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N. & Q. Notes and Queries.

O. Ohio; Oxygen.

O/A. On account of.

OB., _obiit_=Died.

OB., OBAD. Obadiah.

OBDT. Obedient.

OBJ. Object, Objective.

OBL. Oblique; Oblong.

OBS. Observation; Obsolete.

OBSTET. Obstetrics.

OC. Ocean.

O.C.R. Order of Corporate Reunion.

OCT. October.

O.D. Ordnance Data.

O.E. Old English.

O.F. Odd Fellow; Old French.

OFF. Official.

O.H.G. Old High German.

O.H.M.S. On His (or Her) Majesty's Service.

O.K. All correct (prob. a humorous spelling of this).

OLD TEST. Old Testament.

O.M. Old Measurement.

OMN. HOR., _omni hora_=Every year.

ONOMAT. Onomatopoeia.

O/O. Percent.

O.P. Old Price; _Ordinis Praedicatorum_=Of the Order of Preachers (or Dominicans).

O.P. Out of Print.

OP. Opera.

OP. Opposite; _Opus_=Work.

OP. CIT., _opere citato_=In the work cited.

ORD. Ordained; Order; Ordinary; Ordnance.

OR. Oregon.

O.S. Old Style.

O.S.A., _Ordinis Sancti Augustini_=Of the Order of St Augustine.

O.S.B., _Ordinis Sancti Benedicti_=Of the Order of St Benedict.

O.S.F., _Ordinis Sancti Francisci_=Of the Order of St Francis.

O.T. Old Testament.

OXF. Oxford.

OXON., _Oxonia_=Oxford;--_Oxoniensis_=Of Oxford.

OZ. Ounce.

P. Page; Participle;--P.A., Participial adjective.

PA., also PENN. Pennsylvania.

PAC. OC. Pacific Ocean.

PAINT. Painting.

PAL. Palestine; Palaeontology.

PAM. Pamphlet.

PAN. Panama.

PAR. Paragraph; Parallel; Parish.

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