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SARIGUE, sa-r[=e]g', _n._ a South American opossum. [Fr.,--Braz.]

SARK, sark, _n._ a shirt or chemise: the body garment. [A.S. _syrce_; Ice.


SARKING, sar'king, _n._ (_Scot._) thin boards for lining, the boarding on which slates are laid.

SARKINITE, sar'ki-n[=i]t, _n._ a hydrous arseniate of manganese. [Gr.

_sarkinos_, fleshy, _sarx_, _sarkos_, flesh.]

SARLAK, sar'lak, _n._ the yak.--Also SAR'LAC, SAR'LYK.

SARMATIAN, sar-m[=a]'shi-an, _adj._ pertaining to the race who spoke the same language as the Scythians, and who are believed to have been of Median descent and so Iranian in stock, though some authorities think they belonged to the Ural-Altaic family: Polish, the term _Sarmatia_ being sometimes rhetorically applied to Poland.

SARMATIER, sar-ma-ti-[=a]', _n._ a dark-coloured polecat of eastern Europe.

SARMENT, sar'ment, _n._ (_bot._) a prostrate filiform stem or runner, as of a strawberry.--_adjs._ SARMEN'TOSE, SARMEN'TOUS, having sarmenta or runners.--_n._ SARMEN'TUM, a runner. [L. _sarmentum_, a twig--_sarp[)e]re_, to prune.]

SARN, sarn, _n._ a pavement. [W. _sarn_.]

SAROH, sar'[=o], _n._ an Indian musical instrument with three metal strings.

SARONG, sa-rong', _n._ a garment covering the lower half of the body.


SAROS, s[=a]'ros, _n._ a Babylonian numeral=3600: an astronomical cycle of 6585 days and 8 hours.

SAROTHRUM, sa-r[=o]'thrum, _n._ a brush of stiff hairs on the leg of a bee:--_pl._ SAR[=O]'THRA. [Gr. _sar[=o]tron_, a broom.]

SARPLAR, sar'plar, _n._ (_obs._) packing-cloth: a large bale of wool containing 2240 pounds.--Also SAR'PLER, SAR'PLIER. [O. Fr.

_serpilliere_--Low L. _serapellinus_--L. _xerampelinae_ (_vestes_), of the colour of dead vine-leaves, dark-red (clothes)--Gr. _x[=e]rampelinos_, _x[=e]ros_, dry, _ampelinos_--_ampelos_, a vine.]

SARRACENIA, sar-a-s[=e]'ni-a, _n._ a genus of polypetalous plants--the _side-saddle flower_, _pitcher-plant_. [Named from Dr _Sarrazin_, who first sent them to Europe from Quebec.]

SARRASIN, sar'a-sin, _n._ a portcullis.--Also SAR'ASIN.

SARRAZIN, sar'a-zin, _n._ buckwheat--_Saracen_ wheat.

SARRUSOPHONE, sa-rus'[=o]-f[=o]n, _n._ a musical instrument of the oboe class. [From the inventor, a French bandmaster named _Sarrus_.]

SARSAPARILLA, sar-sa-pa-ril'a, _n._ the dried root of several species of _Smilax_, native to tropical America, yielding a medicinal decoction.--Also SAR'SA. [Sp.,--_zarza_, bramble (prob. Basque, _sartzia_), _parilla_, a dim. of _parra_, a vine.]

SARSEN, sar'sen, _n._ a local name for the old inhabitants who worked the tin-mines in Cornwall and Devonshire--(the piles of old mining refuse are called _attal-Sarsen_ and _Jews' leavings_).--Also SARS'DEN-STONE, SAR'ACEN'S-STONE, a name given to the Greywethers of Cornwall.

SARSENET, sars'net, _n._ a thin tissue of fine silk, plain or twilled, used for ladies' dresses and for linings, said to have been introduced from the East in the 13th century.--Also SAR'CENET, SARS'NET. [O. Fr.

_sarcenet_--Low L. _Saracenatus_, and _Saracenicus_ (_pannus_), Saracen (cloth)--_Saracenus_, _Saracen_.]

SARSIA, sar'si-a, _n._ a genus of jelly-fishes. [Named from Professor _Sars_ of Christiania.]

SARTAGE, sar't[=a]j, _n._ the clearing of woodland for agricultural purposes.--_n._ SART, a strip of such.

SARTORIUS, sar-t[=o]'ri-us, _n._ the muscle of the thigh by which the one leg is thrown across the other.--_n._ SAR'TOR, a tailor.--_adj._ SART[=O]'RIAL, pertaining to a tailor or tailoring. [L. _sartor_, a tailor.]

SASH, sash, _n._ a band, ribbon, or scarf, worn as a badge or ornament, or a badge of distinction worn by officers--also _v.t._--_n._ SASH'ERY, sashes collectively. [Pers. _shast_, a turban.]

SASH, sash, _n._ a case or frame for panes of glass.--_v.t._ to furnish with sashes.--_ns._ SASH'-DOOR, a door having panes of glass; SASH'-FRAME, the frame in which the sash of a window is suspended; SASH'-WINDOW, a glazed window in which the glass is set in a sash.--FRENCH SASH, a casement swinging on hinges. [Fr. _chasse_--L. _capsa_, a case.]

SASIA, s[=a]'si-a, _n._ a genus of Indian pigmy woodpeckers.

SASIN, sas'in, _n._ the common Indian antelope.

SASINE, s[=a]'sin, _n._ (_Scots law_) the act of giving legal possession of feudal property, infeftment: a form of seizin. [Fr. _saisine_--_saisir_, occupy.]

SASS, sas, _n._ (_coll._) impudence: vegetables used in making sauces.--_v.i._ to be insolent in replies.

SASSABY, sas'a-bi, _n._ the bastard hartebeest of South Africa.

SASSAFRAS, sas'a-fras, _n._ a tree of the laurel family, common in North America; also the bark of its root, a powerful stimulant.--SASSAFRAS OIL, a volatile aromatic oil distilled from the sassafras. [Fr. _sassafras_--Sp.

_sasafras_--L. _saxifraga_--_saxum_, a stone, _frang[)e]re_, to break.]

SASSANID, sas'a-nid, _n._ one of the Sassanidae, the dynasty which ruled Persia from 218 A.D. to 639.--_adj._ SASS[=A]'NIAN.


SASSE, sas, _n._ a sluice on a navigable river. [Dut.]

SASSENACH, sas'e-nah, _n._ a Saxon: an Englishman: a Lowlander. [Gael.


SASSOLIN, sas'[=o]-lin, _n._ native boracic acid--first found near _Sasso_ in Florence.--Also SASS'OLITE.

SASSOROL, sas'[=o]-rol, _n._ the rock-pigeon.--Also SASSOROL'LA.

SAT, sat, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _sit_.

SATAN, s[=a]'tan, _n._ the enemy of men: the devil: the chief of the fallen angels.--_adjs._ S[=A]TAN'IC, -AL, pertaining to, or like, Satan: devilish.--_adv._ S[=A]TAN'ICALLY, diabolically: with malice or wickedness suiting the devil.--_ns._ S[=A]TAN'ICALNESS, the quality of being fiendishly malicious or wicked; S[=A]'TANISM, the devilish disposition; S[=A]TANOPH'ANY, an appearance or incarnation of Satan; S[=A]TANOPH[=O]'BIA, fear of the devil; S[=A]TH'ANAS, Satan; S[=A]TAN'ITY.

[O. Fr. _Sathan_, _Sathanas_--Low L. _Satan_, _Satanas_--Heb.

_s[=a]t[=a]n_, enemy--_s[=a]tan_, to be adverse.]

SATARA, sat'a-ra, _n._ a ribbed, hot-pressed, and lustred woollen cloth.

SATCHEL, sach'el, _n._ a small sack or bag, esp. for papers, books, &c.

[Older form _sachel_--O. Fr. _sachel_--L. _saccellus_, dim. of _saccus_.]

SATE, s[=a]t, _v.t._ to satisfy or give enough: to glut.--_adj._ SATE'LESS, insatiable. [L. _sati[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_satis_, enough.]

SATE, sat. Same as SAT, _pa.t._ of _sit_.

SATEEN, sa-t[=e]n', _n._ a glossy worsted, cotton, or even woollen fabric.--Also SATTEEN'.

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