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Chapter 1026: The Great Divination Technique

Ta Ji and Fang Yan hovered in the air with pale faces. Residual blood remained on the corner of their lips while their snow-white robes had been dyed red with blood. They seemed to be extremely miserable.

Jian Chen did not kill Ta Ji and Fang Yan. The Tian Yuan Continent would be facing a disaster in the near future. Ta Ji and Fang Yan were Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, so they would be apart of the major force that would repel the invasion from the World of Forsaken Saints.

“The two of you are nowhere near my opponent. Go. You are not to interfere with any matters of the Bloodsword sect today. Otherwise, you will be taking the Bloodsword sect on as an enemy,” Jian Chen said as he put the Emperor Armament away.

Ta Ji and Fang Yan looked at each other. They were both troubled, and they glanced at Luo Duo who was also heavily injured. They produced a soft sigh and said nothing else, directly ripping open a Space Gate and leaving through it.

The both of the knew that Jian Chen possessed the ability to kill them from the battle before, but he showed mercy in the end. This was why they did not throw down any threats before leaving.

Ta Ji and Fang Yan left together, returning to the Felicity Empire. Luo Duo lost his greatest insurance with their departure, so his face also became bleak. However, a gleam of light flickered through his eyes very quickly and without any hesitation, he ripped open the surrounding space to create a Space Gate.

However, before it had completely formed, Jian Chen suddenly appeared beside him and he punched at the gate. He caused space to shake violently, forcefully preventing the Space Gate’s formation.

“You have extremely strong killing intent for the Bloodsword sect. If I let you go today, you will definitely cause great harm to the Bloodsword sect once you become powerful, so you better stay behind today.” Jian Chen’s presence surged as he coldly stared at Luo Duo. Afterwards, he punched Luo Duo’s chest, causing it to cave in completely. His ribs and organs turned to mush.

Mouthfuls of blood spurted from Luo Duo. He endured his injuries and icily stared at Jian Chen. He called out, “I am an Imperial Protector of the Felicity Empire! If you kill me, the Felicity Empire will definitely flatten your Bloodsword sect! Houston will be passing away soon! He cannot protect the Bloodsword sect!”

Jian Chen’s face immediately sank with that. Killing intent surged in his eyes as he growled, “You’re looking to die for disrespecting uncle Xiu!” Jian Chen radiated with a terrifying killing intent as he pursued Luo Duo. A faint layer of Chaotic Force covered the surface of his fist as he struck Luo Duo’s head.

Luo Duo’s head exploded with Jian Chen’s angry punch. His soul was wiped out before it could even flee.

Luo Duo had never thought that he had sped up his own death instead of saving his life with what he had just said even as he died.

“Imperial Protector Luo Duo!” The four Imperial Protectors of the Longqi Kingdom all witnessed Luo Duo’s death. They all stared wide-eyed, torn between grief.

Jian Chen glanced at the Imperial Protectors torn between sadness and anger. Perhaps due to the fact that his increase in strength affected his mind, he did not bother to deal with the four Saint Rulers of the Longqi Kingdom. That was, of course, given that there was no irresolvable disagreements between them.

Jian Chen did not look at the Saint Rulers again as flew towards the imperial palace. He had already locked onto old man Situ’s and Mateng’s presence.

The four protectors of the Bloodsword sect did not bother with the Imperial Protectors when they saw how Jian Chen did not try make things difficult for them. One of them removed Luo Duo’s Space Ring from his finger, before following Jian Chen toward a desolate area within the imperial palace.

Currently, old man Situ and Mateng leaned against the door in fear, peeping through a tiny slit to see the situation outside. They gently trembled as their lips jittered. They were filled with deep fear.

The two of them had witnessed the battle in the sky as they hid. They were naturally familiar with Jian Chen’s appearance since they had chased him down in the City of God before. They had just witnessed Jian Chen heavily injure two Saint Kings consecutively, as well as kill one without any difficulties. They were deeply astounded by his strength, struggling to accept it all as true.

“S- S- Situ, d- d- do you think th- th- that he’s actually Jian Chen?” Old man Mateng said through a communication technique. His teeth loudly chattered, producing an audible sound.

“We’re done, we’re done. We’re done this time. How did Jian Chen’s strength suddenly become so great? I clearly remember that he was not as strong as the two of us when we first met him in the City of God.” Old man Situ’s face had completely drained of blood. In that moment, deep fear had replaced all his other emotions.

Suddenly, old man Mateng’s expression change. He cried out, “Sh*t, they’re heading in our direction. How did I forget? The experts of the Bloodsword sect have methods to find us. Run!” The two old men no longer bothered to conceal their presences. They shot through the roof, fleeing into the distance with their greatest speed.

Jian Chen’s killing intent immediately began to explode through his attempts to suppress it when he saw the murderers of his parents. His killing intent began to permeate the surroundings, causing the temperature to plummet. He yelled out, “Do you really think you can flee before me?” Jian Chen’s voice was extremely loud and clear. It suddenly shook the sky like a clap of thunder. It was deafening.

Old man Situ and Mateng froze. They immediately began to tremble from Jian Chen’s voice and unconsciously stopped. They were filled with fear. Before Saint Kings, they could not even flee with their current strength.

Jian Chen ran over from afar with a dark face. A tremendous presence had already locked onto the two old men, making them feel like a mountain currently sat on them. They even struggled to breath.

Suddenly, the two old men fell to their knees at the same time. They constantly bowed to Jian Chen as they begged, “Senior Jian Chen, please let us go. This matter really has nothing to do with us. It was all secretly organized by the tiger king of the Gilligan clan. If we didn’t listen to him, he would have killed us. Senior Jian Chen, the prime culprit is not us but the tiger king. We’re just a chess piece in the tiger king’s hands.”

“Yeah, senior Jian Chen. We’re just a chess piece in the tiger king’s hands. We didn’t have a choice either. It’s useless even if you kill us, so please forgive us as the bigger person. If you want revenge, go find the tiger king. He’s your true enemy,” old man Mateng copied old man Situ by loudly pleading. He acted like he was wronged. He sounded as pitiful as he needed to be.

Jian Chen coldly stared at the two old men. His killing intent increased instead of reducing, and he slowly drew the Emperor Armament from his Space Ring.

Jian Chen could not let the two murderers of his parents all those years ago die so easily.

The two old men became even more frightened when Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament. With a flurry of hands, they pulled thing after thing out of their Space Rings.

“Senior Jian Chen, if you let us go, we will give you everything in our possession. These Class 7 Monster Cores, these vast quantities of purple coins, and this wondrous Great Divination Technique will all belong to you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Senior Jian Chen, the Great Divination Technique is an ancient, divine book. The two of us obtained it by risking our lives in an extremely dangerous place. The value of this book far exceeds the lives of us two old men. We will use it to exchange for our lives. Senior Jian Chen won’t be losing anything in this deal.”

The two old men both held part of a booklet in their hands. They raised their respective parts high above their heads in a courteous manner. The two booklets seemed to belong together but had been separated.

“Nothing you say will work. I must kill you today,” Jian Chen emphasized each syllable as he spoke. His tone was icy-cold, and as soon as he finished speaking, he immediately stabbed out. His arm shook, and the Emperor Armament turned into a wall of blurs that enveloped the two old men. He stabbed out countless times in a short instance. Each stroke moved at an unbelievable speed. The blurs stacked upon each other, filling up the space in a dense fashion. It was impossible to tell whether a blur was actually the sword or just a fake.


The two old men miserably shrieked. Blood and flesh scattered into the space filled with the blurs, turning the air into a bloody mist which drifted through the sky. The air around them was dyed red.

The two old men constantly shrieked, growing more and more miserable as the pain became more and more agonizing. It was chilling.

A while later, Jian Chen finally stopped. Other than their heads, the two old men had reduced to red skeletons from the neck below. They had been carved alive with no flesh left. Even their organs had completely disappeared.

The Saint Weapons within their dantians had been destroyed by Jian Chen. Currently, the two of them floated in the air completely dependent on Jian Chen’s ability to freeze space, or they would have fallen.

“Jian Chen, if you want to kill, then kill. Why torture us like this,” old man Situ angrily roared with his hoarse voice. He could not endure the torture. It was not something humans could endure.

“It won’t be that easy if you want me to kill you in a single stroke. I will repay the debt of blood with interest from all those years ago. I will carve you into pieces and tear you into shreds,” Jian Chen gnashed his teeth. Afterwards, his Emperor Armament began to move once more, slowly carving away their bones.

Jian Chen tortured the two old men for four whole hours. When only their heads were left, he wiped out their souls, allowing them to disperse permanently.

Jian Chen slowly put the Emperor Armament away and raised his head to look at the blue sky. After that, he deeply exhaled. Only now were all the murderers of his parents dead. He had finally completed this journey of revenge for his parents.

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