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MARIANNE, a compound of _Mary_ and _Anne_--so MARIAN, MARYANN.--Fr.

_Mariane_, _Marianne_, It. _Marianna_, Sp. _Mariana_, Ger. _Marianne_.

MARION, a French form of _Mary_.--Dim. MAMIE.

MARMADUKE (prob. Celt., last syllable L.), sea-leader, or mighty leader.

MARTHA (Heb.), lady.--Dims. MAT, MATTY, PAT, PATTY.--Fr. _Marthe_, It. and Sp. _Marta_, Ger. _Martha_.

MARTIN (L.), of Mars, warlike.--L. _Martinus_, Fr. _Martin_, _Mertin_, It.

and Sp. _Martino_, Port. _Martinho_, Ger. _Martin_.

MARY (Heb.), prob. related to _Mara_, _Marah_, bitter.--Dims. MAY, MOLL, MOLLY, MAMIE, POL, POLLY.--L. _Maria_, Fr. _Marie_, _Marion_, It. and Sp.

_Maria_, Pol. _Marya_.

MATILDA, MATHILDA (Teut.), mighty battle maid.--Dims. MAT, MATTY, MAUD, PATTY, TILDA.--Fr. _Mathilde_, It. _Matilda_, Ger. _Matilde_.

MATTHEW (Heb.), gift of the Lord.--Dim. MAT.--L. _Matthaeus_, Fr. _Mathieu_, It. _Matteo_, Sp. _Mateo_, Ger. _Matthaeus_.

MATTHIAS, the Greek form of _Matthew_.

MAUD, a contraction of _Matilda_ or of _Magdalene_.

MAURICE (L.), Moorish, dark-coloured.--L. _Mauritius_, Fr. _Maurice_, It.

_Maurizio_, Sp. _Mauricio_, Ger. _Moritz_.

MAXIMILIAN (L.), the greatest aemilianus.--L. _Maximilianus_, Fr.

_Maximilien_, Port. _Maximilis_, Ger. _Maximilian_.

MAY, the month of May, or a contraction of _Mary_.

MELICENT, MILICENT (L.), sweet singer, or (Teut.) strength.--Sp.


MELISSA (Gr.), a bee.--Fr. _Melisse_, _Melite_, It. _Melissa_.

MERCY (Eng.), Mercy.

MICAH (Heb.), who is like the Lord?

MICHAEL (Heb.), who is like God?--Dims. MIKE, MICKY.--Fr. _Michel_, It.

_Michele_, Sp. and Port. _Miguel_, Ger. _Michael_.

MILDRED (Teut.), mild threatener.--L. _Mildreda_.

MILES (L.), soldier.

MINNIE (Teut.), remembrance--sometimes for _Mina_, a contraction of _Wilhelmina_; sometimes put for _Mary_.

MIRANDA (L.), admirable.

MIRIAM (Heb.), the same as _Mary_.

MORGAN (W.), seaman.

MOSES (Heb.), he that draws out, but more probably an Egyptian name.--Dims.

MOSE, MOSEY.--So L., Fr. _Mose_, It. _Moise_, Sp. _Moises_, Ger.

_Moses_.--Fem. MOSINA.

MYRA (Gr.), she who laments.

NAAMAN (Heb.), pleasant.

NAHUM (Heb.), consolation, a consoler.

NANCY, a familiar form of _Anne_, not properly of Agnes.--Dims. NAN, NANCE, NINA.

NAOMI (Heb.), pleasant.

NAPOLEON (Gr.), of the new city.--Fr. _Napoleon_, It. _Napoleone_.

NATHAN (Heb.), he hath given;--NATHANAEL, NATHANIEL, gift of God.

NEHEMIAH (Heb.), the Lord comforteth.

NEIL, NEAL (Celt.), chief.

NELLIE, NELLY, a dim. of _Ellen_, _Helen_, or _Eleanor_.

NICHOLAS, NICOLAS (Gr.), victory of the people.--Dim. NICK.--L. _Nicolaus_, Fr. _Nicolas_, _Nicole_, It. _Nicolo_, _Nicola_, Sp. _Nicolas_, Port.

_Nicolao_, Ger. _Nikolaus_.

NOAH (Heb.), rest.

NOEL (Fr.--L.), Christmas, born on that day.--Fr. _Noel_, It. _Natale_, Sp.

and Port. _Natal_.

NORA, NORAH, a contraction of _Honora_, _Leonora_, and _Eleanor_.

NORMAN (Teut.), Northman.

OBADIAH (Heb.), servant or worshipper of the Lord.--L. _Obadias_.

OBED (Heb.), a worshipper (of the Lord).

OCTAVIUS, OCTAVUS (L.), the eighth born--dims. TAVY, TAVE--L. _Octavius_, _Octavianus_, Fr. _Octavien_, It. _Ottaviano_, _Ottavio_.--Fem.

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