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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 22, Water Drop, Sovereign’s Might?

Now that he had taken out a drop of Sovereign’s Might, he could either use it to either kill his opponents, or to cause the opponents to let him go out of fear. No matter what, he could leave safely! However, upon taking it out and revealing it, he had revealed his trump card, and it would no longer be a trump card.

Salomon felt rage whenever he thought of this!

Glancing sideways at Elquin and Inigo, he saw that clearly, the two of them were very desirous of this drop of Sovereign’s Might, but they also didn’t feel confident in being able to take it.

Salomon said softly, “The inkstones and azurites of the Infernal Realm are all created by the Sovereigns of Destruction. This drop of black water is in fact a drop of Destruction Sovereign’s Might, and I just so happen to train in the Way of Destruction. Destruction Sovereign’s Might, paired with the Way of Destruction…the power will be even greater.”

Elquin’s face was truly terrible to behold.

In the Infernal Realm, Seven Star Fiends could be considered supreme experts, with Asuras being the greatest figures who could roam the entire Infernal Realm. However, there were 108 Asuras, many Seven Star Fiends, and retired Asuras. Throughout the course of the countless years of history, there were many powerful experts in the Infernal Realm.

To be able to stand at the very peak of even these experts, generally one of the below criteria had to be true.

1. Like Aiken, be capable of refining Sovereign’s Might! Who would dare do battle against someone who was capable of using a drop of Sovereign’s Might?

2. Be a supreme expert who possessed a Sovereign artifact! With a Sovereign artifact in one’s possession, naturally one would be far above the others.

3. Be a Highgod who had reached the level of being a Paragon, of completely fusing all of the profound mysteries in one of the Elemental Laws. Naturally, such a person would stand at the very peak amongst Highgods.

4. Of course, there were always some special cases.

Special cases being that the Seven Star Fiend’s original form was that of a divine beast which had an extremely monstrous divine ability, such as the ‘Godeater’ ability. With such a monstrous divine ability, then of course one would be exceedingly powerful. There were also soul mutations, and some other special circumstances.

In short, whether it was ‘Aiken’ whose fame overawed the Redbud Continent, or ‘Beirut’ of the Bloodridge Continent, these experts all had something they relied on.

But Elquin, in turn, could only be considered a rather talented Seven Star Fiend. He didn’t have Sovereign’s Might, nor a Sovereign artifact, nor had he reached the level of Paragon…naturally, it would be very hard for him to face Salomon.

Using ‘Sovereign’s Might’ to attack, compared to using ‘Highgod divine power’ to attack, was as different as the heavens and the earth. Even if the understanding of the profound mysteries of the Laws were exactly the same, the difference in base power was simply too great.

It was comparable to an infant who was an expert in swordplay fighting with a giant who had boundless strength. How could the infant win, even if the giant didn’t understand swordplay?

Same logic.

Salomon, in terms of understanding the profound mysteries of the Laws, might only have 10% the level of attainment his opponent had, but the power of Sovereign’s Might was simply too great when compared to that of a Highgod’s.

“What, you want to try and acquire this drop of Sovereign’s Might?” Salomon chuckled.

“Mr. Elquin?” Inigo turned to look at Elquin. Inigo’s personal power was weaker than Salomon’s to begin with. Once Salomon used the Sovereign’s Might, killing Inigo would only take an instant.

Elquin hesitated slightly, then let out a low sigh. “Sovereign’s Might…such a small drop of water which contains such exceedingly terrifying power.” Elquin’s words contained a hint of envy. He dreamed of himself possessing a drop of Sovereign’s Might.

Although it was a one-use item, even if he didn’t use it, he could use it to threaten others. At a critical moment, he might be able to use it to save his own life.

Linley stood there at the bottom of the golden magma pool as though thinking about something.

“What is the Boss thinking about?” Bebe and Delia both noticed that Linley seemed to be a bit strange. “There’s no need for the Boss to act like this just because he heard the conversation up above about ‘Sovereign’s Might’, right? Although I have to say, this Sovereign’s Might truly does make one envious.”

Delia said softly, “Envious. Didn’t you hear what Salomon said? Refining Sovereign’s Might is extremely difficult, and only an extremely few people in the entire Infernal Realm are capable of refining Sovereign’s Might. In addition, the amount of inkstones and azurites which would be consumed is absolutely astonishing. The entire fortune of the Boyd clan was only enough to forge a single drop.”

Linley’s spiritual energy was completely focused on entering the Coiling Dragon ring.

Within the Coiling Dragon ring, there were two drops of blue water remaining!

“Water drops? Water drops? Sovereign’s Might?” Linley felt rather numb. No matter how stupid he might be, he would still immediately connect the dots. “I’m an utter idiot. A single drop of blue water that is able to make my body transform and become so powerful that I can take on a Highgod artifact attack head on…such a monstrous water drop…aside from Sovereign’s Might, what else could it be?”

It had raised his body’s power so much that the amount of energy it had consumed was surely enormous as well.

A single water drop that was able to provide so much power? Only the legendary ‘Sovereign’s Might’ was capable of such a thing.

“Argh, I’m too foolish. When I received the Coiling Dragon ring, this damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact…it is a Sovereign’s artifact! Clearly, in the past, the master of this Coiling Dragon ring was a Sovereign! Since the master was a Sovereign, this water drop is naturally Sovereign’s Might.

Everything made sense.

Aside from a Sovereign, who else would leave behind three drops of Sovereign’s Might in the Coiling Dragon ring upon death?

After all, if it was a Highgod, the Highgod would most likely have used up the Sovereign’s Might during the battle. Only to someone as mighty as a Sovereign would these drops of Sovereign’s Might not mean that much. After all, Sovereigns possessed boundless amounts of divine Sovereign power. Leaving behind three drops of Sovereign’s Might before death was normal.

“I used a drop. I still have two remaining. If I were to sell them, what sort of price would they fetch?” Although Linley was curious about it, he wasn’t so stupid as to actually go do it.

A single drop of Sovereign’s Might was a priceless treasure!

The entire fortune of the Boyd clan, accumulated over countless years had to be expended, as well as the favor which Lord Aiken owed the Boyd clan, with the result being that Aiken had forged a single drop of Sovereign’s Might. In truth, to an expert on Aiken’s level, a debt was actually far more valuable than any treasure.

If that wasn’t the case, no matter how much treasure had been offered to him, Aiken probably still wouldn’t have refined the Sovereign’s Might.

After all, if he made Sovereign’s Might for someone, it was very possible that one day, that drop of Sovereign’s Might could fall into the hands of an enemy.

“The black drop of water is Destruction Sovereign’s Might. My blue water drop should be Water Sovereign’s Might.” Linley could actually sense that the blue drop of water contained the aura of water. In the past, Linley had been curious…what sort of thing was this, that was capable of making his body so incredibly powerful?

Linley had never dared to imagine that it might be Sovereign’s Might.

But today, Linley understood.

“If I were to use this Sovereign’s Might when executing the ‘Bewildering Shadow’ attack, how powerful would it be?” Linley wondered to himself.

The strength of an attack was usually dependant on three factors; the divine artifact, the energy level, and the profound mysteries. Actually, if any one of the three factors were freakishly strong, the attack would be very powerful.

For example, if the understanding of the profound mysteries was at the Paragon level, then one would be nearly invincible.

If the energy level was at the Sovereign’s Might level, then naturally it would also be terrifying.

If the divine artifact was a Sovereign artifact, then one would also be able to dominate the Infernal Realm.

But of course, if one was strong in one aspect, one couldn’t be too weak in the other two aspects either.

Linley’s divine artifact was a Highgod artifact, ‘Bloodviolet’. His energy source would be ‘Sovereign’s Might’. As for profound mysteries, he had fused two different ones. With the three combined, he might not yet be able to be much of a threat to a Paragon-level Highgod, but he should have some confidence in dealing with the likes of Elquin.


It would be at the cost of expending a drop of Sovereign’s Might.

“Unless the situation is absolutely critical, I cannot use it. When used at a critical moment, this is a treasure that can save lives and alter fate.” After having encountered so many life-and-death struggles, Linley naturally understood the importance of this Sovereign’s Might. Sovereign’s Might couldn’t be used wantonly; rather, it had to be used to preserve one’s life at a critical moment.

Linley returned to normal, and as he did, he discovered that Bebe and Delia were staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” Linley laughed. Actually, Linley was currently in a fine mood.

Anyone in this dangerous Infernal Realm who suddenly acquired a monstrously powerful item such as this ‘Sovereign’s Might’ would be in an excellent mood. This was a true trump card!

“Boss, you were standing there without moving and grinning. Did something good happen?” Bebe asked.

“I grinned?” Linley’s laughter became all the more brilliant. When something happened to someone, of course one would be delighted.

“Hm? Elquin has given up?” Linley suddenly raised his head, and Bebe and Delia heard the words from up above as well.

From within the cave, although Elquin was rather unwilling, in the end he still nodded. “Salomon, don’t worry. I, Elquin, am not so greedy as to try and seize your Sovereign’s Might. I trust you can’t bear to use it either.”

Of course he couldn’t! If he used it, it would be gone. This was something he had exchanged his entire clan’s fortune for.

“If you force me, then I will have no choice.” Salomon said.

“Phusro, open the tunnel of this volcano range. Let them out.” Elquin immediately ordered.

The little golden kitten in his arms let out a gentle call. “Meow….” Immediately, a massive valley appeared in the middle of the entire volcano range, connected to this cavern. Salomon raised his head and looked up at the already darkening skies. Clearly, it was almost nightfall.

Salomon, in his heart, let out a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, Elquin didn’t force me to use this Sovereign’s Might.”

“Nisse, let’s go.” Salomon turned his head to look at Nisse.

Nisse turned to look at that golden pool of magma. That golden pool of magma was still bubbling and boiling, emitting that astonishing heat. Nisse couldn’t help but once more begin to cry.

“Stop looking.” Salomon said softly.

“Bebe…” Nisse raised her head to look at the straw hat in her hands, then lowered her head. “Let’s go, big brother!”

And then, Nisse and Salomon immediately flew out through the enormous valley, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye into the desolate wilderness.

“All that work for nothing!” Elquin let out a low snort. He had a belly full of suppressed anger right now. He had thought that the fortune of the Boyd clan was about to fall into his hands. Unexpectedly, the so-called fortune was a drop of Sovereign’s Might! This was indeed a treasure, but it was one that was hard to acquire.

He could only watch as Salomon left with it.

Inigo suddenly set up his Godrealm, preventing any sound from leaving them. Elquin couldn’t help but glance suspiciously at him. Inigo said softly, “Lord Elquin, I know that the one called Bebe is currently within that pool of liquefied Goldflame. The weapon Bebe is wielding is a treasure. If we seize it, this trip won’t be considered a loss.”

Although Inigo hadn’t been present at the time, Phusro had informed Inigo of everything which had happened through innuendo.

Elquin now understood. No wonder Inigo had blocked out sound; he was afraid that Linley’s group would hear them.

“Bebe’s weapon? That is indeed a treasure.” Elquin let out a sigh. “That is a weapon which only Beirut is capable of forging…a weapon which is completely forged out of divine sparks. It is tough and sharp! Its power far surpasses any ordinary Highgod artifact. It’s only slightly inferior to a Sovereign artifact.”

A godspark weapon!

Beirut’s trademark, which only he, Beirut, could forge. Divine sparks were indestructibly tough, and only Godeater Rats were capable of digesting them. Currently, Bebe was only capable of digesting them and was not yet able to refine them, but Beirut was. In the Infernal Realm, a single godspark weapon had an astronomical price!

“But for Lord Beirut to give Bebe a weapon like this means that their relationship is extraordinary. If I killed him, then that would be offending Beirut. You should know how terrifying Beirut is.” Elquin was rather hesitant.

Inigo cursed inwardly.

How could he not know how terrifying Beirut was? Beirut, who had suddenly sprang to prominence out of nowhere, was someone which perhaps ordinary Deities might not be aware of, but those larger clans and those reclusive, hidden experts all knew about him. If one had to use a single word to describe Beirut, then that would be…


Many people believed that in the Bloodridge Continent, aside from the Bloodridge Ruler, the number one expert was Beirut.

“Milord, I know that Lord Beirut is terrifying, but even someone as mighty as a Sovereign can’t know the past or the future. As long as we kill this Bebe while destroying his corpse and all proof of his existence, how would Beirut find out that it was we who did the deed?” Inigo said hurriedly. “If you are afraid that his godspark weapon is too dangerous to keep and runs the risk of Beirut finding out, then you can just go and sell it off at the Blacksand Castle. By then, nobody would know who the killer was. This godspark weapon is worth an astronomical price!”

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