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Chapter 1467: Changes to the Tunnel

"Jian Chen, you'll have to look into Martial Soul Force yourself. You lack a method to use it right now. Normally, if you use it with your soul at Returnance, you can heavily injure Returnance experts and kill Receival expert, yet the Martial Soul Force you used earlier could only threaten Saint Emperors even though it could bypass standard defenses. You won't even be able to heavily injured Receival experts." Fairy Hao Yue gave Jian Chen a serious warning.

"I understand. I will definitely investigate Martial Soul Force and hopefully find a way to use it so that I can strengthen its power," Jian Chen replied in a firm voice. Throughout the current world, even if the four races pooled their strength together, only Tie Ta, the sea goddess, Xiao Jin, and Xiao Ling who possessed a battle prowess on par with the Origin realm besides him. Guihai Yidao, Yang Lie, and Feng Xiaotian used to part of the Origin realm, but they had fallen to Saint Emperors now. Although they could still erupted with the power of Receival experts due to their saint artifacts, the power would only reach the bottom of Receival. That power would be more than enough to deal with Saint Emperors, but it would be extremely tough to fight against Receival experts.

As for the white tiger, it was still accepting its legacy. Whether it could reach the Origin realm through its legacy was still unknown. Even if it managed to break through, only nine of them would possess the prowess to battle people in the Origin realm. It was impossible for them to achieve victory against the several dozen Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

But now, the power of the Martial Soul Force had given Jian Chen a new hope. According to fairy Hao Yue, if he grasped a method and the techniques that went with it, by pushing the might of Martial Soul Force to its limits, he could heavily injured Returnance experts with the current strength of his soul and kill Receival experts. At that time, the advantage of numbers favoring the foreign world would cease to exist.

"If I can't push my Martial Soul Force to its limits the next time the foreign world invades, our only chance at victory lays with the Yinyang Saint Rock. I've already reached the fifth layer with my Chaotic Body, so I can absorb the power of the Yinyang Saint Rock. It's just that I need Shanggyang Mu'er to absorb it with me. This… sigh…" Jian Chen gently sighed when he thought about the Yinyang Saint Rock. He needed to persuade the Heavenly Enchantress, which was probably one of the most difficult things anyone could possibly attempt in the world even though he already shared a child with her.

"Martial Soul Force will take priority first. Unless I completely run out of choices, I don't want to touch the Yinyang Saint Rock," thought Jian Chen before bidding farewell to fairy Hao Yue and leaving the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

The divine hall was located in the back courtyard of the city lord's estate in Flame City. It was the only forbidden region and no guards patrolled it. As he stood outside the divine hall, he could not see a single person at all. The surroundings were quite silent.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath while he stood at the entrance and slowly calmed himself down. He did not visit You Yue, Bi Lian, nor any of the others. Instead, he went to his secret room.

Jian Chen did not begin to study Martial Soul Force in his secret room. He used his abilities as a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master to revive the Emperor Armaments as quickly as he could. He knew that finding a method to use Martial Soul Force would not be easy, so he planned to use this valuable time to revive the Emperor Armaments.

After becoming a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master and since his soul had reached Returnance, Jian Chen's speed at reviving the Emperor Armaments had increased by several fold. He would have required several days to revive a single Emperor Armament when he was a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master and the task would be extremely exhausting, yet now, he could easily revive two Emperor Armaments in a day. At that speed, he would only need a single year to refine the several hundred Emperor Armaments that had been collected from the four races into battle-ready Saint Emperor puppets.

Time quickly passed. Half a year had already passed, and during that year, Jian Chen had remained in the secret room reviving Emperor Armaments. He did not stop at all, and only half of the several hundred Emperor Armaments remained. Over three hundred dazed Saint Emperor puppets had appeared in the artifact space, radiating with powerful presences.

At the same time, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian sat on a mountain within a large mountain range near the north sea of the continent. They all coldly gazed down.

Below the mountain where the three of them sat was an extremely flat and open space. It seemed like someone had split the mountains in half since the surface below was completely smooth.

Over a hundred Saint Emperors from across the four races sat in the open area. They all diligently listened to Feng Xiaotian's teachings.

"My Pure Heart Pavilion may be about gaining a pure heart, not pursuing fame or meddling with mortal affairs, but the invasion of the foreign world directly relates to the survival of the Pure Heart Pavilion, our race as humans, and all the races in this world. As a result, we have to participate in the battle against the foreign world no matter what, but our strength differs from the other world just far too much. We do not have the advantage of numbers for any cultivation level, so we can't take them on forcefully like the last invasion," Feng Xiaotian said with a serious tone. The light in his eyes flickered as he constantly glanced around. He continued, "Here I have a formation. This formation requires seven people to cast, and once it is formed, your battle prowess will greatly increase. If forty-nine Saint Emperors take part in a single formation, this formation will have the power to trap Receival experts and have a tiny sliver of a chance of killing them. I will personally teach you this formation. Allow me to demonstrate."

Feng Xiaotian gently sighed inside as he taught them the formation. A sliver of bitterness and helplessness appeared on his face. The formation belonged to a sect from the higher world. Even though it was only a low level formation, it should not have appeared in this world. However, he had run out of choices. They needed to fend off the invasion of the foreign world and to ensure that his Pure Heart Pavilion survived.

The tunnel hidden deep underground in the ruins of Mercenary City had been exposed long ago when the ground had collapsed. Even from the sky, the tunnel was clearly visible.

The tunnel was very unstable. The entrance would twist and constantly distort. The surrounding space was a mess, and from time to time, violet spatial streams would rush out of the tunnel, shoot through the sky, and disappear into outer space.

The streams could annihilate Saint Kings instantly and even Saint Emperors needed to avoid them.

A few blurry figures gradually appeared in the depths of the tunnel. The figures slowly advanced through the tunnel carefully. They all looked like ghosts in the distorted space, twisting with the unstable space.

Violet streams of energy spurted in all directions within the tunnel. However, as soon as the streams approached the figures, they immediately mellowed out before dispersing as vast swaths of energy.

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