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_Annibale_, Sp. _Anibal_.

HAROLD (A.S.), warrior power.--Fr. _Harold_, It. _Araldo_, _Aroldo_.

HARRIET, HARRIOT, fem. and dim. forms of _Harry_, _Henry_.--Dim. HATTY.

HELEN, HELENA (Gr.), light.--Dims. NELL, NELLIE.--L. _Helena_, Fr.

_Helene_, It. _Elena_, Sp. _Helena_, _Elena_, Ger. _Helene_.

HENRIETTA, a French dim. form of _Henry_.--Dims. ETTA, HETTY, NETTIE.--Fr.

_Henriette_, It. _Enrighetta_, Sp. _Enriqueta_, Ger. _Henriette_.

HENRY (Teut.), home ruler.--Dims. HARRY, HAL, HEN, HENNY.--L. _Henricus_, _Enricus_, Fr. _Henri_, It. _Enrico_, Sp. _Enrique_, Ger. _Heinrich_, Dut.

_Hendrik_.--Fem. HENRIETTA, HARRIET.

HERBERT (A.S.), glory of the army.--L. _Herbertus_, Fr. _Herbert_, It.

_Erberto_, Sp. _Heberto_, Ger. _Herbert_.

HERCULES (Gr.), lordly fame.--So L., Fr. _Hercule_, It. _Ercole_.

HERMAN (Teut.), a warrior.--L. _Arminius_, It. _Ermanno_, Ger. _Hermann_.

HESTER, HESTHER, the same as _Esther_.

HEZEKIAH (Heb.), the Lord is strength.--Fr. _Ezechias_, It. _Ezechia_, Sp.

_Ezequias_, Ger. _Hiskia_.

HILARY (L.), cheerful.--L. _Hilarius_, Fr. _Hilaire_, It. _Ilario_, Sp.

_Hilario_, Ger. _Hilarius_.--Fem. HILARIA.

HILDA (Teut.), battle maid.

HIRAM (Heb.), noble.

HOMER (Gr.), a pledge.--L. _Homerus_, Fr. _Homere_, It. _Omero_, Ger.


HONORA, HONORIA (L.), honourable.--Dims. NORAH, NORA.

HOPE (Eng.), hope.

HORACE, HORATIO (L.).--L. _Horatius_, Fr. _Horace_, It. _Orazio_, Sp.

_Horacio_, Ger. _Horatius_, _Horazo_.--Fem. HORATIA.

HORTENSIA (L.), a gardener.--Fr. _Hortense_, It. _Ortensia_, Ger.


HOSEA (Heb.), help, deliverance.

HUBERT (Teut.), mind bright.--L. _Hubertus_, Fr. _Hubert_, It. _Uberto_, Sp. _Huberto_, Ger. _Hubert_, _Hugibert_.

HUGH, HUGO (Teut.), mind, soul.--Dims. HUGHIE, HUGHOC, HUGGIN.--L. _Hugo_, Fr. _Hugues_, It. _Ugo_, _Ugolino_, Sp. _Hugo_, Ger. _Hugo_.

HULDAH (Heb.), a mole, a weasel.

HUMPHRY, HUMPHREY (A.S.), support of peace.--Dim. HUMPH.--L. _Humphredus_ or _Humfridus_, Fr. _Onfroi_, It. _Onofredo_, _Omfredo_, Sp. _Hunfredo_, Ger. _Humfried_.

IAN, the Gaelic form of _John_.

ICHABOD (Heb.), inglorious, the glory has departed.

IDA (Teut.), happy.

IGNATIUS (Gr.), fiery.--Fr. _Ignace_, It. _Ignazio_, Sp. _Ignacio_ and _Inigo_, Ger. _Ignaz_.

INCREASE (Eng.), increase (of faith).

INEZ, the Portuguese form of _Agnes_.

INGRAM (Teut.), a raven.

INIGO. See _Ignatius_.

IRA (Heb.), a watcher.

IRENE (Gr.), peace.--Fr. _Irene_, It. _Irene_.

ISAAC, IZAAK (Heb.), he laugheth.--Dims. IK, IKE.--L. _Isacus_, Fr.

_Isaac_, It. _Isacco_, Ger. _Isaak_.

ISABELLA, ISABEL, ISOBEL, ISABEAU, the same as _Elisabeth_.--Dims. ISA, BEL, BELLA, TIB, TIBBIE.--Fr. _Isabeau_, _Isabelle_, It. _Isabella_, Sp.

_Isabel_, Ger. _Isabelle_.

ISAIAH (Heb.), the Lord is salvation.--L. _Isaias_.

ISRAEL (Heb.), God fighteth.

IVAN, the Russian form of _John_.

JABEZ (Heb.), sorrow.

JACOB (Heb.), he taketh hold of the heel, or followeth after, a supplanter.--Dim. JAKE.--L. _Jacobus_, Fr. _Jacob_, It. _Giacobbe_, Sp.

_Jacobo_, Ger. _Jakob_.

JAMES, the same as _Jacob_.--Dims. JEAMES, JEM, JIM, JEMMY, JIMMY.--L.

_Jacobus_, Fr. _Jacques_, It. _Jacopo_, _Jachimo_, _Giacomo_, Sp. _Jacobo_, _Diego_, _Jago_, _Jaime_, Port. _Javme_, _Diogo_, Ger. _Jakob_.--Fem.

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