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ATHELSTAN (Teut.). noble stone.

AUBREY (Teut.), elf-ruler, ruler of spirits.

AUGUSTIN, AUGUSTINE, AUSTIN (L.), belonging to Augustus.--L. _Augustinus_, Fr. _Augustin_, It. _Agostino_, Ger. _Augustin_.

AUGUSTUS (L.), exalted.--Dims. GUS, GUSSIE, GUSTUS.--Fr. _Auguste_, Ger.

_August_.--Fem. AUGUSTA.

AURELIUS (L.), golden.--Fem. AURELIA.

ASAPH (Heb.), a collector, [God] gathereth.

BALDWIN (Teut.), prince-friend.--L. _Balduinus_, Fr. _Baudouin_, It.

_Baldovino_, _Balduino_, Ger. _Balduin_.

BAPTIST (Gr.), a baptiser.--Fr. _Baptiste_, _Batiste_, It. _Battista_, Ger.


BARBARA (Gr.), foreign.--Dims. BAB, BABBIE.

BARDOLPH (Teut.), bright wolf or distinguished helper.--Fr. _Bardolphe_, It. _Bardolfo_.

BARNABAS, BARNABY (Heb.), son of exhortation.

BARTHOLOMEW (Heb.), son of one's own brother (i.e. friend).--Dims. BART, BAT.--L. _Bartholomaeus_, Fr. _Bartolomee_, _Barthelemi_, It. _Bartolomeo_, Ger. _Bartholomaus_, _Barthel_.

BARUCH (Heb.), blessed [by God].

BASIL (Gr.), kingly.--L. _Basilius_, Fr. _Basile_, It. and Sp. _Basilio_.

BATHSHEBA (Heb.), prob. daughter of the seven, or of an oath.

BEATRICE, BEATRIX (L.), making happy.

BENEDICT (L.), blessed.--Dim. BENNET.--L. _Benedictus_, Fr. _Benoit_, It.

_Benedetto_, _Bettino_, Sp. _Benedicto_, _Benito_, Ger. _Benedict_.--Fem.


BENJAMIN (Heb.), son of the right hand (i.e. of good fortune).--Dims. BEN, BENNY.--It. _Beniamino_.

BERNARD (Teut.), bold as a bear.--Dim. BARNEY.--L. _Bernardus_, Fr.

_Bernard_, _Bernardin_, It. _Bernardo_, _Bernardino_, Sp. _Bernardo_, _Bernal_, Ger. _Bernhard_, _Barend_, _Berend_.

BERTHA (Teut.), bright.--Dims. BERTIE, BERTY.--Fr. _Berthe_, It. and Sp.


BERTRAM (Teut.), bright raven.--Dim. BERT.--Fr. _Bertrand_, It.

_Bertrando_, Sp. _Beltran_.

BESSIE, BETSY, a dim. of _Elisabeth_ (q.v.).

BLANCHE (Teut.), white.--Fr. _Blanche_, It. _Bianca_, Sp. _Blanca_.

BONIFACE (L.), a benefactor.--L. _Bonifacius_, It. _Bonifacio_, _Bonifazio_, Sp. _Bonifacio_.

BRIAN (Celt.), strong.--It. _Briano_.

BRIDGET (Celt.), strength.--Dim. BIDDY.--Fr. _Brigitte_, It. and Sp.

_Brigida_, Ger. _Brigitta_.

CADWALLADER (W.), arranger of battle.

CaeSAR (L.), hairy, or blue-eyed, or born under the Caesarean operation.--Fr.

_Cesar_, It. _Cesare_, Ger. _Casar_.

CAIN (Heb.), artificer, smith.

CALEB (Heb.), a dog.

CALVIN (L.), bald.--L. _Calvinus_, Fr. _Calvin_, _Cauvin_, Sp. _Calvo_.

CAMILLA (L.), an attendant at a sacrifice.--Fr. _Camille_.

CAROLINE, a French form of the fem. of _Carolus_, the Latin of Charles.--Dims. CARRIE, CADDIE.

CASIMIR (Slav.), show forth peace.--Dim. CASSIE.

CASSANDRA (Gr.), she who inflames with love.

CATHERINE, also _Catherina_, _Catharine_, _Katharine_, _Katherine_ (Gr.), pure.--Dims. CASY, KATE, KATHLEEN, KATIE, CATHIE, KATHIE, KATRINE, KIT, KITTY.--Fr. _Catherine_, It. _Caterina_, Sp. _Catalina_, Ger. _Katharine_.

CECIL (L.), blind.

CECILIA, CECILY, fem. of _Cecil_.--Dims. SISELY, SIS, CIS, CISSY.--Fr.

_Cecile_, It. _Cecilia_.

CHARLES (Teut.), strong, manly.--Dims. CHARLEY, CHARLIE.--L. _Carolus_, Fr.

_Charles_, It. _Carlo_, Sp. _Carlos_, Ger. _Carl_, _Karl_.--Fem. CAROLINE, CHARLOTTE.

CHRISTIAN (L.), belonging to Christ.--Dims. CHRISTIE, CHRISTY.--L.

_Christianus_, Fr. _Chrestien_, _Chretien_, It. and Sp. _Cristiano_.--Fem.


CHRISTINA, fem. of _Christian_.--Dims. CHRISSIE, TEENIE, TINA, XINA.

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