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Chapter 1027: A Book of a Way

Although the two old men had died in such a cruel fashion, it was far from enough to make up for the pain they had brought to Jian Chen when they killed his parents. Jian Chen knew that if the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect had not arrived in time, perhaps the entire clan would have been wiped out.

The strong eat the weak. This was the law of survival in this world, with nothing to be discussed or debated. Strength was the greatest decider of authority.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian stood silently behind Jian Chen with the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect. Their expressions remained the same. The bloodshed they had once experienced was nowhere near anything Jian Chen could imagine. They had seen everything, so the scene before them could be described as just too common to them.

A long while later, Jian Chen slightly calmed down. He lowered his head to look at the ground before quickly descending to the ground.

The Great Divination Technique lay quietly on the ground since it had fallen from the hands of the two old men. Its old, yellowed pages gently flipped in the breeze, revealing a large face of tiny characters.

With a gesture, the parts of the book were immediately affected by an invisible force as they slowly flew into Jian Chen’s hands. Jian Chen examined the two booklets and discovered that they were several pages made out of an unknown material bound together by golden thread. The pages were extremely pliable yet extremely difficult to destroy. They possessed marks left behind by time, so no one know just how long they had existed.

The two booklets really did form one book, but it had been separated by the two old men by untying the golden thread. They each carried an incomplete portion of it, and only when they were put together did they form the complete book.

“Just what is this book to be described in such a great fashion by two Saint Rulers?” Jian Chen mumbled before putting the two booklets together. He flipped to the first page and began reading.

Jian Chen’s eyes gradually lit up as he flipped through the pages. His calm heart also began to beat heavily. He became slightly excited before involuntary sighing in shock in the end, “This really is a divine book. It’s so wondrous!”

The Great Divination Technique was not some powerful battle skill or cultivation manual, but an extremely wondrous book. The reason why it was so wondrous was because it could forecast the future and penetrate the supreme laws of the world, allowing the user to see the end. It could also help the user find the person the user was looking for, or the answer the user wanted to know.

“It’s too wondrous. It’s just too wondrous. I never thought that there would be such a wonderful book in the world. This is unbelievable,” Jian Chen praised. He was very surprised. The Great Divination Technique was basically heaven-defying. As soon as someone mastered the technique, nothing could trap them since they knew everything. They could pierce through the multiple obstructions and illusions to see the truth. No scheme would work against someone who mastered it. They would even be able to see through a person’s past and future incarnations.

The Great Divination Technique was recorded in words at the front, and towards the end, it became a mixture of simple-looking yet complicated lines and pictures. Jian Chen’s soul suddenly shook when he saw the lines and pictures, and a weird feeling filled his head at that moment. The lines and images seemed to fuse with the surroundings, combining with nature. They seemed simple, yet they hid an infinite number of mysteries. They were profound.

“The Great Divination Technique is mystical, but it’s extremely difficult to learn. To forecast the future would need an extremely deep comprehension of it,” Jian Chen thought. He could already understand how profound it was from the text at the beginning.

“A book of a way. It’s actually a book of a way!” Suddenly, the sword spirits’ voices rang out in Jian Chen’s head. Their voices were filled with amazement, as if something extremely unexpecting had happened.

“A book of a way? Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what’s a book of a way?” Jian Chen immediately communicated with the sword spirits due to his curiosity.

“Master, a book of a way is a book that describes a way. It is referred to differently in different places, and it’s called the laws of the world here,” Qing Suo explained.

“Does that mean that the lines and images recorded near the end of the book are laws?” Jian Chen was rather surprised.

“Correct, master. There are many ways out there. Different people can record different ways with different methods, such as the book in your hand. The author’s completely recorded a way using lines and images. It seems simple, but it’s extremely difficult to comprehend. However, the book is a recording of the rarely-seen way of divination.”

“In the world we originally came from, there were extremely few people who comprehended the way of divination. Even describing it as rare as a phoenix’s feather would be too much because the way of divination is just too hard to comprehend, and it’s not offensive in nature, so very few people take that route. The people who do take that route are extremely weak in battle. Even if they comprehend it to the utmost peak, they can’t defeat people at a cultivation level lower than them. It’s a route nowhere near the beaten path,” Zi Ying explained.

Jian Chen’s excitement immediately disappeared with that. He sank into his thoughts. All the joy he had from obtaining the technique completely disappeared.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, are you saying that I shouldn’t comprehend the details of the Great Divination Technique?” Jian Chen asked after some thought.

“Master, the Great Divination Technique is indeed useless to other people since comprehending the way of divination in a world filled with battle would just be seeking death. Once people start fighting, anyone who comprehended this way would definitely be at a disadvantage. They will die very easily to their opponents. However, master does not walk a path of cultivation similar to ordinary people, so master still needs to comprehend the way of divination,” said Zi Ying.

“I need to comprehend it? Why?” Jian Chen asked in confusion.

“Master, the eighteen layers of the Chaotic Body are only a way for Zi Ying and me to get you to have a deeper understanding of how the Chaotic Body is divided. Actually, the Chaotic Body is divided into four major levels in our original world: minor achievement, partial achievement, major achievement, and great perfection. The first six layers are part of the minor achievement, the seventh layer to the twelfth layer is part of the partial achievement, the thirteenth layer to the eighteen layer is part of the major achievement. Great perfection is for those who have surpassed the eighteen layers, and it is the highest level of the Chaotic Body. However, no one has reached it before.”

“Does that mean that my Chaotic Body is only half way through the minor achievement, and that I’m still quite far from the peak of minor achievement?” Jian Chen thought.

“Master, the minor achievement of the Chaotic Body only requires energy to cultivate, but once you reach partial achievement, you need to comprehend ways, or laws of the world, to continue your increase in strength. As for great perfection of the Chaotic Body, it requires the comprehension of three thousand great ways. Only by making the three thousand great ways a source can someone reach great perfection and refine true Chaotic Force. As a result, master needs to comprehend the way of divination,” Zi Ying explained.

Jian Chen finally felt a little better. He mumbled inside, “Looks like I can’t benefit from the Great Divination Technique that I just obtained at all right now. The great perfection of the Chaotic Body is just too far away from me right now, so I’ll consider it in the future.”

Great perfection was a level that surpassed the eighteen layers. With Jian Chen’s current level at the third layer, he dared not to hold wild wishes for it.

After communicating with the sword spirit, Jian Chen placed the Great Divination Technique into his Space Ring. Although the fact that the technique contained the method to know everything in the world and it did tempt him, Jian Chen also knew that reaching a high level of comprehension of the technique would be extremely difficult. It would take up an extremely great amount of time, yet he had not even dealt with the matters at hand, so right now was not the time to comprehend.

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