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Chapter 1359: Tension

Three days later, Jian Chen and Yadriam left with the sea goddess' divine hall. They proceeded to where the sea goddess needed to be resurrected. Over twenty Saint King elders went with them as well as several hall elders.

The sea goddess required vast quantities of energy during her revival, so the energy of the world would move abnormally throughout the sea realm, alerting everyone. The purpose of the elders were mainly to stop the experts that would hurry over to see what was going on. They were not responsible for fighting.

Yadriam flew in the air with the experts while Jian Chen stood on his violet sword beside her. He seemed very graceful, causing Yadriam and the Saint Kings to glance over. They all found it weird.

They had never seen or heard of a method of flying as weird as riding a sword. They obviously found it to be extremely novel.

"The resurrection of the sea goddess requires the support of the ninety-nine spiritual springs. These springs are buried deep and are formed from a vein of energy. It's impossible for people who are not powerful to find them. These springs are scattered throughout the sea realm. Her majesty needs to draw the energy of the springs from a spot between all of them, and unfortunately, that place doesn't lie in our territory but in the territory of the Heaven's Spirit Hall. This is why we're going over there right now," Yadriam explained to Jian Chen along the way through a communication technique, so he would be prepared. The Saint Kings behind them still had no idea where the hall master was taking them or what she was doing.

Yadriam had not announced the sea goddess' resurrection to them. She kept the matter a secret. No one else knew about it other than her and Jian Chen. It would go better the fewer people knew about it.

Jian Chen silently nodded. Although they would be trespassing in someone else's territory, he did not feel pressured at all.

Very soon, they had left the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall and entered the lands of the Heaven's Spirit Hall.

"Hall master, we three halls have an agreement, where we are not to trespass in the land of others without permission. We're…" An elder immediately spoke his doubts. He was an ordinary elder at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

"Hall master, are we declaring war against the Heaven's Spirit Hall? Are we changing the current situation and conquering the entire sea realm?" A hall elder asked in doubt. He felt very disturbed right now. If that was the case, a storm would definitely sweep through the entire sea realm.

"Enough with the questions," Yadriam coldly and emotionlessly commanded. A layer of bright, blue light concealed her entire body, obscuring her appearance.

The elders immediately stopped talking and quietly followed behind her. However, they were nowhere near as calm as they seemed on the surface. Now that the ruler of the Turtle clan had become an emperor and coupled with his mysterious friend, it could be said that the Sea Goddess Hall currently possessed three Saint Emperors. They had completely surpassed the other two halls. Unifying the sea realm was not impossible.

At the same time, the hall master of the Heaven's Spirit Hall, who was nurturing his soul in a secret room, snapped open his eyes. They seemed to shine bright, which seemed terrifying. His eyes seemed to be able to pierce through space, passing through the various obstructions to see everything in the distance.

Suddenly, he rose up from the ground and became extremely stern. He heavily said, "Yadriam and Jian Chen have brought a great group of people to my Heaven's Spirit Hall. What are they trying to do?" The hall master suddenly felt rather uneasy because he had thought of something terrifying. If Yadriam and Jian Chen worked together to attack the Heaven's Spirit Hall, he would struggle to fend them off with his strength.

The hall master vanished from the room. Soon, an ear-piercing horn rang from the hall. Its sound reached places several hundred thousand kilometers away.

All the experts who heard the horn displayed different expressions.

"That's the horn of war. It hasn't been blown in forever. Is the Heaven's Spirit Hall declaring war on someone…"

"Once the horn is blown, all experts must hurry to the divine hall at once as reinforcements…"

At that moment, countless people emerged from seclusion. They hurried to the central divine hall as quickly as they could. None of them were weak, all Saint Rulers or Saint Kings. Not only did independent cultivators head over, but the representatives and ancestors of large organizations also went.

Of course, there were also some people who fled from the territory of the Heaven's Spirit Hall into the lands of the other two halls. They wanted to avoid the matter all together.

The hall master of the Heaven's Spirit Hall felt threatened when Yadriam and the emperor of the Turtle clan had stepped into his territory without any warning, which was why the horn had been blown without any hesitation. He wanted to gather all the forces he had.

In a very short amount of time, the Heaven's Spirit Hall made all the preparations they needed for battle. All the people in the divine hall were ready to fight. The divine hall levitated in the sky as it glowed with a resplendent light. Various arrays had been activated, erupting with terrifying pulses of energy. They now waited for the arrival of Yadriam's party.

However, they stopped only a hundred thousand kilometers from the boundary of the two territories. Afterward, the Saint Kings scattered in the surroundings to watch over the region, leaving behind Jian Chen and Yadriam in the center.

Jian Chen looked around. All he saw was a desolate mountain range. The energy of the world was not dense either. He could not help but ask, "Is this the place?"

Yadriam nodded and said, "Correct, this is the place. The energy of the world here is thin, but it just happens to be the center of the ninety-nine spiritual springs. I will immediately begin casting formations to connect the ninety-nine springs so that we can draw over all the energy in them. I cannot be disturbed during this process."

"Don't worry, leave it to me," said Jian Chen before leaping onto a tall mountain peak nearby. He sat down and expanded the senses of his soul to watch over Yadriam.

Yadriam immediately got to work. With a wave of her hand, she cleared away several mountains and created a flat region of land before beginning to cast down the formation.

The formation originated from the sea goddess. It was extraordinarily profound and complicated and was capable of drawing in all the energy from the ninety-nine spiritual springs scattered across the sea realm. It was rather arduous to cast down even for Yadriam.

The number of experts in the divine hall far away rapidly increased. People constantly poured in from all directions as reinforcements, waiting for the arrival of the enemies.

Yadriam walked between the mountain range as she did all she could to cast the formation. The formation was extremely vast, taking up a radius of a hundred kilometers. It could not be completed in a short amount of time.

Jian Chen sat on a tall mountain peak with the Azulet swords on his back. He observed the surroundings with his senses while he continued to comprehend the other sword techniques the sword spirits had imparted on him.

All of them were very basic. Other than Sword-riding, the rest were offensive in nature, but since they originated from a higher world, all of the basic techniques were far more powerful than Saint Tier Battle Skills.

The sword technique that interested Jian Chen the most among them was similar to the Soul Sword Jian Chen had once used. The sword technique allowed the user to control the sword with the soul, but the might the technique displayed was incomparable to what he used to use. It could kill people from long distances. He could control the sword with his mind as long as it was within the region his soul could envelope.

"My soul can reach over two hundred thousand kilometers away. That way, I don't even need to set out to kill enemies two hundred thousand kilometers away," Jian Chen's blood boiled. The power of the sword technique was so great that it could enchant him and drive him mad. He immediately devoted all his thoughts to it in order grasp it as soon as possible.

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