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THADDEUS (Aramaic), strong.--L. _Thaddaeus_, It. _Taddeo_, Sp. _Tadeo_, Ger.


THEOBALD (Teut.), people's prince.--Fr. _Thibaut_, It. _Teobaldo_, Sp.

_Theudebaldo_, Ger. _Dietbold_.

THEODORA, fem. of _Theodore_.--Dim. DORA.--It. _Teodora_, Ger. _Theodora_.

THEODORE (Gr.), gift of God.--L. _Theodorus_, Fr. _Theodore_, It.

_Teodoro_, Ger. _Theodor_, Russ. _Feodor_.

THEODORIC (Teut.), people's rule.--L. _Theodoricus_.

THEODOSIUS (Gr.), divinely given.--It. _Teodosia_, Ger. _Theodosia_.--Fem.


THEOPHILUS (Gr.), a lover of God.--Fr. _Theophile_, It. _Teofilo_, Ger.

_Theophilus_, _Gottlieb_.

THERESA (Gr.), carrying ears of corn.--Dims. TERRY, TRACIE.--Fr. _Therese_, It. and Sp. _Teresa_, Ger. _Therese_, _Theresia_.

THOMAS (Heb.), a twin.--Dims. TOM, TOMMY, TAM, TAMMIE.--Fr. _Thomas_, It.

_Tomaso_, Sp. _Tomas_, Ger. _Thomas_.--Fem. THOMASA, THOMASINA, THOMASINE, TOMINA.

TIB, TIBBIE, a Scotch dim. of _Isabella_ (q.v.).

TIMOTHY (Gr.), honoured of God.--Dim. TIM.--L. _Timotheus_, Fr. _Timothee_, It. _Timoteo_, Sp. _Timoteo_, Ger. _Timotheus_.

TITUS (prob. L. _tutus_), safe.--Fr. _Tite_, It. and Sp. _Tito_.

TOBIAH, TOBIAS (Heb.), the Lord is good.--Dim. TOBY.--L. _Tobias_, Fr.

_Tobie_, It. _Tobia_, Sp. _Tobias_, Ger. _Tobias_.

TRISTAM, TRISTRAM (Celt.), a herald.

TRYPHON (Gr.), dainty.--Fem. TRYPHENA.

TRYPHOSA (Gr.), dainty.

TYBALT, a form of _Theobald_.

ULRICA (Teut.), noble ruler.--Fr. _Ulrique_, It. _Ulrica_, Ger. _Ulrike_.

ULYSSES (Gr.), a hater.

URANIA (Gr.), heavenly.--Fr. _Uranie_.

URBAN (L.), of the town, courteous.--L. _Urbanus_, Fr. _Urbain_, It.

_Urbano_, Ger. _Urbanus_, _Urban_.

URIAH (Heb.), the Lord is light.

URIEL (Heb.), God is light.

URSULA (L.), a she-bear.--Fr. _Ursule_, It. _Orsola_, Sp. _Ursola_.

VALENTINE (L.), strong.--L. _Valentinus_, Fr. _Valentin_, It. _Valentino_, Sp. _Valentin_, Ger. _Valentin_.

VALERIA, fem. of _Valerius_ (L.), healthy.--Fr. _Valerie_, It. _Valeria_, Ger. _Valerie_.

VICTOR (L.), a conqueror.--Fr. _Victor_, Ger. _Victor_.

VICTORIA, fem. of _Victor_.--Fr. _Victoire_, It. _Vittoria_, Ger.


VIDA, a fem. form of _David_.

VINCENT (L.), conquering.--L. _Vincens_, Fr. _Vincent_, It. _Vincenzio_, Sp. _Vincente_, Port. _Vicente_, Ger. _Vincenz_.

VIOLA (L.), a violet.--Fr. _Violette_, It. _Viola_, Sp. _Violante_, Ger.

_Viola_, _Viole_.

VIRGINIA (L.), virgin.--Fr. _Virginie_, It. _Virginia_, Ger. _Virginia_.

VIVIAN (L.), lively.--Fr. _Vivien_, Ger. _Vivian_.

WALTER (Teut.), powerful warrior.--Dims. WAT, WATTY.--L. _Gualterus_, Fr.

_Gauthier_, _Gautier_, It. _Gualtiero_, Sp. _Gualterio_, Ger. _Walther_.

WILFRED (A.S.), resolute peace.

WILHELMINA, fem. of _Wilhelm_, the German form of _William_ (q.v.).--Dims.

WILMETT, WILMOT, MINA, MINNIE, MINELLA.--Fr. _Guillelmine_, _Guillemette_, It. _Guglielma_, Sp. _Guillelmina_, Ger. _Wilhelmine_.

WILLIAM (Teut.), helmet of resolution.--Dims. WILL, WILLY, BILL, BILLY.--L.

_Guilielmus_, _Gulielmus_, Fr. _Guillaume_, It. _Guglielmo_, Sp.

_Guillermo_, Port. _Guilherme_, Ger. _Wilhelm_.--Fem. WILHELMINA.

WINIFRED, WINFRED (Teut.), friend of peace.--Dim. WINNIE.

ZABDIEL (Heb.), God endoweth.

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