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Chapter 1461: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master (One)

"I used a sliver of my soul and a drop of my blood to awaken the slumbering, fragile soul within the Saint Weapon, yet the form it takes after it awakens actually bears traces of my presence. It doesn't possess any presence that belongs to itself…"

"Not only does this old man lack a soul, but he lacks self-awareness as well. He seems like a puppet. Did something go wrong during the revival process? Or is this just how a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master revives a Saint Weapon?"

"When I obtained the complete secret technique from fairy Hao Yue, she did mention that Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters could perform the revival, but the process would not be as perfect as it was rumored to be on the Tian Yuan Continent. In order words, a drawback exists in the revival. Is this the drawback?"

Jian Chen pulled out another Saint Weapon from his Space Ring when he reached this conclusion. He decided to find the answer of his question by using this second Ruler Armament.

This was because he was still filled with some hope. It was extremely likely that the first Ruler Armament had ended up defective because he messed up.

Jian Chen was much more familiar with the revival process of the second Ruler Armament after the experience he had gained from he first one. Very soon, the second Ruler Armament condensed into a burly, middle-aged man before his eager gaze.

In the end, Jian Chen was still disappointed. The middle-aged man was the same as the old man. He lacked self-awareness, and his eyes were empty, without an intelligent light whatsoever.

Jian Chen sighed gently. He felt like the situation he was dealing with was rather pitiful. Although he had completed the unprecedented process of reviving people through Saint Weapons, those who were revived did not possess the self-awareness they once had. As a result, the strength they could display was extremely limited, which was not something he wanted to see.

These puppets would probably become his special army, unable to betray him at all, but he would much rather have living people than loyal puppets.

This was because the current world needed power far too much.

Afterward, Jian Chen studied the two puppets further. He found the advantages and disadvantages of the puppets. To his relief, although the puppets lacked self-awareness, they still possessed some of their former battle experience and did not feel pain, much less fear. Their advantage would become clear once a life-or-death battle occurred.

"Looks like we can only treat them as weapons in human form," Jian Chen mumbled to himself. The gaze he gave the two puppets was filled with mixed feelings.

No one would have ever thought that the people revived through Saint Weapons would end up like this.

Jian Chen dismissed his feelings and immediately began to revive a third Saint Weapon.

Although reviving them into puppets would be disrespecting and committing a sin against the creators, the Tian Yuan Continent needed power just far too urgently. As a result, Jian Chen disregarded these thoughts during this period of time.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. Aside from the two Ruler Armaments he had revived, Jian Chen had also revived three King Armaments and an Emperor Armament. Three Saint King puppets and a Saint Emperor puppet had appeared in the room. These puppets struggled to maintain their former strength, all loosing three or four Heavenly Layers.

"Reviving Ruler Armaments is not difficult with my powers as a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master. King Armaments are a little difficult, and I can just barely manage Emperor Armaments. I almost failed during the revival of the Emperor Armament just then. If I continue at this rate, I wonder when I'll be able to revive all the Saint Weapons in the Space Rings. By then, the World of Forsaken Saints probably would have invaded long ago. Looks like I need to reach the 9th Class. Once I break through and become a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master, my soulcore will be complete and even reviving Emperor Armaments will become much easier," thought Jian Chen. He slowly stood up, opened the door to the room, and left.

Jian Chen did not take the Saint Weapon puppets with them. He left them in the room because he felt like their existences should not be known by others.

Jian Chen did not disturb Bi Lian and the others as he silently left Flame City. He made his way to the City of God once again and entered the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He returned to the artifact space to continue cultivating.

Within the artifact space, the union president, grand elder, Quan Youcai, and Kara Liwei all sat in different corners of the hall. The mist-like Radiant Saint Force origin energy was being absorbed by the four of them at a visible rate.

Their rate of absorption was not as fast as Jian Chen, so the Radiant Saint Force origin energy had not decreased by much after they had cultivated for a dozen days.

However, Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai had reached the peak of Class 6 long ago. Although it had only been a few days, Jian Chen could already tell that they were extremely close to breaking through.

Although the president of the union had remained at the peak of the 7th Class for several hundreds of years, the disparity between the 7th and 8th Class was just far too vast. Even when Jian Chen was absorbing the origin energy, he still needed some time to break through.

Jian Chen concealed his presence and silently made his way to the center of the hall. A white orb, completely condensed from Radiant Saint Force origin energy, hovered there. He stared at it for a while before sucking in a deep breath. He sat in the air. He gently pressed his hands against the orb.

The origin energy that revolved around the orb began to violently surge. It seemed to be disturbed, approaching Jian Chen's forehead without anyone's control. An invisible whirlpool seemed to have formed in front of Jian Chen's forehead, sucking at the mist and pulling it all in. In the end, it actually formed a white streak that connected the orb to Jian Chen's forehead.

At the same time, even the pure origin energy within the white orb began to endlessly surge out. It was all absorbed by Jian Chen like a whale taking in water.

The white speck of light in Jian Chen's soul, the soulcore, began to swell at a gradual rate. The origin energy hidden within it was increasing at all times.

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