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OCTAVIA--Fr. _Octavie_, _Octave_, It. _Ottavia_, Sp. _Octavia_, Ger.


OLIVER (L.), an olive-tree.--Dims. NOL, NOLLY.--L. _Oliverus_, Fr.

_Olivier_, It. _Oliviero_, _Uliviero_, Sp. _Oliverio_, Port. _Oliveiro_, Ger. _Oliver_.--Fem. OLIVE, OLIVIA.

OLYMPIA (Gr.), heavenly.--Fr. _Olympe_, It. _Olimpia_, Ger. _Olympie_.

OPHELIA (Gr.), serpent.--Fr. _Ophelie_.

ORLANDO, the Italian form of _Roland_.

OSCAR (Celt.), bounding warrior.--L. _Oscarus_.

OSMOND, OSMUND (Teut.), divine protection.--Fr. _Osmont_.

OSWALD, OSWOLD (Teut.), divine power.

OWEN (Celt.), lamb, or young warrior.

OZIAS (Heb.), the Lord is strength=_Uzziah_.

PATIENCE (L.), patience.

PATRICK, PATRICIUS (L.), noble.--Dims. PAT, PADDY.--L. _Patricius_, Fr.

_Patrice_, It. _Patrizio_, Sp. _Patricio_, Ger. _Patrizius_.--Fem.


PAUL, PAULUS, PAULINUS (L.), little--L. _Paulus_, Fr. _Paul_, It. _Paola_, Sp. _Pablo_, Port. _Paulo_, Ger. _Paul_.--Fem. PAULA, PAULINA, PAULINE--Fr.

_Paule_, _Paulne_, It. _Paola_, _Paolna_, Sp. _Paula_, Ger. _Pauline_.

PENELOPE (Gr.), weaver.

PEREGRINE (L.), a stranger.--L. _Peregrinus_, Fr. _Peregrin_, It.

_Pellegrino_, Sp. _Peregrino_, Ger. _Piligrim_.

PERSIS (Gr.), a Persian woman.--Fr. _Perside_, It. _Persida_, Sp.

_Perside_, Ger. _Persis_.

PETER (Gr.), a rock.--Dims. PETE, PETERKIN.--L. _Petrus_, Fr. _Pierre_, It.

_Pietro_, Sp. and Port. _Pedro_, Ger. _Peter_, _Petrus_.

PHEBE See _Phoebe_.

PHILANDER (Gr.), a lover of men.

PHILEMON (Gr.), loving.

PHILIP (Gr.), a lover of horses.--Dims. PHIL, PIP.--L. _Philippus_, Fr.

_Philippe_, It. _Filippo_, Sp. _Felipe_, Ger. _Philipp_.--Fem. PHILIPPA.

PHILIPPA, fem. of _Philip_ above.--Fr. _Philippine_, It. _Filippa_, _Filippina_, Sp. _Felipa_, Ger. _Philippine_.

PHINEAS, PHINEHAS (Heb.), oracle--more probably an Egyptian word meaning negro.

PHOEBE, PHEBE (Gr.), shining.--It. _Febe_.

PHILLIS. See _Phyllis_.

PHYLLIS, PHILLIS (Gr.), a green bough.

PIUS (L.), pious, dutiful.--Fr. _Pie_, It. _Pio_.

PLINY, PLINIUS (L.), the meaning doubtful.

POLLY, a familiar dim. of _Mary_.

POLYCARP (Gr.), much fruit.

PRISCILLA (L.), somewhat old.

PRUDENCE (L.), prudence.--Dims. PRUE, PRUDY.

PTOLEMY (Gr.), mighty in war.

QUINTIN, Quentin (L.), the fifth.--L. _Quintus_, _Quintianus_.

RACHEL (Heb.), a ewe.--Fr. _Rachel_, It. _Rachele_, Sp. _Raquel_, Ger.


RALPH (pron. r[=a]f). See _Rodolph_.

RANDAL (Teut.), house wolf.

RAPHAEL (Heb. _rephael_), God hath healed.--Fr. _Raphael_, It. _Raffaello_, _Raffaele_, Ger. _Raphael_.

RAYMOND, RAYMUND (Teut.), wise protection.--Fr. _Raymond_, It. _Raimondo_, Sp. _Raimundo_, Ger. _Raimund_.

REBECCA, REBEKAH (Heb.), a noose.--Dims. BECK, BEX, BECKY.--L. _Rebecca_, Fr. _Rebecca_, Ger. _Rebekka_.

REGINALD (Teut.), powerful judgment.--L. _Reginaldus_, Fr. _Regnauld_, _Renaud_, _Regnault_, It. _Rinaldo_, Sp. _Reynaldos_, Ger. _Reinwald_, _Reinald_.

REUBEN (Heb.), behold, a son!

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