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Chapter 1466: Sparring with Fairy Hao Yue

Jian Chen said nothing more. He slowly closed his eyes. Martial Soul Force was only a name from the Saints' World. To Jian Chen, this so-called Martial Soul Force was only the power of his soul. It was the power of his new soul, which had perfectly fused the soul of a fighter and the soulcore of a Radiant Saint Master.

This was akin to Yin and Yang Qi. Once they fused, they would change and create chaos.

A while later, Jian Chen's eyes suddenly snapped open. At that moment, his gaze became extremely shocking. A tremendous pressure radiated from him, surging into the surroundings like a storm.

The pressure targeted the soul. A devastating force seemed to permeate the pressure. Once people with weaker souls were enveloped by the pressure, their souls would be crushed to pieces in a single moment.

A gleam of light flashed through fairy Hao Yue's eyes. Her illusionary body radiated clear moonlight as a blurry, full moon slowly rose behind her, shining bright. Fairy Hao Yue just happened to stand in the center of the moon. Her hair swayed and clothes fluttered despite the still air. She seemed like a goddess under the moonlight, dignified and sacred.

At the same time, the supreme power hidden within the divine hall began to secretly move. It rapidly surged, forming a transparent barrier of moonlight between Jian Chen and fairy Hao Yue. It seemed to cut the hall into two regions.

As soon as the barrier formed, Jian Chen's Martial Soul Force gushed forward. In a single moment, the invisible force viciously smashed against the barrier, but to Jian Chen's surprise, the Martial Soul Force passed through the barrier as soon as it came in contact with it. Like a wild horse, it charged toward fairy Hao Yue, who sat on the throne. The barrier she had cast failed to stop it. It was like the barrier did not exist at all.

"The rumors are indeed real. Martial Soul Force is extremely difficult to stop and ordinary methods are useless against it," fairy Hao Yue murmured as she sat still on the throne. She soon opened her arms, and immediately, the full moon behind her grew brighter. It erupted with powerful Moonlight Force, enveloping a region with a radius of twenty meters.

The region had become an independent domain, a world of its own. Separate laws seemed to exist within the region.

Jian Chen's Martial Soul Force passed through the moonlight barrier and smashed into fairy Hao Yue's domain. It caused the domain to shake violently as the laws were thrown into chaos. It showed signs of collapsing.

Fairy Hao Yue narrowed her eyes. The next moment, the Moonlight Force from the full moon behind her grew stronger, pouring even more power into the domain and strengthening it just as it was about to collapse. The domain rapidly stabilized and stopped the Martial Soul Force.

Seeing how his Martial Soul Force had been stopped and could not shake the Moonlight Force around fairy Hao Yue, Jian Chen's eyes immediately narrowed, and at the same time, he lowered his guard. He no longer needed to worry about the Martial Soul Force injuring fairy Hao Yue.

"Since my Martial Soul Force cannot harm fairy Hao Yue, why don't I stop holding back and use my full power to see what level my Martial Soul Force has reached and whether or not it can be used to deal with Returnance experts. At the same time, I can start to understand this new power," Jian Chen thought. He immediately stopped holding back and began using the Martial Soul Force with all he had.

Immediately, the pressure in the hall skyrocketed, especially the region where fairy Hao Yue was. The pressure condensed there was so powerful that even Receival experts would end up paling. If Saint Emperors entered that region, they would not be able to last more than ten seconds before their souls collapsed. They would end up dead.

This was because this pressure was an attack using Martial Soul Force, one that targeted the soul.

However, fairy Hao Yue sat there steadily, facing an attack that could easily kill a Saint Emperor. The domain around her automatically strengthened and remained steady, withstanding the storm-like barrage. No matter how Jian Chen increased his Martial Soul Force, he was not able to shake her domain at all.

This stalemate lasted for several seconds. Jian Chen ran out of steam first and needed to stop. He recalled his Martial Soul Force. He discovered that using it as an attack took an extremely heavy toll on his soul. For the short moment he had used it against fairy Hao Yue, he had expended over sixty percent of the power in his soul, which Jian Chen found unbelievable.

After all, his soul had now reached the Returnance realm. It was no longer a peak Saint Emperor soul like before.

Jian Chen stopped and the Moonlight Force around fairy Hao Yue disappeared as well. Very soon, the hall fell quiet again. Fairy Hao Yue sat on the throne without any changes appearing on her face. Jian Chen, who sat below, seemed rather exhausted.

"This Martial Soul Force really is wondrous. In the Saints' World, many people have only heard of this power because almost no one can use it. I never thought that I'd experience this fortuitous encounter by falling to a lower world and witness the legendary Martial Soul Force." Fairy Hao Yue sighed emotionally. The gaze she used on Jian Chen became rather complicated. She knew that from now on, there would be one more person who could use Martial Soul Force in the Saints' World.

Jian Chen gently sighed and bitterly smiled. "Is there any need for you to praise Martial Soul Force so much. In my opinion, Martial Soul Force is wondrous, but it's only so special. Even you can shrug it off so easily."

"You're wrong. Jian Chen, there are two reasons why Martial Soul Force is unable to harm me. One reason is that you do not know how to use it properly. There are corresponding methods and techniques for using it, and only with those methods and techniques can you push its power to its limits. Secondly, I used my domain. As long as my domain does not fall, nothing can work against me. Even soul attacks are useless.

"I may just be a soul now and need to use the divine hall's power to cast my domain, but I can take on Returnance experts within my hall," fairy Hao Yue nonchalantly explained.

Jian Chen finally understood. He knew that fairy Hao Yue had only been a Saint Emperor when she had had a body and had not broken through to the Origin realm, which was why her body had fallen apart after her lifespan of ten thousand years came to an end. Only her soul remained, but she was still from the Saints' World after all. Her comprehension of the mysteries of the world were far beyond Saint Emperor and even beyond the Origin realm. Even though she only possessed the cultivation level of a Saint Emperor, her battle prowess was on a whole different scale.

No one visited the extremely distant moon that appeared every night, even during ancient times when Saint Emperors were common. Only fairy Hao Yue had been there before and collected materials from it to construct the Bright Moon Divine Hall. This ability was more than enough to showcase how extraordinary fairy Hao Yue was.

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