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TEX. Texas.

TEXT. REC., _Textus receptus_=The Received Text.

T.F. Till forbidden.

THEAT. Theatrical.

THEOL. Theology, theologian.

THEOR. Theorem.

THEOS. Theosophy.

THERAP. Therapeutics.

THESS. Thessalonians.

THO., THOS. Thomas.

T.H.W.M. Trinity High-water Mark.

TIM. Timothy.

TIT. Titus.

T.O. Turn Over; Telegraph-office.

TOM. Tome or Volume.

TP. Township.

TR. Transactions; Translator; Trustee.

TRANS. Transitive.

TRANSF. Transferred.

TREAS. Treasurer.

T.R.H. Their Royal Highnesses.

TRIG. Trigonometry.

TRIN. Trinity.

TROP. Tropic.

TRURON., _Truronensis_=Of Truro.

T.S.O. Town Sub-office.

T.T.L. To take leave.

TU., TUES. Tuesday.

TYP., TYPO. Typographer, Typography.

U.C. Upper Canada.

U.F.C. United Free Church [of Scotland].

U.K. United Kingdom.

U.K.A. United Kingdom Alliance.

ULT., _ultimo_=Last.

UNIT. Unitarian.

UNIV. University; Universalist.

U.P. United Presbyterian.

UP. Upper.

U.S. United States; United Service.

U.S., _ut supra_=As above.

U.S.A. United States of America; United States Army.

U.S.C. United States of Colombia.

U.S.N. United States Navy.

U.S.S. United States Ship or Steamer.

USU. Usually.

U.S.W., _und so weiter_ (Ger.)= And so forth.

UT DICT., _ut dictum_=As said.

UT SUP., _ut supra_=As above.

UX., _uxor_=Wife.

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