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Book 12, The Descent of the Gods – Chapter 38, Smiling Meekly

The Great Botha Levee stretched all the way from the banks of the Yulan river to the center.

Right. The Great Botha Levee was extremely strange. It was like a massive dock or wharf. Logically speaking, for it to have stretched all the way to the center, the thousands of years of pounding by the waves of the Yulan river should have been able to even grind a mountain down.

However, the Great Botha Levee had existed for ten thousand plus years without being damaged at all.

This was indeed quite strange.

Precisely because it was so strange, the Great Botha Levee was famous throughout the Yulan continent.

Yulan calendar, year 10044, January 16th. At the Yulan River’s intersection between the Rohault Empire and the Yulan Empire. The Great Botha Levee. Normally, this was an extremely rowdy place, but today, there wasn’t a single person who could draw near the Great Botha Levee.


Over ten Saints were currently guarding this place, maintaining an iron order, not permitting anyone to draw near it.

On the banks of the river, many people were gathered there, watching.

“Over ten Saints. I’ve never seen so many Saints in my entire life.” A powerful, muscular middle aged man was so excited, his eyes were shining. He kept on staring towards the distant Great Botha Levee. “What is going on today? What is going to happen?”

“Hey, are those Saints? No way.” The onlookers grew more and more numerous. The latecomers didn’t believe it.

“What do you know? I personally watched those many Saints descend from the skies and force everyone back, not permitting anyone to enter the Great Botha Levee.” Someone had arrived very early at the Great Botha Levee, and had watched the Saints fly down.

“So many Saints. What are they up to? Also, who is that bald guy sitting atop the Great Botha Levee?”

The watchers grew more and more numerous. Everyone’s gaze was directed towards the Great Botha Levee. The only person seated there on a chair was…a tall, muscular bald man, dressed in a black robe. He didn’t cover up his face. In front of this tall, bald man was a round table, with a flask of fine wine on top.

“Yet another Saint has arrived.” The crowd let out a murmur of surprise.

The many onlookers watched as three figures flew over from the north. These three figures slowed down as they neared the Great Botha Levee, finally landing atop it. Shoulder to shoulder, the three walked towards the tall bald man. In a few moments, they arrived at the round table.

“I didn’t realize there would be three of you. Ah, my apologies.” The tall bald man dressed in a black robe had a face filled with tight flesh, but he still squeezed out a smile. “I only prepared two chairs.”

Immediately, the bald man glanced to the side. Clearly, he had sent a mental message. Instantly, a Saint produced a seat from somewhere, immediately flying over and respectfully setting it down, before respectfully retreating yet again.

“That is not your fault, Mr. Beaumont.” Desri said with a calm laugh.

Linley, Desri, and Olivier all sat down. Originally, Linley had only instructed Bloom to say that there were two Deities. Beaumont was also rather surprised that three had shown up. Only, Beaumont didn’t care at all.

“It seems that the person who became a Deity a few days ago belonged to their side.” Beaumont secretly said to himself. “Just became a Deity? Hrmph, those new early stage Demigods, I can fight them ten at a time.”

Beaumont swept his gaze towards Linley. Of the three, the only one he was slightly concerned about was Linley. After all, three years ago, Linley had killed the Grand Warlock. “This Linley could not only kill the Grand Warlock, he was able to survive the Grand Warlock’s ultimate attack.”

Linley, Desri, and Olivier only looked at Beaumont.

“Haha…” Beaumont let out a carefree laugh. “Mr. Linley, since you wanted to meet with me, naturally I wouldn’t dare to refuse. I don’t know why you three have come, Mr. Linley? Is there something you need of Beaumont? If there is, please feel free to tell me. I, Beaumont, am a very easygoing fellow.”

Beaumont’s voice was very loud.

But, the distant onlookers didn’t hear it, because Beaumont had already utilized his Godrealm.

This Godrealm was formed from a simple form of control over Beaumont’s elemental energy. Linley, Desri, and Olivier were all Deities. Naturally, they wouldn’t care about such a simple use of a Godrealm. Even if Beaumont had used his Godrealm at full force, it wouldn’t be much of a threat.

The Godrealm was actually what made the difference between a Deity and a Saint, but upon becoming a Deity, it no longer had much of an impact on you.

“Mr. Beaumont, you should know why we have come.” Linley stared at him.

Beaumont was slightly surprised, but then he laughed loudly. “Mr. Linley, you must be jesting. If you don’t tell me, how should I know?”

The nearby Olivier said coldly, “A hundred million people died in the Rohault Empire. A hundred million. Beaumont, you really are ruthless. What do you take our Yulan continent to be? You think you can kill as many as you wish?”

“Mr. Beaumont, we all know what’s going on. No need to play dumb.” Linley said as well.

Beaumont let out an awkward chuckle. “The people who died in the Rohault Empire, well…fine, I admit it. I was the one who arranged for those hundred million people to be killed. What of it? Linley, the three of you have already become Deities. You still care about those commoners?” Beaumont had a very surprised look on his face.

“Are you joking?” Linley’s face couldn’t help but sink.

Desri spoke now as well. “Beaumont, the Yulan continent is our homeland. If we allow you to keep killing as you please, the people in our homeland will all be dead. The three of us would be ashamed to keep living after that. Beaumont, go ahead and speak. How should we resolve this?”

How to resolve this?

Hearing these words, Beaumont secretly laughed. “Indeed. They don’t want to fight with me. Then this will be easy to handle.”

Olivier let out a cold snort from the side.

“This, well, I’m really sorry about this.” Beaumont sighed. “How about this. You are worried that everyone in your homeland will die, right? Then I promise, after killing another hundred million, I’ll stop. How about that? Another hundred million, to the Yulan continent, is nothing at all.”

Kill another hundred million?

Linley, Desri, and Olivier’s hearts instantly filled with rage, and their faces turned cold.

Seeing the situation, Beaumont couldn’t help but laugh. “Haha, just kidding, just kidding. Linley, you people really can’t take a joke. I won’t kill any more. I guarantee that I won’t kill any more of the citizens of your Yulan continent. Good enough, right?”

Olivier’s face was as cold as ice. Desri’s face was rather ugly to behold as well.

Linley’s face was cold. “Beaumont, we won’t waste words. Agree to two requirements, and this will be done with.”

“Speak.” The fierce looking face of Beaumont was still covered with smiles.

“First, from today onwards, you are not permitted to kill a single member of the Yulan continent. In addition, the souls of the citizens of the Yulan continent that you collected, whether refined or not, must all be handed to us.” Linley said coldly.

Beaumont’s smile instantly disappeared.

“The second requirement is, once we are finished, you must leave the Yulan Plane. Our Yulan Plane does not welcome you here.” Linley finished.

Beaumont’s face sank down.

“Leave the Yulan Plane?” Beaumont said. “This…isn’t out of the question. But you can’t be in a rush. You need to give me some time.”

Desri spoke as well. “Beaumont, you have collected the souls of the citizens of the Yulan Plane. You’d best hand them over quickly. No matter if they are refined into soul essences or not, all of them need to be handed over! Hand them over. You aren’t qualified to use them.”

“Don’t have’m. The souls have gone to the Netherworld.” Beaumont said bluntly. “I’m not able to refine souls. Why would I want them?”

Beaumont’s heart was starting to fill with rage as well.

Even Muba and the Grand Warlock wouldn’t dare to act so presumptuously before him. When he ordered the Grand Warlock to refine a Gold Soul-Pearl, the Grand Warlock didn’t dare to openly refuse him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew a few things about Linley, how would he, Beaumont, have already lowered himself this much?

When the Grand Warlock had died, Beaumont had been very shocked, and so he immediately went to investigate Linley.

Afterwards, when he captured a disciple of the War God’s College, he had learned that Linley had some sort of a relationship with Beirut. This was the reason why, all these years, Beaumont had never gone to Linley to get his revenge.

He didn’t want to make Linley his enemy.

Beaumont, to his dying day, would never forget how terrifying Beirut was.

“Gone to the Netherworld? What a joke!!!” Olivier immediately stood up.

“Beaumont, you are lying.” Linley and Desri both stood up as well. They were both angry now. This Beaumont had actually slaughtered a hundred million people, then acted like nothing was amiss. He just wanted to say, ‘Fine, I won’t do it anymore’? He was neither willing to return the souls, nor leave the Yulan Plane.

With things having come to this stage, there was nothing to discuss.

“Lying? How am I lying?” Beaumont stood up as well.

“We already know that you are collecting souls. Do you think we don’t know what you ordered those Saints to do?” Desri said coldly.

Beaumont suddenly turned and stared furiously at the distant Bloom. “Bloom…”

Bloom instantly knelt down in terror, but his body was already lifted up by the power of the Godrealm. He was utterly incapable of movement now.

“Die.” Beaumont waved his hand, and a ray of grey divine power flew straight into Bloom’s body. Bloom watched in terror as that Death-type divine power flew towards him, but he couldn’t move at all. The Death-type divine power wrapped around his body, instantly transforming him into a heap of dust.

Linley, Olivier, and Desri all watched carefully, prepared to act at any moment.

Turning his head, Beaumont stared at Linley and the others. “Linley, I, Beaumont, will make things clear to you today. I’ll give you face and no longer kill the people of your Yulan Plane! You give me face as well. This matter will be at an end. If you aren’t willing…then I don’t mind teaching you a lesson on behalf of Lord Beirut.”

“What type of talk is this?” Linley laughed coldly. “Beaumont, you killed a hundred million people. A hundred million!!! Now, you are just going to say you won’t kill anymore, without accepting any punishment at all, and just have this matter be at an end? And you say this is giving me face?”

Linley felt this was absolutely laughable.

This Beaumont was absolutely too domineering.

“Oh, it seems you don’t want to give me face.” Beaumont’s face sank.

He had already made up his mind. “This Linley and Lord Beirut has some sort of connection. I can’t kill him for now. But I still have to teach him a lesson. As for the other two next to him…I’ll kill them. This will serve to frighten Linley as well. Don’t think I’m as weak as that Warlock!”

“It isn’t that we aren’t willing to give you face. It’s that you are simply too arrogant and demanding.” Linley’s heart began to fill with a killing intent as well.

Olivier and Desri’s bodies were slowly beginning to be surrounded with divine power as well.

“You really motherf*cking…I, Beaumont, have been smiling meekly all day today and giving you face, Linley. Who the hell do you think I, Beaumont, am? Since when have I ever smiled so meekly? I give you face, but you don’t want to take it.” Beaumont slapped the table viciously. With a ‘boom’, the table disintegrated into countless pieces, and Beaumont’s furious, fierce face was trembling. “Fine. Then this isn’t my fault. Lord Beirut, today, I will teach Linley a lesson on your behalf.” A deep blue warblade suddenly appeared within Beaumont’s hands.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

Linley, Desri, and Olivier both retreated into the air at the same time. In Linley’s hands appeared the devilish Bloodviolet. In Desri’s hands, a slender sword. As for Olivier, in his hands appeared the mystic icesword.

“Beaumont, you call this smiling meekly?”

Linley was so furious, he began to laugh. “You call this giving me face? You killed a hundred million people of my Yulan Plane but aren’t willing to pay any price at all, and you call that giving me face? And that you are going to teach me a lesson on behalf of Lord Beirut? What type of a thing are you? On what basis can you do anything on behalf of Lord Beirut?”

“And what’s more, you think you have the power to discipline me?” Linley’s wind-style divine power filled Bloodviolet.

This time, Bloodviolet didn’t make any sound at all.

“This fellow really is a bastard.” Desri was also angered to the point of laughing. Desri, the most even-tempered of the three, had also been utterly enraged by Beaumont.

Beaumont, the long, deep blue blade in his hands, quirked his lips, his face fierce.

“Die!!!” Beaumont roared with brutal rage. His voice was still echoing in the air, but he had already charged towards Olivier. Beaumont had already made his decision that first he would kill Desri and Olivier, and only then would he teach Linley his lesson.

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