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Chapter 1462: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master (Two)

Time passed silently. In the blink of an eye, half a year passed by. Jian Chen, the president, the grand elder, Kara Liwei, and Quan Youcai all devoted themselves to their cultivation. They did not pay attention to what was happening in the outside world. They had all entered a mindless state of cultivation. They all wanted to break through in the shortest amount of time possible and contribute to protecting the world during the next battle.

It was completely silent in the artifact space during that period of time. The artifact space had lost its liveliness after Jian Chen chose to resettle all the magical beasts that had lived there before. The roars of beasts, which would ring out from time to time, had disappeared long ago. The entire place sank into a dead silence with a suffocating atmosphere.

Compared to the artifact space, the outside world was extremely bustling. During the half a year, where Jian Chen was cultivating, the conversations regarding him never stopped on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the sea realm, or the Wasteland Continent. Almost all the Saint Weapons across the four races had ended up with Jian Chen, so they obviously all were worried about whether or not Jian Chen could revive the Saint Weapons.

After all, the revival of experts who had been dead for a long time and had only left behind a weapon was still something that many people found unbelievable. This information only came from a rumor that originated during the ancient times, and there were no records of people being revived from Saint Weapons. Even the only Class 8 Radiant Saint Master in history had failed to do revive someone from a Saint Weapon, so many people still remained skeptical. There were even some people who did not believe that the rumor was true at all.

Many people across the four races silently waited for Jian Chen's news. They looked forward to when Jian Chen would reappear and answer their questions. It would be fine if Saint Weapons could not be revived, but if they could, then the power of their world would increase by several fold without a single doubt. This increase in power would be extremely helpful when fending off the next invasion.

The head-sized orb before had already shrunk by a quarter of its original size after half a year of absorption. Jian Chen's soul core, which was condensed from Class 8 Radiant Saint Force origin energy, had grown a lot. The origin energy within it was several times denser than when he had first broken through.

This was not just an increase in quantity but an increase in quality as well. After all, the origin energy within the orb was much purer than the strands in the air.

The president, grand elder, Quan Youcai, and Kara Liwei sat in the corners of the room. After half a year of cultivation, over half of the origin energy permeating the hall had been absorbed. They refined the origin energy far slower than Jian Chen. Even the four of them combined were not as fast as Jian Chen when he was at still a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.

At this moment, the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union began to shine bright. An extremely dense white light expanded from his head, enveloping him in a single instance.

This was a sign that he was about to break through to the 8th Class. The president had finally reached the 8th Class as he had always dreamed. All the Radiant Saint Force origin energy he had accumulated throughout his life and had absorbed from the artifact space surged wildly into his soul. It gathered at a single point before condensing into a tiny soulcore.

The president roused from his cultivation soon after his soulcore had been condensed. The moment he opened his eyes, his appearance changed as well. Even though he was still an old man who seemed to be in his seventies, his face was ruddy and filled with energy. An obvious amount of wrinkles also vanished from his face. The withering life within his body suddenly began to bubble again.

The president's face was filled with excitement and joy. He had waited for this day for just far too long. He had worked arduously for over two thousand years just to reach the 8th Class.

Not only did becoming a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master mean attaining the president's greatest wish, but it also meant an increased lifespan.

Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters were akin to Saint Rulers. They could live three thousand years while Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters possessed the same lifespan as a Saint King.

He was still the president of an entire union after all, so he quickly calmed down. He looked around and discovered Jian Chen cultivating in the center of the room with a single glance. His eyes suddenly narrowed.

"Jian Chen's already become a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master, but he's absorbing the purer origin energy there. Does he plan on reaching the 9th Class in a single stroke?" The president thought and immediately gasped. His eyes soon began to shine brighter as he looked at Jian Chen in anticipation.

"Class 9 Radiant Saint Masters have never appeared in the history of the Tian Yuan Continent. Even I, the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union, have no idea what a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master is like. Is Jian Chen planning on becoming a legend as a Radiant Saint Master?" The president suddenly found that his heart had begun to thump uncontrollably. He did not leave and sat back down where he was. His eyes lit up as he stared at Jian Chen. He wanted to witness the birth of a legend, the legend of a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year passed. Quan Youcai and Kara Liwei both successfully reached the 7th Class, but they did not leave either. They sat there silently, just like the president, staring at Jian Chen. They wanted to see whether he could reach the 9th Class as well.

Kara Liwei was several hundreds years old, but she looked like a woman in her twenties. She was noble, refined, and beautiful. As she stared at Jian Chen's handsome, refined face, she fell into a daze. Complicated emotions filled her eyes along with respect and admiration.

Very soon, another half a year passed. The grand elder had successfully reached the 8th Class as well. When he learned that Jian Chen was attempting a breakthrough to the 9th Class, he did not leave either and stayed behind.

Even the artifact spirit had come, sitting silently at the main entrance of the hall.

Jian Chen had already been cultivating for one and a half years in the artifact space, and the orb was less than a third of its original size.

When he had cultivated for exactly two years, the artifact spirit, who was sitting at the entrance, suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, the president and grand elder's eyes narrowed.

The next moment, an extremely powerful pressure suddenly radiated from Jian Chen's body. It was a pressure that originated from the soul. The president, grand elder, artifact spirit, Kara Liwei, and Quan Youcai immediately revealed a different expression and left the hall in a hurry, traveling far away from Jian Chen.

To their shock, they found that their souls trembled before the pressure. Not only had the pressure suppressed them to the point that they could not move, but they even felt like their souls were about to collapse, as if just the pressure would be enough to squash their souls if they continued to endure it. If it became slightly stronger, they would have ended up dead.

"I- is this the pressure of an Origin realm expert or the pressure of a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master…" The president cried out uncontrollably as shock filled his eyes.

Before he could finish what he was saying, a dazzling light exploded from Jian Chen's body. The light was no longer gentle, now filled with brutality. It outshone the sun as it endlessly stretch into the distance. At that moment, the entire artifact spirit had become enveloped by the light.

Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai could not help but grunt painfully. The two of them closed their eyes in a hurry and covered them soon after. A streak of blood flowed slowly, barely visible between their fingers.

The grand elder and president closed their eyes as well. As they rapidly retreated, they used their hands to cover their eyes, but there was also some red between the cracks of their fingers.

When the light appeared, the artifact spirit grew faint before quickly consolidating again. He immediately stared at Jian Chen in shock before vanishing with a flash. He had traveled far away from Jian Chen.

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