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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 21, Sovereign’s Might

At the bottom of that pool of golden magma, Linley and the others could clearly hear the sounds coming from up above.

“Linley, they finally realize that you were accused wrongly.” Delia was very happy at this moment, but Bebe said fumingly, “That Salomon really is an as*hole. After finding out that his identity was revealed, he ignored everything else and insisted on believing that it was you, Boss, who revealed it. This sort of person is absolute not worth treating as a friend!”

Ever since Salomon had asked Elquin to kill Linley, in the hearts of Delia and Bebe, they very much detested this Salomon.

“Salomon. It isn’t worth getting angry over him.” Linley shook his head. “Only, it’s a pity, Bebe. That Nisse was still a pretty good person.”


Bebe was stunned. He thought back to how he had protected Nisse, but Nisse still seemed to somewhat distrust him.

Suddenly, the sound of sobbing came from up above.

“It’s Ninny.” Bebe raised his head, but all he could see from up above was the boiling golden magma.

The golden magma caused the temperature of the entire cave to be extremely high. Even the air in the cavern was twisted and distorted.

“Linley…was wrongfully accused?” Salomon stood there, silent for a moment.

But the grief which Nisse had been suppressing for quite some time now exploded out. She actually ran straight towards that golden magma pool. Salomon was terrified, and he hurriedly grabbed Nisse by her hand. “Nisse, what are you doing? Are you trying to die?”

This was liquefied Goldflame.

Perhaps powerful Highgods could withstand it, but generally speaking, Gods who entered it would die.

“It was my fault. It was all my fault. I should have trusted Bebe. I should have trusted him!” Nisse was sobbing. Her heart was filled with boundless regret. Before this, when Bebe had charged into the golden magma pool, Nisse had felt agony in her heart as well.

But in her heart, at that time, there was another voice as well; the voice that said that Bebe had intentionally made friends with her, that he had been deceiving her!

That was the only reason Nisse had been able to remain standing there. But upon Nisse learning that Linley had been wrongfully accused, it was as though countless thunderbolts had suddenly gone off in Nisse’s mind.

She was wrong!!!

Linley had been wrongfully accused, and Bebe had been sincere towards her!

“He didn’t lie to me. He’s never lied to me. In order to save me, Bebe ignored his own well-being, but I doubted him. I didn’t believe him.” Nisse’s face was streaked in tears. She wanted to draw closer to the golden magma pool, but how could Salomon just watch as his little sister threw her life away? He firmly grabbed her by the arm and said frantically, “Nisse, Bebe is already dead. He’s already dead!!! Regret is useless.”

“Dead?” Nisse was stunned…and then she collapsed, limp, next to the magma pool.

“Ninny, why are you so beautiful?”

“I’m beautiful so you’ll fall in love with me!”

The teasing, flirtatious words the two had exchanged in past years seemed to echo in her ears. Nisse flipped her hand, and a straw hat appeared within it. It was Bebe who had given it to her.

“Ninny, I brought this straw hat with me from my homeland, the Yulan continent. You won’t be able to buy another one like it in the Infernal Realm. Take good care of it. I think that in the future, when the two of us have children, I’ll give our kid a straw hat as well. All three of us will wear straw hats, haha…”

The bygone words of Bebe lingered by her ears. Nisse looked at the straw hat in her hands, and her heart trembled.

In an instant, countless spears of regret gnawed away at her soul like locusts!

Suddenly, Nisse began to cry. Soundless cry.

Salomon, when he saw this, felt a strange feeling well up in his heart…regret! Seeing his little sister like this, Salomon felt regret as well. After all, his little sister was the only family he had. He could be calculating and vicious towards others, but he had always cared about his little sister.

“Nisse…” Salomon knelt down, stretching out with his arm to embrace Nisse by the shoulders, wanting to comfort her. “Don’t be sad. Bebe’s already dead. It’s too late. It was your big brother’s fault. I’m sorry.”

“Dead?” Nisse looked at the bubbling golden magma. She suddenly remembered how Bebe had been struck by the blade of a Highgod and had been unharmed. It seemed as though Nisse had suddenly thought of something, as she immediately turned to look towards Elquin. “Mr. Elquin, Bebe’s defensive power is so formidable, he definitely should be able to resist this liquefied Goldflame! He’s at the bottom of the lake, alive, right? Tell me that Bebe isn’t dead, Mr. Elquin!” Nisse’s tear-stained face stared towards Elquin.

Nisse’s heart was filled with regret.

She wanted Bebe to be alive, to appear in front of her.

But Elquin only shook his head. He calmly said, “Miss Nisse, I’ll tell you right now that the person named Bebe is dead! Those Highgods, that Linley and his wife, all of them who fell in are dead!”

“Nisse, if Bebe were still alive, wouldn’t he come out?” Salomon urged.

Nisse lowered her head to look at the straw hat in her hands, unable to refrain from feeling agony in her heart.

At the bottom of the golden magma pool.

“Ninny!” Bebe was crying as well. Hearing Nisse’s sobs and words, he cried.

Bebe, ignoring all else, suddenly charged towards the outside.

“BANG!” A powerful force appeared above Bebe’s head, and Bebe smashed against it, then was knocked backwards.

“Are you looking for death?!” The deep voice rang out in the mind of Linley and the other two once more. “I warned you that for now, you are not permitted to emerge from within this liquefied Goldflame pool. This is your final warning. If this happens again, all three of you will die!”

Bebe was completely stunned. He looked back towards Linley and Delia.

“Boss, sorry.” Bebe said quietly. Bebe understood that right now, their lives were completely under the control of Phusro. Acting in such a way would be thrusting Linley and Delia into grave risk.

Linley patted Bebe on the shoulders, but didn’t know what to say.

“Bebe.” Delia consoled. “Don’t worry too much. Afterwards, when you go out, you’ll be able to meet with Nisse. You can endure for a while.”

“Right.” Bebe nodded slightly.

Linley, seeing how Bebe was acting, sighed to himself. “Nisse is a fine girl. But her big brother Salomon is…even if we went outside and met with him, the rift between us will still persist.” After all, Salomon had actually shouted arrogantly for Linley to be killed.

“Right. They are discussing the fortune of the Boyd clan once more.” Linley raised his head. More voices were once more coming down from up above.

The cavern was extremely hot, but the people in the cavern were talking animatedly there.

Inigo looked at Salomon. In a cold voice, he said, “Lord Elquin, this Salomon does have the talisman of Lord Aiken, but that only means…that Salomon and Lord Aiken have some sort of a relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he gave the fortune of his clan to Lord Aiken!”

Salomon’s face was sinister. Inigo chuckled. “What’s more, Lord Elquin, do you actually believe that Salomon would be able to bear with parting with such a fortune and give it to someone else?”

“No, I don’t believe it!” Elquin laughed calmly as he looked towards Salomon.

Salomon grew tense anew. Was he really going to be forced to reveal his final card?

Salomon said in a resolute, clear voice. “I’ve already made it clear. I gave my clan’s fortune to Lord Aiken, using this fortune in exchange for Lord Aiken’s trust. Lord Aiken has instructed me to go to the Rainbow Prefecture to take care of a major undertaking. If you truly kill me, then once Lord Aiken finds out, then…hmph!”

Elquin let out a disdainful sneer.

Inigo snickered as well. “Salomon, Lord Aiken is powerful, but he isn’t so powerful as to be able to see the future. If we were to kill you and destroy your corpse and all evidence, how would Lord Aiken know that it was we who killed you?”

Salomon laughed calmly. “Right, right. I understand. The chances of Lord Aiken finding out are very low, but if he really were to find out, then you two would be finished. I can tell you clearly that the amount of money I have on me is less than ten billion inkstones. Can it be that for the sake of ten billion inkstones, you would be willing to incur the anger of Lord Aiken?”

“Ten billion inkstones?” Inigo said with a snickering laugh. “Who would believe you?”

Elquin stared at Salomon, then suddenly said, “Salomon, give me your interspatial ring and let me inspect it. If it truly is as you say, then I’ll let you leave. What do you say?”

“Fine! Let it be as you say!” Salomon said clearly, but who would have thought that just as he agreed, Elquin would continue. “Oh, and also your interspatial belt. Give it to me for an inspection as well. I almost overlooked it. I didn’t expect that your belt is also a storage device!”

Interspatial storage devices could be made in the shape of rings; naturally, they could be made into other things as well.

However, because rings were convenient, interspatial rings were extremely common.

“Belt?” Salomon’s face changed.

Elquin and Inigo, seeing the look on Salomon’s face, began to laugh. Clearly…Salomon’s interspatial belt most likely contained the fortune of the Boyd clan.

“To give Lord Aiken face, all I will do is inspect your interspatial ring and belt. If it truly is as you say it is…then I will let you out.” Elquin smiled as he looked at Salomon. “I think…that my attitude is already very good.”

Given Elquin’s level of power, how could he not have noticed that Salomon’s belt was special?

“What, are you afraid to take it out to show us?” Inigo snickered.

By Salomon’s side, Nisse was beginning to worry for her big brother as well. Although in her heart, she still felt a bit of rage towards her big brother, no matter what, Salomon was still her big brother.

“Big brother…” Nisse said softly.

Salomon’s gaze turned sharp. Looking at the cat-holding Elquin and Inigo, he said, “Mr. Elquin, I truly don’t want to be enemies with you, but you continue to force me. Fine, then. I will show you the fortune of my Boyd clan!”

Elquin and Inigo’s eyes lit up.

“Indeed, he is carrying it on him.” Elquin said to himself, and Inigo chuckled softly. “Lord Elquin, I told you long ago that this Salomon wouldn’t be able to bear giving his clan’s fortune to Lord Aiken.” Elquin smiled and nodded approvingly towards him.

At the same time, they both stared towards Salomon, seeing what he was going to take out.

But their features instantly froze. They stared in astonishment at an item held within Salomon’s hands.

“Do you see it? This is the entirety of the fortune of our Boyd clan!” Salomon was holding a single black drop of water within his hand. He laughed coldly as he looked at Elquin and Inigo. “I imagine the two of you should both know what this is!”

“Sov…Sovereign’s Might?!” Inigo stuttered.

Elquin’s face had become exceedingly ugly as well.

Salomon stared at the drop of black water in his hand. His gaze became unfocused, and he said softly, “Right. This is Sovereign’s Might! A liquid drop of the power of a Sovereign. I trust that when combining this drop of Sovereign’s Might with my own profound mysteries of the Laws, I will have enough power to kill the both of you.”

Elquin and Inigo’s faces were very unpleasant.

“How do you have Sovereign’s Might? Could it be…Aiken?” Elquin instantly understood.

Salomon said softly, “I didn’t lie to you at all. I really did give my entire clan’s fortune to Lord Aiken. In addition, Lord Aiken previously owed my Boyd clan a favor. I gave that astonishingly vast fortune to Lord Aiken, and asked Lord Aiken to help me refine a drop of Sovereign’s Might! Thus…this is the entire fortune of my clan.”

Sovereign’s Might was divided into types as well.

Earth, fire, water, wind. Darkness, light, lightning, Life, Destruction, Death, Fate.

“Although every single inkstone and azurite contains within it an extremely, extremely miniscule and almost negligible amount of Sovereign’s Might, when countless inkstones and azurites are put together and refined, in the end, a single drop of Sovereign’s Might can be forged!” Salomon said softly.

Sovereign’s Might in gaseous form would naturally dissipate. Therefore, it had be refined into liquid form.

A drop was the smallest stable amount.

However, a single drop of Sovereign’s Might required the consumption of an astronomically large sum of inkstones and azurites. More importantly…it was extremely hard to refine Sovereign’s Might!

“In the entire Infernal Realm, there are very few experts capable of refining Sovereign’s Might. Fortunately, Lord Aiken has this ability.” Salomon said as he looked towards Elquin and Inigo. He didn’t want to take out this Sovereign’s Might at all. This was his one and only backup.

Once he used it, he would be unable to advance his plans. How would he, a single Highgod by himself, be able to resurrect the Boyd clan?

But even if he didn’t use it and if these two let him leave, the news that he had Sovereign’s Might would definitely spread out.

Every possible outcome was a bad one for Salomon!

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