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Chapter 1358: Sword-riding

Jian Chen had collected several dozen canes of bamboo from the Xuanhuang Microcosm. Only a single droplet of sap could be refined from a single cane, so he could only refine several dozen droplets of the sap with the amount of bamboo on him. There wasn't much.

Jian Chen treated the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo well since it was valuable. If it were not for the fact that his soul was left in a weakened after the sword spirits broke away and that he needed to be in peak condition right now, he would have never wasted such precious bamboo so easily.

Jian Chen refined a droplet of amethyst sap from a single cane through a method he had learned from the sword spirits. It let out a faint amethyst glow while a mysterious energy pulsed inside it. It was a wondrous energy that could strengthen the soul.

Jian Chen guided the droplet of sap to the center of his eyebrows. As soon as it came in contact with his skin, it immediately melded with the skin it touched, dissolving into a refreshing energy that nourished Jian Chen's soul.

The droplet of sap possessed extremely great effects. Jian Chen's fragile soul actually healed at an unbelievable rate. A comfortable feeling filled the depths of his soul. It was extremely pleasant and Jian Chen could not help but deeply exhale.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes as he sat on the ground. He became drunk off the pleasant feeling of his soul strengthening. Not only was his soul rapidly recovering, it became even more consolidated and even stronger than before.

Half a day later, the effects of the sap gradually vanished. Jian Chen's soul had been healed by a large portion as well. Although he had not returned to peak condition yet, he could feel that his current soul was far more powerful than before.

If his soul before was described as a hand full of soil, his current soul would be an egg-sized rock. The sizes were different, and it was also much tougher than before.

Jian Chen was overjoyed. He had originally thought that he would need at least several canes of the bamboo to make a full recovery. He had never expected that just a single cane would heal most of it. He was surprised by the powerful effects.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately began to refine a second droplet of sap.

A day later, Jian Chen's soul finally returned to its peak condition. Just two droplets was enough to allow his soul to become several times more powerful than before. Expanding his senses, he could actually engulf a radius of over two hundred thousand kilometers. This would have been unimaginable in the past.

This was because a massive requirement of strength needed to be met just to increase his soul by ten thousand kilometers.

"My soul has already reached the level of a peak Saint Emperor or possibly beyond Saint Emperors," Jian Chen joyfully mumbled to himself.

He had forged the Azulet swords successfully. Not only could he use the Way of the Sword even more than before, but he could also learn many powerful sword techniques as well. Coupled with his strengthened soul, was there anyone in the world who was still his opponent, excluding Origin realm experts?

"Master, you may have forged the Azulet swords, but they have yet to become your fated weapons. Once they become your fated weapons, not only will you be able to continue comprehending the way of the sword, but the power of the swords will also increase once more. However, this process takes some time. It requires master to fuse your mind with the swords. It's inconvenient right now. Master, we will teach you the most basic sword techniques first…"

After successfully forging the Azulet swords, Jian Chen had formally embarked on the cultivation path of the Way of the Sword. Zi Ying and Qing Suo then began to pass on various sword techniques to him like teachers, pointing Jian Chen in the right direction on the Way of the Sword. This would allow Jian Chen to progress much faster than if he felt his way around. This information would allow him to avoid many unnecessary twists along the path.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo were only sword spirits, but they had existed for far too long. They knew far too much and were like grandmasters on the Way of the Sword. They were extremely experienced. They could deal with anything that was difficult or anything that Jian Chen did not understand.

"The Way of the Sword is extensive and profound. It requires a lot of time to comprehend. I've only reached the very basics, having only just reached Sword Origin. There's still Sword Spirit, Sword Immortal, Sword Sage, and Sword God afterwards. I still have a long way to go," Jian Chen emotionally sighed. He seemed to have come across a completely new world before him.

Suddenly, Jian Chen formed a seal with his hand. The Zi Ying Sword immediately produced a clear resonance as it flew into the air from his back. It became ten meters long and half a meter wide in a single instant. It raidated a blinding, violet light, which obscured its blade.

Jian Chen leaped up and landed on the expanded sword. He then changed his seal and the Zi Ying Sword immediately shot off as a streak of purple light, leaving the cave extremely quickly. He had vanished into the horizon in just a single moment. This way of traveling was countless times faster than when Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash.

Sword-riding was one of the sword techniques Zi Ying had passed onto Jian Chen. It was one of the most basic skills for practitioners of the sword, so Jian Chen grasped it in an extremely short amount of time.

The Zi Ying Sword seemed to have become a streak of light, but it also seemed to have become a violet lightning bolt as it shot through the sea realm. It was so fast that even Saint Kings could not catch it. Jian Chen stood on the sword as his clothes fluttered in the wind. He gave off an unexplainable feeling. He seemed like a sword immortal descending. He stared at the blurry surroundings in a daze as he sighed in surprise. Sword-riding really was just far too fast. Even with his vision, he was unable to clearly make out the rapidly receding surroundings. He had to use the senses of his soul to see them.

"Now that I've grasped Sword-riding, I am no slower than someone who uses Space Gates," Jian Chen thought. Space Gates could cross space, traversing several tens of thousands, millions, or tens of millions of kilometers in a single step. However, he felt like traversing such a great distance with Sword-riding would not take much time either.

In less than two hours, Jian Chen arrived at the Sea Goddess Hall. He stopped ten kilometers from the structure and flew over with his two swords on his back.

All the people that came across Jian Chen after he had entered the divine hall bowed to him and treated him politely. Even a few Saint King elders greeted him with smiles, in an extremely courteous manner.

The name of the ruler of the Turtle clan had spread throughout the sea realm. Everyone knew him. He had caused ripples to travel through the entire sea realm, so the Saint Kings obviously needed to treat him politely now. Even hall elders needed to lower themselves before him.

This was the benefit of strength. Respect came from the fist!

Jian Chen met Yadriam in a majestic hall. Only the two of them were present in the quiet and cold room. Yadriam was not enveloped by any light today. Her appearance was revealed before Jian Chen. She was alluring like a goddess, her face dignified.

"Are those the weapons you forged?" Yadriam stared at the swords on Jian Chen back in curiosity. Her expression was rather odd.

Jian Chen nodded seriously and said, "Yes, I've already forged my swords and my strength has drastically increased. Even if the two hall masters come together, I can slay both of them easily. Your majesty, the resurrection can be held now."

Yadriam smiled. Her smile was very pretty, like countless flowers were blooming and displaying the prettiest colors in the world. She said, "You can now easily slay the two hall masters together? Jian Chen, are your swords really that powerful? Have you forged some weapons that are as powerful as her majesty's weapon?" Yadriam clearly did not believe Jian Chen. Even she was unable to easily slay two Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen smiled and said, "My two swords might even be more powerful than the weapon her majesty once used."

"I hope that's true. That way, the resurrection of her majesty will be successful," said Yadriam.

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