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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 14, The Scorching Volcano

Linley’s group remained outside of Yilan City, while nearly a hundred million kilometers east of Yilan City, there was an enormous chain of volcanoes.

The massive volcano chain took up thousands of kilometers of space. Within these thousand kilometers was an area of volcanoes, and the entire place was a dim red color.

“Crackle…” A white mist emitted from the center of the mountain range. A dense smell of sulfur could be smelled from far away, and many skeletons of humans, beastmen, and others lay throughout the mountain range. There was no life here, not a single blade of grass. This was a famously lethal region in the Infernal Realm…

The Biss [Bi’si] Volcano Range!

Dozens of human figures were flying in the air above the Biss Volcano Range. Judging from their appearances, they seemed rather ragged.

“The Infernal Realm really is chaotic. It’s impossible to find a peaceful place to live.” The leader cursed angrily.

“Big brother, let’s hurry up and find a place where we can find our footing.” A muscular man behind him said softly. “Let’s try to find an out of the way place where we can build our power, and then we can worry about other things. In the Infernal Realm, there are too many dangers.”

“Right.” The leader nodded.

But right at that moment…

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

From the surface of the Biss Volcano Range, thousands of stones, carrying scorching flames, began to rise into the air at a terrifying speed. Instantly, those dozens of figures began to flee in terror, but those thousands of stones were capable of altering their trajectory.

“Crunch!” “Crunch!”

In the blink of an eye, dozens of Deities had their heads smashed in. Their divine sparks flew out and their souls dispersed. All of them fell down from mid-air.

Their corpses landed at the ground level of the volcano.

“Crackle…” The volcano range was like a living thing, swallowing up the corpses, interspatial rings, divine sparks, and divine artifacts.

The Biss Volcano Range was as peaceful as ever before. Aside from the fact that the surface of the volcano range now had a few more corpses, nothing had changed at all.

The Biss Volcano Range was a dangerous area, but for the many people who had never read any books regarding it or who had no experience, how would they know that this was a dangerous area? For example, Linley’s group only knew about some of the dangerous areas because they had bought some books.

And also…

Many dangerous areas in the Infernal Realm were newly formed and not recorded in any books.

Dangerous areas littered the world. This was the Infernal Realm!

A metallic lifeform was flying at high speed towards the Biss Volcano Range. Roughly a few dozen kilometers away from the Biss Volcano Range, the metallic lifeform landed on the ground. From within it, three figures disembarked. It was Inigo and two of his subordinates.

“Young master, we’re coming to a halt now? Why don’t we fly into the volcano range?” One of them, a Highgod, asked questioningly.

Inigo glanced sideways at him coldly. “Hmph, into the volcano range? You are asking for death! The Biss Volcano Range is one of the lethally dangerous areas of the Infernal Realm. It isn’t as simple as you imagine it to be! Follow me.” As he spoke, Inigo strode forward at high speed towards the volcano range.

“How dangerous is this Biss Volcano Range, exactly?” The two Highgods behind him both wondered.

They were Highgods. There were very few areas which could pose a threat to them.

“If you don’t want to die, then don’t run about wildly.” Inigo snorted. “In this place, I’m not able to protect you.”

Although Inigo was walking on the ground, he traversed the dozens of kilometers in a very short period of time. Inigo led his two subordinates to the outer reaches of the Biss Volcano Range. Looking at the white steam and the barren, lifeless landscape, the volcano range covered with the odor of sulfur, Inigo couldn’t help but clear his throat.

“Lord Elquin [A’li’kui’en], I am second young master Inigo of the Bayfield [Bei’fei’er’de] clan of the Coldcalm Prefecture . I would like to request that Lord Elquin graces me with a meeting!” Inigo bowed respectfully as he spoke.

After speaking, Inigo remained in the bowing position, quietly awaiting for a response.

“Someone lives within this volcano range?” The two Highgods behind Inigo both felt surprised.

They too had heard that the Biss Volcano Range was a dangerous area, but they had never heard that the Biss Volcano Range had people within it.

“The Bayfield clan?” A deep voice rang out from within the volcano range, causing the entire volcano range to rumble slightly. “Enter, then.”

And then, a tunnel suddenly appeared from a crack on the surface of the volcano range.

Inigo took a deep breath, then walked towards the corridor. The two Highgods behind him both felt astonished.

“Hurry up and follow.” Inigo barked.

“Yes, young master.” The two immediately followed Inigo in, stepping into the corridor.

According to the rules of the Infernal Realm, once one became a Seven Star Fiend, one had the right to challenge the Asuras. Only by defeating an Asura would one receive the position. The former Asura would either die in battle, or survive and relinquish their position…after countless challenges and struggles, the Infernal Realm naturally now had many reclusive experts.

These reclusive experts might be former Asuras, or they might be Seven Star Fiends, or perhaps even those extremely powerful experts who weren’t interested in fighting for the position of Asura.

Without question, however, they all possessed terrifying power.

The common people of the Infernal Realm had no idea they existed, but some of the ancient clans knew about some of the reclusive experts who couldn’t be offended.

The two subordinates of Inigo immediately understood. “Most likely, this Biss Volcano Range has an ultimate expert residing within.”

In the dark corridor, the three continuously advanced deeper into the ground.


“Crackle…” The stone wall at the side of the corridor suddenly splintered into countless pebbles which suddenly moved forwards!

“Ah!” “Ah!”

The two Highgods were pierced through by those countless flying pebbles, and even their divine sparks were struck numerous times. Their souls were immediately dispersed!

But Inigo’s face didn’t change. He thought to himself, “I didn’t expect that after so many years, that pet of Lord Elquin’s behaves just as father said. Hmph. These two fellows served as food for Lord Elquin’s pet!”

Moments later…

Inigo walked to the end of the corridor, where a river of lava was flowing. Inigo had arrived at the heart of the volcano range now. This core region was an extremely vast, empty cave. In the center of the cave, there was a scorching hot pond of golden magma.

“I didn’t expect that there was such a strange thing underground.” Inigo’s face changed.

“Drip…drip…” The golden magma continued to boil and flow.

The muscles on Inigo’s face clenched twice, and then he left through another corridor, arriving at a large, lavish, empty underground palace. Deep within the underground palace, black-robed figure was currently seated in the official position, while within his arms there was a golden kitten.

Inigo immediately bowed and said, “Inigo Bayfield pays his respects to Lord Elquin, and also brings the well-wishes of my father.”

“Mm.” The black-robed figure responded calmly. “Inigo, I’ve heard your father speak of you. Why have you come to me?”

A hint of a smile appeared on Inigo’s face. “Lord Elquin, actually, I spent a very long period of time and led over a hundred Highgods in preparation for a major event, but in the end, despite spending a large amount of money, most of my subordinates died and we still failed.”

“Whatever it is that you want, speak clearly!” The black-robed figure snorted coldly in dissatisfaction.

Inigo hurriedly said, “Yes, I’ll speak clearly. Not long ago, the Boyd clan was destroyed, but two servants of their clan took the vast fortune accumulated by the Boyd clan over countless years and fled with it. I have been searching for them this entire time, and chased them here from the Jadefloat Continent. In the end, I discovered them!”

“Boyd clan?”

The black-robed figure was finally startled. “Are you referring to the Boyd clan which was as famous as your Bayfield clan?”

“Yes.” Inigo said.

The black-robed figure let out a few insidious chuckles. “Haha, Inigo, the fortune of the Boyd clan is an astonishing sum. You’ve actually come to notify me about such a fortunate event? Why didn’t you go seek out other members of your Bayfield clan? I have to question what your intentions are.”

Inigo said hurriedly, “Lord Elquin, there are two major reasons why I didn’t go to my clan for help.”

“First of all, if I were to look for the experts within the clan, I would have to at least head back to the Coldcalm Prefecture of the Jadefloat Continent. The distance is simply too vast, and it’s hard to say if some variables would occur which would cause me to lose track of them.” Inigo said hurriedly. “As for the second reason, I’m afraid Lord Elquin will laugh at me.”

Inigo laughed self-mockingly, “Lord Elquin, you should know that my big brother is the eldest son of the clan chief. In the future, he will be the one to inherit the position of clan chief. As for me, in the future, I will most likely be sent off to some distant area. My power will probably be far inferior to even my current level.”

The black-robed figure let out two insidious chuckles. “You are a smart kid. Right. Speak a bit more regarding the fortune of the Boyd clan. If I can acquire this fortune, I naturally won’t mistreat you.”

Although he was extremely powerful, this vast fortune of an enormous clan had been enough to make him greedy.

“Um, this…” Inigo mumbled.

The black-robed figure chuckled, “Kid, do you think I can’t tell what you are thinking? Fine, then. You and I can make a contract by the Overgods. If I acquire the fortune of the Boyd clan, I will give you ten percent. What do you say?”

The power of a contract was extremely great.

It was like the ‘bond of equals’ or ‘master-servant bond’ between a man and a magical beast. When metallic lifeforms were under the control of others, it was also because of this sort of bond.

As for the Overgod contract, it was an extremely serious type of bond.

“Alright.” Inigo was instantly overjoyed. Ten percent of the fortune!

If he had given this information to his clan, the clan would heavily reward him, but how much would he get? This was the entire fortune of the Boyd clan; if his own clan gave him even one percent, that would be quite good. How could they give him ten percent?

Inigo and the black-robed man immediately set up an Overgod contract.


Two rays of black light flew out from Inigo and the black-robed man’s foreheads, piercing into their divine sparks.

Inigo was now completely at ease. He immediately laughed. “Lord Elquins, on this trip, on the surface, those two servants have employed a group of Fiends, with one of the servants having died and only one remaining.”

“So the fortune is on those two old servants?” The black-robed figure said.

Inigo instead said, “Not necessarily. Lord Elquins, I saw someone within the group of Fiends who is very likely to be a member of the Boyd clan. I suspect…that the fortune is currently on him.”

“He joined the Fiends?” The black-robed figure nodded slightly.

“Lord Elquins, don’t worry. When the time comes, I will follow you and immediately point him out.”

The black-robed figure said calmly, “How about this. Inigo, you arrange for everything. All you need to do is notify me.” Inigo bowed respectfully, then retreated.

After Inigo left, the black-robed figure immediately stood up. His ashen, pale face was only now revealed. A hint of a smile was at the corner of Elquin’s lips. “Since we have made an Overgod contract, this kid won’t dare lie to me. It is worth a trip.”

Elquin was also worried that Inigo might play some tricks, but now, there was no need.

“Phusro [Pu’si’luo], let’s prepare to head out.” Elquins petted the golden fur on the kitten in his hands.

“Meow.” The little golden kitten called out.

Outside Yilan City, the metallic lifeform remained halted outside the city. The three Edwards brothers and the other Fiends waited quietly outside the city.

“That kid really is hard working. He’s always training.”

“Most likely it is because he encountered so many dangers. He’s afraid of death.”

The three Edwards brothers chatted and laughed quietly amongst themselves, while at the same time glancing sideways into the distance at Linley, who was experimenting with his sword techniques time and time again. Linley had already been experimenting nonstop for eighteen full days. Over the course of these eighteen days, Linley had continuously trained while also correcting and improving the technique.

Theory and practice were not the same. There were always some differences.

Linley once more struck out with Bloodviolet. As it chopped out, instantly, the sword shadow became blurred, as though it had reached the limits of speed as well as the limits of sloth. This sort of feeling was extremely disorienting. As his sword flashed past, sharp ripples in space appeared.

“Crackle…” The earth split open.

This was caused by those spatial ripples alone.

“There we go.” Linley’s eyes lit up. For experimentation, Linley only used a tenth of his full power, but the strength of this attack remained astonishing.

A smile appeared on Linley’s face. “That’s about it. This ‘Bewildering Shadow’ attack has finally been completed! If I were to attack using it at full strength, especially when matching it with the massive strength and speed of my Dragonform, the power of this attack…will be dozens of times greater than it was just now!”

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