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Book 12, The Descent of the Gods – Chapter 39, Creating a Catastrophe!

The Saints that had been maintaining order all immediately retreated to the riverbanks. As for the increasingly large number of watchers, all of them stared with wide eyes in shock. Just then, Bloom’s sudden death had already caused great shock to these commoners. Because they had seen Bloom fly in the sky.

Bloom was a Saint, but he had died without being able to fight back at all.

To these ordinary people, that was simply inconceivable.

That was a Saint

At this moment…

The fierce-faced Beaumont was howling through the air, charging towards Olivier, that deep blue warblade in his hands chopping viciously down towards Olivier. But what welcomed him was…Olivier’s dazzling sword!

Darkness and light coinciding!


The warblade and the mystic icesword collided, and the terrifying force of the collision blasted forth towards ground. The Great Botha Levee’s entire surface layer cracked with a ‘boom’ sound, and then transformed into dust. A layer of the Great Botha Levee that was fully a meter deep was blown away, revealing that pitch black rocky material within it.

The reason why the Great Botha Levee was able to remain undamaged for ten thousand plus years was because of this strange material.

The shockwave continued down, causing a massive depression within the waters of the Yulan River, then exploded out, casting countless waves in every direction. Drops of water shot out like arrows, and wherever they landed, people cried out in agony, with blood splatting everywhere.

Instantly, the many citizens watching at the riverbanks grew terrified, quickly retreating backwards nonstop.

“Rumble…” A strange surge of white light rippled forth from Desri’s chest. This surge of strange, rippling white light was simply too fast, instantly reaching Beaumont’s body. Beaumont, feeling some pain, let out a single growl.

“These bastards.” Beaumont stared at the distant Desri and Olivier.

He had miscalculated!

He had thought that as Desri and Olivier had just become Deities, they should have very ordinary levels of strength. Dealing with them shouldn’t be difficult. But who would have imagined…that just then, Olivier’s attack had actually been slightly more powerful than his own warblade’s attack. As for Desri, he had that strange soul-attack.

“You want to kill us? In your dreams.” Olivier’s face was ice cold.

At this moment, Linley glanced at Desri, secretly sighing, “Desri trains in the Elemental Laws of Light, focusing on the soul. Indeed, upon becoming a Deity, soul-based attacks are extremely hard to defend against. Even Beaumont suffered somewhat.”

Desri was most proficient at matters pertaining to the soul!

“Linley, I can deal with this Beaumont by myself.” Olivier transmitted mentally. Olivier was completely confident in himself, and he immediately transformed into a ray of light, instantly piercing through the sky and arriving in front of Beaumont.


Beaumont’s body instantly began to emit a rippling gray energy aura which instantly covered an area of ten meters around him.

“Swooosh.” Olivier instantly flew backwards and retreated.

Olivier’s face was ashen. While flying back, he immediately transmitted mentally, “Careful, that gray divine power covering his body has a very strange force. When I drew near it, I felt my entire body become weak. It was very bizarre.” Olivier took a deep breath, and his face slowly began look a bit better.

Desri and Linley were both secretly shocked.

Linley knew that, having been at the Demigod level for so long, this Beaumont definitely had some powerful attacks.

“Haha…” Beaumont let out a wild laugh, then stared at Linley and the other two with a murder in his eyes. “It seems I underestimated you. If I don’t use a bit of my real power, it really will be hard to kill you. Then…prepare to die.”

After finishing speaking, Beaumont charged forward, his entire body surrounded by that roiling gray aura. His target was still Olivier and Desri!

Olivier and Desri’s faces were very solemn.

“Rumble…” Desri’s chest once again emitted that strange, rippling white light which streaked towards Beaumont.

But this time, Beaumont seemed to be unaffected, while at the same time he struck out with his warblade, covered with gray light, in a lightning fast chopping blow towards Olivier.

“Haaaargh!” Olivier let out an angry sound, and the darkness and light divine power around his body formed into a protective armor. Instantly, a black and white sword flash appeared, and space itself ripped apart. When that black-white sword flash and that blue warblade collided, the only thing that could be heard was repeated collision sounds…

“Not good!” Linley knew that the situation was dire.

Suddenly, a faint green figure charged straight in.

Countless devilish violet sword flashes appeared, creating countless tears in space. This was the Rippling Wind – Dimensional Decapitator attack! Countless violet flashes of light, each of which contained a Dimensional Decapitator, stabbed out. The countless sword shadows’ appearance and attacks caused even Beaumont, despite his power, to only be able to respond sluggishly.

“How bizarre.” Linley’s heart trembled.

He could sense that Beaumont’s warblade seemed to have transformed into layers of waves, crashing down upon him, while he himself was nothing more than a small boat within the waves that could be capsized at any moment. In addition, the ‘warblade waves’ contained within them a strange, deathly aura which was constantly affecting his soul. If his soul was weak, he might have become dizzy from that deathly aura alone and become unable to fight back.

“Retreat.” Linley, after stabbing out with his ‘Rippling Wind’ technique, immediately grabbed Olivier and flew backwards.

Olivier’s face was ashen. His soul wasn’t as strong as Linley’s, and the impact of that deathly aura on him was very great. Desri, in turn was shocked; his attack had no effect at all.

In the air above the Great Botha Levee of the Yulan River, Linley, Desri, and Olivier stood shoulder to shoulder. They all felt that the situation was not good.

“There’s nothing I can do against him.” Desri said mentally to Linley and Olivier.

Linley didn’t say anything. Desri was only skilled in soul-attacks, but his foe was able to easily block it. Then what else could Desri do? Linley looked at Olivier, transmitting to him mentally, “Olivier, do you have any methods you can use to deal with this Beaumont?”

Olivier narrowed his eyes, transmitting back, “I have a powerful attack, but after using it, my spiritual energy will be utterly consumed, and my soul will become weak as well. I won’t be able to attack after that.”

Linley nodded secretly.

“You still want to kill me?” Beaumont laughed wildly. “You there, soul-attacking fellow. Your soul-attack isn’t bad, but I, Beaumont, wasn’t even afraid of the Grand Warlock. How could I be afraid of your soul-attack? Your ability, compared to that of the Grand Warlock’s, is far off!!!”

Linley thought back to the Grand Warlock’s attack as well.

If it hadn’t been for his damaged Sovereign artifact, and for that azure water drop, he truly wouldn’t have been able to hold off against the Grand Warlock’s final, desperate attack.

“As for you, the one with the white and black hair.” Beaumont felt that victory was assured. “You are able to simultaneously use light divine power and darkness divine power. This really is quite unique. But…a simple sword blow like that? If I, Beaumont, couldn’t resist it, I would’ve died in the Planar Prison long ago.”

“Just a simple sword? Hrmph. This sword is enough to kill you.” Olivier ground out.

He was prepared to go all out.

“Haha…” Beaumont, utterly enraged, let out a laugh. “Fine. You want to die? I’ll grant you death.” The deathly aura around Beaumont’s body once more began to grow in strength, and he charged like a boundless tidal wave towards Linley, Desri, and Olivier.

Linley hardened his heart.


The fierce-faced Olivier was wielding his mystic icesword, and he charged out in front of Linley. Linley, not hesitating at all, followed from straight behind. Both Linley and Olivier had decided to use their ultimate attacks!

“Haha…” Beaumont laughed wildly, while at the same time he began to brandish that deep blue warblade.

The deep blue warblade transformed into countless blade blurs, forming into a wave of blade shadows. At the same time, Beaumont’s eyes turned scarlet red, and within the blue blade waves there appeared a faint red color.

Although Linley had moved after Olivier did, Linley’s speed was faster than Olivier’s, and so he was the first to clash with Beaumont.

“I will kill that black haired kid and badly injure this Linley.” Beaumont was no longer going to hold back. But suddenly, Beaumont discovered to his astonishment that an extremely bewitching violet light suddenly flashed from Linley’s body, while at the same time, a gentle, soft sound, almost like that of a flute, could be heard.

This sound was very pleasant to listen to.

In that moment, the entire world seemed to have turned quiet. The only sound that could be heard was that of the soft, gentle flute sound.


The violet flash of light collided with that wave of blade blurs, but a blood-red illusory sword shadow actually shot out from Bloodviolet, piercing directly into Beaumont’s brain. Beaumont’s soul was extremely powerful, and once he used his spiritual energy, he could form it into a powerful wall to block.

Even in the face of the ultimate attack of the Grand Warlock, Beaumont was confident that he would at least survive.


That gentle flute sound had actually caused Beaumont to sink into a reverie for a moment, causing him to not control his spiritual energy to form it into a blockading wall. In that moment…Linley’s attack descended. That was the moment the blood-red illusory sword shadow shot out!

“Aaaaaah!” Only after the illusory sword shadow pierced into his sea of consciousness did Beaumont awake in shock.

But it was too late.

The blood-red illusory sword shadow pierced straight into Beaumont’s divine spark. Beaumont’s divine spark shuddered, and then that blood-red illusory sword exploded…the soul contained within that divine spark was shattered by the collision, and Beaumont’s eyes instantly turned dull.

His soul had been destroyed!

Naturally, his wave of blade-blurs stopped as well.

Profound Truths of Velocity – Hymn of the Wind!

“Die!” Linley was just a moment faster than Olivier, whose most powerful attack had also arrived. This was a battle between Deities, and Olivier was just a fraction of a moment behind Linley. Just as Beaumont died, Olivier’s sword arrived.

The mystic icesword, surrounded by a black-white color, suddenly formed a sort of translucent membrane around itself.

Outside the membrane around the longsword, there were countless tears in space.

This attack was definitely the most powerful attack Olivier was capable of after becoming a Deity.


The black-white sword light sent that blue warblade flying. The white-black sword light flashed through, effortlessly splitting Beaumont’s entire body in half, from head to toes. Clearly, chopping Beaumont’s divine body in half hadn’t consumed much force, as that black-white sword light continued to chop downwards.


Like an axe chopping into a tree, the black-white sword light chopped viciously against the pitch black rock of the Great Botha Levee. Olivier’s sword blow was simply too strong. His blow had actually, finally, caused this Great Botha Levee, which had been undamaged for over ten thousand years, to be chopped in half.

“That can’t be.” Olivier’s spiritual energy was already utterly used up, but he still stared in surprise at Linley.

When his attack intersected with Beaumont’s, he was able to easily slice Beaumont in half. Only then did Olivier realize…that Beaumont was already dead. Clearly, before he, Olivier, had attacked, Beaumont had already died. After all, he had spent almost no energy in chopping Beaumont in half.

“Linley, you killed him?” Olivier said in surprise.

“I was just slightly faster than you.” Linley waved his hand, snatching and storing the now-flying divine spark, divine artifact, and interspatial rings.

Desri flew over as well, his face covered in smiles. “Linley, you two…” But before he even finished the sentence…

“BANG!!!!” From below, the Great Botha Levee which Olivier had chopped into two pieces suddenly exploded, transforming into countless pieces of stone. The Great Botha Levee, which Olivier had only just barely able to break through with his full strength attack, had utterly exploded.

“Haha…after ten thousand years, I’ve finally returned!!!”

“Yulan continent. It’s been ten million years. I, Locard [Luo’ca], have returned, haha…”

“Yulan continent! I’m back!”

“I’m back!”

“I’m back!!!”

Like a horde of locusts, countless human figures charged out wildly from the Great Botha Levee, flying in every which way.

“Thanks, young fellows.” A voice rang out in the minds of Linley, Desri, and Olivier. This scene had utterly terrified and stupefied the three of them. The auras of those countless experts had already utterly shocked Linley.

“BOOM!” A black-robed figure suddenly appeared in mid-air.

Instantly, space froze.

“Lord Beirut.” Linley instantly realized that the person in mid-air was Beirut. Beirut’s face had changed dramatically. He stretched out his right hand, which transformed into an enormous black palm, slamming directly down towards the Great Botha Levee.

The endless stream of people charging out from the Great Botha Levee like a flood were suddenly caught.

“Lord Beirut.” Linley, Olivier, and Desri were utterly confused.

Beirut’s face was ashen as he stared at Linley, Olivier, and Desri. “You…have caused an utter catastrophe!!!”

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