to the fourth floor of the Free Castle for shopping are quite wealthy. In the Infernal Realm, most people who have money have great power as well. For the silver haired elder to dare to be so arrogant in a place like this means that he should have some sort of a background.”

Although Linley wasn’t afraid, in a strange place like this, he didn’t want to make any enemies either.

“Bebe, Delia, let’s go.” Linley pulled the enraged Bebe as he began to walk towards the outside of the store. Linley didn’t want to continue wasting time with these people.

“Whoosh!” The four people behind the red haired youth immediately blocked Linley’s way. The four were all Highgods!

“You want to leave?” The red haired youth let out a cold laugh, a very condescending look in on face. “There’s nothing that I want that I cannot get! I’m in a good mood today and don’t want to fight. You’d best hand that set of clothes to me. Otherwise!”

Linley couldn’t help but begin to feel his anger rise as well.

“The offer of double price is gone now. However, we’ll still give you the same price. Don’t say that our Bagshaw [Ba’ge’xiao] clan takes advantage of people!” The silver-haired elder snickered as well. These words instantly caused the owner of the clothing store’s face to change.

Bagshaw clan?

Linley was intrigued, but unfortunately, this was his first time at Miluo Island, and he had never heard of this Bagshaw clan.

“You’d best give them the clothes.” The store owner urged.

“Linley, this Bagshaw clan seems to be rather formidable. Just give them the clothes.” Delia sent through divine sense to Linley as well. Linley glanced at the nearby Delia. He knew that Delia, in her heart, really didn’t want to part with it.

Only, Delia didn’t want to offend people for Linley’s sake.

“It’s fine.” Linley laughed calmly.

And then, Linley turned to look at those people and barked coldly, “What, you want to start a fight in the Free Castle?”

Immediately, those people were stunned.

This was the Free Castle. The laws and mores here forbade fighting. Anyone who engaged in combat would be mercilessly slaughtered by the island guards.

Right at this moment, the patrolling guards on the main hall of the fourth floor noticed the situation as well, and immediately, a small group of ten of them hurriedly walked over. The leader, a bald, burly man, shouted loudly, “What’s going on? You want to cause trouble here? Are you looking for death?”

“Right, they are causing trouble.” Bebe said angrily. “Everyone, we bought a set of clothes, but these people here want to force us to sell it to them. We didn’t, so they barred our way.”

Linley watched this happen calmly.

Since the Free Castle had its own rules, then those rules definitely wouldn’t be allowed to be broken by anyone, no matter who they were. Otherwise, who would care about the rules?

“Captain, these people are rather arrogant.” The other guards immediately called out.

“You want to force others to sell their clothes to you?” The bald burly man stared with eyes as wide as a bull’s, a look of anger in his gaze. “Such audacity! You dare to be so bold in the Free Castle! No matter who you are, nobody here in the Free Castle has the right to be so brash!”

Bebe immediately began to chortle.

The arrogant red-haired youth frowned, glancing sideways with a cold look at the leader of the guards. With a flip of his hand, he revealed a blood red insignia, covered by marvelous patterns. The patterns on the insignia was very similar to the patterns on the armor of the island guards.

“A blood-colored Miluo Insignia!” The bald warrior stuttered, and his face instantly changed dramatically.

“Milord!” The ten island guards, the bald leader included, immediately bowed respectfully as they spoke.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were shocked as well.

“And it is actually a high level blood-colored Miluo Insignia!” The shopkeeper was stunned as well. There were, in total, two types of the ‘Miluo Insignias’ which conferred extremely high power within Miluo Island. The first type was green, while the other type was blood-colored. Blood-colored Miluo Insignias represented extremely great power.

At the same time, they were also extremely rare.

“A blood-colored Miluo Insignia?” Linley didn’t understand what sort of treasure this thing was, but judging from the looks of those ten guards, Linley understood the value of this insignia.

The other island guards on the fourth floor also noticed the special event occurring here. Immediately, quite a few warriors hurried over, and even the general manager of the fourth floor hurried over. Immediately, hundreds of island guards surrounded the area.

“Young master Sequeira [Sai’ke’la], what is it? You want to buy clothes for your wife?” The general manager was a handsome, gold-haired youth. Seeing the young master, he immediately greeted him warmly.

The red haired, cold youth named Sequeira laughed calmly and nodded.

“Boss, the situation looks bad.” Bebe sent through divine sense.

How could Linley not have realized this already?

“Linley, let’s just give them the clothes.” Delia sent through divine sense, urging him. Linley considered for a moment. Delia definitely liked this set of clothes very much, and he should keep it for her sake. But clearly, the opponent came from a ridiculously powerful background.

Linley decided that he might as well swallow his anger for now.

“Sorry, Delia.” Linley looked at Delia, who laughed and shook her head.

Seeing this, the silver-haired elder laughed, while the red-haired youth snickered as well.

“Hmph, now it’s too late!” The silver-haired elder snorted in an ill-tempered manner. “We won’t give you a single inkstone. Do you want to offer it or not?” The silver-haired elder had a belly full of fire right now. As a member of the Bagshaw clan, how had he ever had to swallow his temper?

“However, if you give it to us now, we’ll generously spare your lives.” The silver-haired elder said disdainfully.

“Motherf*cker, keep dreaming.” Bebe was indescribably angry.

Linley began to laugh. Laughter born of anger!

He himself had been willing to swallow his anger to end this situation, but these people had actually taken him for a soft target, easily abused!

“What is going on with this Free Castle? Even when shopping here, we suffer threats and pressure, and a demand for us to give our items without compensation. This Free Castle isn’t free at all! It seems the reputation of this Miluo Island is fake, and these island guards are nothing more than ornaments!” Linley’s voice echoed throughout the fourth floor.

Immediately, the other customers all looked towards them.

The looks on the faces of the island guards instantly turned ugly. The face of the young master ‘Sequeira’ of the Bagshaw clan turned sinister as well. The rules of Miluo Island, which had been passed down since antiquity. In the Free Castle, nobody was permitted to engage in battle, no matter who they were.

Any who violated this would be killed!

If the rules were broken, in the future, who would dare do business here?

“Young master Sequeira, this isn’t easy to handle.” The general manager, that gold-haired youth, said through divine sense. The cold, arrogant young master Sequeira also knew what was important and what wasn’t. Glancing at Linley’s group, he said calmly, “Let’s go!” As he spoke, he led his people away.

The general manager, that gold-haired youth, glanced at Linley, then sent through divine sense, “Kid, be careful! Offending Sequeira in Miluo Island means that while you’ll be safe in the Free Castle, as soon as you leave it…” And then, the gold-haired youth left.

Those island guards all left one by one as well.

“Those people really motherf*cking went too far.” Bebe was unable to restrain his temper.

“Linley, it’s all my fault.” Delia said softly.

Linley tightly clenched Delia’s hand, shaking his head. “It isn’t your fault. In the Infernal Realm, sometimes, if we have to endure, we will. But if someone goes too far, then we might as well just have a battle with them.” Linley was laughing coldly in his heart as well. At worst, he would just go all out!

He could use a drop of Sovereign’s Might and engage in a wild slaughter. What was there to fear?

“Let’s go out.” Linley said.

Linley knew very well that at Miluo Island, the Bagshaw clan definitely had to be an extremely powerful force. Most likely, they were one of the five clans which controlled Miluo Island! Linley immediately decided that after finishing buying things in the Free Castle, they would head directly out of Miluo Island!

“I was originally planning to watch the next nine days of competitions for that ‘Lomio’.” Linley shook his head and sighed to himself.

Linley’s group intentionally strolled about for a while on the third floor of the Free Castle, and then came to their original gathering spot. By now, half the people had already gathered here again. Linley’s group only had to wait for less than an hour before Aches, the last one to return, came back.

“Sorry, sorry. There were many things in this Free Castle which normally aren’t for sale in the Blacksand Castle or the Redbud Castle, so I had to take a bit of time.” Aches said hurriedly.

Linley’s group all knew that Aches was a merchant. It wasn’t strange for him to spend a bit more time.

“Everyone, you can head back first.” Linley said.

“Huh?” The big-bearded ‘Bates’, Aches, and the others all immediately looked at Linley.

“In this Free Castle, we irritated members of the Bagshaw clan. Right now, there are people following us. For your safety, you need to leave first. Right…you can go to the restaurant we first ate at earlier, and we’ll all regroup there. If we haven’t arrived within one day, you can head off first.” Linley said very directly.

Bates and the others were all shocked. In the end, everyone wisely chose to leave.

However, Delia, Bebe, and Olivier stayed by Linley.

After waiting a long time after the others left, Linley’s group headed towards the exit of the Free Castle. Behind Linley’s group, however, was the silver-haired elder, who stared at the backs of Linley’s group. “You offended my clan’s young master, and you want to leave alive?”

The silver-haired elder immediately picked up the pace to follow.

“We’re out. Everyone, be careful.” Linley stepped out of the Free Castle, but then his face suddenly changed.

At the two sides of the wide street, over ten people immediately drew close to them. The two lines of people immediately surrounded Linley’s group while at the same time separating them off from the other customers of the Free Castle.

“Haha, you still want to leave?” The silver-haired elder came out from outside.

As soon as he had exited the fourth floor, he had immediately arranged for two of the guards of the young master to lead ten other Highgods to wait at the entrance. No matter what, they wouldn’t let Linley’s group flee. It had been a long time since his young master had to swallow his temper like that.

“Boss, they really did set an ambush for us.” Bebe said in a low voice.

Linley glanced sideways at the two rows of twelve Highgods. These Highgods were roughly ten meters away from Linley, but to Highgods, a distance of ten meters was absolutely nothing. Battle could begin at any moment.

At the same time, a large number of people on the streets immediately hurried over to surround and watch, and they all began to chitchat over the situation.

“So many Highgods, surrounding just those few people?”

“That silver-haired elder is the housekeeper for the Bagshaw clan. I recognize him. Those people are doomed. They actually offended the Bagshaw clan.”

The chatter went on, but Linley faced it all calmly.

“Walk towards the front.” Linley said through divine sense.

Immediately, Linley’s group of four immediately walked towards the front, not even looking at the twelve Highgods to each side of them.

“You want to leave!” An explosive shout. Instantly, one of the Highgods flew towards Linley. Clearly, as he saw it, Linley was just a God. He alone would be more than enough to deal with him.

“F*ck off!” Linley held little regard for ordinary Highgods.

The divine earth power on his body flexed out, and instantly, an astonishing repulsive force was applied to that Highgod’s body. That Highgod who had been pouncing towards Linley with his divine artifact drawn, before even touching Linley, was instantly flicked backwards by that astonishing repulsive force, while Linley himself continued to walk forward.

“How is that possible?” The Highgod stared with wide eyes.

The silver-haired elder’s face changed. He shouted, “Attack!”

Instantly, the twelve Highgods simultaneously pounced towards Linley’s group. But right at this moment, with Linley at the center, a faint earthen yellow hemisphere that was ten meters in diameter suddenly appeared, trapping all of the twelve attacking Highgods within its reach.

Blackstone Space!

Those twelve Highgods, because of the astonishing gravitational force, were drawn directly to the ground.

“How is that possible?” The twelve hadn’t even had a chance to react when suddenly, a bizarre wind sound directly entered their consciousness. It was much like the strange wind sound Linley and the others had heard in the Amethyst Mountains. Their soul was affected, and the twelve of them were instantly drawn into a stupor.


A devilish violet sword light flashed, chopping through the necks of those twelve men like a giant guillotine.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

The heads of those twelve men exploded, and their divine sparks fell to the floor.

Everyone watching this scene in front of the wide gates of the Free Castle was stunned. The previously rowdy streets instantly turned silent, with the most astonished one being that silver-haired elder, who stared disbelievingly at this sight.

Twelve Highgods, killed with one sword?

“These ordinary Highgods, within my Blackstone Space, will have their souls drawn into a stupor. They are only able to stand there and be slaughtered by me.” Linley naturally hadn’t paid any mind to these sorts of people. Highgods who were in a stupor were like blocks of wood that couldn’t fight back.

Killing them was simplicity itself!

“Linley.” Delia looked towards Linley with a hint of excitement in her eyes. All women loved it when their man was powerful.

“Let’s go.” Linley laughed calmly.

Linley’s group of four continued to walk forward, while on the wide streets, the previously rowdy crowd immediately split a path for them, allowing Linley’s group to leave. Everyone who had seen Linley’s sword just now were all staring in Linley in shock and admiration.

In the Infernal Realm, the strong were worshipped!

“He killed twelve Highgods with one sword. This lord is simply too powerful. I originally thought he was just a God-level Fiend.”

“What do you know? This lord was hiding his true power. As I see it, this lord is at least a Six Star Fiend.”

Those who watched this scene were all chattering and discussing this event.

“So formidable!”

Currently, that arrogant, red-haired youth, ‘young master Sequeira’, as well as that gold-haired youth, both appeared at the entrance. Actually, this had been arranged by Sequeira to begin with. Naturally, he was watching everything in secret. At this moment, he too was watching, stunned, at Linley’s distant, disappearing back.

“Young master.” The silver-haired elder said hurriedly.

But Sequeira just frowned as he looked at the gold-haired youth. “This person killed twelve Highgods so easily with a single sword. I thought he was a God. So he was a Highgod who was hiding his true power! Could you tell how powerful he truly was?”

Sequeira knew very well how powerful the gold-haired youth was. As a chief of a thousand-man corps, the gold-haired youth had the power of a Six Star Fiend.

If even the gold-haired youth couldn’t tell how powerful this person was, then this person was definitely very fearsome.

“I…can’t see through him!” The gold-haired youth had been staring towards Linley this entire time. “This person has been hiding his power, but I can’t see through it at all. And from the sword attack he used just now…actually, the sword attack wasn’t that formidable. What was formidable was that those twelve Highgods seemed to have gone silly, allowing that sword to kill them without resistance!”

“I didn’t expect that after the Arena had a seemingly Seven Star Fiend level combatant, ‘Lomio’, appear, yet another seemingly Seven Star Fiend level combatant has appeared here.” The gold-haired youth’s face was solemn.

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