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ABIHU (Heb.), father [is] he [God].

ABIJAH, ABIA (Heb.), the Lord is a father.

ABNER (Heb.), father of Ner, or light, or the father [is] a lamp.

ABRAHAM, ABRAM (Heb.), father of a multitude, high father.--Dims. ABE, ABY.

ABSALOM (Heb.), father of peace.

ADA. See _Edith_.

ADALBERT (Teut.), nobly bright.

ADAM (Heb.), man, earth, red earth.--Scotch dims. EDIE, YIDDY.

ADELINE, also _Adaline_, _Adela_, _Adelaide_, _Adelia_, _Adelina_ (Teut.), of noble birth, a princess.--Dim. ADDY.

ADOLPHUS (Teut.), noble wolf.--Fr. _Adolphe_, It. _Adolfo_ or _Udolfo_, Ger. _Adolf_.

ADRIAN. See _Hadrian_.

aeNEAS, ENEAS (Gr.), commended.--Fr. _Enee_.

AGATHA (Gr.), good, kind.

AGNES (Gr.), pure, sacred, chaste.--Dims. AGGIE, AGGY.

AILEEN, EILEEN, an Irish form of _Helen_ (q.v.), thus meaning light.

AILIE, a Scotch dim. of _Alison_, also of _Alice_, or of _Helen_.

ALARIC (Teut.), noble ruler.

ALBERT (Teut.), nobly bright.--Dims. BERT, BERTIE.--L. _Albertus_, Fr.

_Albert_, Sp. and It. _Alberto_, Ger. _Adalbert_, _Albert_, _Albrecht_.--Fem. ALBERTA.

ALETHEA (Gr.), truth.

ALEXANDER (Gr.), a helper of men.--Dims. ALECK, ALICK, ECK, ECKY, SANDERS, SANDY, SAWNIE.--Fr. _Alexandre_, It. _Alessandro_.--Fem. ALEXANDRA, ALEXANDRINA.

ALFRED (Teut.), elf in counsel--i.e. good counsellor.--Dim. ALF.--L.

_Alfredus_, _Aluredus_, Fr. _Alfred_, It. and Sp. _Alfredo_.

ALGERNON (O. Fr.), with moustaches--prob. from the usual title, 'William _als Gernons_,' applied for this cause to William de Albini, the second husband of Henry I.'s widow, Alix of Louvaine.--Dim. ALGY.

ALICE, ALICIA (Teut.), noble cheer--closely related to _Adeline_ above.--Dims. ALLY or ALLIE, ELSIE.

ALISON, a Scotch form of _Aloyse_, _Eloise_, _Heloise_, from _Hlodovicia_, a name of Teut. origin meaning holy fame.--Dim. ELSIE.

ALLAN, ALAN, a name first found in early Breton history, referred by Miss Yonge to Hilarius ('cheerful'), confused with aelianus; more prob. Celt., meaning harmony.

ALPHEUS (Heb.), exchange.

AMABEL (L.), lovable--whence _Mabel_.

AMAZIAH (Heb.), the Lord is strong.

AMBROSE (Gr.), immortal, divine.--L. _Ambrosius_, Fr. _Ambroise_, It.

_Ambrogio_, Sp. _Ambrosio_.

AMELIA (Teut.), toiling, energetic.--Fr. _Amelie_, It. _Amelia_, _Amalia_.

AMOS (Heb.), strong, one who bears a burden.

AMY (L.), beloved.--L. _Amata_, Fr. _Aimee_, It. _Amata_.

ANDREW (Gr.), manly.--Dim. ANDY.--L. _Andreas_, Fr. _Andre_, It. _Andrea_, Sp. _Andres_.

ANGELICA (Gr.), angelic, lovely.

ANGELINA (Gr.), angel.

ANGUS (Celt.), excellent virtue.

ANN, ANNA, ANNE (Heb.), grace--the same as _Hannah_.--Dims. ANNIE, NANCY, NANNY, NINA, NAN, ANNETTE.

ANNABEL, ANNABELLA, ANNAPLE, made up of _Anna_ (Heb.), grace, as above, and _Bella_ (L.), fair; or probably the early Celtic name _Aine_, meaning joy, praise, Anglicised. It may be, however, a variant of _Arabella_, earlier _Arnhilda_ (Teut.), eagle heroine.

ANSELM (Teut.), divine helmet.--Fr. _Anselme_, It. and Sp. _Anselmo_.

ANTHONY, ANTONY (L.), worthy of praise.--Dim. TONY.--L. _Antonius_, Fr.

_Antoine_, It. and Sp. _Antonio_, Ger. _Antonius_, _Anton_.--Fem. ANTONIA.

ANTOINETTE, the French form of _Antonia_, _Antonina_, the fem. of _Anthony_.--Dim. NET, NETTY.

ARABELLA (L.), a fair altar, or an Arabian woman--perh. Teut., meaning eagle heroine.--Dims. BELLA, BEL, BELLE. See _Annabel_ above.

ARCHIBALD (Teut.), very bold, or holy prince.--Dims. ARCHY, BALDIE.--L.

_Archibaldus_, Fr. _Archambault_, It. _Arcibaldo_.

ARNOLD (Teut.), strong as an eagle.

ARTHUR (Celt.), high, noble.--L. _Arthurus_, Fr. _Artur_, _Artus_, It.


ASA (Heb.), [the Lord is] a healer.

ATHANASIUS (Gr.), immortal.--Fr. _Athanase_, It. _Atanasio_.

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