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REYNOLD, the same as _Reginald_.

RHODA (Gr.), a rose.

RICHARD (Teut.), stern king.--Dims. DICK, DICKY, DICKEN, DICKON.--L.

_Ricardus_, Fr. _Richard_, It. _Riccardo_, Sp. _Ricardo_, Ger. _Richard_.

ROBERT (Teut.), bright in fame.--Dims. BOB, BOBBY, DOB, DOBBIN, ROB, ROBBIE, ROBIN.--L. _Robertus_, Fr. _Robert_, It. _Roberto_, _Ruberto_, _Ruperto_, Ger. _Robert_, _Rupert_, _Rudbert_, _Ruprecht_.

RODERICK, RODERIC (Teut.), famous king, or rich in fame.--Fr. _Rodrigue_, It. _Rodrigo_, Sp. _Rodrigo_, _Ruy_, Ger. _Roderich_, Russ. _Rurik_.

RODOLPH, RODOLPHUS (Teut.), wolf of fame.--L. _Rodolphus_, Fr. _Rodolphe_, _Raoul_, It. _Rodolfo_, _Ridolfo_, Sp. _Rodolfo_, Ger. _Rudolf_.

ROGER (Teut.), spear of fame.--Dims. HODGE, HODGKIN.--L. _Rogerus_, Fr.

_Roger_, It. _Ruggiero_, _Rogero_, Sp. _Rogerio_, Ger. _Rudiger_.

ROLAND, ROWLAND (Teut.), fame of the land.--L. _Rotlandus_, _Rolandus_, Fr.

_Roland_, It. _Orlando_, Sp. _Roldan_, Port. _Rolando_, _Roldo_, Ger.


ROSA (L.), a rose;--ROSABEL, ROSABELLA, a fair rose;--ROSALIA, ROSALIE, a little rose;--ROSALIND, beautiful as a rose.--Dim. ROSIE.

ROSAMOND (Teut.), horse-protection, or famous protection.--Fr. _Rosemonde_, It. _Rosmonda_, Sp. _Rosamunda_.

ROXANA (Pers.), dawn of day--Dim. ROXY.--Fr. _Roxane_.

RUDOLPH, RUDOLPHUS, the same as _Rodolph_, _Rodolphus_ above.

RUFUS (L.), red, red-haired.

RUPERT, the same as _Robert_.--L. _Rupertus_.

RUTH (Heb.), friend.

SABINA (L.), a Sabine woman.--Fr. _Sabine_, Ger. _Sabine_.

SABRINA (L.), the river Severn.

SALOME (Heb.), peaceful.--Fr. _Salome_, Ger. _Salome_.

SAMSON, SAMPSON (Heb.), of the sun, solar.--Fr. _Samson_, Sp. _Sanson_, Port. _Sanso_.

SAMUEL (Heb.), heard of God, name of God.--Dims. SAM, SAMMY.--Fr. _Samuel_, It. _Samuele_, Ger. _Samuel_.

SARAH, SARA (Heb.), princess, queen.--Dim. SAL, SALLY.--Fr. _Sara_, It. and Sp. _Sara_, Ger. _Sara_.

SAUL (Heb.), asked for.

SEBASTIAN (Gr.), venerable.--L. _Sebastianus_, Fr. _Sebastien_, It.

_Sebastiano_.--Sp. _Sebastian_, Port. _Sebastio_, Ger. _Sebastian_.

SELINA (Gr.), the moon.

SERENO, SERENUS (L.), peaceful.--Fem. SERENA.

SETH (Heb.), set, placed.

SHADRACH, Aramaic name of Hananiah (Heb.), the Lord is gracious.

SIBYL, SIBYLLA (Gr.), a prophetess.--Fr. _Sibylle_, Ger. _Sibylle_.

SIGISMUND (Teut.), conquering protection.--Fr. _Sigismond_, It.

_Sigismondo_, _Sismondo_, Sp. _Sigismundo_, Ger. _Sigismund_, _Sigmund_.

SILAS, SILVANUS (L.), living in a wood.--Fr. _Silvain_, It. _Silvano_, _Silvio_, Ger. _Silvanus_, _Silvan_.--Fem. SYLVIA.

SILVESTER, SYLVESTER (L.), rustic.--Dims. VESTER, VEST.--Fr. _Silvestre_, Ger. _Silvester_.

SIMEON, SIMON (Heb.), famous, that hears.--Dim. SIM.--Fr. _Simeon_, It.

_Simone_, Sp. _Simon_, Port. _Simo_, _Simeo_, Ger. _Simeon_, _Simon_.

SOPHIA (Gr.), wisdom.--Dim. SOPHY.--Fr. _Sophie_, It. _Sofia_, Ger.


SOPHRONIA (Gr.), of sound mind.

SOLOMON (Heb.), peaceable.--Dim. SOL.--Fr. _Salomon_, It. _Salomone_, Ger.


STELLA (L.), a star.--Fr. _Estelle_, Sp. _Estella_.

STEPHEN (Gr.), a crown.--Dims. STEENIE, STEVE, STEVIE.--L. _Stephanus_, Fr.

_etienne_, It. _Stefano_, Sp. _Estevan_, _Esteban_, Port. _Estevo_, Ger.


STEPHANA, fem., of _Stephen_.--Fr. _Stephanie_, Ger. _Stephanie_.

SWITHIN (A.S.), strong friend.

SUSAN, SUSANNA, SUSANNAH (Heb.), a lily.--Dims. SUE, SUKE, SUKY, SUSIE, SUSY.--Fr. _Susanne_, It. _Susanna_, Sp. _Susana_, Ger. _Susanne_.


SYLVIA, fem. of _Silvanus_.

TABITHA (Aramaic), a gazelle.

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