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S.R.S., _Societatis Regiae Socius_=Fellow of the Royal Society.

S.S. Sabbath School.

SS. Saints.

S.S. Steamship; Screw steamer.

S.S.C. Solicitor before the Supreme Court (Scotland); _Societas Sancti Crucis_=Society of the Holy Cross.

SS.D., _Sanctissimus Dominus_=Most holy Lord (the Pope).

S.S.E. South-south-east.

S.S.W. South-south-west.

ST. Saint; Strait; Street.

STDY. Saturday.

STE., _Sainte_ (Fr.). Fem. of _Saint_.

STER., STEREO. Stereotype.

STER., STG. Sterling.

S.T.P., _Sanctae Theologiae Professor_=Professor of Theology.

STR. Steamer.

SU. Sunday.

SUB. Subject; Suburb.

SUBJ. Subject; Subjunctive.

SUBST. Substitute.

SUF., SUFF. Suffix.

SUP. Superfine; Superior; Superlative; Supreme.

SUP. CT. Superior Court; Supreme Court.

SUPP. Supplement.

SUPR. Supreme.

SUPT. Superintendent.

SURG. Surgeon, Surgery.

SURV.-GEN. Surveyor-general.

S.V., _Sancta Virgo_=Holy Virgin; _Sanctitas Vestra_=Your Holiness.

S.V., _sub voce_=Under the word or title.

S.W. South-west; Senior Warden.

SYM. Symbol.

SYN. Synonym.

SYNOP. Synopsis.

SYST. System.

TAL. QUAL., _talis qualis_=Just as they come, Average quantity.

TAM. Tamil.

TAN. Tangent.

TC. Tierce.

T.C.D. Trinity College, Dublin.

TE. Tellurium.

TECH. Technically; Technology.

TEL., TELEG. Telegram, Telegraph.

TEMP. Temporal; _tempore_=In the time of.

TEN. Tenor.

TEN., TENN. Tennessee.

TER., TERR. Territory.

TERM. Termination.

TEST. Testament.

TEUT. Teutonic.

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