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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 5: Bebe’s Revenge

Moller township, despite being just a township, had status that was almost on par with most prefectural cities, because the thousands of residents of Moller township all belonged to one clan. This clan, centuries ago, was a very ordinary one, but after producing the earth-style Grand Magus Saint, Rudi, the entire clan’s status had skyrocketed.


Right now, the central building in the township had collapsed, and the corpse of an enormous Black Dragon of the ninth rank lay there, coiled in the middle of the debris. A hole had been drilled through the head of this Black Dragon. Right now, all the residents of this township were staring with terror at the scene playing out in mid-air.

The, to them, incomparably exalted Grand Magus Saint, Rudi, was being absolutely trampled by a black rat-type creature, without any chance of fighting back.

Rudi’s clothes were tattered, and his Sacred Earthguard Armor had been ripped apart early on by eighteen successive lightning-fast claw attacks from Bebe. Bebe’s raw attack power was actually a bit higher than even that of Linley’s, and in twelve years, he had gained some insights into the Laws as well.

Those eighteen successive claws was the technique which Bebe was most skilled at.

Even something as powerful as a Saint-level Earthguard Armor had been broken through.

“If you want to kill me, then kill me. Why are you doing this? Did Linley order you to come?” Rudi roared with fury and grief. He had heard that Linley possessed a Saint-level rat-type magical beast with black fur. He didn’t expect that he and Linley actually had enmity between them!

But the only reply he got was another claw. “Ah!” Rudi’s entire body spasmed in agony, and yet another large chunk of flesh and blood was ripped from his body. Even his face had Bebe’s claw marks on it.

Bebe’s attacks were very precise. He wasn’t trying to kill Rudi at all.

“You ask me why?” Bebe’s beady little black eyes were blazing with unquenchable flames of rage. “Do you still remember, thirty years ago, you and Dillon fighting over that Shadowmouse of the ninth rank?”

Rudi immediately thought back to that past event. This entire time, he had been quite unhappy about it. Dillon had actually killed that Shadowmouse of the ninth rank. Rudi instantly understood…that this Saint-level magical beast had surely come to avenge that Shadowmouse.

“The one who killed the Shadowmouse wasn’t me, it was Dillon.” Rudi hurriedly said. He suddenly felt that he had a chance at life.

In front of Bebe, Rudi didn’t have any ability to fight back at all. As soon as Bebe saw Rudi begin to chant a magic spell or the nearby elemental essence begin to move, Bebe would immediately give him a slap with the paw on the mouth. And given Bebe’s power, even if he was able to successfully launch a Saint-level spell, it might still be unable to harm Bebe.

“Indeed, you didn’t personally kill them, but if it wasn’t for you, my mother probably would’ve been able to flee early on!”

“Ah!” Rudi let out a miserable cry. His right arm had suddenly been sliced off by those sharp claws, and the severed arm fell down from the skies.

“If it wasn’t for you, would Dillon have directly killed my mother?”

Yet another claw and yet another miserable cry. Rudi’s left arm fell down from the skies as well. The mighty, dignified Grand Magus Saint, Rudi, had been devastated to such a degree. Rudi was totally bereft. In front of Bebe, he had no ability to resist at all.

“High Priest, why haven’t you come?!” Rudi was growing more and more worried. In the minds of the Saints of the Yulan Empire, the High Priest was their leader, and here, it was much like how…the Saints of Radiant Church simply didn’t dare to cause trouble within the boundaries of the O’Brien Empire.

The other Saints also didn’t dare to cause trouble in the Yulan Empire, much less in a township so near the imperial capital.

“You…prepare to die.” Bebe said calmly.

“The High Priest will definitely avenge me!!!” Rudi shouted fiercely, and then a final claw welcomed him. This claw ripped him apart from the skull, creating a massive hole in it. Rudi’s eyes immediately grew dim, and his armless corpse fell down from the skies. “Bang!” It smashed into the rubble, kicking up a cloud of dust.

In mid-air, Bebe stared down below.

The civilians down below didn’t dare to make a sound. The current Bebe had none of his usual adorableness or playfulness. All he had was the ferocious cruelty inherent to all magical beasts.

“Swish!” A black blur slashed across the skies, and Bebe disappeared into the air.

The corpse of Rudi, lying in the rubble, had its eyes bulging in disbelief. Even as he died, he had hoped the High Priest would avenge him…but alas, the High Priest wouldn’t appear for his sake. Unless, of course, the High Priest was tired of living.

There wasn’t much of a difference. The Saint-level expert, Dillon, was like an infant in front of Bebe, easily trampled. Dillon hadn’t been able to take more than three attacks from the early-stage Saint Olivier. In front of the current Bebe, he couldn’t even block a single attack.

In mid-air.

Four Bebes surrounded him in four sides, transforming into four black blurs. They were playing a game of kickball, literally kicking the body of the Saint-level expert, Dillon, all over the place.

“Bang!” Dillon felt his waist receive another vicious kick, and then with a ‘crunch’, his bones shattered. Dillon’s body was then kicked towards another direction. Dillon immediately activated the battle-qi in his body, wanting to fly and flee.

But yet another black blur appeared in front of him. Yet another!

“Ah!” A piece of bloody flesh was ripped out of him, and Dillon’s body couldn’t help but spasm in pain. He ground his teeth, then flew to another direction.

However, yet another black blur was there to welcome him!

No matter how wildly Dillon tried to flee, given Bebe’s terrifying speed and his Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique, Dillon wasn’t able to escape.

Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique! Four doppelgangers were trampling him in four different directions.

“Why?! I’ve never offended Linley!” Dillon howled with grief and anger. Seeing the black-furred Saint-level rat, Dillon knew that the magical beast in front of him was Linley’s magical beast. In the past, Bebe had defeated even Haydson.

After twelve years of growth, how could the current Bebe be someone Dillon could deal with?

“My Boss?” Bebe’s eyes flashed with the fires of rage. “Who told you to go to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts to kill my parents?!”

“Kill your parents?” Dillon was confused. “Have I ever killed a powerful rat-type magical beast?”

But then with another claw, Dillon was kicked flying yet again. He felt his head grow dizzy. At Bebe’s speed, he was able to kick Dillon dozens of times in a single second. By now, Dillon had been kicked over a thousand times.

Fortunately, he was at the Saint-rank, and thus could preserve his life.

“Who told you to kill my mother in front of Rudi!” With a ‘bang’ sound, yet another claw struck him.

“In front of Rudi? Ah! Thirty years ago…the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts…”

Dillon understood everything now. He remembered what happened that year at the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. So this mysterious rat was the child of those two rats of the ninth rank.”

“Swish!” Yet another claw to his face.

Right now, Dillon’s clothes were splattered with blood and sticking to his body. He didn’t have a single place of undamaged flesh. After having been kicked around thousands of times, and with a piece of flesh being taken away with each kick, Dillon currently…

Had half of his bones broken and visible to plain sight, along with his bright red flesh and blood. It was a terrifying sight.

Even one of his eyes had been torn out.

“Kill me!” “Kill me!” “Kill me!” Dillon was no longer even recognizably human. He could only mumble words out, without being able to resist at all. But Bebe’s eyes didn’t have an ounce of pity in them. Suddenly, the four Bebes became one!

Bebe appeared in the air directly above Dillon.

“Whap!” A final, vicious claw delivered to Dillon’s skull. Dillon’s skull immediately shattered apart, and Dillon’s no longer recognizable corpse plummeted to the ground, his shattered bones flying everywhere upon impact.

After that final claw, Bebe just stood there in mid-air, stunned.

Bebe had always been carefree and had followed and played around with Linley since he was young. He liked to eat and drink…but in his heart, he had always wondered about his parentage. Where I am from? Who is my father? Who is my mother?

The higher class a magical beast was, the more intelligent it was.

And Bebe was a Godeater Rat. His emotional intelligence was even greater than that of humans.

Thirty three years.

In the end, he found his parents had both died!

“Father. Mother. Bebe misses you both. Bebe doesn’t know what it means to have a father, or what it feels like to have a mother.” Bebe’s eyes became covered with a misty layer. “Today, Bebe has avenged you both.”

Two teardrops fell down from Bebe’s face.

“Bebe’s name was chosen by the Boss. Although Bebe doesn’t have you, Bebe still has the Boss. The Boss’s embrace is very comfortable. Maybe…your embrace would have been like being by the Boss’s side.” Bebe was quiet for a long time, there in mid-air.

The thirty plus years he had spent by Linley’s side had resulted in Bebe, without question, considering Linley as his one and only family member.

Beirut…although Bebe addressed him as Grandpa Beirut, they had only met not too long ago.

“Whoosh.” A wind arose. Bebe’s body disappeared into the eastern horizon.

Deep in the magicite mines. In front of the dimensional door.

“Swiiiiish.” Bebe easily passed through that door. The attacks of the dimensional door chopped on Bebe’s body like sabres, but they didn’t even break a single strand of Bebe’s fur.

Linley, who had been seated in quiet meditation, opened his eyes. Before he even said a word, Bebe immediately threw himself into Linley’s embrace. “Boss.” Bebe’s eyes were already red.

Linley hugged Bebe. “Bebe, it’s fine. Don’t be too heartbroken.”

“Okay.” Bebe nodded.

Both Linley and Bebe had lost their parents. They had grown up together, and the two were as close as true brothers to each other. Linley was like the big brother, while Bebe was the little brother.

Yulan calendar, year 10024, March 2nd. Outside the imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire. War God Mountain.

Yet another ray of light streaked across the skies and entered War God Mountain. A normally quiet courtyard within War God Mountain already had an entire group of people assembled. This courtyard was the place where the War God usually stayed when he wasn’t behind closed doors engaging in training. In the empty space within the quiet courtyard, there were around ten people, all of whom were chatting idly amongst each other.

All of these people were exceedingly powerful. Not one of them was weaker than Haydson had been.

“Bowditch [Bao’di’qi] has come as well.” Someone spoke out.

A skinny man with long silver hair flew down from the skies. Bowditch was yet another person who, in the past, had shaken the Yulan continent with his fame. But that was three thousand years ago. These days, Bowditch lived a quiet life of training in the Arctic Icecaps.

“Bowditch, you came as well!” One of the ten people in the empty space, a grim-looking man with white-flecked hair spoke.

“Olivier, if you can come, why can’t I?” Bowditch’s voice was very cold as well. His gaze was focused on Olivier. Currently, Olivier only had a single sword on his back, a translucent sword that emanated extreme cold.

During his bitter training in the Arctic Icecaps, Olivier had fought several times against Bowditch as well. The first time they had fought, Olivier had lost. But eight years later, when they fought again, the two were on par.

Soon, one expert after another arrived.

“Kefande, you arrived very late, this time.” Seeing the experts continue to arrive, many people immediately laughed and greeted them.

These experts, having trained in seclusion for thousands of years, almost all knew each other. They all belonged to the War God’s side. By nightfall, twenty of them had arrived. According to their plans, there should be a total of twenty two.

Ten from the War God’s College. Twelve other experts.

“Our Senior Apprentice has arrived.” Someone suddenly said. A thin man with short jade hair whose back was ramrod-straight and who had a sharp aura walked out. His blue robes fluttered in the wind. He was the Senior Apprentice of the War God’s College…Fain!

Five Prime Saints. Fain was one of them!

As Fain arrived, a group of people immediately went to welcome him. All of them greeted him very familiarly. The only one Fain hadn’t met before was Olivier.

“Hrm? Where’s Linley?” Fain spoke. “He isn’t here yet?”

Twenty one of them had arrived. The only one missing was Linley!

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