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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 13, Re-Employment

Linley had a thought. Why had this Salomon suddenly come looking for him?

“Salomon, my wife, Delia, is inside training right now. How about this. Let’s chat outside.” Linley said with a smile.

Salomon’s face was very friendly. “Fine.” As he spoke, he walked out of the room alongside Linley.

Linley guessed to himself, “Salomon’s name is Salomon Boyd. Bebe told me as well that when those people were trying to kill the black-horned elder and the white-horned elder, it was because those two were the old servants of the Boyd clan and carried the fortune of the Boyd clan with them! But from the looks of it, the treasure is probably carried by Salomon.”

“However, if this Salomon truly is a member of the Boyd clan, he should keep the secret. Why did he reveal his identity to me?”

Linley didn’t understand.

The two stepped into another room. Salomon immediately spread out his Godrealm, preventing sound from leaking out.

“Please, please sit.” Salomon said courteously, and then he sat down as well.

Linley spoke out. “Salomon, why have you sought me out?” As he spoke, Linley looked at Salomon.

Salomon’s face was very sour. He let out a low sigh.

“Linley, I think you’ve probably guessed part of it.” Salomon sighed as he spoke.

Linley didn’t deny it either. He nodded. “Right. Before he died, I heard the green-robed elder say something about the Boyd clan? Can it be that the Boyd clan truly is your…”

Salomon nodded. “Right. I am indeed a member of the Boyd clan. The heir to the Boyd clan.”

Linley’s heart was startled.


And this Salomon wasn’t an ordinary clan member; he was actually the heir and successor.

“The Boyd clan truly is a large clan.” Salomon said slowly. “In Coldcalm Prefecture , it is one of the top ten large clans, but of course it is difficult for even an enormous clan to exist forever and never decay. Under the secret machinations of our opponents, my Boyd clan was finally brought down and destroyed.”

“My father…was the clan leader of the Boyd clan!” Salomon said softly.

Linley nodded slightly.

“In fact, I was only conceived by happenstance, when my father was touring the Infernal Realm and met my mother. I was just an illegitimate child.” Salomon snorted. “In the Boyd clan, it would be very hard for someone of my status to become the heir.”

Linley now understood. He said to himself, “I didn’t expect that this sort of thing happens in the Infernal Realm as well. It seems this Salomon’s life in the Boyd clan wasn’t very good.”

Although Linley had never experienced this himself, he had heard of it.

The status of a bastard was far inferior to that of someone in the direct line of descent.

“That year, Nisse and I went on a visit to the Jadefloat Continent. But on that trip…” Salomon’s face grew ugly. “We were directly kicked out!”

Linley was slightly startled.

Kicked out?

“I only stayed at the Boyd clan for a single day before being forced to leave.” Salomon laughed bitterly. “I returned to the Redbud Continent. Only afterwards did I learn that it was my father, the clan leader, who had arranged for myself and my sister to be expelled. Father had discovered long ago that the clan was facing a terrible danger.”

“At that time, when I returned to the Redbud Continent, it was Father who sent me to my teacher to study from him.” Salomon said with a sigh.

Linley just stood there, listening.

“Indeed…” Salomon said heavily. “The Boyd clan was finished. Some of its businesses in the ten great cities of Coldcalm Prefecture were swallowed and taken over. However, the vast fortune accumulated over countless years by our Boyd clan was hidden away. Those two faithful old servants of our clan took it and headed to the Redbud Continent to give it to me.”

Linley said helplessly, “Salomon, why are you telling me this?”

Although telling him this sort of secret was a form of trust, it was also a source of pressure for Linley.

Salomon looked at Linley. Calmly, he said, “I trust you. At the same time, I don’t want Bebe and my sister Nisse to have any misunderstandings between them, so it’s best to explain things clearly.”

Linley couldn’t help but take a close look at Boyd. He then nodded slightly.

Something like this could indeed cause Bebe’s suspicions to be raised. If it wasn’t made clear, there would always be a hint of reservations between Bebe and Nisse.

“This Salomon is worth befriending.” Linley nodded to himself. This fortune…he himself of course viewed money as something being the more the better, but there was no way he would rob and kill a friend for the sake of money.

Salomon continued to speak.

“A long time passed after I acquired this fortune. When I felt my power had reached a certain level, I led my two servants and my little sister back towards the Jadefloat Continent. I didn’t expect…that after so many years, there still were people waiting here for us.” Salomon sighed.

Linley laughed calmly. “Salomon, the fortune of an entire clan will cause greed in many. So what if they wait ten million years?”

To an expert who could live for hundreds of millions of years, waiting ten thousand years really was nothing.

“Fair enough.”

Salomon continued. “Linley, today, I have told you these things because first of all, I want for there to be no misunderstandings between the two of us. After all, my little sister is going to be together with your little brother.” This was how Linley introduced Bebe, as his little brother.

And in truth, the relationship between the two really was like that of two siblings.

“Secondly, Linley, I hope that in the future, you will help take care of my little sister.” Salomon said bitterly. “Even once I return to the Jadefloat Continent, I will still be beset by difficulties. My little sister, if she goes with you, will probably be better off. I only have a single little sister…I don’t want her to be in danger!”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about this.” Linley didn’t hesitate at all. “As long as I, Linley, do not die, I will definitely protect your sister.”

In the Infernal Realm, the people Linley cared about were, without question, Bebe and his wife Delia. Even if it were only for Bebe’s sake, Linley would protect Nisse.

“That makes me relieved.” Salomon nodded and laughed. “Linley, since that’s the case, I won’t disturb you further. You can go be busy.”

Linley left Salomon’s residence.

After Linley left, Salomon’s face, previously all smiles, instantly turned gloomy, his gaze turning fierce. “I told him so many things, but Linley continues to conceal his secrets from me. Hmph, does he think that I don’t know? A core member of the Four Divine Beasts clan…”

Salomon knew very well what the history of the Four Divine Beasts clan was.

“The Four Divine Beasts clan once shook the Four Higher Realms with their fame. Although they have decayed, they are still outstanding figures within the Infernal Realm.” Salomon murmured. “After transforming, his draconic scales are azure-gold, and his aura is so frightening. He is definitely a core member.”

Within the castle of sand, Linley’s Dragonform had absorbed that drop of blue water, and then he had attacked that Highgod. Salomon had appeared and had seen Linley’s transformation form.

Salomon, as the heir to the Boyd clan, had been secretly trained by some reclusive experts at his father’s request. Naturally, he knew many of the secrets of the Infernal Realm. Salomon had previously told Linley his name precisely because he had the intention of befriending Linley.

Boyd clan? Forget about now; even when they were at the heights of their power, they could only be considered a major clan within the Coldcalm Prefecture . Compared to the Four Divine Beasts clan, they were far inferior.

Which of the ultimate experts within the Infernal Realm hadn’t heard of the great fame of the Four Divine Beasts clan? And this was with the Four Divine Beasts clan being in a decayed state.

When the Four Divine Beasts clan had been at the full heights of their power, their influence reached throughout the Four Higher Planes.

In Salomon’s mind, Linley was definitely hiding secrets from him. How could he know that Linley actually only knew just the tiniest bit about the Four Divine Beasts clan?

The metallic lifeform pressed onwards. In the blink of an eye, it flew for yet another three months.

“This truly has been boring.”

Linley sighed to himself. “With regards to executing the sword attack with the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’, I already have some confidence. Only, without practical experience, I can’t be certain. But within this metallic creature, there’s no way I can casually test it out.” What Linley wanted to do right now was to find an empty space and to test things out.

He wanted to ascertain the strength of this attack with the Profound Truths of Velocity.

“Everyone, please come to the main hall.” Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“To the main hall?” Linley couldn’t help but be puzzled. “Judging from the sound, it should be the voice of that white-horned elder.”

Delia, who had been fusing with her divine spark, was startled into wakefulness. “Linley, did that white-horned elder ask for us to all go to the main hall?” Linley took Delia by the hand and laughed, “How should I know what is going on? Let’s go take a look.” As he spoke, the two left their room.

Within the main hall of the metallic lifeform, a group of Fiends stood together, all of them looking towards the white-horned elder.

The white-horned elder said in a bright voice, “Everyone, we will soon arrive at Yilan City. We will stop outside of Yilan City. Everyone can take a rest within the metallic lifeform. After two crises, many Fiends have died, and our two chefs have died as well. This time, I will go into the city to invite some new chefs to come, and also employ a few more Fiends from the Fiend Castle.”

“Employ Fiends?” The Fiends in the main hall didn’t object.

This trip was fairly dangerous, but how could an escort mission be without danger? If there was no danger, why would there be a need for Fiends to escort them?

The Fiends actually welcomed more Fiends joining in.

“I’ve been bored to death recently. It’ll be good to enter the city. We can relax.” Immediately, some Fiends began to laugh.

“Boss, when we go inside Yilan City, we’ll be able to have some good food in the restaurants in the city.” Bebe smacked his lips as he spoke. “Ever since those two chefs were killed during that bandit attack, a long time has passed since I had any good food.”

Everyone was discussing this amongst themselves.

The white-horned elder said loudly, “At the same time, I would like to ask everyone to remain within the metallic creature and not to enter Yilan City.” These words instantly caused dissatisfaction.

“Why not?” A Fiend spoke out.

The white-horned elder said calmly, “I hope everyone can understand. After the battle at the castle of sand, I imagine all of you know about the Boyd clan’s affairs. I don’t want for this information to spread out. Thus…even if you don’t stay inside the metallic lifeform, at the very least, you cannot enter the city.”

Indeed, amongst the Fiends present, there were some who wanted to leak this news out.

The secret of the Boyd clan?

Linley nodded to himself. It was true. If someone spread this secret, everyone would probably meet with danger on the way.

“I understand this logic.” The eldest of the three Edwards brothers said calmly. “Please don’t worry. Since we’ve accepted this mission, we naturally won’t reveal it. Even if we were only doing it for our own sakes, we wouldn’t reveal it. All of us will stay outside the city and not enter it. Mr. Learmonth, what say you?”

Learmonth nodded. “Nobody is permitted to enter the city, nor chat casually with outsiders, until this mission is completed.”

The white-horned elder was overjoyed. “Thank you, the four of you.”

With the three Edwards brothers and Learmonth having spoken out, the other Fiends wouldn’t raise any other objections.

Moments later, through the window, they all saw the city drawing nearer. The metallic lifeform came to a halt at a wide, empty expanse of wild grass roughly ten kilometers outside of the city. The white-horned elder headed by himself through the city gates, while the others left the metallic lifeform as well.

They rested in the area around the metallic lifeform.

“I hope everyone will act wisely.” The eldest of the three Edwards brothers, the handsome man, said emotionlessly. “If someone interacts with outsiders, don’t blame us for being merciless.”

“Hmph. So boring.” Bebe snorted softly. “We’re at a city, but we can’t go inside.”

Linley’s face was all smiles. “This is good. I will have the chance to test the sword technique now.” Linley walked to an empty area, then drew Bloodviolet and began to test his sword technique. As he was worried that someone might recognize Bloodviolet, Linley had intentionally changed Bloodviolet’s appearance slightly.

Actually, there were many violet longswords, and the number of people who had personally met the Bloodviolet Fiend could be counted on one hand. After Linley’s modifications, even the aura of Bloodviolet had changed. Who would possibly be able to recognize Bloodviolet?

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