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SATELLITE, sat'el-l[=i]t, _n._ an obsequious follower: one of the small members of the solar system, attendant on the larger planets, by which their motions are controlled.--_ns._ SAT'ELLITE-SPHINX, a large hawk-moth; SAT'ELLITE-VEIN, a vein accompanying an artery; SATELLI'TIUM, an escort.

[Fr.,--L. _satelles_, _satellitis_, an attendant.]

SATIATE, s[=a]'shi-[=a]t, _v.t._ to satisfy or give enough: to gratify fully: to glut.--_adj._ glutted.--_n._ S[=A]TIABIL'ITY.--_adj._ S[=A]'TIABLE, that may be satiated.--_ns._ S[=A]TI[=A]'TION; S[=A]T[=I]'ETY, state of being satiated: surfeit. [L. _sati[=a]ra_, _-[=a]tum_--_satis_, enough.]

SATIN, sat'in, _n._ a closely woven silk with a lustrous and unbroken surface, sometimes figured.--_adj._ made of satin: resembling satin.--_v.t._ to make smooth and glossy like satin.--_ns._ SAT'IN-BIRD, the satin bower-bird; SAT'IN-CAR'PET, a particular kind of moth; SAT'IN-DAM'ASK, a satin with an elaborate flower or arabesque pattern, sometimes raised in velvet pile; SAT'IN-DE-LAINE', a thin glossy woollen fabric, a variety of cassimere; SAT'INET, a thin species of satin: a cloth with a cotton warp and woollen weft; SAT'INET-LOOM, a loom used for heavy goods, as twills, satinets, &c.; SAT'IN-FIN'ISH, a finish resembling satin: a lustrous finish produced on silver by the scratch-brush, by the process called _Satining_; SAT'INING-MACHINE', a machine for giving a smooth surface to paper; SAT'IN-LEAF, the common alum-root; SAT'IN-LISSE, a cotton dress-fabric with satiny surface, usually printed with delicate patterns; SAT'IN-P[=A]'PER, a fine, glossy writing-paper; SAT'IN-SHEET'ING, twilled cotton fabric with a satin surface; SAT'IN-SPAR, a variety of calcite with a pearly lustre when polished; SAT'IN-SPARR'OW, an Australian fly-catcher; SAT'IN-STITCH, an embroidery stitch, flat or raised, repeated in parallel lines, giving a satiny appearance and making both sides alike; SAT'IN-STONE, a fibrous gypsum used by lapidaries; SAT'INWOOD, a beautiful ornamental wood from East and West Indies, having a smooth, satiny texture.--_adj._ SAT'INY, like, or composed of, satin. [Fr. _satin_ (It.

_setino_)--Low. L. _setinus_, adj.--L. _seta_, hair.]

SATINe, sat-i-n[=a]', _n._ a reddish hard wood of French Guiana.

SATIRE, sat'[=i]r, or sat'ir, _n._ a literary composition, orig. in verse, essentially a criticism of man and his works, whom it holds up either to ridicule or scorn--its chief instruments, irony, sarcasm, invective, wit and humour: an invective poem: severity of remark, denunciation: ridicule.--_adjs._ SATIR'IC, -AL, pertaining to, or conveying, satire: sarcastic: abusive.--_adv._ SATIR'ICALLY.--_n._ SATIR'ICALNESS, the state or quality of being satirical.--_v.t._ SAT'IR[=I]SE, to make the object of satire: to censure severely.--_n._ SAT'IRIST, a writer of satire. [Fr.,--L.

_satira_, _satura_ (_lanx_, a dish), a full dish, a medley.]

SATISFY, sat'is-f[=i], _v.t._ to give enough to: to supply fully: to please fully: to discharge: to free from doubt: to convince.--_v.i._ to give content: to supply fully: to make payment:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ sat'isfied.--_n._ SATISFAC'TION, state of being satisfied: gratification: comfort: that which satisfies: amends: atonement: payment, quittance: conviction: repairing a wrong, as by a duel.--_adj._ SATISFAC'TIVE (_obs._).--_adv._ SATISFAC'TORILY.--_n._ SATISFAC'TORINESS.--_adjs._ SATISFAC'TORY, satisfying: giving contentment: making amends or payment: atoning: convincing; SATISF[=I]'ABLE, capable of being satisfied.--_n._ SAT'ISF[=I]ER.--_adj._ SAT'ISFYING, satisfactory.--_adv._ SAT'ISFYINGLY.--SATISFACTION THEORY (of the Atonement), the ordinary theory of Catholic orthodoxy that Christ made satisfaction to Divine justice for the guilt of human sin by suffering as the human representative, and that thus Divine forgiveness was made possible. [Fr. _satisfaire_--L.

_satisfac[)e]re_, _satis_, enough, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

SATIVE, s[=a]'tiv, _adj._ sown as in a garden. [L. _sativus_--_ser[)e]re_, to sow.]

SATRAP, s[=a]'trap, or sat'rap, _n._ a Persian viceroy or ruler of one of the greater provinces:--_fem._ S[=A]'TRAPESS.--_adjs._ SAT'RAPAL, relating to a satrap or to a satrapy; S[=A]'TRAP-CROWNED, crested, like the golden-crested wren of North America.--_n._ SAT'RAPY, the government of a satrap. [Gr. _satrap[=e]s_, from Old Pers. _khshatrap[=a]_ or Zend _sh[=o]ithra-paiti_--ruler of a region--_sh[=o]ithra_, a region, _paiti_, a chief.]

SATURATE, sat'[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to fill: to unite with till no more can be received: to fill to excess: to soak: (_opt._) to render pure, or of a colour free from white light.--_adjs._ SAT'[=U]RABLE, that may be saturated; SAT'[=U]RANT, saturating; SAT'[=U]RATE, saturated: (_entom._) very intense, as 'saturate green.'--_ns._ SAT'[=U]R[=A]TER; SAT[=U]R[=A]'TION, act of saturating: state of being saturated: the state of a body when quite filled with another. [L. _satur[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_satur_, full, akin to _satis_, enough.]

SATURDAY, sat'ur-d[=a], _n._ the seventh or last day of the week, dedicated by the Romans to Saturn: the Jewish Sabbath. [A.S. _Saeter-daeg_, _Saetern-daeg_, day of Saturn--L. _Saturnus_.]

SATUREIA, sat-[=u]-r[=e]'i-a, _n._ a genus of gamopetalous plants of the order _Labiatae_--savory.

SATURN, sat'urn, or s[=a]'-, _n._ the ancient Roman god of agriculture: one of the planets: (_her._) a tincture, in colour SATURN[=A]'LIA, the annual festival in honour of Saturn, a time of unrestrained license and enjoyment.--_adjs._ SATURN[=A]'LIAN, pertaining to the Saturnalia: riotously merry: dissolute; SATUR'NIAN, pertaining to Saturn, whose fabulous reign was called 'the golden age:' happy: pure: simple: denoting the verse in which the oldest Latin poems were written; SAT'URNINE, grave: gloomy: phlegmatic--those born under the planet Saturn being so disposed: pertaining to lead.--_n._ SAT'URNIST (_obs._), a gloomy person.--SATURN'S RING, a ring round and near the planet; SATURN'S TREE, an arborescent deposit of lead from a solution of lead acetate.

[_Saturnus_--_ser[)e]re_, _satum_, to sow.]

SATURNIA, s[=a]-tur'ni-a, _n._ a genus of bombycid moths.

SATURNIA, s[=a]-tur'ni-a, _n._ lead poisoning, plumbism.

SATURNITE, sat'ur-n[=i]t, _n._ a mineral substance containing lead.

SATYR, sat'[.e]r, or s[=a]'t[.e]r, _n._ a silvan deity, represented as part man and part goat, and extremely wanton: a very lecherous person: a species of butterfly.--_ns._ SAT'YRAL (_her._), a monster with a human head and the limbs of different animals; SATYR[=I]'ASIS, morbid lasciviousness in men, corresponding to nymphomania in women--also SATYROM[=A]'NIA.--_adjs._ SATYR'IC, -AL, pertaining to satyrs.--_ns._ SATYR[=I]'Nae, the argus butterflies; SATYR'IUM, a genus of small flowered orchids; SAT'YRUS, the genus of orangs--simia. [L. _satyrus_--Gr. _satyros_.]

SAUBA-ANT, saw'ba-ant, _n._ a South American leaf-carrying ant.

SAUCE, saws, _n._ a liquid seasoning for food, consisting of salt, &c.: fruit stewed with sugar: a relish: impudence.--_v.t._ to put sauce in to relish: to make poignant: to gratify the palate: to treat with bitter or pert language: to make suffer.--_ns._ SAUCE'-ALONE', a cruciferous plant with a strong garlic smell, Jack-by-the-hedge; SAUCE'-BOAT, a vessel with a spout for holding sauce; SAUCE'-BOX, an impudent person; SAUCE'-CRAY'ON, a soft, black pastel used for backgrounds; SAUCE'PAN, a pan in which sauce or any small thing is boiled; SAUCE'PAN-FISH, the king-crab.--POOR MAN'S SAUCE, hunger; SERVE ONE WITH THE SAME SAUCE, to requite one injury with another, to make to suffer. [Fr. _sauce_--L. _salsa_, neut. pl. of _salsus_, pa.p. of _sal[=i]re_, _salsum_, to salt--_sal_, salt.]

SAUCER, saw's[.e]r, _n._ the shallow platter for a tea or coffee cup: anything resembling a saucer, as a socket of iron for the pivot of a capstan: (_orig._) a small vessel to hold sauce.--_adj._ SAU'CER-EYED, having large round eyes. [O. Fr. _saussiere_--Low L. _salsarium_--L.

_salsa_, sauce.]

SAUCH, SAUGH, sawh, _n._ (_Scot._) the willow. [_Sallow_.]

SAUCISSE, s[=o]-s[=e]s', _n._ a bag filled with powder for use in mines.--Also SAUCISSON'. [Fr.]

SAUCY, saw'si, _adj._ (_comp._ SAU'CIER, _superl._ SAU'CIEST) sharp: pungent: insolent: overbearing: wanton: impudent, pert.--_adv._ SAU'CILY.--_n._ SAU'CINESS. [_Sauce_.]

SAUER-KRAUT, sour'-krout, _n._ a German dish consisting of cabbage sliced fine and suffered to ferment in a cask with salt, juniper-berries, cumin-seed, caraway-seeds, &c. [Ger.]

SAUFGARD, sawf'gard, _n._ (_Spens._). _Safeguard_.

SAUGER, saw'g[.e]r, _n._ the smaller American pike-fish.

SAUL, a Scotch form of _soul_.

SAULGE, sawlj, _adj._ (_Spens._) sage.

SAULIE, saw'li, _n._ (_Scot._) a hired mourner.--Also SALL'IE.

SAULT, sawlt, _n._ (_obs._) a leap: an assault.

SAULT, s[=o], _n._ a rapid in some Canadian rivers. [Fr.]

SAUNT, a Scotch form of _saint_.

SAUNTER, sawn't[.e]r, _v.i._ to wander about idly: to loiter: to lounge: to stroll: to dawdle.--_n._ a sauntering: a place for sauntering: a leisurely ramble.--_ns._ SAUN'TERER; SAUN'TERING.--_adv._ SAUN'TERINGLY. [M. E.

_saunteren_--Anglo-Fr. _sauntrer_, to adventure out. Cf. _Adventure_.

Sometimes erroneously explained as from Fr. _sainte terre_, holy land, from pilgrimages.]

SAURIAN, saw'ri-an, _n._ a reptile or animal covered with scales, as the lizard.--_adj._ pertaining to, or of the nature of, a SAU'RIA, a division of reptiles formerly including lizards, crocodiles, dinosaurians, pterodactyls, &c.: a scaly reptile with legs, a lacertilian: one of the sauropsida.--_n._ SAURAN'ODON, a genus of toothless reptiles, whose fossil remains are found in the Rocky Mountains.--_adj._ SAURAN'ODONT.--_ns._ SAURICH'NITE, the fossil track of a saurian; SAUR'[=O]DON, a genus of fossil fishes of the Cretaceous age.--_adj._ SAUR'OID, resembling the lizard: reptilian.--_n._ SAUROM'ALUS, a genus of plump lizards, including the SAUROP'ODA, an order of lizards containing gigantic dinosaurs.--_adj._ SAUROP' SAUROP'SIDA, the monocondyla, including birds and reptiles.--_adj._ SAUROP' SAUROPTERYG'IA, an order of fossil saurians, usually called _Plesiosauria_.--_adj._ SAUROPTERYG'IAN. [Gr. _saura_, _sauros_, the lizard.]

SAURLESS, sawr'les, _adj._ (_Scot._) savourless: tasteless.

SAUROGNATHae, saw-rog'n[=a]-th[=e], a family of birds containing the woodpeckers and their allies.--_n._ SAUROG'N[=A]THISM, the peculiar arrangement of the bones of their palates.--_adj._ SAUROG'N[=A]THOUS. [Gr.

_sauros_, a lizard, gnathos, the jaw.]

SAUROPHAGOUS, saw-rof'a-gus, _adj._ feeding on reptiles. [Gr. _sauros_, a lizard, _phagein_, to eat.]

SAUROTHERINae, saw-r[=o]-th[=e]-r[=i]'n[=e], the ground-cuckoos, a sub-family of _Cuculidae_, the typical genus SAUROTH[=E]'RA. [Gr. _sauros_, a lizard, _th[=e]r_, a beast.]

SAURURae, saw-r[=oo]'r[=e], a sub-class or order of Aves, of Jurassic age, based upon the genus _Archaeopteryx_--also called SAUROR'NITHES.--_adj._ SAURU'ROUS, lizard-tailed, as the foregoing birds.

SAURURUS, saw-r[=oo]'rus, _n._ a genus of apetalous plants of the order SAURU'R[=E]ae, a family of these. [Gr. _sauros_, a lizard, _oura_, a tail.]

SAURUS, saw'rus, _n._ the genus of lizard-fishes.

SAURY, saw'ri, _n._ the skipper, a species of the family _Scomberesocidae_, with elongated body and head, the jaws produced into a sharp beak.

SAUSAGE, saw's[=a]j, _n._ a gut stuffed with chopped meat salted and seasoned.--_n._ SAU'SAGE-POI'SONING, poisoning by spoiled sausages. [Fr.

_saucisse_--Low L. _salcitia_--L. _salsus_, salted.]

SAUSSUREA, saw-s[=u]'r[=e]-a, _n._ a genus of composite plants of the order _Cynaroideae_. [Named after the Swiss botanists, H. B. de _Saussure_ (1740-99), and his son, Nic. Theodore de _Saussure_ (1767-1845).]

SAUSSURITE, saw-s[=u]'r[=i]t, _n._ a fine-grained compact mineral, of grayish colour.--_adj._ SAUSSURIT'IC.

SAUT, sawt, a Scotch form of _salt_.

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