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N.D. No date, Not dated.

N.DAK. North Dakota.

N.E. North-east; New England.

NEB., NEBR. Nebraska.

NEG. Negative.

NEH. Nehemiah.

N.E.I., _non est inventus_=Is not found.

NEM. CON., _nemime contradicente_=No one contradicting.

NEM. DISS., _nemine dissentiente_=No one dissenting.

NEP. Neptune.

NETH. Netherlands.

NEUT. Neuter.

NEV. Nevada.

NEW M. New Mexico.

N.F. Newfoundland; Norman French.

N.H. New Hampshire.

NI. PRI., _nisi prius_. See _Nisi_ in Dict.

N.J. New Jersey.

N.L., _non licet_=It is not permitted; _non liquet_=It is not clear; _non longe_=Not far.

N.M. New Mexico.

N.N.E. North-north-east.

N.N.W. North-north-west.

N.O. New Orleans; Natural Order.

NO., _numero_=Number;--NOS., Numbers.

NON-CON. Non-content.

NON OBST., _non obstante_=Notwithstanding.

NON PROS., _non prosequitur_=He does not prosecute.

NON SEQ., _non sequitur_=It does not follow.

N.O.P. Not otherwise provided.

NORTHMB. Northumberland.

NORVIC., _Norvicensis_=Of Norwich.

NOS. Numbers.

NOTTS. Nottinghamshire.

NOV. November.

N.P. Notary Public; New Providence.

N.S. New Style.

N.S. Nova Scotia.

N.S. Not specified.

N.S.W. New South Wales.

N.T. New Testament.

N.U. Name unknown.

NUM., NUMB. Numbers.

NUMIS., NUMISM. Numismatics.

N.V. New Version.

N.V.M. Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

N.W. North-west.

N.W.P. North-west Provinces (India).

N.W.T. North-west Territories.

N.Y. New York.

N.Z. New Zealand.

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