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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 4: Deity Level Magical Beast

“Godeater Rat?” Linley and Delia glanced at each other.

The number one expert of the Yulan continent, Beirut, was actually a ‘Godeater Rat’. Just from the name, Linley knew that this had to be an extremely terrifying type of creature. ‘Godeater’. How would a common magical beast dare to name himself something like this? Linley gazed questioningly at Bebe.

Delia asked questioningly as well. “Bebe, your father and mother were magical beasts of the ninth rank, right? This…what is going on?”

“Boss, this is somewhat like your Dragonblood Warrior clan, but of course there are differences.” Bebe explained in detail. “After Grandpa Beirut was born, because he was the only Godeater Rat in existence, him and Grandma Carolina [Ka’lai’luo’na] had three children. Harry, Hart, and Harvey, the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings.”

Linley memorized the name, ‘Carolina’.

“Because Grandma Carolina herself wasn’t a Godeater Rat, the children she had with Grandpa Beirut naturally weren’t pure Godeater Rats either. Thus, their level became lower. Normally, Violet-Gold Rat Kings, upon reaching the age of maturity, would be Saint-level magical beasts.” Bebe explained.

“Their level became lower?” Linley asked. “Bebe, so you mean to say…?”

Delia was very smart as well. She also knew what Bebe was implying.

His eyes filled with arrogance, he said, “Right, Godeater Rats are Deity-level magical Beasts! Even without engaging in any training at all, just through natural growth…upon reaching adulthood, Godeater Rats will naturally reach the Deity-level!”

“Deity-level magical beast?” Linley was stunned.

This was too monstrous!

Even more monstrous than the Four Supreme Warriors. The Four Supreme Warriors could reach the peak of the Saint-level so long as they trained, true. And Saint-level magical beasts, upon reaching adulthood, would reach the Saint-level as well.

But Deity-level magical beasts would become Deities upon reaching adulthood!

“This is too unfair to other races. How can other races possibly contend?” Linley sighed repeatedly in his heart. They really lived up to the name of ‘Godeater Rats’. They reached the Deity-level at adulthood? They really were blessed by the heavens.

Bebe shook his head. “Grandpa Beirut said that there is no way Deity-level magical beasts can form an entire race. Generally speaking, each Deity-level magical beast is the only one of its kind! Because Grandpa Beirut was the only one of his kind, he couldn’t possibly find another female Godeater Rat to be his wife.”

“His children’s bloodline was impure. They could only become Saint-level Violet-Gold Rat Kings.”

“And all three of the Violet-Gold Rat Kings were male, so their children’s bloodline was even less pure, only able to reach the level of magical beast of the ninth rank. In the Forest of Darkness, however, there are quite a few female rats of the ninth rank. As they mated, many of their children would naturally be able to reach the ninth rank as well. My mother was also a member of the Beirut clan, only she came ten generations after Harry, Hart, and Harvey.” Bebe didn’t seem to speak of Harry and the other two as his ancestors.

Indeed, in reality, Harry and the others were many generations above Bebe. But Bebe himself was a Godeater Rat. Aside from Beirut, the only Godeater Rat in existence.

Linley nodded.

“As for me being a Godeater Rat,” Bebe said innocently, “According to what Grandpa Beirut said, my mother carried a bit of the Beirut lineage to begin with, and then mated with a Stoneater Rat of the ninth rank. Perhaps there was some sort of mutation or throwback.”

“After all, many rats of the ninth rank had mated with each other, but it seems as though aside from myself, none of them have become Godeater Rats.” Bebe said innocently. “Not just in the Yulan continent, mind. In all of the countless planes which Grandpa Beirut has gone to.”

“Countless planes?” Linley and Delia exchanged glances.

Lord Beirut was simply too terrifying.

Based on his conversation with Hodan, Linley knew that it was extremely hard for one to return upon departing to the Higher Planes. But from what Bebe was telling him, it sounded as though Beirut had not only left the Yulan continent, he had also gone to many other planes.

“No wonder he is reputed to be the King of the Yulan continent, and why even the War God and the High Priest must obey his orders.” Linley secretly thought to himself. “What level of expert is he? A full God? Or perhaps even…a Highgod?”

Advancing from the Demigod level to the God level was something which the High Priest had been unable to accomplish despite training for ten thousand years. One could imagine how hard it was.

As for advancing from being a full God to a Highgod, the difficult was even greater.

“The chances of being born as a Deity-level magical beast is far lower than even that of becoming a Supreme Warrior.” Linley sighed. “Although Supreme Warriors only occur rarely in our lineage, they’ll still occasionally be born. But Godeater Rats…in all the planes your Grandpa Beirut has visited, he has seen no Godeater Rats aside from you and Lord Beirut himself.”

Linley and Delia both sighed.

Deity-level magical beasts were far rarer than Saint-level magical beasts.

But it made sense. If Deity-level magical beasts reproduced so easily, then no other races would be able to survive.

“Each Deity-level magical beast is generally the only one of its kind, such as that King of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Dylin. He’s also a Deity-level magical beast.” Bebe said.

“Dylin?” Linley and Delia couldn’t help but grow curious.

To this very day, Linley didn’t know that it was he himself who had released Dylin.

Bebe nodded. “Dylin is also a Deity-level magical beast. He is known as the ‘Suanni Lion’, and is also known as the ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’”.

One was named ‘Godeater Rat’, the other a ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’. These names were all too terrifying.

”Grandpa Beirut said that Dylin is very powerful, and can easily swallow an entire mountain or an entire city with a single gulp.” Bebe sighed. “But just like us Godeater Rats, he isn’t able to find another ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’. He has children of his own. He originally had five of them, and all of them, like Violet-Gold Rat Kings, are peak Saint-level magical beasts.”

Linley and Delia both understood.

The children of Deity-level magical beasts were impure in blood, and so their strength was lower. But despite their strength being lower, they were still the cream of the crop amongst Saint-level magical beasts.

“Those five children are known as the ‘Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions’. Their bodies are very similar to lions, but their bodies are as enormous as titanic dragons, and they have six eyes and a pair of massive wings.” Bebe sighed. “Although those Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions aren’t as terrifying as the Deity-level ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’, they still can store an enormous amount of things in their stomachs. Despite being the size of a dragon, they can easily swallow over a hundred giant dragons.”

Linley and Delia were secretly shocked.

Although the descendants of Deity-level magical beasts couldn’t compare to their ancestors, they still couldn’t be underestimated.

When Linley had drawn forth Bloodviolet and released Dylin and his three children, he didn’t know…that those three children were the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions. Afterwards, those three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions really had swallowed over a hundred giant dragons into their stomachs in the blink of an eye, there in the Foggy Gulch.

Clearly, this was something they inherited from their father.

“Six-Eyed Golden Lions are Saint-level magical beasts, but their children are only magical beasts of the ninth rank. Boss, you should know about them. Guardian Ni-Lions, of the ninth rank.”

Linley immediately nodded.

Guardian Ni-Lions, ninth ranked magical beasts with extremely powerful attacks and which looked very similar to normal lions, only their body was the size of a dragon.

“Guardian Ni-Lions are extremely rare. They might mate with tiger-type magical beasts or lion-type magical beasts. Thus, their own descendants would be the likes of Goldmane Mastiffs or Blue-eyed Tiger Mastiffs, two magical beast races of the eighth rank.” Bebe clearly was very familiar with the mutations and changes of these various magical beast races.

Linley now understood.

At the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, the first time Linley had activated the baleful aura of Bloodviolet, he had slaughtered an entire clan of Goldmane Mastiffs.

“I didn’t expect that the magical beast races have such interesting history.” Delia was quite intrigued as she listened. “If you follow their ancestry, it would seem as though Goldmane Mastiffs and Blue-eyed Tiger Mastiffs can trace their heritage back to this Deity-level magical beast, the ‘Suanni Lion’.”

“Are you saying that Dylin, long ago, had come to the Yulan continent before?” Linley suddenly realized what the implications were.

In the past, the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts had no Deity-level experts.

In other words, at least within the past thousand years, Dylin had not been present. But if Dylin had never been in the Yulan continent, how could it be said that Guardian Ni-Lions, Goldmane Mastiffs, and Blue-eyed Tiger Mastiffs were his descendants?

“Right. According to what Grandpa Beirut said, ten thousand years ago, Dylin had come to our Yulan continent.” Bebe explained. “These Goldmane Mastiffs, Blue-eyed Tiger Mastiffs, and Guardian Ni-Lions can all be considered his descendants.” Bebe laughed as well.

Actually, it was the same for him. Didn’t the large number of descendants of the Godeater Rat eventually devolve into Stoneater Rats and Shadowmice?

“But according to what Grandpa Beirut said, in the past, Dylin had five children. It seemed as though two of them died in the Gebados Prison. Only three are left now.” Bebe said.

Linley nodded slightly.

Linley didn’t know much about the history of the Yulan continent, especially from five thousand years ago. And this…this was ten thousand years ago. There were very few books containing records regarding what happened ten thousand years ago. What had happened back then? Nobody really knew.

After all, most books started from the founding of the Yulan calendar and Empire. Most started from Yulan calendar, year one.

“Bebe, doesn’t this mean that in the future, you will easily reach the Deity-level?” Linley laughed as he looked at Bebe, and Bebe’s eyes shone with a rare flash of pride, but then his eyes quickly dimmed. “No matter how powerful I am, my parents are still dead.”

Bebe looked at Linley, then said seriously, “Boss, keep training. I’m going to make a trip.” As he spoke, he immediately flew out.

“Bebe, where are you going?” Linley immediately asked.

“I’m going to kill those two bastards.” Bebe’s voice echoed within the hall, but Bebe himself had disappeared.

Linley let out a sigh.

Linley wouldn’t say anything about Bebe going to kill Rudi and Dylin. After all, he too would seek revenge on someone who had killed his parents.

“Now all is made clear.” Linley sighed in his heart. In the past, the War God had treated him so kindly, and even helping him out in the matter of his little brother’s marriage. When the Baruch Kingdom was founded, even Rosarie of the Frost Goddess Shrine had come, and even the High Priest had sent his disciples over.

Linley didn’t have a relationship with any of those hidden powers, but they all sent people.

“They weren’t giving me face. They were giving Bebe face. They were giving face to the King of the Yulan continent.” Linley knew very well that no matter how strong he was, and how powerful his ancestors had been, and even if his Dragonblood Warrior ancestors had become Deities in the Infernal Realm…so what? What impact would any of those things have on the War God and the High Priest, here in the Yulan continent?

As the saying goes, Heaven is far above you, and the Emperor is far away. What happened nearby was what mattered.

In the plane of the Yulan continent, even the War God, High Priest, Dylin, and the others all had to listen to Beirut. Bebe had said that even the Planar Overseer from the Infernal Realm, ‘Hodan’, had to be obedient and orderly in front of Lord Beirut.

One could imagine how much authority Lord Beirut had.

“What’s his is his. As for myself, I need to work hard.” Linley didn’t want to rely on anyone else.

“Come, Delia. Let’s return to the training room.” Holding Delia by the hand, Linley smiled as he spoke. Delia smiled as well, and the two left the hall, quickly returning to that planar door. They returned to the life of training which belonged to them.

But even as he began training again, Linley still felt questions in his mind.

Hodan was the Planar Overseer who had come from the Infernal Realm, and he definitely had to have a powerful source of support and backing from the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm. Why was it that even Hodan had to be obedient in front of Lord Beirut? What level of expert was this Lord Beirut, exactly?

A full God? Or perhaps a Highgod?

Linley didn’t even dare to consider the possibility that he was a Sovereign. For example, there were only seven Sovereigns of Darkness. In all the countless planes of the universe, there were only seven of them! Only when one died would another be born. In trillions of years, there might not be a single new Sovereign throughout the universe. And what’s more, in the Higher Planes, there was another bit of common knowledge…

Sovereigns were not able to enter common, materials planes. Their power alone would cause any material planes to rip apart and collapse!

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