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JANE, the fem. of _John_ (q.v.).--Dims. JANET, JEAN, JEANIE, JEANNIE.

JANET, a dim. of _Jane_ (q.v.), hence 'grace of the Lord.'--Dims. JEN, JENNIE, JENNY.

JAPHETH (Heb.), He extendeth widely.

JAQUELINE, the French form of the fem. of _James_.

JARED (Heb.), descent.

JASON (Gr.), a healer.

JASPER (Pers.), prob. treasure-master.--Fr. _Gaspard_, It. _Gasparo_, _Gasparro_, Sp. _Gaspar_.

JAVAN (Heb.), clay.

JEAN, JEANNE, JEANNETTE, French forms of _Jane_ or _Joan_.

JEDEDIAH (Heb.), beloved of the Lord.

JEMIMA (Heb.), a dove.

JEREMIAH, JEREMIAS, JEREMY (Heb.), the Lord layeth the foundation.--L.

_Jeremias_, Fr. _Jeremie_, It. _Geremia_, Sp. _Jeremias_, Ger. _Jeremias_.

JEROME (Gr.), holy name.--L. _Hieronymus_, Fr. _Jerome_, It. _Geronimo_, _Girolamo_, Sp. _Jeronimo_, _Jeromo_, Ger. _Hieronymus_.

JESSIE, a Scotch form of _Janet_, hence 'grace of the Lord.'--Dim. JESS.

JOAB (Heb.), the Lord is a father.

JOAN, JOANNA, JOHANNA, fem. forms of _John_.--L. _Johanna_, Fr. _Jeanne_, _Jeannette_, It. _Giovanna_, Sp. _Juana_, Ger. _Johanna_.

JOB (Heb.), repentant, or one persecuted.

JOEL (Heb), the Lord is God.

JOHN (Heb.), the Lord graciously gave, the gracious gift of God.--Dims.

JOHNNY, JACK, JOCK.--L. _Johannes_, _Joannes_, Fr. _Jean_, It. _Giovanni_, _Gian_, _Gianni_, Sp. _Juan_, Port. _Joo_, Ger. _Johann_, _Johannes_, _Hans_, Dut. _Jan_, Russ. _Ivan_.--Fem. JOANNA, JOAN, JANE.

JONAS, JONAH (Heb.), a dove.

JONATHAN (Heb.), the Lord hath given.

JOSEPH (Heb.), may he add (children)! he shall add--dims. JOE, JOEY--L.

_Josephus_, Fr. _Joseph_, It. _Giuseppe_, Sp. _Jose_, _Josef_, Port.

_Jose_, _Joze_, Ger. _Joseph_.--Fem. JOSEPHINE--dims. JO, JOZY, PHENY--Fr.

_Josephine_, It. _Giuseppina_, Sp. _Josefina_, Port. _Josephina_, Ger.


JOSHUA (Heb.), the Lord is welfare.--Dim. JOSH.--L. _Josua_, Fr. _Josue_, Ger. _Josua_.

JOSIAH, JOSIAS (Heb.), the Lord healeth.

JOYCE (L.), sportive.

JUDAH (Heb.), praised.

JUDITH (Heb.), praised.--Dim. JUDY.--Fr. _Judith_, It. _Giuditta_, Ger.


JULIAN (L.), sprung from _Julius_.--Dim. JULE.--Fem. JULIANA.--L.

_Julianus_, Fr. _Julien_, It. _Giuliano_, Sp. _Julian_, Port. _Julio_, Ger. _Julianus_, _Julian_.

JULIUS (Gr.), downy-bearded--dim. JULE--Fr. _Jules_ It. _Giulio_, Sp.

_Julio_, Ger. _Julius_.--Fem. JULIA, JULIET--Fr. _Julie_, It. _Giulia_, Sp.

_Julia_, Ger. _Julie_.

JUSTIN (L.), just.--L. _Justinus_, Fr. _Justin_, It. _Giustino_, Sp.

_Justino_, Ger. _Justin_.--Fem. JUSTINA--Fr. _Justine_, It. _Giustina_, Sp.

_Justina_, Ger. _Justine_.

JUSTUS (L.), just.--Fr. _Juste_, It. _Giusto_, Sp. _Justo_, Ger. _Justus_, _Just_.

KATE, dim. of _Catherine_.

KATHARINE, KATHERINE, the same as _Catherine_.

KENELM (A.S.), defender of his kindred.

KENNETH (Celt.), comely, or a leader.

KETURAH (Heb.), incense.

KEZIA (Heb.), cassia.

LABAN (Heb.), white.

LAMBERT (Teut.), country's brightness.--Fr. _Lambert_, _Lanbert_, It.

_Lamberto_, Ger. _Lambert_, _Landbert_.

LANCELOT, LAUNCELOT (Fr.), servant, or a little lance.--Fr. _Lancelot_, It.


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